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Date and Time:_______________________________________________

Instructor: PO3 Winston Achondo Arboleras,PNP



Instruction: Find the correct answer inside the box and FILL COLOR the word that correspond to the questions or ask below
( Horizontally or vertically) and write the letters that were left to break the hidden message for you by your instructor.



1. Symbolizes the competency, brilliance and honor in the field of endeavor

expected from each and every member of the PNP

1. He symbolizes the bravery of the Philippine National Polic

2. We serve and protect is the motto of our?

2. It is the Motto of the PNP

3. Symbolizes of protection of all citizens.

3. Republic Act 9165

4. Any person who, with intent to gain, shall take any personal property
belonging to another, by means of violence or intimidation of any person,
or using force upon anything shall be guilty of_______.

4. The crime of maliciously, voluntarily, and willfully setting

buildings, or other property of another or of burning one's o
improper purpose, as to collect insurance

5. Any person who, not falling within the provisions of Any person who shall
kill his father, mother, or child, whether legitimate or illegitimate, or any of
his ascendants, or descendants, or his spouse, WHO KILL ANOTHER, shall
be guilty of ______.

5. Represents the eight (8) provinces whose ideals of coura

patriotism led to their revolt against Spain.

6. It is the senior police officer dramatic act of scaring his junior officer.

6. It is the highest Rank of the Philippine National Police

7 . In Police Officer's Pledge,it is whom we love and serve first

7. It exercise control and supervision over the PNP units du

8. The Country we live

8. The first Police-Military Force

9. It is the lowest rank of the PNP

10. It is hang near the heart of every PNP member's uniforms
11. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially
sexual intercourse.
12. In Police Officer's Pledge,it is whom we love and serve second
Hidden Message:

questions or ask below

by your instructor.

of the Philippine National Police

luntarily, and willfully setting fire to the building,

another or of burning one's own property for an
t insurance

ovinces whose ideals of courage, gallantry

gainst Spain.

e Philippine National Police

rvision over the PNP units during elections.