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13, 2015

Dr. Steve Wysowski,
In a previous conversation with Capital Preps athletic director, Chris Fulton, we asked for a clarification
on the transfer rule as it pertained to Rayshawn Phillips, present student and quarterback at Bloomfield
High School. You explained that Rayshawn Phillips and his family moved to Bloomfield and had provided
the administration at Bloomfield High School a lease stating mom had moved to Bloomfield. Therefore,
under the residency clause in the CIAC by-laws he became immediately eligible. You stated that the CIAC
was satisfied with what the administration at Bloomfield HS had presented to the committee.
As Bloomfield conducted an investigation and did not feel obligated to work with or notify Capital Prep
administration as to the progress of the investigation (as they stated they would), I instructed Chris
Fulton, our Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, to conduct our own investigation.
Enclosed you will find documentation of Hartford Public Schools Residency Verification. It concludes that
Lorraine Rodriguez (mother of Rayshawn Phillips) lives in Hartford, CT at 77 Ward Place.
According to Section II. Student Eligibility:
C. A student who transfers from a school to a CIAC member school during grade 10-11, or 12 without at
the same time changing legal residence to another school district or school service area, or satisfying at
least one of the following requirements must complete at least one year (365 days) of approved
membership before being eligible for interscholastic competition in the same sport in which he or she
was a participant in the present or preceding season during grades 10, 11 or 12 on the junior varsity or
varsity team. (Legal residence is defined as location of legal guardian.)
(18) A student in grades 10, 11, or 12 who does not qualify for the transfer rule requirements 1 through
18 will be granted eligibility by application to the CIAC Eligibility Committee if the following are
satisfactorily completed. After a period of time equal to at least 50% of the schools varsity schedule
following date of enrollment (first day of attending classes) in the receiving school for the affected sport,
or from the date of the first school contest after the date of enrollment, if entry is after the first
allowable play date, eligibility will be granted to a student who has participated (i.e., actually played in a
CIAC-approved contest) at the JV or varsity level of play at any time during the present or preceding year
at the sending school, who does not otherwise qualify for any of the above exceptions and when both
the sending and receiving school principals sign a CIAC transfer waiver form certifying to the best of
their knowledge that the student has not transferred for athletic reasons.* If the season ends** before
the athlete sits a period of time equal to at least 50% of the varsity schedule has been completed, any

remaining days of ineligibility shall be satisfied from the first allowable play date of the present schools
regular season in that sport during the next school year unless he/she is a multi-sport athlete. In these
cases, the remaining portion of the games will be served successively.
According to the CIAC by-laws, this would have made Rayshawn Phillips ineligible to participate in the
first 5 games (50 percent) of the 2015 season. Since he has already participated, Bloomfield should
forfeit all games won and the rule should be upheld and Rayshawn should have to sit out 5 games.
Enclosed you will also find correspondence with Bloomfield High School administration, Dan Moleti,
Principal and Tammy Schondelmayer, Athletic Director attempting to bring clarity to this matter. The
email dated Tuesday, June 23, 2015 and August 2, 2015 outlines a sequence of communication between
Bloomfield HS and Capital Prep. It was our position to work with the administration of Bloomfield High
School to insure that regulations were being followed. The August 2, 2015 email states that Rayshawn
Phillips was going to use a Bloomfield address to become eligible. Which he allegedly has done.
Enclosed you will also find correspondence between Bloomfield High School and Capital Prep
acknowledging that in May of 2015 Rayshawn Phillips was applying to the Harris AgriScience and
Technology Center. Lorraine Rodriguez, mother, signed the form and stated her address was 77 Ward
Place, Hartford, CT.
Enclosed you will also find the Student Transfer/Withdraw Form dated 8/25/15 from Capital Preparatory
Magnet School. The signature of the parent was Lorraine Rodriguez and the address listed is 77 Ward
Place, Hartford, CT.
Enclosed you will also find an email dated August 20, 2015. That email outlines a consistent pattern of
Capital Prep attempting to work with member school Bloomfield High School. The meeting that our AD
set up was cancelled as Capital Prep believed that the CIAC should be informed and make a decision on
the matter. As the email suggests, Tammy Schondelmayer agreed that Rayshawn Phillips should sit and
agreed to send the transfer form into Chris Fulton, which she never completed. Tammy Schondelmayer
never communicated the change in the decision until Chris Fulton reached out to her.
I received a call from Principal Dan Moleti stating that he was conducting an investigation and that he
would get back to me to inform me of the results. To date, Capital Prep has not heard back from
Principal Moleti.
The tragedy in this is that the only person that will be hurt in this is Rayshawn Phillips. But I also feel
strong that we have to stop allowing for children like Rayshawn Phillips to be exploited.


Dr. Kitsia Hughey Ferguson
The Capital Preparatory Magnet School