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Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs the representation of
gender using camera shots, angles, movements, compositions, editing,
sound and Mise en scene.
The clip from Luther is able to show a number of way in which the representation of
gender is shown. Using camera shots, angles, movements, compositions, editing,
sound and Mise en scene, we are able to pick out a number of key factors.
To begin, camera work is used as a way to show Luthers dominance in the
beginning of the clip when the two characters are on the bridge. The camera shot
shows an over the shoulder shot looking down at the woman Alice. This is a way to
represent Luthers dominance, as a man, over Alice, the woman.
The dialogue between the two characters in the beginning is also a way that the
representation of gender can be understood. When Alice talks about her dog,
Luthers character shows little sympathy stating that burning her dog is
protocol. This shows how Luther is attempting to maintain his dominance and
remain professional. This agrees with the stereotype that male heroes typically lack
emotion and have a more serious and professional attitude. On the other hand,
female stereotypes are also represented when Alice replies saying- He was only a
dog!. This statement reflexes feminine stereotypes that women are much more
emotional than men. With this statement, Alices character is showing sympathy, of
which Luther did not.
Mise en Scene is used in order to show the representation of gender. In particular
the clothing and make-up that the two characters in the scene wear. Luthers shirt,
tie and jacket, show the audience his professionalism in the clip. This can give
details that Luther is serious about him work. The character of Alice is also dressed
in smart work clothing to meet the formality of her job as a research scientist. The
fact that Alice is wearing make-up is a clear indication that she is conforming to her
gender role. This is because it is believed that females are infatuated with beauty
and feel in order to look a certain way, make-up is required. The red lipstick may be
a representation of seduction.
The fact Luther went to interrogate Alice alone agrees with the Masculine
representation that males feel that they have no need to rely on others and act as
the Lone Hero. This could be a way that males try to represent their dominance of
There are forms of Countertypes within the clip also. The main one that is clear in
the clip is shown using editing. During the end of the clip, Alice begins to gain
control over the conversation and makes Luther uneasy, talking about his wife. This
is shown when Alice says: Why does your wife turn her face from you John?
The camera then cut to a close up shot of Luthers face, where his facial expression
changes from happy and in control to shocked and out of control of the situation.

Max Sunnar

After further dialogue, the proximity between the two characters become much
closer. The scene cuts from Alice making her way closer to Luther followed by a cut
to another close up of Luther where we can clearly see him swallow. This is a sign of
nervousness, as Alice is able to use her feminine seduction against Luther.
Overall, this clip is able to use a number of various way to display the
representation of gender including Mise en Scene, editing and camera work.

Max Sunnar