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Linux System and Network Administrator


Total Experience : 8 Years

Mob: 91-7718846962

Seeking a challenging career in the field of Storage, System and Network

Mob: 91-9702672263

where i can apply my professional, technical and interpersonal skills by

Flat no 302, A-Wing
Plot no-110, Sector 1
Shivalaya Bulding, Sanpada
Navi Mumbai

adding value to the position i am hired and to perform to the best of my

abilities in furthering the interest of the organization.

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering 2003-2007
C. U. Shah College of Engg. & Tech.Wadhwan City, Saurashtra
65.6% aggregate.

DOB:- 24th April-1986

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE, RHEL6).

PASSPORT:- L8880718

Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA, Sun Solaris 10)

Certificate Number: 130-036-106


English (read, write, speak),

Operating System:

Hindi (read, write, speak )

Linux/CentOS:- 4,5,6

Gujarati (read, write, speak )

Windows Server 2008,2003,Windows XP and 7

SunSolaris, Ubuntu,Fedora,FreeBSD

Network Design
Storage Solution
Datacenter Solution
IT Infrastructure
Shell Scripting

File system:
Native File System:-Ext3/4, XFS,OneFS,NTFS
SAN File System:- StorNext(CVFS),LTFS
Sharing File System: NFS and CIFS(SAMBA)
Server Services:
OpenLDAP,SunOne Directory, Active Directory,SAMBA,NFS,DHCP,PXE
boot server, NTP servers, any Floating License Servers, Mysql ,
PostgreSQL,Cassandra,RabbitMQ Redhat Cluster,Squid proxy,Puppet
and Cobbler
Network :
Firewall: Juniper SRX 240,CISCO ASA
Switch: Procurve 2900/5412ZL Switch ,Netgear
Virtual Technology:
Openstack,VBox,Citrix Xenserver, Virtualisation in Linux
Scripting Language:

Monitoring Tools:
Hobbit, Nagios, Procurve Manager, MRTG, RT (Request Tracker),
StorView Storage Management, Helpdesk Management & Syslog-ng.
Dell Power Edge R710/1950/2950/,Dell 7400/7500,HPz600 and
SAN Device:
Qlogic SANbox 9000 Fiber Channel Switch, Qlogic Fiber Chennel
Card, Xyratex, Isilon-IQ12000x(EMC), Axus, RORKE
Backup Utility For Tape Drive:
Symantec Backup Exec, mt & LTFS in Linux.

[1] Designed and implemented storage and network for RMW.
[2] Implemented Real time database synchronization for YOUBROAD BAND.
[3] Designed 1PT of Ceph Storage for Openstack Cloud.


Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited.
Location: Mumbai
Duration: 1st Dec 2014 to present
Designation: Cloud DevOps.
Responsibilities:Designed Openstack Cloud with HA failover of all components.
Installed, configured and maintaining Private cloud infrastructure for
RJIL with 200 nodes on Openstack (Havana & Juno)
Designed and implemented Block Storage and Object Storage for
Openstack Cloud.
Maintaining 1PT of Ceph storage and doing tuning to get good
Installed and maintaining OpenContrail (2.0.2) and Openvswitch for
Network of Openstack.
Working on Automation tool like FUEL,Puppet,FAB,cobbler for Cloud
infrastructure deployment and maintenance.
Configured Centralized authentication of Cloud with AD.
Doing BA/VA of cloud infrastructure for Security.
Doing Hardening of Cloud Images.

Giving Technical support to customers for their application hosted

on Cloud.
Doing Network troubleshooting and performance tuning for cloud
infrastructure as well different tenants on clouds.
Designing and giving a solution to customers for their application
infrastructure with HA of most of components.
Working with Haproxy,Corosync/Pacemaker,Mysql
Galera,Keystone,RabbitMq,Nova,Cinder,Glance,Ceph,Neutron with
ed, components of Openstack cloud.
Doing Hardware troubleshooting for HP servers in RJIL.

Reliance Media Works Pvt Ltd. (5 Years & 2 Months)

Location: Mumbai
Duration: 10th Sep 2009 to 30th Nov 2015.
Designation: Senior Executive IT.
Responsibilities:Designed, configured and maintaining Network for RMW and their
remote sites.
Installed, configured and maintaining configuration changes of
switches like VLAN, LACP, MAC binding,switch authentication with
Installed, configured and maintaining configuration changes on SRX
240 juniper Firewall for HA,SNAT,DNAT,Routing,and security policies
Deployed and maintaining site to site VPN connections for remote
Designed and Implemented Centralize Authentication solution for
Providing Hardening solution for Linux server and workstations.
Installing and managing OpenVPN server on linux for remote users.
Designed, configured and maintaining SAN storage of more than
600TB size for 250 SAN clients.
Installing, managing and tuning CVFS (StorNext) File system for SAN
to achieve desired performance.
Configured and maintaining changes for zones in Fiber channel
Configuring storage and providing LUNS to different hosts as per
Designed and implemented storage with CIFS file system for VFX
Installed and monitoring 300TB ISILON storage.

Installing and configuring HBAs card on hosts.

Red hat Cluster deployment and monitoring as per requirement for
different applications.
Installing, configuring and updating Red hat Linux servers as per
Configuring kernel and file system parameters for system and file
system tuning.
Mass installation of servers and workstation through Cobbler and
Configuration deployment through puppet.
Deploy solution for Puppet-dashboard on Apache server as well as
puppet scale out through Apache (Load Balancing)
Installed and configured AD and LDAP servers, which provides
Central Authentication for Linux and Windows Users, servers,
network devices and other application like squid & IT Helpdesk, web
Installed and managing Icewarp Mail server for 1000 users.
Installing, configuring and managing Squid proxy server with LDAP
and AD Authentication.
Monitoring and Auditing proxy logs for internet usages across users.
Deployed Linux auto-installation for various departments using
DHCP, PXE boot and Kicksrart for entire organization.
Installing, configured and monitoring free radius server.
Installing and integrate media industrys software on linux like,
Revial,Rave,Nuke, AutoDesk Maya,Silhoutte,Mocha,Genarts,Qube
and others in houses developed software.
Installing, configuring and monitoring Floating License servers for
many application like Revial,3delight,Nuke,Mocha,Genarts,autodesk
for MAX and MAYA ,Vray for 3dMax and Maya, Silhouette & Ocula on
Installed, configured and maintain large Render Farm for Restoration
and conversion applications.
Installing, Configuring and monitoring Trend-Micro Antivirus Server
for Windows users and ClamAV for Linux workstations.
Installing, configuring and monitoring DNS, FTP, SMTP, NFS, SAMBA,
NTP, Mysql, PostgreSQL,Apache servers on Linux.
Installing, configuring and managing Nagios server to monitor
Servers health.
Deployed centrally log collection and analyze tools for servers,
firewall and switches.
Installing and configuring 300 hosts with different software as per
Installing, maintaining and configuring Server 2008 R2 and

windows7 OS.
Installed, configured and maintaining configuration changes of
Active Directory and all related roles like DNS, DHCP, and Routing
Doing installation and troubleshooting for various software and
Updating and maintaining updated firmware software for all
hardware like servers, switches, storage devices, workstations and
firewall devices.
Configured and monitoring CCTV network.
Coordinating with clients and software development team to tackle
technical issue.
Coordinating with all third party vendors for hardware, software and
application support.
Developed utility to generate bandwidth utilization report for
internet links.
Developing bash scripts for scheduling task.

You Broadband(ISP) (2 Years & 2 months)

Location: Surat(Gujarat)
Duration: 7th July 2007 to 9th Sep 2009
Designation: Junior System Executive.
Responsibilities:Installed, configured and maintained DNS servers in LINUX & Solaris.
Installed, configured and maintained mail server with Qmail,
Sendmail, Courier-IMAP, Pop3, Spamassing, ClamAv, Qsheff, IMSS,
Squiral-mail, Horde, Afterlogic.
Installed, configured and handled Sun One Directory server in solaris
as well as OpenLDAP in Linux.
Worked with Mysql,Squid and PostgresSQL in Linux.
Configuring Virtual Apache server in Linux & Solaris
Installing and upgrading RPM Packages & Open Source utilities to
ensure work is performed in accordance with company policy.
Configuring Solaris Volume Manager.
Performing Space management on different mount points on
Production Servers.
User, Group and file systems management of UNIX server.
Configured and monitor MRTG graph for Network link utilization and
Server resource utilization.
Providing Support for Network Operations & Help-desk activities.