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Supplement paper on UR-tensors

(Michael Bertiaux, fragment of the Voudon gnostic workbook, Magickal Childe 1988)

DEFINITION: Ur-tensors are energy structures, which emerge from an intersecting of radiopsychoanalytic and oracular lattices. Ur-tensors are self conscious and posess a magickal continuity,
which enables them to promote energy systems, which have their root in either radio-psychology (and
radio-psycho analysis) or in any esoteric logic of oracular physics. Ur tensors are used to power
systems of information from onme frame of reference to another. They are the "motors" of the
Ufological "nervous" system and they are primarily under the management of time-stations.
The oracular system of Aditi was the matrix for all of the Ur-tensors, of which there are 16 different
species. They inhabited the vast chaosphere of the Meon and draw their powers from the elemental
environment of synchronicity. This power became for them their food, and by means of this food they
grew into systems of Ufological Complexes.
The Aditi tensor directed their development, along the archetypal lines of the species, and while there
were many possibilities for growth, the fundamentals of either this or another and alternative universe
were observed. The basic energies remained always in a state of isomorphism, because the energies
were locked into various systems of logic, and hence belonged to the magickal schools of this or that
In its most abstract sense, the Aditi tensor may be defined as the oracle point of contact between a
synchronistic lattice and an archetypal axiom. The Aditi tensor was the "ruler" of the other Ur tensors,
because it was the primordial and fundamental root of Fohat.
The masters of Dzyu were of course experienced in the science of Ur-tensors, for at a very remote
period in time they had come here from Venus. Their method of travel had been by entering into a fleet
of Ur tensors and then creating the Vimanarupas by which the energies came and went fro the fourth
dimension. However, another group of masters of Dzyu had come also to this planet and has travelled
the greater distances from Pluto or Yuggoth to the earth in more meonic Vimanarupas, whose powers
came from the Ur-tensors of the dark energy. These masters of the Dzyu claimed that they posessed
the deepest insights into the powers of Aditi tensors and therefore they posessed the most perfect way
of making use of Fohat. By their own admission, they posessthe magickal instruments which made the
science of Fohat practical.
The esoteric harnessing of Fohat had been accomplished by means of the use of the deepest
soundings of Necronomicon physics. At a certain level, it was observed that as the humanoid level of
static archetypes faded from the instruments, another and more lethal stratification emerged, which
was crawling with the insectlike mutants of the fohatic merger of oracles and lattices. These mutants
developed an energy, which the Dzyouis understood as perfect for feeding to the Ur tensors of the
Vimanas. By a very subtle method of initiatic physics, they were able to trap this larval energy and use
it exclusively tompower the yuggothian ships through the meonic vortices.
It was never a question of different methods of digging deeply into the psychoidal-continuum, rather
one simple method of extraction gave them the essence, and it could be given to them at any point in
space/time. This method of radio-psychoanalysis enabled them to extract fohatic libido from any "well
of chaos" and therefore emply this power under any circumstances.
The Dzyouis race, which was itself an Arachnean mutation of humanoid psychic qualities, had
mastered the science of radio-psychoanalysis, which was not called by that name, to perfection. They
had made it possible to establish several subordinate sciences on a foundation of primordial libido.
The field of libido gave them direct access to the dimensions of fohatic manifestation, wherein every
type of energy was to be found. Eben though they could not perceive directly the Venusian field on
earth, the Dzyous were aware of their existence as a separate reality. But as they sought to work with
different levels of the mind-field of the humanoids (the Venusians with manas, the Yuggothian Dzyous
with the idic depths) their work was not just a parallel processing of psychic energies.
However, the Dzyouis were to establish a school of magickal energies upon the surface of the Earth,
which school was to concern itself (even up to the present time) with the depth mining of the human
psyche, for the purpose of bringing up more and more of the monsters of Necronomicon physics, at
various times in human history. By means of their sciences and arts, these "gnostic physicists"
continue their explorations of the idic continuum, even today.