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Our Vision is to be the communication leader in an
connected world .


Vodafone operating model is designed for fast results. It cultivate

ideas from initial evaluation to market readiness through a detailed
and customized process for each company:
ENGAGE - Vodafone identify, through consultative due-diligence,
promising tech companies in Silicon Valley that offer the greatest
value to Vodafone customers and partners worldwide.
CO-DEVELOP Vodafone provide a comprehensive end-to-end
solution, from business development right through to product
marketing. At Vodafone xone, company will act with integrity to
ensure that Companys partners reap the full strategic and economic
benefit of their innovation.
USER TRIAL -Company transform the technical proof of concept to
user trials creating iterative designs in order to receive direct
technical feedback from Companys customers.
PROMOTE Vodafone perfect the incubating companys value
proposition, marketing strategy and messaging for immediate global
market readiness and commercialization.
BETA DEPLOYMENT - Vodafone establish a Beta platform for
controlled commercial launch of new products and services for a
successful full- scale commercial launchall within 6-9 months!


OneSCM is the name given to the supply chain community at Vodafone. It
was created to procure products and services for a large variety of
applications to help run our business, such as equipment for our networks,
corporate services and IT infrastructure.
The OneSCM community unifies the supply chain teams of Vodafone
across all of our markets. The transformation to OneSCM began with
programmes such as spend analysis and Management before moving to
the creation of a single global team and the setup of a centralised
procurement organisation. Several projects have received industry awards
including our approach to sustainability and staff development.
The OneSCM team consists of two areas:
Vodafone procurement company: Our centralised strategic
procurement function with global accountability for all strategic
activities related to suppliers and global accountability for overall
operational effectiveness of supply chain across categories and

Local market operations teams: Local teams in our markets with

local accountability for customer management and commercial
savings realisation in those markets

The Vodafone supply chain journey continues with 6 areas of focus:

(1) People: organisation, skills, career development
(2) Customer obsession: customer centric KPIs
(3) Global scale: buying partnerships, geographies
(4) Operational excellence: demand management, end-to-end
performance management
(5) Supplier relationship management: joint governance,
transparency of activities, unlock joint value
(6) Sustainable supply chain: continued focus on environmental
and ethical procurement