Position Title
Reports To
Business Unit

Fire Health & Safety Officer
Fire Health & Safety Team Leader
Security Directorate
July 2013

Position Purpose
Through effective co-operation of the team, promote a positive fire health and safety culture within all Harrods
properties as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and other Health & Safety
regulations as required.

Principal Accountabilities

To gain and retain, sufficient skills and technical knowledge and apply them in the course of all duties
in order to meet the requirements of the Fire, Health & Safety department.

Actively participate and facilitate training as directed by the Fire, Health & Safety management team.

To maintain a standard of personal fitness that enables the job holder to carry out their full duties.

Maintain the continuity of your team’s workload and responsibilities.

Maintain a high level of personal appearance and grooming in line with department and business dress

Efficiently execute departmental operational Fire, Health & Safety functions and to adhere to all
relevant company procedures and store regulations.

Work together as a team, to build commitment and strengthen the teams’ collective skills base.

Ensure that all documentation and records are accurate, filed appropriately and kept up to date and
can be produced on request.

Provide the highest standards of customer service, and ensure a firm but friendly customer approach
even during demanding periods.

Ensure that team standards do not result in justified customer complaints against the department.

Communicate and liaise with all members of the Fire, Health & Safety department to ensure
collaborative working practices.

extra hours and / or days of work maybe required and / or changed by the department. Recording  Ensure that all reports and faults are recorded in a clear and concise manner. The role necessitates a shift pattern that may include working at other Company premises and will include weekends. Bank Holidays / Public Holidays as normal days of work. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Service  Prioritise all fire system alarms and faults according to their severity and ensure that the required response is undertaken appropriately. Other This role will include patrolling for long periods of time and being able to carry out duties within a very busy control room environment and retain levels of focus when carrying out mundane or repetitive tasks over long periods. but with adequate notice (typically 72 hours) and therefore. Health & Safety department to support the business even at short notice. a flexible approach is needed. Reporting  Maintain effective communication with your line management and other Harrods stakeholders. night work.  Adopts a flexible approach with the operational requirements and demands of the business as they change. building infrastructure or potential dangerous occurrences. . Additionally. whilst demonstrating excellent levels of customer service ensuring that Harrods stakeholders can undertake their duties without delay or hindrance. availing them of situations affecting life safety systems. Perform any other duties required of the Fire.

Competencies Integrity and trust  Is widely trusted. handles criticism well. listens to and supports others. uses resources effectively and where necessary in flexible in realigning plans to changing circumstances. concentrates efforts more on important priorities. and keys points of an argument clearly. projects credibility. and learns from it. maintains a healthy balance work and personal life. and relates well to all kinds of people. Communication  Written – Is able to write clearly. truthful. Planning and Organising  Use their time effectively. Resilience & Composure  Maintains a positive outlook at work.  Informing – Provides the information people need to know to do their jobs well and to feel good about being a member of the team. information. energised through tough challenges. provides information to enable others to make decisions. Delivers a great performance  Focuses activity on achieving business results. does not give up in the face of setbacks. initiates and generates activity. builds rapport well with team members. avoids the use of jargon. logically and succinctly. consults and shares information with team. is cool under pressure does not show frustration during difficult situations. admits mistakes. Shows respect for the views and contributions of others. speaks fluently and expresses opinions. is seen as a direct. keeps confidences. Team Work  Is easy to approach and talk to. does not misrepresent him / herself for personal gain. .  Verbal – Is effective in a variety of presentation settings. is a good listener. establishes good relationships with peers and colleagues. is a setting influence in a crisis. identifies what needs to be done. sometimes with incomplete information. responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback. gets messages across with the desired effect. makes good decisions in a timely manner. structures the message to meet the needs of the intended audience. plans and activities and projects well in advance and monitors progress against clearly communicated objectives.

Organisational Relationships Next Level Supervisor / Manager Your Immediate Supervisor / Manager Positions Reporting to Your Manager / Supervisor (Job Holder) .