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UNI T 21

Lesson Plan
Lesson: Day 1: Where in the World

Unit: WH- Questions

R2.30: Answers WH questions related to sentences.
R2.10: Describes the content of a text from the title and the pictures
R2.31:Summarizes a simple story with illustrations
Purpose of Instruction:
What key concepts or procedures will be taught?
WH questions words WHERE, WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHY.
What purposes or objectives will I explicitly communicate to students?
In a job interview, students must respond appropriately to WH questions. If asked What
experience do you have?, a student cannot answer in Cuba.
Materials Needed:
What materials will be needed?
Side by Side 1, Student book pp.10-12, workbook p.12 (GrammarRap)
Ventures 1 Student book
Pictures of people, things in various locations
What advance preparation is needed?
Gather pictures, make flash cards
Introduction & Explanation:
How will I get and hold students attention?
Use pictures to activate prior knowledge
How will I tie lesson objectives to student interests and previous classroom activities?
Using same pictures each day to begin lesson will activate prior knowledge and build on
the previous lesson
What questions might I ask to stimulate student thinking?

Ask students to name places they like to visit

How will I introduce and explain key skills and concepts (e.g., inductive method, minilecture, demonstration, notes, etc.)?
Notes: chart on board and Flash Cards
How will I model this skill or strategy for my students (e.g., exemplars, demonstrations,
Model conversation with substitutions
How will I break complex skills or bodies of information into understandable components?
Present one new WH word per day.
Guided Practice:
How will students practice using the skill or concept targeted by the standard?
Paired conversations, matching WH questions to answers, creating WH questions and
answers, grammar chants
How will I gradually withdraw support as students become capable of independent


UNI T 22

Students will transition from responding to WH questions to creating WH questions and
answers for different pictures and texts.
Evaluation of Student Understanding:
How will I evaluate students understanding and their readiness to move forward?
Students will create WH questions about a story, then change papers with another student
to answer the questions.
How will I correct misunderstandings and reinforce learning?

Address misunderstandings as they arise; reinforce through independent practice

What activities will I suggest for enrichment and remediation?
Reflection, Closure, & Connection:
How will I engage students in reflecting on what they have learned?
Give students an index card with their name on it. Each day, ask students to write one
specific thing they learned that day. At end of unit, students will have a card with at least
4 statements of what they learned.
What will I use to draw ideas together for students at the end?
What lessons can I preview for students that will follow as a result of this lesson?