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36408 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

120 / Thursday, June 23, 2005 / Notices

of the meeting will be implementation United States v. National Railroad DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
of the provisions of the seven consent Passenger Corporation, et al.,
signed by the United States and diesel Consolidated Civil Action Nos. 86– Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree
engine manufacturers and entered by 1094, 92–6119, 99–4835, was lodged Under the Comprehensive
the United States District Court for the with the United States District Court for Environmental Response,
District of Columbia on July 1, 1999 the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Compensation and Liability Act
(United States v. Caterpillar, Case No. In this action, the United States
sought: recovery of environmental Notice is hereby given that on May 25,
1:98CV02544; United States v. Navistar
response costs incurred and to be 2005, a proposed Consent Decree in
International Transportation
incurred by the United States, all in United States v. The Newark Group,
Corporation, Case No. 1:98CV02545;
connection with the Paoli Railyard Inc., Civil Action No. 05–02144–JW,
United States v. Cummins Engine
Superfund Site, located in Paoli, PA was lodged with the United States
Company, Case No. 1:98CV02546;
(‘‘Site’’). The Consent Decree requires District Court for the Northern District
United States v. Detroit Diesel
settling defendant Penn Central of California.
Corporation, Case No. 1:98CV02548;
In this action, the United States
United States v. Volvo Truck Corporation, now known as American
Premier Underwriters, Inc., to: (1) Pay sought the performance of certain
Corporation, Case No. 1:98CV02547;
the United States the sum of $5.9 response actions, pursuant to Section
United States v. Mack Trucks, Inc., Case
million for response costs incurred, (2) 106 of the Comprehensive
No. 1:98CV01495; and United States v.
pay the U.S. Environmental Protection Environmental Response, Compensation
Renault Vehicles Industries, S.A., Case
Agency future costs in an amount not to and Liability Act (‘‘CERCLA’’), 42 U.S.C.
No. 1:98CV02543). In supporting entry
exceed $37,500 annually, and (3) pay 9606, and the reimbursement of
by the court of the decrees, the United
the U.S. Department of Interior the sum response costs incurred, pursuant to
States committed to meet periodically
of $500,000 in settlement of natural Section 107(a) CERCLA, 42 U.S.C.
with states, industry groups,
resource damages claims. 9607(a), in connection with the cleanup
environmental groups, and concerned
The Department of Justice will receive of the Lorentz Barrel and Drum Site
citizens to discuss consent decree
for a period of thirty (30) days from the (‘‘Site’’) in San Jose, CA. Under the
implementation issues. Future meeting
date of this publication comments proposed Consent Decree, The Newark
will be announced here and on EPA’s
relating to the Consent Decree. Group, Inc. (‘‘Newark’’) will perform
Diesel Engine Settlement Web site at:
Comments should be addressed to the long-term maintenance of the asphalt
Assistant Attorney General, and concrete caps on its 1.47-acre
Environment and Natural Resources property, which is part of the Site. In
index.html. Interested parties should
Division, P.O. Box 7611, U.S. addition, Newark will establish
contact the Environmental Protection
Department of Justice, Washington, DC institutional controls limiting future
Agency at the address listed below prior
20044–7611, and should refer to U.S. v. uses of its property. Finally, Newark
to the meeting to reserve a telephone
APU, et al., D.J. Ref. #90–11–2–152C. will reimburse the United States
line and receive instructions for the call.
The Consent Decree may also be $15,000 in response costs.
Agenda examined at the Office of the United The Department of Justice will receive
1. Panel Remarks—10 a.m. States Attorney, Eastern District of for a period of thirty (30) days from the
Remarks by DOJ and EPA regarding Pennsylvania, c/o Richard Metzinger, date of this publication comments
implementation of the provisions of the Jr., Assistant United States Attorney, relating to the Consent Decree.
diesel engine consent decrees. 615 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Comments should be addressed to the
2. Public comments and questions. 19106; and at U.S. EPA Region III, c/o Assistant Attorney General,
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Thomas Cinti, Senior Regional Counsel, Environment and Natural Resources
Anne Wick, EPA Diesel Engine Consent 1650 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA Division, P.O. Box 7611, U.S.
Decree Coordinator, U.S. Environmental 19103. During the public comment Department of Justice, Washington, DC
Protection Agency (Mail Code 2242A), period, the Consent Decree may be 20044–7611, with a copy to Matthew A.
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., examined on the Department of Justice Fogelson, Trial Attorney, U.S.
Washington, DC 20460, e-mail: Web site: Department of Justice, Environment and open.html. A copy of the Consent Natural Resources Division,
Decree may also be obtained by mail Environmental Enforcement Section,
Karen S. Dworkin, 301 Howard Street, Suite 1050, San
from the Consent Decree Library, P.O.
Assistant Chief, Environment & Natural Francisco, CA 94105, and should refer
Resources Division, Environmental Box 7611, U.S. Department of Justice,
Washington, DC 20044–7611, or by to United States v. The Newark Group,
Enforcement Section. Inc., D.J. Ref. 90–11–2–467/5.
[FR Doc. 05–12465 Filed 6–22–05; 8:45 am] faxing or e-mailing a request to Tonia
Fleetwood (, Commenters may request an
fax no. (202) 514–0097, phone opportunity for a public meeting in the
confirmation number (202) 514–1547. In affected area, in accordance with
requesting a copy from the Consent Section 7003(d) of RCRA, 42 U.S.C.
Decree Library, please enclose a check
The Consent Decree may be examined
Notice of Lodging of Consent Decree in the amount of $4.50 for the Consent
at the Office of the United States
Pursuant to the Comprehensive Decree (25 cents per page reproduction
Attorney, 150 Almaden Blvd. Suite,
Environmental Response, cost) payable to the U.S. Treasury.
900., San Jose, CA, and at U.S. EPA
Compensation, and Liability Act
Robert Brook, Region IX, 75 Hawthorne Street, San
In accordance with CERCLA Section Assistant Chief, Environmental Enforcement Francisco, CA. During the public
122(d)(2), 42 U.S.C. 9622(d)(2), and Section, Environment and Natural Resources comment period, the Consent Decree
Departmental policy in 28 CFR 50.7, Division. may also be examined on the following
notice is hereby given that on June 14, [FR Doc. 05–12389 Filed 6–22–05; 8:45 am] Department of Justice Web site, http://
2005, a proposed Consent Decree in BILLING CODE 4410–15–M A copy

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