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Quick Roulette Guide

Quick guide on how to make $143 (80) within 30 minutes.
Many online casino and poker websites offer 1st Deposit bonuses. This is given as an
incentive for you to make a deposit and then spend money on their website. There is
one flaw with most of these as you are required to bet a certain amount to receive this
extra money.
The next few lines will explain how to use this to your advantage and
cash out your bonus without risking any of your own money by playing online roulette on
THIS CASINO - Our Number One Choice!
We've tested the casino and found the system to work flawless on it.
By clicking on THIS LINK, you will get a 100% bonus of up to $200 when you
make your first deposit. Therefore if you deposit $200, you will receive a $500 bonus
which is immediately credited to your account for your gambling pleasure.
This bonus can only be withdrawn as cash into your bank account once you have
staked 10x your bonus which in the case of a $200 bonus, would be $2000.
This seems like a lot of money. This casino also doesnt count bets on red or black
towards the 10x stake so therefore I had to think of an alternative way to cash out this
bonus without risking my own money. They do however count bets on all the
numbers (0-36) in the 10x stake.
Therefore by betting $3 on each number you are betting 37 x $3=$111 each time and
losing $3 as each time you are winning 36 x $3 back.
If we do this 19 times we will have staked ove $2000 and only lost 19x$3=$57 of our
deposit. Therefore leaving us with $143 of our bonus intact! (there is a button called
repeat bet which you can keep pressing, therefore you dont have to do each bet from
1 to 36 and 0 individually time and time again!).
So by depositing $200 and playing 19 spins in the way I have described above,
you will walk away with $343 cash profit for less than 30 minutes work!
That means you'll walk away with a $343 in total when you only started with $200 !!!
If you haven't done so already CLICK HERE to download the casino software and
install it.


Please notice:The more sites you'll visit the more money you'll make.


First of all, let me congratulate you. You're now one step closer to earning over $200 a day.
You are about to become what is known in the casino industry as an 'advantage player'. This
step-by-step guide will give you the advantage by guiding you through the process of winning
and earning a steady, predictable income, hour after hour from on-line roulette.
This system can be used to generate profits again and again. We have refined this system over
many years and have made a lot of money from it. We teach you the system and share all of
our secrets with you including the best casino to use and the best times to play.
You are guaranteed to be a winner as you will never bet with your own money! This is
achieved by taking full advantage of the excellent bonuses that's offered to new players. You
will be playing with the casino's money not your own so you've got nothing to lose.

Now, before we go any further, it's important that you read through ALL of this e-book so that
you can get a clear picture of how the whole thing works.
Having said that, you have to follow the instructions that I provide. Period. This system only
works when you do as I outline. If you do not, the positive results on offer cannot be
guaranteed. The mindset of a professional gambler is one of strict discipline, please keep this
in mind as you are following these instructions.
Firstly, we have tried and tested numerous on-line Casinos, and have found that this system
works best at this casino. Therefore, we seriously recommend that this is where you use this
Click Here - To Download The Free Casino Software
Remember to download the CASINO and not the poker (download the right
option otherwise this won't work).
This casino is recognized as one of the Internet's best casinos for on-line gaming. They are the
biggest, most prestigious and the fairest on-line casino out there. They've won many awards,
is a leader in the industry and is a respected global company.

Please be sure to only download the software via the links provided as we are constantly
updating them to take you to the best offer the casino has. These promotions are not always
displayed on the casino's homepage so you will not get the maximum amount of free cash
available if you do not follow the links provided.
Downloading The System
Now I know most of you will know how to download the casino software for themselves as it is
pretty straightforward but not everyone is a computer whiz so for those of you that are new to
computers below are full instructions on how to download the casino software. If you know
how to do this for yourself then simply skip this section. However, I do suggest you just read
along anyway just to make sure you've done everything correctly.
1. If you haven't done so already, click the link below (marked 'Click Here') to go to the casino

Click Here
(Click the link above to go to the Casino)


Once there, click on the Download link near the top of the page. Follow the on-screen
instructions to download the casino installation file onto your desktop (or location of your

2. Run the installation by clicking "Run" in the new 'SetupCasino' window that appears.

3. A screen will appear asking you to confirm you want to install the software. Click on
'Run' to continue to install the software.

4. Next, a screen will appear asking to choose your Language.

5. Next, click on 'INSTALL'.

6. Next, click on 'I AGREE'.

7. Next, click on the 'PLAY FOR REAL MONEY'.

8. Next, fill out your address details and click on 'CREATE'.

9. Next, the CASHIER windows will open. Make sure that your on the deposit page
(you can check by looking at the bottom to the left).
On the top of the page you can choose which way you want to deposit Money.
Now, just fill in the detials and click on 'REGISTER'.
That's it you're done and can start making money.
* Please note that you only need to do this once. Once you have an account you can
play anytime you like by openning the casino software from the desktop icon and
entering your login user name and password.
Signing Up & Getting Your Free Money
IMPORTANT: This Casino offer's a 100% bonus so MAKE THE MOST OF IT as you
only get one chance to do this.
Since we need $200 (107) for the system to work, a good deposit amount is at least $200
(107). The casino will then match your deposit 100% dollar-for-dollar (pound-for-pound) by
adding an identical amount of THEIR money to your account giving your account a total of
$400 ($200 of your money + $200 of Bonus money) .
You can then IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW your deposit while leaving the Bonus money
in your account. This way you can get up to $200 for nothing. There is absolutely NO RISK
involved, because you have paid nothing to start!
For the best results, it is a good idea to leave your initial deposit in your casino account. This
is what is referred to as 'Sitting money', which is money that you deposit to get the bonus
money but don't actually use to play with. Since you will be only using the casino's money, not
your own, the sitting money is never in danger of being lost.
As all experienced pros are aware, Casino accounts with sitting money in them are looked
upon more favourably by the casino's system.
Just remember to stay disciplined and NEVER use the sitting money to play with. After a few
days of using this system, you will have made more than enough money to withdraw while still
leaving some sitting money in your account. Then you will continue to use this system to
make even more money steadily and repeatedly each and every day.
So, join up and login as per the instructions above. Then, click on the Casino link on your
desktop or in your Start menu, to get started...

Now It's Time To Make Some Money!

Now that you have your account open and you have at least $200 in it. Please follow the
instructions below. You must NOT deviate from these instructions. Any deviation, whether big
or small, can end in disaster. Therefore, it is very important that you read and follow the
instructions carefully and do exactly as I outline. It will not take long to digest.
Before you are introduced to this system, we would like to provide you with some information
that will help to build a clearer picture of what we are trying to achieve.
Not many people out there can win at roulette successfully. The reason for this is because the
house edge is almost impossible to beat in a random scenario. You see, the odds at the
roulette table are based on the "Law of Averages," minus one or two points. That way, when
you're playing the table, the casino always has the odds on its side. This system works the law
of averages and uses them to your advantage.
You may be thinking 'surely the casino will realize'. This is a perfectly rational thought when
applied to traditional casinos, however, on-line there are literally millions of people playing,
all over the world! If you consider the amount of people who are using this system to exploit
this flaw you will be something like one in three million.
The System
The way this system works is that you lay bets on the Low / Middle / High rows of the roulette
table. All you need to do in order to win is bet on the same one, with only a slight raise in
stake each time until it wins. This may sound risky, but the bets and odds have been
calculated for you to ensure that you are a winner every time, couple this with the fact that all
we are betting is free money and you simply can't lose!
Now, these fields have a 1 in 3 chance of winning according to the "Law of Averages," and they
pay a return of 2 to 1. So if you follow this system, you only need 1 in 14 in order to be a
(Depending on your balance). Doing this means that you've quadrupled the "Law of
Averages" and you've given yourself an incredible advantage!
Another factor working in your favour is the casino software, which was programmed to rarely
pick numbers from the same section of the table more than a few times in row. The intent of
the developers was to avoid situations that might cause players to doubt the randomness of
the game. By making sure that the game appeared random, however, the developers
inadvertently built in an exploitable flaw that could allow an observant player to easily win.
And the beauty is that it's so simple!

If you've never played roulette before, you need to understand what Low / Middle / High bets
The picture below is an example of a "Low" bet. If any number between 1 and 12 comes in,
you win.

Now let's take a look at a bet on "Middle." If any number from 13 through 24 comes in, you

And lastly, let's take a look at a "High" bet. If any number from 25 through 36 comes in, you

Now, let's begin:

Click on the Roulette link to start playing. Next, click on 'Private Table' and then 'Standard'
(min $1 bet max $300).
You will see the roulette table on your screen. You can spin the wheel as much as you like,
even without betting (try it and see).
Notice how the winning number in indicated by a peg each time. You need to keep an eye on
this peg.
Here's how you use your free $200 to make even more money - follow this
system EXACTLY.
As you can see the roulette table can be divided up into the first 12 numbers, second 12
numbers and the third 12 numbers. We will call these 1, 2 and 3 respectively for ease of use of
this system.
You will be placing bets on one of these sets of 12 numbers. The odds on this are 2:1, so when
we bet $1 we get $2 in winnings and our original $1 back.
Let's start off with a simple pen and paper project. Now, what you're going to do is every time
you spin the wheel, you'll record whether a Low (1), Middle (2) or High (3) drops in by by
writing down 1 if the winning number is in the first 12 numbers, 2 if the winning number is in
the second 12 and 3 if the winning number is in the third 12 numbers.
Click to spin again, at the moment you are still not placing any bets.
When this spin ends record the in the form explained above. Say it was 26, this is in the third
12 numbers so we would write down 3. Now continue to do this, be sure to make a note of
each number that drops in.

Let's say that you're at a table and 03, 11, 36, 16, 22, 26, 03, 34, 14, and 17 drop in.
You'll write down: 1 1 3 2 2 3 1 3 2 2
Easy, right?
What your doing is waiting for 5 spins of the wheel where one of the sections of
number has not come up. Once there has been 5 spins without one of the groups
coming up, you start betting.
Let's say you spin the numbers 05, 10, 09, 15, 21.
You would write down:
That means that 3 (the third set of 12 numbers) hasn't dropped in for 5 consecutive spins. It's
time to start betting.
Patience is paramount here - a run of 5 spins without one of the groups coming up will
happen, just keep spinning the wheel without placing any bets until it does.
How To Bet
On the bottom left part of the screen you'll see your chips - $200 worth of them. There will be
a gold heart by the pile of $1 chips. Make sure that the gold heart is next to the $1 chips before
starting to bet. Click on the left of the row you want to bet on. Your $1 chip will appear in this
position (if you misplace it, right-click it to move it back to your bank).
So when we have 5 spins without one of the groups coming up we bet $1 on the group that has
not come up.
So, in the example given you would bet $1 on HIGH. Spin the wheel.
So, what you're going to do is place $1 on HIGH -- so if any number between 25 and 36 drops
in, you win. You will win $3 and be in profit $2, now start the process again. Remember to
include the winning number in your sequence of results.
If it doesn't land in HIGH, don't worry. Place a $2 bet on High again -- and if it drops in, you
win $6 (which means you've made $3 in profit).
Now if you still don't win, keep on betting using the staking plan below until you win.

By doing this and sticking to the system above, you will never lose when your number drops
When your number finally drops in, it's time to stop betting and beginning over by finding the
sequence where either a low, middle, or high doesn't appear for 5 consecutive spins.
I would suggest you write this list of numbers on the sheet of paper you are recording this list
of groups of numbers that come up.
IMPORTANT: As soon as you win, you go back to $1 bets. Always keep a note of which
group of numbers has not come up and when it gets to 5 spins, start betting.
WARNING - BE CAREFUL: When you win, you must stop betting, HOWEVER, the casino
wants you to go on betting, so as soon as you win, it changes the 'Spin" button to a 'Repeat Bet'
button. To counter this, just click anywhere on the board to place a $1 bet, and then
IMMEDIATELY 'RIGHT-CLICK' this chip to remove it again to your bank pile. You will now
be able to spin again without betting.

Easy? Yes, but IT WORKS!

Now, you're probably thinking that the gains don't appear to be huge but the fact is that if you
use this system, you will make a steady profit, hour by hour. There is a huge potential here if
you just stick with the system. Believe me -- I should know. I've been using the system every
When you start off, you're not going to be making $300 a day, obviously. What I want you to
shoot for is to make $80 to $90. You should be able to do that in 60 to 90 minutes. This
causes your bankroll to build up to the point where you can start putting more money down.

Final pointers To help you along the way.

Here are some helpful pointers that I've learned along the way. Since I'm not a computer
programmer, I can't explain why these things happen, only that they do.
1. Try not to spend more than 15-20 minutes at each table. I don't know why but after this
amount of time, every table seems to get harder to play.
2. Switch casinos every 30-45 minutes, this greatly increases your winnings. We get great
results doing this. Simply follow the same guidelines as above and you'll increase your profits
even more. We have found Casino On Net to be the next best casino for this system. By
taking advantage of their bonus offers as well, you can use the bonus money to get started so
you don't risk any of your own money. To Take Advantage Of Casino On Net Bonus Offer NOW!
3. Always use a private table so you can spin the roulette wheel when you want to.
4. If you have been at a table for longer than 5 minutes and zero comes up when you are not
betting, switch tables. If you are betting, just carry on with the system as normal until you win,
then switch tables.
5. Don't play about 2 PM and 3 PM. I don't know why but the casinos seem harder to play
during this particular hour.
6. Keep the money in your casino account until you have over $500 then withdraw $200 so
always leaving at least $300+ in your account.
7. Remember that you don't want to get greedy. This is where most players make their worst
mistakes. What you need to do is set yourself a target amount stick to it. When you reach it,
walk away and come back tomorrow.
8. You can only bet what you can afford to lose. That's common sense but you'd be amazed at
how many people don't take this advice!
9. Maintain your discipline! This is the most important rule there is! Stick to the system and
do not deviate!
Good luck and have fun!
P.S. - Still not sure? Well, think of it like this - what do you have to lose? By following these
instructions EXACTLY, you are GUARANTEED to have $500 to play with, without spending a
penny of your own money! What's the worst that can happen? You spend two hours playing a
game with someone else's money? You have absolutely NOTHING to lose, if you haven't
already done so, click here to download the free casino software to play on-line roulette and
give the system a'll be glad you did!

Where Do I Play?

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