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by Tuomas Pirinen and Tommy Boyd ‘The prolific Mr. Pirinen is 23 years old, and hails from Helsinki, Finland, He has an unhealthy fascination ‘with Warhammer in which he has fielded High Blf, Dwarf and Bretonnian Armies since 1985. He also thoroughly enjoys Epic and Necromunda. Eastern European history has long been Tuomas’ passion and so it is no wonder that when he decided to write a Warhammer Army List, it was the Imperial Army of Kislev. ‘Tuomas first met Tommy Boyd of the Internet, and they have since become long-time friends. Tommy, who is from Chigaco, USA is also a Warhammer player, fielding a large Empire Army. With Tommy's help Tuomas ‘was finally able to realise his dream and finish the Army List you see before you. car at re re G of eae KIS CHE LAND Of KISLE K= is a land of wind-bitten steppes, ancient forests and great mountains. ‘The rule of the throne of Kislev extends well over the World’s Edge mountains into provinces known as the ‘Zaborata’ or Farside. ‘The Boyars of the Farside are very independant however, and this is not surprising because the passes over the mountain are open only during the peak of the summer season. The regions of Kislev can be roughly divided into three regions: Tundra, Taiga and Wetlands. THE REGIONS The Tundra is the northernmost part of Kislev. Itis a land inhabited by the creatures of Chaos and many castles made of black stone harbour the enemies of mankind. Only Cossack patrols and the most fearless of the Sibyrians come here to seek information and wealth in this, frozen part of the Old World. ‘The Taiga is an area where the great forests of Kislev grow. The famous Kislevite timber comes from this region, as well as bear hides acquired by Sibyrian hunters. Occasionally, Chaos warbands penetrate the defences of the borders and scattered Cossack tribes gather to oust these invaders. This is Cossack land and SS Ness Ga ce wom \ To WASTES e. ell Fit (Gkaven ait) TROLL BPR castur country AL mxitbnduoy) lo VAS ae eee goon " the enemies of Kislev must pay a heavy price if they wish to pass through and defile the homeland. The Wetlands, or ‘Dobryion’ as the Kislevites call it, is the area where the cities and villages of Kislev are situated and it is the area of Kislev best known to the rest of the Old World. Thi a rich land and the fields yield a bountiful harvest. The region is the main target for the armies of Chaos as they strike south and if the Wetlands should be taken and the cities of Kislev fall, all of the Old World would be in grave danger. CHE RIVERS There are two great rivers that flow through the lands of Kislev: the Urskoy and the Lynsk, is The Urskoy is the river that makes the fields of Kislev fruitful and allows Kislevite ships to be built in the capital. Tt is a mighty river, which joins the Reik at Altdorf. The barges of Kislev use this river to navigate through the Empire where exotic wares like vodka and the famous Kislevite duelling pistols fetch a good price. In the middle of the river Urskoy stands a lonely cliff, covered only by wild moss and lichen, that juts out to astonishing heights. The only person to ever reach its remote summit is the Cossack leader Stepan Rasin. Today, the cliff bears his name and when the waves of the Urskoy speak to one another at night , they are sure to mention Ataman (Cossack Chief) Stepan Rasin, the great hero of Kislev. The Lynsk is the border river of Kislev. To the north of this mighty flow lies the Tundra, the disputed area claimed by both Kislev and the forces of Kislev. Kislev forces also calll it by the name ‘Sanguisov’ or The Stream of Blood. On its banks and bridges Kislevites have waged many a desperate and bitter battle against the hordes of Chaos and it symbolises the Kislevites struggle against their eternal foe. THE CITY STATES The architecture of Kislev is unique in that most of the buildings are only one or two stories high, marking them in stark contrast to the many temples and palaces. These ornate public buildings are decorated with cupolas gilded with pure gold and the temples are equipped with a multitude of bells. On great festival days these bells all peal in unison and their song echoes for miles around. Beastmen are known to fear and loathe this sound and they hide in their secluded camps deep in the forest during these festivals. The Kislevite masons are famed throughout the Old World. Since the cities of Kislev stand as a bulwark against Chaos, masonry is a very practical profession and a stonemason whose battlements are taken in an enemy attack will undoubtably find further work hard to come by. Kislev, the capital of the nation, stands on the banks of the River Urskoy, and is built around ‘Gora Geroyev’, also known as the ‘Kreml’, or Hill of Heroes. Kislev is a fortress city, for the realm of Chaos draws nearer every year and many valiant Kislevites are buried every day in the red soil of the Kreml. There is always a sizeable contingent of Dwarfs who have journeyed from their homes in the Empire and their racial homes to work tirelessly on strengthening the defences. “Jf you want to meet a true Hero, go to the graveyard of the Kreml.” Traditional Kislevite proverb The Capital is the true heart of the Kislevite people. Here are the Mausoleums of the Tzars and Tzarinas of old and the great Temples of Taal and Ulric stand near the great cupolas of the Kreml. The great parade that celebrates the victory of Kislev over Chaos is held every other year and is the greatest celebration in the land, The city is not only the base of the military might of Kislev. Painters, writers and poets walk the streets near the distinguished University of Kislev and great philosophers struggle with the questions of life and death with the most learned of priests. Architects from around the world gather here to marvel at the great golden domes of the great palaces and temples. It is a beautiful city full of wonders and an endless source of pride to the many people of Kislev. During the last great Chaos incursion, the once beautiful city of Praag was completely overrun by the forces of Chaos. The twisted minions of the four dark powers breached the defences of the city and put the inhabitants to the sword. Those few who survived by fleeing into the surrounding woods returned to find their homes twisted by Chaos. Buildings had melded with flesh, forming a disturbing and sickening visage of horror. The Tzar of Erengrad ordered the city razed to the ground and plans were drawn up for its rebuilding, This was done, but the visage of Chaos returned. Travellers tell tales in hushed tones of cries of agony that pierced the night , and faces that appeared in the walls of buildings to consume the unwary with savage ferocity. The citizens of Praag must often burn down and rebuild their homes to retain some small measure of sanity. They refuse, however, to move away, for they feel that this would mean giving in to their most hated enemy - Chaos. The current Tzar, Saltan, spends his time drilling his militia and dreaming of the revenge he will one day inflict on the spawn of Chaos. The Kislevite Seaport of Erengrad is one of the largest trading cities in the Old World, second only in size and importance to Marienburg, boasting produce including whale oil, sea ivory, timber, pearls, tar and fish. The sleek vessels of the High Elves often visit here, daring the dangers of the Northern seas which are polluted by the foul touch of Chaos. Traders from Bretonnia, Marienburg and the Empire also travel to this vibrant city which is located in a lagoon at the head of the River Lynsk, 1 Jo oq @ AVI D°AD Castle Alexandronov stands to the North of Erengrad, on the borders of the Troll country. Construction of the castle was originally ordered by the great Tzar Alexandr Njevski. He chose the site guided by a dream in which Boris Ursa, the Forever Tzar of Kislev, directed him to build a great stronghold for Kislev, or else the land would be lost ina war against the greatest evil of all. Alexandr travelled across the lands of Kislev for two years, until he recognised the site from his dream. Near the Troll Country stood a great cliff, some five hundred feet tall, and on the highest point he found the cool stream of clear water that Boris Ursa had shown to him. Here was built a gigantic fortress with seven walls and a massive keep. Dwarfs hired from the northern holds worked ceaselessly for over a decade and the Ice Mages, led by Tzarina Olga, cast great enchantments over it. This effort severely 10 depleted the treasury of Kislev, and many Boyars and Chalnekhniks ‘opposed it bitterly, claiming that the castle served no purpose. The coming of Chaos was to prove how wrong they were. Castle Alexanronov does not block the route of the rampaging Chaos hordes Indeed, that would be an impossible task, since the northern Kislevite border stretches many hundreds of miles, most of it windswept plain. Rather, the castle attracts the worshippers of the four dark Gods like a candle attracts moths Arrogant Chaos Lords regard the land where the castle stands as their property and to have a Kislevite fortress on their land enrages them to a reckless frenzy. Year after year, Chaos warbands gather here and throw themselves forward in futile attempts to scale the fifty foot walls. No known war-machine can breach the enchanted true-steel gate and even assaults by the most determined Chaos Warriors have failed to breach even the first wall. The number of Beastmen skulls and those of other creatures that are spiked on the fortresses walls grows monthly. Castle Alexandronov has never been taken. It is one of the most formidable fortresses in the Old World, rivalling even the great Dwarf strongholds. During the Great War against Chaos the castle was attacked six times and some of the most bitter fighting of the entire campaign was fought in its colossal shadow. ‘The castle tied up a considerable part of the ‘Chaos horde and it is without doubt that it was instrumental in the defeat of Chaos during that dark time. The castle is constantly manned by the most fanatical defenders of Kislev and each man who aspires to join either the Kreml Guard or Gryphon Legion must first serve here for a period of six months. A Kislevite youth can usually expect to see at least two seiges during his service and can bear witness to the foulness ‘of Chaos with his own eyes. The castle is an important symbol for the people of Kislev, signifyintg their resolution to stand firm against ‘any enemy. ThE PEOPLE OF KISLEV The mainstay of the people of Kislev are Gospodars: tall, broad-shouldered, blonde or red-haired people with deep voices. They are quiet and grim in the face of outsiders, but are very sentimental people with a deep love for both their families and their land. The Gospodar women are famed for their beauty, and are viewed as equals to men. There is no reason that a woman cannot rise to a position of power within the government and the bloodline is traced by the mother’s side. Most Gospodar women stay at home, but in the family their authority is absolute and far above that of a man. Most powerful sorcerors are women, and many tales have been told of Baba Yaga, probably the most powerful Witch of all time. Kislevites love music and their dances, especially the ‘Blade Dance’ which is famous throughout the Old World. Their battlesongs are among the most impressive sounds in the known world and the dreaded warcry "URAAA! URAAA" is feared wherever it is heard. To the North of the civilised areas of Kislev allies the Taiga. It is a lawless and inhospitable land, riddled with foul creatures from the Chaos Wastes. Only the toughest of men survive in this cold and harsh land and one might ask why any man would wish to travel this godsforsaken land, but the answer is simple: the animals of the Taiga bear the finest fur in the known world and the rewards are great for those that survive. The men of the Taiga are known as Sibyrians and are a huge, bearded, silent folk. Their appearance and language have a distinctly eastern influence, but whatever their origin they are brave and stubborn and are valued as scouts and foresters, of which they have no worldly equal, in the armies of Kislev. Cossacks are nomadic people who live in the far North. Riders and scouts without peer, these brave warriors have always stood as Kislev’s first line of defence against the wrath of Chaos. Year after year, a war of ambush and counter-ambush is fought with the Cossacks oft times victorious. Even when faced with overwhelming odds their hatred for the forces of Chaos often pulls them through. Huns, the most primitive and savage of all peoples of Kislev, are little more than animals. They file their teeth, scar their bodies and enter battle in a state of berserk fury. They are a cannibalistic and vicious race, but none the less, fearless in the defence of their land. No opponent wishes to be captured by the Huns, for his fate will be worse than death, THE HISTORY OF KISLEV The history of Kislev reaches back almost 1,000 years, from the times when the hordes of Gospodars finally arrived over the World’s Edge Mountains in strength. The Empire, which for years had been torn between internal, strife, was too weak to hold its Northernmost provinces. When the Empire finally gathered its strength, the Gospodars had already established their realm. Emperor Dieter Ii realised that the Empire would benefit from this bulwark against Chaos and the barbarous Norse and so formed an alliance with Tzar Alexandr I Since then, Kislev and the Empire have enjoyed a strong alliance with each other and indeed often send allied troops to aid their partners in their hour of need. A notable example of this is the Gryphon Legion, a regiment based in the Empire that includes many of the noblest sons of Kilsev. With Norse armies and the dread hordes of Chaos threatening the borders of Kislev, the armies of Kislev are many and powerful. The realm is in a state of continual warfare and the people have grown hard in the face of their trials. The last great Chaos incursion also overran the Old World and it was stopped only by the valiant efforts of the Kislevites who, supported by Dwarfs and a mighty army led by Magnus the Pious, barely turned back the tide of Chaos 200 years ago. The current ruler of Kislev is Tzarina Katarin, who rose to the throne following the mysterious death of her father, Radii Bokha. The city-states of Kislev, Erengrad and Praag are independant realms, but they still owe fealty to the ruler of Kislev. IMPORTANT EVENTS IN KISLEVITE HISTORY Imperial Year 1500 1512 1515 1500- 1600 1602 1605 2099 2100 2120 2134 2247 2302 Boris Ursa leads the Kislevite hordes over the World’s Edge mountains and declares the Northern lands as the Kingdom of the Kislevites. Boris Ursa leaves the newly fledged Kingdom in the hands of his daughter Miska. Miska gathers her warriors and starts to extend the realm. She defeats two large Empire armies. The Battle of the Scimitars. Miska clashes with the combined armies of the Empire, Dwarfs and Bretonnians. The battle ends without a clear winner and Miska returns to the North where she fortifies the borders and declares that Kislevites will defend their land to the last citizen. The Dwarfs, Bretonnians and men of the Empire are far too weak to re-conquer the North. The Kislevite population rapidly. Emperor Dieter forms an alliance with the Warrior-Tzar Alexandr Njevski. Supported by an allied contingent of Empire troops, Alexandr Njevski throws back a huge army of greenskins in a pitched battle. ‘The Ascension of Igor the Terrible. As the first act after his coronation, he orders the beheading of one third of his bodyguard as retribution for an imagined insult. Igor the Terrible conquers Dorogo and re- names it Kislev. Igor orders the construction of the Krem, the fortress that has been the home of the Tzars ever since. ‘The Kreml Guard is formed. Igor the Terrible conquers the Farside and declares it part ofthe Kislevite Empire. The colonization of the Farside begins. Kislevites wage many battles with Hobgoblins and other greenskins, until a strong contingent of the Kislevite army vanquishes the most powerful Hobgoblin Chieftain on the battlefield, Hariz Bloodknife, ‘The Great War against Chaos or ‘Great Patiotic War’ as the Kislevites call it, begins with small skirmishes. Cossacks of the North fight against continually increasing numbers of Chaos Warbands. Tzar Alexis starts mustering the Kislevites for the unavoidable war. A mighty Chaos 2303, 2304 army defeats the forces of Kislev in two bloody battles. Praag is beseiged and falls after a bitter struggle. In Kurkoy, the Kislevite Cavalry defeats an immense army of Chaos Knights in a colossal battle. The combined armies of the Empire, Dwarfs and Kislev defeat the greatest Chaos Horde in history at The Battle of the Gates of Kislev. Magnus the Pious vows eternal friendship with Tzar Alexis and Magnus is named ‘Hero of the People’ The Time of Re-building starts 12 2400 2475 2512 2513 2514 Prince Boydinov of Erengrad introduces hand guns to the armies of Kislev. Captain Rossokovski of the Gryphon Legion leads his knights in the campaign ‘waged against Bretonnians alongside the forces of the Empire. He recieves great military honours for his bravery and for saving the life of Emperor Paulus. ‘The rise of the Romanoff dynasty of Tzars. Continual skirmishes with the forces of Chaos. The last Romanoff Tzar is murdered by a fanatical Priest of Miska. Radii Bokha rises to power supported by both the military and aristocracy. ‘Tzar Radii Bokha dies under mysterious circumstances. His daughter Jekaterina (known elsewhere in the world as Katarin the Great) accedes the throne. In The Battle of the Dobryion Fields, Cossack Chief Stepan Rasin is the sole survivor of both armies that originally numbered over 2000 men. Prince Ivan rescues Vasilisa the Wise from the dark sorceror Koshei the Immortal Stepan Rasin climbs the Cliff of Death which stands in the middle of the River Urskoy. He is the first and only man to perform this feat. BORIS URSH, The forever Czar.. Boris Ursa is the legendary first Tzar of the Kislevites, and is known by the current people of islev as the Forever Tzar. Boris led the Gospodars through the Dark Lands, defeating the Ores and Hobgoblins who gathered armies to destroy his peoples. The legends of Kislev tell that one day the Forever Tzar shall rise from his sleep and lead the Kislevites to a. final crushing victory against Chaos. The legends tell that Boris Ursa rode to battle on the back of a mighty black bear granted to original illustration above. centrepiece to the Kislevite army. call for details. MODELLING BORIS URSA Anthony Warrington gained an excellent 2nd place in the Best Warhammer Single Miniature category of Golden Demon 1995 with this stunning conversion of Boris Ursa which was inspired by John Blanche's Anthony's conversion is made from the parts of three different models: an Elven Beastmaster's Bear, the Wings from Kislevite Winged Lancer and the body of the Elector Count of Ostland. This is a simple but impressive conversion which forms an ideal Ifyou would like to have a go at creating Boris Ursa sitting atop Father Bear we now have a Boris Ursa kit which has all the components needed to make this model! For only £7.50 you can have Boris Ursa leading your army to victory over the dread forces of Chaos! Simply give our Mail Order department a 150 points Father Bear +55 points him by the Gods themselves. A Kislev army may include Boris Ursa. If you choose to include him he will be your General and replace the General described in the main army list Profle M WS BS S T W I ALD BorsUna 4 7 6 5 4 3 6 4 10 FatherBear6 6 0 6 5 3 5 4 8 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Boris Ursa wears a suit of heavy armour and carries a shield. He is armed with a sword and a bow. MAY RIDE: Boris Ursa rides the great Father Bear ‘and may not ride a monster or warhorse. MAGIC ITEMS: Boris Ursa may carry up to two magic items. Magic Items may be selected from the Warhammer, Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War and Kislevite cards, SPECIAL RULES PSYCHOLOGY: Boris Ursa is immune to Fear, Terror and Panic. He must, however, still take break tests as normal. MIGHTY STRIKE: Blows struck by Boris will wound his enemies on a roll of 4+ on a Dé regardless of the target's Toughness value. IF his Strength value would wound his opponent on a roll of less than 4+, he ‘may use his Strength as normal. es i) s Q > SS Av? e Che claws of the Great Bear By Tuomas Pirinen Welcome to the 2nd and penultimate part of Tuomas’ Kislevite army list. After reading last issues introduction (and if you baven’t, why not?) you'll surely have been waiting with baited breath for the last two months. So here it is, the army list itself complete with more background, a Bestiary and the rules for the Urugan Cannon. Thats not all you lucky, lucky people! If you turn to Dok Butchas Konvershun Klinik you'll discover a veritable plethora of Kislevite conversion ideas. AND... (pause for breath) if you unfold your fabulous rolll gate cover, a selection of the finest Kislevite magic items can be yours. Don't think we're stopping there, ob no! Next month your trusty Journal will contain the Kislevite ‘Special characters and a free furry bat! (just kidding about the hat, though). me be town of Stravtrosgrad had been under seige for three weeks. The of = supplies were all spent, each and every arrow was shot and a full three quarters of the population bad been lost, either in battle or as a result ‘famine or disease. Yet the defenders, common Kislevites who Boyar Dimitri Pavlovych bad hastily gathered upon bearing of the approaching Chaos 2 warband, were as resolute as ever. The next attack, however, they knew would be the final one. There would be no survivors, still they battled on. In the midnight bour, a lonely rider strode to the gates of Stravtrosgrad. Clad in black armour covered in blazing runes, the guards recognised him at once from the tales of the elders. He was Albrecht Gensber, once a brave knight of the Reiksguard but now brought low by bis insatiable thirst for tbe pleasure of battle. This was the Butcher of Slaanesb. A merciless, cruel weapon of terror in the band of the Prince of Chaos. Boyar Dimitri rose to the battlements to bear what his opponent had to say. Albrecht raised bis open palm to show that be was bere to talk, not fight, and spoke with a powerful, metallic voice, ‘Warriors! Slaanesh is impressed with your battle prowess ! We are bere to negotiate surrender.” “Nye!” answered Dimitri. His eyes were drawn and tired, but there was no fear in them, just cold fury. “We do not bave room to keep you all as prisoners ‘ Astonished, Albrecht turned away. Those ‘men were doomed to die, and horribly so. Why woidld they resist him? Albrecht raised bis bands and bis followers Stocked to bim; misshapen Beastmen, slavering Hounds of Chaos, renegades from buman society and tbe Chaos Warriors of Albrecbt’s retinue, Following the orders of their leader, the minions of Chaos readied themselves to ‘attack. Battering rams were brought fortb, carried by muscular Beastmen selected by Albrecbt. Scaling ladders and ropes tipped with hooks were distributed amongst the bloodthirsty murderers who vied for a chance to assault the bapless town, As the first rays of sun lightened the borizon, Albrecht was ready. But just as be prepared to signal the attack, sometbing caught bis Daemon-keen ears. The beating of hooves! “The Cossacks are coming” whispered somebody, and soon this was picked up by others. “The Cossacks are coming!” There were shouts of joy. “THE COSSACKS ARE COMING!” The earth thundered beneath the iron-sbod hooves of Cossack horses. Nimble warriors drew their bowstrings at full gallop. Many a saddle was decorated with the skulls af eaten. Cold, unforauin fry bone in the ees ofthe brave Cossacks as they readied bemselues ora charge, owing the banner of their Ataman, Stepan Rasin. Beastmen brayed in confusion, hastily drawing a battle-line to stop the relentless charge of the grim-faced borsemen. Albrecht leapt to organise bis troops. Albrecht bellowed his battle cry as be drew bis sword. "Send them «all before the Lord of Pleasure! We shall bave a bed of skulls today!” It was then that Albrecht noticed bis band was trembling. Puzzled, be waved bis sword in the air, but bis awful Daemon-bound blade felt heavier than ever before. For the first time in bis life, Albrecht felt the cold hand of fear touching him. ROA BRR MR Re Bear be Great of tl — eo g ss) 1 > Che Imperial Army of Risle ‘The army of the Tzars has a long and honourable history and its tribal origins are still evident in many of its units, adding a splash of colour and character to the ‘grim ranks of the Imperial Army of Kislev Unlike most nations of the Old World, the main strength of the Army of Kislev is the levies and citizens of Kislev instead of professional warriors an mercenaries. Because the threat of their enemies is evident to each and every one of the Kislevites, they are willing and motivated soldiers, who know that they are defending their homes and families. This does not ‘mean that there are no professional soldiers in Kislev, uite the opposite, as the Kreml Guard, Brotherhood of the Bear and Streltsi are some of the most famed human soldiers of the Old World Stil, most of the defenders of Mother Kislev are tribal warriors who gather to repel an invasion or man the border fortresses when called upon. Every village and settlement of Kislev has a training ground and archer field, and most cities of Kislev hold special riding. competitions for skilled young raiders so they can hone the most important skill of a Kislevite, horsemanship. When Kislevites go to war there are two types of combat at which they excel: guerilla warfare and open field bat Syberians, Cossacks, and the Horse Archers of the smaller tribes often mount daring skirmishes and wild saids against their enemy using their great mobility and. missile cover to cause the maximum amount of damage to the enemy supply lines and siege trains, and then flee before any pursuit is possible. Sometimes, by the direct order of the Tzar or Tzarina, they are supported by an elite force of carefully selected men and women who follow the direct orders of the ruler of Kislew When a particularly large and powerful enemy force threatens Kislev’s borders, these tactics are insufficient and cannot be expected to stop the enemy. At such times, the ruling Tzar or Tzarina calls together the Sbor Soldatov, or the “Gather of the Soldiery.” Subsequently, the great capitol of Kislev clad themselves in steel and linen as itis tradition amongst the people of the North that a soldier must be dressed in their finest garb when riding to face their death. When all the able-bodied men of Kislev have gathered around Gora Geroyev, the Tzar or Tzarina receives the ovation of his or her forces and rides to meet the enemy oon the battlefield The battle tactics of the Kislevites are brutal but effective, as they are a numerous people who are not afraid to die. The Kislevites prefer a massed charge that is supported by war machines and missile forces. The 24 cavalry, mounted nobles like the Druzhina, Winged Lancers and the Gryphon Legion engages the cream of the enemy forces while their flanks are protected by the infantry regiments armed with spears. The dreaded Urugan Cannons are brought forward, protected by the best infantry regiments like the Kreml Guard and Streltsi. The guns open fire at close range as the infantry charges on, bearing down upon the hapless enemy While the price in blood is often very high in such battles, the Kislevites have enjoyed considerable success with these tactics Some of the troops and regiments of Kislev have colourful histories and deserve a closer look. THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BEAR ‘Tzarina Taira Pavlovna formed this unusual knightly order four centuries ago as an answer to the pleas ofthe Kislevites who lived on the borderlands and were constantly harassed by marauding Orcs and Chaos Warriors. These men were trained in ambush and guerilla warfare and their superior equipment and Careful training have guaranteed many great victories during the years, DRUZHINA During the Great War of Chaos, the Tzar Alexis lost the two armies he sent to fight the gigantic Chaos army that threatened to engulf the world. In a desperate bid for fresh troops, he promised to free any man from taxes who could bring a horse and weapons. This proved to bea success, as later battles demonstrated Today, the arrangement differs slightly from the original edict of the Tzar Alexis. The blue- blooded men who can ride to war when the ruler of Kislev calls are freed from taxes for one year each time the Tzar summons them. These men are known as Druzhina, and their flexibility and diverse equipment is valued by the Kislevite generals. THE WINGED LANCERS ‘The famous Winged Lancers of Kislev are the younger sons of Boyars and Nachalnik. It is their duty to be ever-prepared for war, as such occurrences aré all too common in Kislev. They are professional soldiers of a sort, young noblemen who wish not to run estates, but to defend Mother Kislev. They are respected by the citizens of Kislev and enjoy honour far beyond their rather modest rank, Each larger Kislevite settlement is obliged to uphold a force e of Winged Lancers and such regiments are the pride of each province and city. Their standards have ‘usually seen many battles and the loyalty of these men to their flag is fanatical. The famed feathered wings of these knights is an invention of the great warrior Tzar Alexandr Njevski, whose winged back banner emmited an eerie how! that no Chaos worshipper could endure. THE KREML GUARD The Kreml Guard was formed on the orders of the dreaded and insane Tzar Igor the Terrible. He was such a paranoid ruler that he saw traitors and assassins in ever shadowy corner, and thus he felt that he needed to be guarded day and night. While his bloody regime is only a dark legend now, the Kreml Guard endures to this day and a position in this black-clad regiment is, much sought after. TRIBAL WARRIORS Cossacks, Syberians and the smaller tribes like the Tartars, Ungols and Kiddishes are nomadic people that do not support any permanent settlements. Thus they do not have any organised troops. The skill of arms, however, is very highly valued by these men and no young tribesman will neglect a chance to train with these weapons. The Cossacks swiftly master the scimitar and the spear, while the Syberians favour the Kandra, the dreaded close-range combat knife, along with their bows, STRELTSI Firearms were brought to Kislev by the famed Prince Boydinov of Erengrad who also invented the game called Kislevite Roulette that is unfortunately popular among the nobility of Kislev. In his last will, Prince Boydinov ordered that a considerable part of his fortune be used for the upkeep of a regiment of Hand Gunners This tradition endures today, but because Kislev is a poor country, only the city of Erengrad is able to support a regiment of Streltsi, THE SONS OF URSA No other regiment in the Imperial army of Kislev typifies them more than the Sons of Ursa, Heavily armoured knights atop War Bears, they are a symbol of Kislev itself. They venture forth from their fortress monastery in times of great need to take their place at the front of the army as their most feared and respected This list tells you the proportion of your points you may spend on character models, regiment par machines and allies. This ensures that your army and that of your opponent are reasonably balanced, and doesn’t consist entirely of cannons or Lord characters CHARACTERS The points allowance which you are permitted to spend on characters includes the value of their armour and weapons, any magic items they have and a steed or monster if they are mounted. It also includes the points paid for champions of regiments. A regiment's champion is part of his unit and may not leave it Characters may be armed with any of the equipment available to the ordinary troops in the list. The point cost of weaponry and armour is the standard value and the complete list is repeated at the end of this section, |A character can carry appropriate magic items chosen from the magic cards in Warhammer, Warhammer Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the special Kislevite magic items. Characters are allowed no more than the number of magic items shown on the chart below. HEROES Champion 1 Hero 2 Lord. 3 Wwizarps ‘Tee Mage 1 Mage Champion 2 ‘Master Mage 3 TeeLond 4 REGIMENTS Regiments must be at least five models strong unless indicated otherwise in the army list. There is no upper limit to the size of a regiment. The minimum of five models includes its leader, standard bearer, musician and champion if it has them. Regiments may include a standard bearer and/or ‘musician, and these cost double the points value of an ordinary trooper. Some regiments are permitted magic standards, covered by the Warhammer Battle Magic supplement and are included as magic item cards. If you take a magic standard, its points value is included with the points value of the unit. Units are permitted champions, Champions are always equipped exactly as the rest of the unit, except that in addition they are permitted one magic item. Champions always fight with their regiment and cannot leave it. The points value of the champion and any magic item he carries comes from the proportion of points allocated to the army's characters, NOT the regiments WAR MACHINES War machines include all the artillery available to the Imperial Army of Kislev such as Urugan Cannons. MONSTERS Monsters are brought along to fight beside the army. ‘They include trained creatures, captive monsters and those bound by spells of obedience. Monsters chosen as mounts for characters are NOT included in the points allocation for monsters, they are included in the points for characters instead ALLIES Kislevite armies may include up to a quarter of their total points value as allies, chosen from the appropriate Warhammer Armies books. Kislevite armies can ally with Empire, Dwarfs and High Elves and Wood Elves. PRESENTATION OF PROFILES Profiles are given in the standard format and include all the characteristic values. They do not take into account movement reductions due to armour, as this can vary depending on how you choose to equip your troops. Saving throws are not included on the profiles for the APG AG 2) Jo sap 24) — ADTISIY f the Great Bear WS 0 Cavalry have two profiles, one for the rider and one for the mount. Ifthe mount is an ordinary horse we have simply given the riders profile with the movement characteristic altered to 8, This saves a bit of space and avoids giving a whole profile where only one characteristic is actually used. M = Movement W = Wounds WS = Weapon Skill I= Initiative BS = Ballistic Skill A= Attacks S= Strength Ld = Leadership T=Toughness LIMITATIONS ON CERTAIN CHARACTERS/UNITS In some cases you can only include one character of a certain type in your army, or one of a specific unit. Any such limitations are clearly indicated in the lists SPECIAL CHARACTERS A separate section describing famous warriors of Kislev will be published in the next issue of the Citadel Journal. This includes a selection of personalities including Tzarina Jekatarina. You may include these characters in your army if you wish and the points cost comes out of your character allowance in the normal way. Characters which may serve as your army general are indicated, ARMOUR ‘Troop’s saving throws are not given on their profile because they vary depending on what armour is being, ‘worn. Saving throws are summarised below Armour Cavalry Save None 6 Shield or light armour oe Shield and light armour 4 orheavy armour only Shield and heavy armour 4+ ae Cavalry with barding ads further +1 EQUIPMENT LIST ‘The following is a list of all the weapons and armour available to Kislevite characters. A character may be equipped with any weapons available to the troops themselves, subject to the usual restrictions regarding. weapons use, eg, a halberd requires two arms to use and so prevents the wielder from using a shield as well Note that regimental champions must be equipped in exactly the same way as the rank and file members of the regiment. EQUIPMENT LIST HAND TO HAND COMBAT WEAPONS A single sword, axe mace cor other hand weapon An additional sword, axe, et A double-handed weapon, including double-handed axe, sword, etc Halberd Spear Alance for a mounted warrior MISSILE WEAPONS Bow Hand Gun Pistol ARMOUR Shield Light Armour. Heavy Armour: Barding for steed ARMY SELECTION = ° & >) | > Characters __0-50% Up to half the points value of the army may be spent on characters. This includes the cost of monsters ridden by characters. Regiments 25% At least a quarter of the total points value of the army must be spent on regiments. This does not include the cost of champions, who are paid for from the character allowance. WarMachines 0-25% Up toa quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on war machines. Monsters 0-25% Up toa quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on monsters. Note that this does not include monsters ridden by characters, which must be paid for from the character allowance. Allies 0-25% Up to a quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on allied troops chosen from one or more of the following lists: Empire, Dwaris, High Elves and Wood Elves. 26 Your Kisle ite army m include up to 50% of its points include a General, but otherwise you are free to choose as many or as feu 1 Rislevite General Kislevite Lord Khan-Queen ‘The army must include a General to lead it. The General represents an important noble of Kislev, a powerful Boyar or a Prince, or perhaps even the ‘Tzar or Tzarina themselves. The Khan-Queens were the rulers of Kislev in the ages past and your army may be led by one of them. 100 pts 170 pts [SS Lord 46°64 9 KhanQuen 4 4 3 4 3°35 4 9 EQUIPMENT: Sword WEAPONS/ARMOUR: The General may be armed with any combination of weapons/armour allowed to any of the troop types in this list (see Equipment List for points values). MAY RIDE: The General may ride a Warhorse (+3 points), or a monster (see the separate monster list for points) MAGIC ITEMS: The Kislevite General is a Lord character and is entitled to up to three magic items chosen from the appropriate cards in Warhammer, Warhammer Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite Magic Items. MAGIC SPELLS: The Khan Queens are level 2 wizards and may take their spells from the Ice Magic deck. Es is horde were always Gospodars. a m Queens Tn agcs past the tribes of fierce warrior horsemen rode from the cast. crossed the World's Edge Mouatains and quered the area around the River Urskoy. There were many such tribes, but the Many other tribes like Tartrs. Cossacks and Dolgans. to name but 2 few, followed them, but the leaders The Khar ue on characters from the list below. You must always 0-1 Battle Standard 80 pts Kislevites are a devout people, and their Battle Standards are often icons of saints orother religious symbols CS) BatleSanadd 4 4 4 3 1 4.2 7 EQUIPMENT: Sword and Battle Standard. WEAPONS/ARMOUR: The Battle Standard Bearer may be armed with any combination of weapons /armour allowed to any of the troop types in this list (see Equipment List for points values). MAY RIDE: The Battle Standard Bearer may ride a horse, Warhorse (+3 points), or a monster (see the separate monster list for points) MAGIC ITEMS: The Battle Standard Bearer is a Champion character and is entitled to up to one magic item chosen from the appropriate cards in Warhammer, Warhammer Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite Magic Items. This may be a Magic Standard, effectively turning the army’s banner into a Magic Standard fone was called the ‘While they might have been barbarous and uncivilsed in the standards of other human iababitats of the Old World, powerful warriors, and were led by 2 mighty Khan-King 0 Hoe cat We CUET sea uel eal eA gael Balceg rw ta on ine Se ae Ch 5 ; ; (lie! Hay Uns He Cece! te mine | { ) ) ; 4 : ADLY DUG 2} JO SHO] 2G) — ADISIV 65 pts The legends of Kislev are full of tales about the exploits of their heroes. Many of these outstanding individuals are Boyars or other nobles, but most are simple warriors from amongst the commoners of this grim and war-torn people. Hero, EQUIPMENT: Sword WEAPONS/ARMOUR: A Hero may be equipped. with any combination of weapons/armour allowed to any of the troop types in this list (see Equipment List for points values). MAY RIDE: A Hero may ride a horse, Warhorse (+3, points), or a Monster (see the separate Monster list for points). Cossack Heroes may not ride Monsters. MAGIC ITEMS: A Hero character is entitled to up to two magic items chosen from the appropriate cards in Warhammer, Warhammer Battle Magic, ‘Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite ‘magic items. ‘SPECIAL RULES: Cossack Heroes are subject to the rules for Hatred when fighting Trolls, Beastmen or Warriors of Chaos. Champions . 30 pts Any regiment may include a champion armed and equipped as the rest of the unit. Champions represent especially powerful or adept warriors Champion 4040 04°43 1 42°77 EQUIPMENT: A champion is always armed and equipped in the same way as his regiment (see ‘equipment list for points values). MAGIC ITEMS: A champion character is entitled to a single magic item chosen from the appropriate cards in Warhammer, Warhammer Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items. SPECIAL RULES: Cossack Champions are subject to the rules for Hatred when fighting Trolls, Beastmen or Warriors of Chaos and may only join Cossack Regiments, Tce Mages Ice Mage Mage Champion Master Mage Ice Lord. The wizards of Kislev practice a form of magic radically different from the magic used by the wizards of the Colleges of Magic in the Empire. They often ride with the Kislevite armies to unleash their terrible spells against the foes of Mother Kislev. rofile MV KeMage 4 393 3 4 1417 MaserMage 493 03 4 4 3°52 7 EQUIPMENT: Sword WEAPONS/ARMOUR; An Ice-Mage may be armed with any of the troop types in this list (see Equipment List for points values). However, if Mages wear armour they are unable to cast spells, so they do not normally do so. Note that if the Mage is riding a horse with barding, it has no effect on his/her ability to cast spells. MAY RIDE: An Ice Mage may ride a Horse, Warhorse (+3 points), or a Monster (see the separate Monster List for points). MAGIC ITEMS: An Ice Mage is entitled to magic items chosen from the appropriate cards in Warhammer, Warhammer Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items. An Ice Mage may have 1 magic item, a Mage Champion may have 2 magic items, a Master Mage may have 3 magic items and an Ice Lord may have 4 ‘magic items, Ice Mages use Ice Magic spells. ee Your army must include at least 25% of it’s points nies) alue as regiments chosen from this section of the army, and it may include more if you wish. In some cases you may only choose a maxinium of one unit of a specific type For example you can only have one unit of Gryphon Knights. While there is no limitation to the size of a unit, each unit must consist of at least five models unless otherwise stated. 0-1 Gryphon Legion... Your army may include a single regiment of Gryphon Knights. This knightly order was formed as a token of eternal friendship between Kislev and the Empire. The Gryphon Legion is trained and garrisoned in the Empire, but when Kislev is seriously threatened, the reigning Tzar or Tzarina can call the Gryphon Legion back to defend Kislev. pts per model ight 4k a EQUIPMENT: The Knights of the Gryphon Legion wear heavy armour, carry a shield and ride barded Warhorses. They are armed with a sword. SAVE: 2 OPTIONS: The Gryphon Legion may carry double handed weapons at an additional cost of +4 points per model. The regiment may carry lances at an additional cost of +4’points per model. The Gryphon, Legion may carry a magic standard. This may be chosen from the appropriate Magic Item cards and is indicated on the card itself. 0-1 The Brotherhood of the Bear Your army may include a single regiment of the Brotherhood of the Bear. This military order of Ranger-Templars follows Taal and specialises in skirmish actions in forests and rough terrain, 31 pts per model [SSW Ringer 4 4333 1 4 Wathowe 8 3 0 33 1 31 5 EQUIPMENT: The Rangers of the Brotherhood wear light armour, carry a shield, and ride Wathorses, They are armed with a sword and bow SAVE: 4+ OPTIONS: The Brotherhood may carry double handed weapons at an additional cost of +4 points per model, They may carry a magic standard. This may be chosen from the appropriate Magic Item cards and its cost is indicated on the card itself SPECIAL RULES: The Brotherhood of the Bear may Skirmish as described in the rules for skirmishing {oops in the Warhammer rulebook. In addition, the Brotherhood may change between regular and skirmish formation once per movement phase, even when marching and charging, although no model may move farther than its movement allowance. Winged Lancers .. Your army may include any number of regiments of Winged Lancers. These high-ranking Kislevites fight on horseback and carry tall lances, but their most distinguishing feature is the tall winged banner which they wear upon their back or attached to their saddle, 25 pts per model, Lane Wathowe 98 3 0 3 3 1 31 EQUIPMENT: The Winged Lancers may carry a Magic Standard. This may be chosen from the appropriate Magic Item cards and its cost is indicated on the card itself SPECIAL: The Winged Lancers may also carry Njevski’s Screeching Back Banners at a cost of 5 points per model. This is an exception to the normal rules in that itis a magic item that may be given to a Rank and File unit. The Magic Item Card for Njevski’s Screeching Back Banners can be found in this issue, ADI WAG 24) JO SMDJ 24 — AOTISTY ear B ¢ Great s of t w cla At RISLEY 0-1 Sons of Ursa 46 pts per model High atop the sacred Ice Mountain stands a great temple dedicated to the Great Spirit Bear. It is said that this fortress monastery was founded by Boris Ursa the Forever Tzar, and that the warriors who serve are descendants of his most noble knights. Great White Bears guard the iron gates of this formidable place and the time of its inhabitants is, devouted to the learning of the arts of war. Rarely do they ride to war, these Sons of Ursa, perhaps only once ina century. But when they cross the High Pass over the World’s Edge Mountains and brandish their proud standards, Kislevites take heart and their enemies flee before these mighty knights and their fearsome steeds. rofile MWS BS ST a) Knight = 44030403 1 41 7 WarBear 5 4 0 5 5 232 5 EQUIPMENT: Sons of Ursa wear heavy armour and carry shields. They are armed with a lance and a sword. They ride ferocious War-Bears. SAVE: 4+ OPTIONS: Sons of Ursa may carry a magic standard, ‘SPECIAL RULES: The War Bears on which the Sons of Ursa ride cause Fear as described in the Warhammer rulebook. If a unit member's War Bear is killed then the rider is considered to have been killed as well during the animal's death throes. Druzbina .. 14 pts per model Your army may include any number of regiments of Kislevite Druzhina. These are minor Kislevite nobles, men who can afford a horse and decent equipment so they can ride to war when called upon. This gives them the right to own land and also lessens their taxation a great deal. Their armour and weapons are rather old fashioned but deadly nonetheless, and the swords wielded by them are often family heirlooms that have drawn blood in countless battles, CS Druzhina 8° 3° 3 3 3 1 3:1 * includes the movement ofthe horse EQUIPMENT: Druzhina wear light armour and ride horses. They carry a hand weapon, SAVI OPTIONS: One regiment of Druzhina may be armed with a brace of pistols at an additional cost of +8 points per model. Any regiment of Druzhina may wear heavy armour at an additional cost of +2 points per model and carry shields at an additional cost of +2 points per model. Any unit may carry lances at an additional cost of +4 points per model One unit of Druzhina may carry a magic standard, This may be chosen from the appropriate Magic Item cards and its cost is indicated on the card itself. 30 Mounted Duns..... Huns are a savage and wild tribe of nomads that roam the steppes of Kislev. They often make a great nuisance of themselves by raiding and pillaging, but they are also readily recruited in the armies of the ‘Tzars. Unlike any other tribal warriors, Huns prefer to close in quickly as possible, laying about with their wickedly curved scimitars. They are merciless and cruel warriors. Bloodshed has an intoxicating. effect on them, making these warriors attack with astounding fury. ssmnesl4 pts per model SS) Hun & 3 3°33 34% * includes the movement of horse EQUIPMENT: Huns wear no armour. They carry a scimitar. SAVE: 6+ OPTIONS: Any regiment may carry shields at an additional cost of +1 point per model, SPECIAL RULE: Huns are subject to Frenzy as described in the Warhammer rulebook. 0-1 Unit of Mounted Cossacks .18 pts per model Your army may include a regiment of Mounted Cossacks. Cossacks are a tribe of fierce Kislevite warriors who dwell in the northernmost part of Kislev and guard the border of the Chaos wastes and the Troll Country against Chaos incursions, Every time Chaos warbands attack Kislev, their first task is to fight the brave Cossacks. Countless years of warfare and slaughter have sharpened their hatred of the servants of Chaos to a keen edge. Almost every warrior has relatives or loved ones that have perished in battle against the servants of the Four Great Powers. im WS Comack 8 3 39°33 131 7 "Includes the movement of the horse EQUIPMENT: Mounted Cossacks wear light armour and ride Horses. They carry a bow and a hand weapon. SAVE: OPTIONS: Mounted Cossacks may carry shields at an additional cost of +2 points per model. They may carry spears at an additional cost of +2 points per model, SPECIAL RULES: Cossacks often fight without any formal military training and may skirmish as described in the rules for skirmishing troops in the Warhammer rulebook. The bitter struggle against the powers of Chaos has left a savage hatred in their hearts, therefore Cossacks are subject to the rules for Hatred when fighting Chaos Horse Archers. Your army may include any number of regiments of Horse Archers. Horse Archers are fierce mounted nomads from the plains of Kislev and the lands of Farside beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains. v.16 pts per model Profile [A Horse #3 93°33 131 7 “Includes the movement of the horse EQUIPMENT: Horse Archers carry a shield and ride Horses. They are armed with bows and hand weapons. SAVE: 5+ SPECIAL RULES: Horse Archers may Skirmish as described in the rules for skirmishing troops in the Warhammer rulebook. 0-1 Cnit of Kreml Guard ‘These are the hand-picked elite of the Kislevite infantry. They form the bodyguard of the Tzars or ‘Tearinas and watch over the palace of the Kreml or “Till of Heroes” where the rulers of Kislev live. 12 pts per model i ws KemiGuard 4 4 3 4 3 131 7 EQUIPMENT: Kreml Guard wear heavy armour and carry a halberd. SAVE:5+ ST WTA LD OPTIONS: The Kreml Guard may carry a magic standard. This may be chosen from the appropriate Magic Item cards and its cost is indicated on the card, 31 Sibyrian Hunters The Taiga is infamous for its harshness. The men who live in this inhospitable land are a hardy breed and are hunters of unsurpassed skill. As trappers, the Sibyrians are patient beyond the endurance of common men and can wait out their prey while covered in snow for hours in the bitter cold. No one is their equal in moving silently and stalking the deadly grizzly bears of Kislev. Hunter = 4030-4 30310317 EQUIPMENT: The hunters wear light armour. They carry a bow and a hand weapon. SAVE: 6+ 111 pts per model OPTIONS: The hunters may carry throwing axes at an additional cost of +1 points per model. SPECIAL RULES: A unit of Sibyrian Hunters may be placed on the table after all the other troops have been deployed. They may be placed anywhere except within the enemy deployment zone or within sight of enemy troops, 0-1 nit of Sibyrian Beast—CTamers 9 pts per model Beal ron a +30 pts per model Giant Wolf. .+4 pts per model Since the time of Boris Ursa, the Kislevites have brought tamed Giant Wolves and Bears (which are regarded as sacred beasts) with them when they muster to do battle. Beast-Tamers are hulking strong ‘men, even amongst their Sibyrian kindred. This is of course, for savage beasts of the Taiga respect only brute strength. Beast-Tamer 443 Bear 430 iantWoll 9 40 oo 1 2 1 EQUIPMENT: Beast-Tamers wear light armour and are armed with a hand weapon. SAVE: 6+ OPTIONS: Beast-Tamers may carry spears at an additional cost of +1 point per model. SPECIAL RULE: Each Beast-Tamer can control 1 to 6 Bears or Giant Wolves, Several Beast-Tamers may join their packs to form bigger units, but Bears and Giant Wolves can never be mixed in the same unit, Leadership tests are taken using the Beast-Tamer’s LD, Missile casualties are randomised between creatures and Beast-Tamers, J WAG 2G) Jo sav) 24 — ADISTY AD2 KISLEV — The claws of the Great Bear ® Cossacks 9 pts per model Your army may include any number of regiments of Cossacks on foot, [2 Cosack 4 3 3 3 1317 EQUIPMENT: Cossacks wear light armour. They carry a bow and a hand weapon. SAVE: 6+ OPTIONS: Any regiment may carry shields at an additional cost of +1 point per model. Any regiment can carry spears at an additional cost of +1 point per model. SPECIAL RULES: Cossacks often fight without any formal military training and may skirmish as described in the rules for skirmishing troops in the Warhammer rulebook. The bitter struggle against the powers of Chaos have left a savage hatred in their hearts, therefore Cossa rules for Hatred when fighting 0-1 Cnit of Streltsi 10 pts per model Streltsi are Kislevite infantry trained in the use of Hand Guns and drilled in the special formations unique to this weapon. They are also armed with a short halberd called a berdiche, which is used as a rest for their gun. Your army may include one regiment of Streltsi ks are subject to the Chaos. c Suess 43333 EQUIPMENT: Hand gun, halberd and hand weapon, SAVE: None OPTIONS: Any regiment may be equipped with light armour at an additional cost of +2 points per model. ar Machines The artillery of Kisle still equipped with fine Mortars. Your army may include up to 2: Grugan Cannon Your army may include any number of Urugan Cannons within the limitations of the points available. Each machine has a crew of three to operate and defend it. 110 points each [LR UniganCannon= = 2 Bmw = Crew 43033 1317 Range Strength Wounds Save UnuganCannon 0-1” 1 3 Ra 4 1 1 EQUIPMENT: The crew are armed with hand ‘weapons. SAVE: None OPTIONS: The Urugan Cannon crew may have light armour at an additional points cost of +3 points per model. 32 cannot be compared to the vast arsenal of the Empire. The army of Tzars, however, is 5% of its points value as War Machines Mortar. Your army may include any number of Mortars. Each Mortar has a crew of three to operate the gun and defend it if necessary. Complete rules for Mortars may be found in Warhammer Armies: The Empire, 100 points each Profile M_WS BS ST 0 Mortar 73 Crew 43 331317 Maximum Buessable Strength Wounds Save Mortar 7 bs 4 EQUIPMENT: The crew are armed with hand weapons SAVE: None Monster List Due to the closeness of the Chaos Wastes, the lands of Kislev are rich with Monsters that may be captured and used by the Tzarina’s armies. Your army may include up to 25% of its points value as Monsters chosen from the list below. Note that this allowance is for Monsters who fight on their own. Mounts for characters are chosen from this list, but the points value is added to the character's total. DRAGON Dragon sen pts Great Dragon 600 pts Emperor Dragon. 750 pts GenDagn'g 7 0 TR a Tbe ee GREAT BEAR Getter 550065 3 435 peGasus smn pts a a res 83 DS GRIFFON . 150 pts TD Gin 650 7408 @YVERN soot 80 pts Profle MWS 5S ST WTA LD Wem 6505 6 BAGKS OF MISKA Te SARMS sone 00 pts Hawk = «250 9 2 1 6 1 Rats 6 3003020501 5 10 Fog 8 3 ONAL RO [a BYORA ... 225 pts Bats Jose STO a Tes sepents 3d Ot eS SO a aitatitenaeeszeneencel Ha = 63058 67S ee ADI WAG 2} JO SHOJI 4 — ADISIYV KISLEV — The claws of the Great Bear BAQKS Of MISKA It is said that the great blue hawks of the World's Edge Mountains once warned Miska about an ambush her enemies had prepared for her and the grateful Miska cast an enchantment over these creatures. Since those times, Kislevite armies have often been accompanied by great flights of these majestic birds and they regard this as a sign of divine favour. The hawks are swift fighters with sharp talons and guided by the magic of Miska, they attack the enemies of Kislev with great fury, screeching their terrifying screams as they descend upon their enemies. Any Hawks of Miska in your army will fight together in a single flock. This flock must be of at least five models at the start of the battle [LT Hawk 25 0321617 SPECIAL RULES FLY Hawks of Miska may Fly as described in the Warhammer rulebook. Additionally as they are small, fast and very agile, any enemy missile fire suffers a -1 to hit penalty FORMATION ‘ Hawks of Miska are skilled flyers and TRS may be considered to form a unit in the normal manner, so they receive a rank bonus to their combat resolution representing the enemy becoming more and more demoralised as they are hit by wave upon wave of hawks. ENCHANTMENT The Hawks of Miska were blessed by Miska the Slaughterer centuries ago and the magic endures to this day. Any spell cast against the Hawks of Miska is dispelled on the D6 roll of a 4+ MORALE The presence of Hawks of Miska encourages the superstitious Kislevites immensely. Any Kislevite regiment within 12” of the flock may add 1 to its Leadership up to the maximum of 10, ChE GREAT BEARS Of KISLEV In the lands of the Empire, the Griffon has always been the traditional symbol of the Emperor, while the Bretonnian Kings use the Lion as their heraldic symbol. In the far north, however, the Great Bears have always been the rulers of the wild.; here they are the king of beasts. It is thus no wonder that the bear is the chosen decoration of the banners of the Taars. 4 Many of the nomadic tribes of the steppes worship a great bear-like spirit as a god. When they hunt bears, they perform many rituals to calm the spirit of the beast, lest it haunt them ever after For the Kislevites, the bear symbolises not only strength but also authority and nobility.. For a Kislevite, to be called a bear is a great honour. Indeed it is worth noting that such is the reverence attached to these magnificent beasts that only three even of the Tzars of Kislev have ever been named after a bear. ‘The Great Bears of Kislev are truly a sight to behold larger and more powerful looking than other bears from around the Old World. These great creatures are ridden to war by the noble Sons of Ursa, the greatest warriors of the Kislevite army. LY GreatBear 5 5 0 6 5 3 4 a ae a) SPECIAL RULES CAUSES FEAR Great Bear of Kislev causes Fear as described in the Warhammer Rulebook. Che Arugan Cannon Kislev is a land of long, freezing winters and short, harsh summers. Because of this unfriendly atmosphere, the use of gunpowder weapons has always been rather limited. The Urugan Cannon or “Alexandrs’ Organ” as Kislevites call it, is a notable exception. The Urugan Cannon, named for the sharp, screeching sound that it makes when fired, is a lightweight cannon that works ‘on the same principal as the Repeater Weapons of the Empire. It consists of several light, small barrels and a carriage that includes a protective screen for the crew and four wheels that enable the crew to move it from place to place quickly. The Urugan Cannon shoots a Virtual hail of lead shot, filing the air with whistling death. While much of the gun’s ammunition is wasted and the power of the Urugan Cannon is less than that of| ‘a regular cannon, itis almost impossible for the target to avoid being hit. Because the Urugan Cannon can accompany the main units as they advance upon the ‘enemy, itis much favoured by Kislevite Generals who are famous for their aggressive tactics MOVEMENT Because of its light construction and wheels, the crew can move the Urugan Cannon at their normal movement rate. Indeed the Urugan Cannon is so maneuverable that it can even make march moves, providing it has a full crew of three. The Urugan Cannon may not move and shoot in the same turn FIRING THE URUGAN CANNON The procedure for firing the Urugan Cannon is as, follows. First nominate your target and turn the gun to face it as you would a cannon. Measure the range to determine the strength of any hits. Roll the Artillery dice marked 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and MISFIRE. The number rolled is the number of hits scored on the target. Because some of the power of the shot is lost, the strength of any hits is reduced when firing at over half range. Once you have determined the number of successful hits, roll to wound as normal. Refer to the "To Wound” chart to determine the roll needed to wound, and roll one die per hit as you would for missile hits, The Urugan Cannon has a strength of 6 at short range and a strength of 4 at long range. Normal throw modifiers apply: -3 at short range and -1 atlong range. PROFILES Urugan Cannons are solidly built from iron and wood, and can sustain considerable damage as shown. The profiles below summarise the abilities of the Urugan Cannon, Strength Save 6 3 4 a Moy ‘Toughness Wounds ~~ AsCrew 3 MISFIRES. Ifyou roll a ‘misfire’ result then something has gone wrong, with potentially devastating results. Roll a D6 and consult the chart below 35 URUGAN CANNON MISFIRE CHART Dé — Result 1-2 DESTROYED! The weapon explodes in a spectacular show of light and sound. ‘The Urugan Cannon is destroyed and the crew are slain. OVERHEATED. One of the barrels overheats and partially melts, preventing the Urugan Cannon from firing this tur, and in addition reduces hits caused by the Urugan Cannon by 2 in following turns. MAY NOT SHOOT. A minor fault prevents the Urugan Cannon from firing. The cannon is unharmed and may shoot as normal next turn. SHOOTING AT THE URUGAN CANNON Because of the protective screen on the Gun, and the special training of the crew, any hits from missile fire are randomly allocated between the gun and the crew {as shown on the chart below. For each hit scored, roll a separate dice and then resolve damage against the target that has been hit. The Urugan Cannon does NOT count as a large target for the purposes of shooting. Ifit is hit by a template weapon, follow the normal procedures (ie - any target under the template is potentially hit. Dé roll Hits 12 Crew 36 Urugan Cannon LOSS OF CREW ‘The Urugan Cannon requires a full crew of three to work properly. Ifone crewman is slain then the other two can just about get by and the gun may fire as normal, however, the Urugan Cannon may no longer make a march move. If two crewmen are slain, the remaining crewman can still operate the weapon, but the rate of fire will be reduced. When the gun fires, the ‘crewman must spend an entire turn preparing to to fire again, reducing the weapon’s rate of fire to once every other turn. Ifall the crew are slain then the gun is useless. SUMMARY OF URUGAN CANNON FIRE 1 ‘Align Urugan Cannon on target and measure range. 2 Roll the Artillery dice. This indicates the number of hits. If you roll a’Misfire’, consult the chart 3 Resolve the number of hits as normal with saving throws as appropriate @ ADIT JUG 24) JO SHdP 249 — ADTISTY Welkum +O DOk Butcha’e Konvehehun hiinik! In each and every issue Dok Butcha will, with the help of his faithful assistant Konvertitt, bring you conversion and modelling ideas for both the novice and expert modeller. If you bave any ideas - however crazy - that you think bobbyists across the world would enjoy please send us the details at the following address: Da Journal Bunker, Games Workshop Ltd., Chewton St., Eastwood, Notts. NG16 3HY zum kOnVerepune from Lee i, Garrett, Steve Buddle, Alex Scort qn Tuomae Pirinen! & BEAST TAMER by Alex Scott ‘The Nasherhound is simply the Squig Hound from the Warhammer Quest supplement, Lair of the Ore Lord. We ‘modelled a collar around his neck @) | ‘with some modelling putty and added some spikes 10 it from our bits box. The Handler is another easy conversion. We took one of the Goliath Gangers (you can use models from your own gang's house!) and removed his axe. The we replaced it with the whip from a Chaos Warrior Charioteer which was carefully clipped away from his body. SIBYRIAN BEAST-TAMER & SIBYRIAN HUNTER Whilst not conversions themselves these wo miniatures are from our Mail Order back catalogues and are ideal for the Kislevite army. These are not the only suitable figures as there are literally dozens of equally good miniatures in our ranges! If in doubt simply give the Trolls at Mail Order a call on 01773-713213 as they will be only too willing to help! WVVIVVVYTTY DOK BUTCHA’S KLINIK SVVVVYTTYYYTY STRELTSI KREML GUARD by Lee Garrett by Tuomas Lee based this conversion on an Imperial Pirinen Hand Gunner. First he went to work with ‘They say that the a modelling knife and carefully removed simplest ake him look alittle less conversions are Imperial. Next we took the halberd arm often highly his plumage to from an old Chaos Charioteer and cut it just above the hand to produce the bardiche which was slung across toh oe back Yet again we ‘effective and this one certainly proves that point. Just take one High Elf Phoenix Guard miniature, cut off its head, replace it with that of a Kisley Winged Lancer and voila! Instant Kreml Guard. COSSACK by Lee Garrett able to cre superb Kislevite miniature with nothing more than a head swap. This time the body is an Imperial Archer and the head is from a Kislev Horse Archer miniature by Steve Buddle ‘The Sons of Ursa are the most significant unit in the entire Kislev army and we thought that the minature should reflect that. The Great Bear is simply one of the classic Elf Beastmaster bears. The rider himself is a Kislev Winged Lancer model without the Wing Banner attached. Instead we took the seat-back from a Skaven Doomwhee! with the banner pole removed tnd pinned this into place behind him to look as ithe is siting on a throne, just to make him look more impressive. If you really want to go to town on this uunit you could leave the banner pole on and give back banners to the whole unit. Don’t forget to replace the banner top though! a MINITH S.WHOLINS YOO AMMMMAAAAAA VYVVVTIVYTY OOK BUTCHA’S KLINIK NYVVVYYTYTY THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BEAR by Lee Garrett & Steve Buddle on you will need the upper if Reaver Knight Champion, the legs of a Winged Lancer and bow quiver from our Elven Hero miniature range. art sticking this together you h your trusty modelling knife direction of the Reaver nd carefully remove it matter of sticking it together as seen in the photo. The bow quiver (conveniently obscured by the rider ‘on this photograph) was simply attached to the horse's body with a blob of Superglue Then it is a si Not really conversions, these. The Mounted Cossack is actually just the Kislev Horse Archer Chieftain. The ‘mounted Hun is created in the same way but with a different torso. Of course, you'll probably not want your entire unit being comprised of identical models. Here are just a couple of suggestions: Try re- Tong-nose ‘sword arm with a pair of should be easy to create a really ‘tacular unit spect using the same for DRUZHINA by Lee Garrett Yet another startlingly simple yet effective conversion this one. Starting with an Empire Pistolier we simply swapped his head for that of a Kislev Winged Lancer. by Steve Buddle ‘To make your Baron Sovoth you will need the following: + 1Steam Tanks Commander + 1 Winged Lancer Legs + 1Ghost #5 + 1 High Elf Archer #2 + Horse #2 ‘Take your Steam Tank Commander and cut it in half atthe waist (keep the top half). Then, carefully snip his head off with a pair of clippers. Replace this with the ruff eut from Ghost 5 (Night Horrors range). Snip off the Steam Tank Commander's Repeater Pistol hand and replace it with the bow hand from the High Elf Archer. Stick the body to the Winged Lancer Legs and mount him on the Horse. This isa fairly simple conversion that anyone could attempt (even me! - id) Conversion Kits and suitable Kislevite Miniatures | To help you to build your own Kislevite army we have created special Conversion Kits for you. No longer will you have to spend hours pawing through your catalogues and White Dwarfs to find suitable miniatures! Of course these are by no means set in stone | and you can go on to use any relevant miniatures you desire. These ( conversions will hopefully give you a feel for the appearance of the | Imperial Kislevite Army and should you come up with any \ | interesting conversions of your own we would love to see them! \ ‘ ) ) @ Druzhina: .. £3.75 each J | © Brotherhood of the Bear...... £3.75 each ] } © Mounted Huns... .. £3.00 each ) j © Mounted Cossacks . £3.00 each 1 {© Sons of Ursa... . £5.25 each d } © Sibyrian Beast-tamer ... . £1.25 each ; \ © Sibyrian Hunter... | Peers star © Kreml Guard .. £2.25 each | VOCS © Cossack... \ £1.25 cach | res } CR ee | © Streltsi .. BEA e| indeed any suitable : Cee) £2.00 cach RIF OAEr ames mares £7.50 each |RRUO RE © Baron Sovoth. Cre Surat All the above conversion kits come with their respective mounts! } | ) © Nasherhound (no handler) .. £2.00 each \ | 3 = — & = ae =) i — fe a= = HR ~~ La = ae RISLEVICE MAGIC ICEMS So, you want magic item cards do you? Well, take that! and that! and that! There, that will teach you mess with the big boys! (I think we've spent a little bit too long in the sun have'nt we? - Ed). Yes, thi ue we bring you 3 pages of full colour magic item cards! 3 pages! 3 whole pages! These cards are for use by the rank and file troops and characters in the Imperial army of Kislev. Next issue we hope to bring you cards for the special characters FEATHER OF FINIST THE HAWK BOOTS OF SEVEN LEAGUES NJEVSKI'S SCREECHING BACK BANNERS CARO) OLA NUR AGRA O) WO) di Gm UEC RO) yA CARO) OLA ER ACAD MO) RO) dL Gm UEC CRO eA MAGIC ITEM MACIC ITEM] MAGIC Tg MACIC ITEM AKG Om EU NO Mocrnnn MAGIC ITEM YNOWAY FO! SVNIUVIV al SINIOM SE WaLLOIOVIN AISIA AO NMOS FHL SINIOd $5 WALLIOVN VXSIN JO | ATISIN AO TIddV FHL NCR NUE ele HN Wren E | ee en a Me mt me UY mie mat Miers Wa | AONIGAOS JONIYd 4O STOISId VXASIN JO aAXV XIOH FHL YGNVXATV JO YNOWYY LSOUusdV ad Wal WARHAMMER | KISLEV Che claws of the Great Bear by Tuomas Pirinen ® And so the curtain draws to a close on the Kislev army list. The Journal will just not be the same without Tuomas’s list (still it helped to get him a job on White Dwarf). However, we do bave all sorts of goodies lined up for you! I could not possibly tell you what is in store except that it isn’t an Albion army list, a Border Princes army list, a new Epic Marines chapter or even bucket loads of characters and scenarios for Warhammer Quest. Or is it.... SPECIAL CHARACTER: This section describes some specific individuals from Ki ‘ory. You may include these individuals in your army by paying the appropriate points cost. Although the list includes characters who could never have met in reality, you can include them in the same army if you wish to do so. However, you may only have one General, so you will be unable to use certain characters together. ; : MAGIC SPELLS: Katrin sa evel 3 Ie Mage, he may Czarina Katarin, Cast spells In the normal manner ay described It Tee Queen of Kislev 200 Pts Warhammer Battle Magic. +100 Pts Fearfrost ‘The Tzarina Katarin is the current ruler of the people of Kistev, having succeeded to the throne on the death of her father, the Tzar Bokha. She is the most powerful magician ever to wear the crown of Kislev and her aloof majesty and inscrutable disposition have caused many to refer to her as the Ice Queen of Kislev. The Tzarina is $0 suffused with magic that even her flesh is cold and pale, and her limbs are long and lean like icicles. Her hair Blistens with frost, and ice crystals sparkle on her lofty Your army may include Tzarina Katarin. If so, she will, always be the general of the army and thus replace the normal general, She isa level 3 Wizard (an Ice Lady), and, is dealt three spells from the Ice Magic deck at the start of each battle raarina See 888 Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 13 1 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: The Tzarina carries the magical weapon Fearfrost and rides a Warhorse. MAGIC ITEMS: The Tzarina may carry up to three magic items including the magic sword Féarfrost. Other magic items may be selected irom Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (see last issue) as usual 19 KISLEV — The claws of the Great Bear aaa Prince Ivan Radinov, Captain of the Gryphon Legion 110 Pts +60 Pts Sword of Heroes Ivan Radinov is the younger brother of the ruling Tzarina Katarin. While his sister oversees Kislev with icy efficiency, Ivan spends his time on daring adventures. He’ is nominally the Cavalry ‘Commander of the Gryphon Legion, but he rarely spends much time in their barracks headquarters, located in Altdorf. He prefers his freedom and dangerous lifestyle, but when a real threat emerges and his beloved sister is in danger, Ivan leads the grim knights of the Gryphon Legion in defence of Mother Kislev Your army may include Prince Ivan if it includes a unit of Gryphon Legion. Tan a6 8 44 539 Silverhoof 10 4 0 4 3 1 425 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Prince Ivan wears heavy armour, carries a shield and rides his barded Warhorse, Silverhoof, which he acquired from Koshei the Immortal. He is armed with a sword and spear. MAGIC ITEMS: Prince Ivan may carry up to two magic items including the Sword of Heroes. Other magic items may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War ot the Kislevite ‘magic items (sce last issue) as usual, 20 SPECIAL RULES NATURAL HERO: Ivan will always try to save those in danger. Whenever a character model within 4” of Ivan is killed, roll a D6. On a roll of 5+, Ivan saves the individual at the last moment by means of wit, cunning, swordplay and unrivalled bravado, ‘The character is restored to one wound (although all the wounds caused still count towards combat resolution). If the D6 roll is a 1, Ivan fails spectacularly! He is then so overcome with grief that he may do nothing except defend himself during the next tum, whether it is his own turn or that of the enemy. Tzar Saltan of Praag .. ..110 Pts +45 Pts Black Blade ‘Tzar Saltan is the bitter ruler of Praag, the city overrun by the armies of Chaos during the last great incursion. Every day is torture for him, for his city is a constant reminder of the horrors suffered by the Kislevites. Whenever Tar Saltan hears of a Chaos Warband polluting the sacred soil of Kislev he becomes a figure with the wrath of a storm. He gathers his warriors and, with grim deter attacks the minions of evil, the only joy that him, Your army may be led by Tzar Saltan, though he does not have to be the General. If used as a General, he replaces the Lord or Khan-Queen described in the main army list. Saltan may also be included as an independent Hero. alan 4D Warhorse 8 3 a) WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Tar Saltan wears heavy armour, carries a shield and rides a barded Warhorse. He is armed with the Black Blade. MAGIC ITEMS: Tzar Saltan may carry up to two ‘magic items including the Black Blade. Other magic items may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (see las issue) as usual SPECIAL RULES HATRED: Saltan is subject to Haired when fightin Trolls, Beastmen or Warriors of Chaos. When fighting against a unit of Chaos troops, Tzar Saltan will always issue a challenge to any characters in the unit. If challenged by a Chaos character, he must, accept. When fighting, against Chaos characters in a challenge, Saltan gets a-+1 bonus to his Strength. PSYCHOLOGY: Tzar Saltan has lived in Praag long enough that he is quite immune Fear, Terror and Panic, He must still take break tests as normal. Stepan Rasin, Clanchief of the Cossacks ......143 Pts Stepan Rasin is the young and rash Clanchief of the ‘Cossacks, He is a stubborn man who refuses to give up. If he sees a mountain he feels he must climb it If there is a task or atest that seems impossible, Stepan will not rest until he has completed it. While this attitude has earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow Cossacks, it has also endangered his life more than once. Fortunately, it seems that luck is with him and success has always been his to claim. Stepan’s exploits include such feats as climbing the Cliff Harkov that stands in the middle ofthe River Urskoy, slaying the Chaos Champion Akrim the Fell id riding through the insanely dangerous marches of Zaborota. During his adventures, Stepan has become an outstanding warrior and a great archer. 21 ra No one in Kislev would challenge him to a riding contest. In wartime he leads the brave Cossacks in, daring skirmishes and bold charges and he is one of the most trusted subjects of Tzarina Katarin, Your army may include Clanchief Stepan Rasin if it includes at least one regiment of Cossacks. Stepan Rasin may not be the General of the Army. man a a) Sepn 466 kD Warhose 8 3 0 3 3 13 1 5 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Stepan Rasin rides a Warhorse and wears a suit of light armour. He is armed with a sword, spear and a longbow. MAGIC ITEMS: Stepan Rasin may carry up to three magic items. These may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (See last issue) as usual SPECIAL RULES HATRED: Like all Cossacks, Stepan hates Beastmen, Trolls and Warriors of Chaos. Thi includes any Beastmen characters and Chaos Champions and Chaos Sorcerers, LUCK: Stepan Rasin is an unbelievably lucky man, He is therefore allowed to re-roll any dice roll he makes. He may make up to three re-rolls during the battle. He may attempt to re-roll any single roll only HORSEMANSHIP: Stepan is a master rider and suffers no movement penalties for difficult terrain or obstacles. Ilja of Murovea .. 102 Pts If you ask an inhabitant of the Taiga who is the strongest man in the land, you will invariably get the same answer, Ilja of Murova. This grim and skilled hunter has won every contest of strength in Kislev during the last twenty years. Once, by the personal request of the Tzarina, he wrestled a great {grizzly bear unarmed and emerged victorious. Ija of Murova isa bear of a man, standing well over seven. feet tall. His hair is already showing signs of greying, but he has lost nothing of his skill with the bow or axe. His arms and shoulders are as mighty as, ever, and no one, even amongst the Sibyrians, dare to challenge him to a contest of power. There are even those who believe that Ilia has been blessed by the gods with the spirit of a Great Bear. Ija hunts alone, for the prey he searches is far too dangerous. He openly challenges the creatures of Chaos and the Beast man Warbands, bringing their hides to the feet of the Tzarina in the yearly Summer Fair. In wartime Ta is always the first man to stand beside the ruler of Kislev, and his awesome strength is welcomed by all Your army may include Ilja of Murova if i also includes atleast one regiment of Sibyrian troops. ja may not be your General ha o> 5 5 4253 8 ® ALY WAG 2) JO SHAD)? 247) — ADISIY KISLEV — The claws of the Great Bear WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Ilja of Murova carries a two-handed axe, longbow and a sword. He wears light armour. MAGIC ITEMS: Ija of Murova may carry up to one magic item. This may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (see last issue) as usual. SPECIAL RULES SIBYRIANS Ilja is a Sibyrian, and may be placed on. the table after all the other troops have been deployed, He may be placed anywhere on the battlefield, except within the enemy deployment zone or within the sight of enemy troops, STRENGTH OF THE GREAT BEAR: If Ilja hits with all three of his attacks then he may opt to do ‘one mighty strike attack instead. This is worked out Strength and does D4 damage. These jo not apply if Ija is using a magic weapon. HUGELY RESILIENT: Ilya is almost literally a bear of a man and therefore is able to take far more punishment than a normal man. To represent this, whenever he is reduced to zero wounds roll a D6. Ona 1-3 he is killed as normal, but on a 46 the fact that Ilja should be dead does not register in his battle-crazed mind and completely ignores the injury, Return Ilja to 1 wound, 108 Pts +100 Pts Bloodedge Igor the Terrible is a dark legend amongst the Kislevites. He was perhaps the most feared Tzar of ail time, for his great intelligence and courage were tainted by an unreasoning rage. He ordered the infamous beheading of the members of the Boyar family of Meinikovs, destroying almost every single member of that family, because he had a dream that a young man name Melnikov toppled his Kingdom. The taxes he assessed the poor people of Kislev were enormous and were ruthlessly collected by his cruel servants. Thousands died during his regime. Igor, however, was a mighty warrior and was never defeated in battle. He united the Kislev as we know it now, and formed a strong monarchy which endures to this day. He was a great military innovator and without his organisation of the army, Kislev might today be a part of the Realm of Chaos. Igor the Cerrible Your army may include Igor the Terrible as an independent character if you wish. He cannot be your General because once the fighting starts, he is far too busy slaying his enemies and has no time to lead the army! igor 6 6 4 43 64 9 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Igor the Terrible wears a suit of heavy armour. He is armed with a sword and an additional hand weapon MAY RIDE: Igor may ride a barded Warhorse (+7 Pts) or a Monster (see the separate Monster list for points). 22 MAGIC ITEMS: Igor the Terrible may carry up to three magic items including the famed sword Bloodedge. Other magic items may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (see last issue) as usual SPECIAL RULES HATRED: Igor is subject to Hatred against all human enemies. Miska the Slaughterer... 315 Pts +100 Pts Fearfrost Miska the Slaughterer is the most famous of the Khan-Queens of Kislev. She was the daughter of Boris Ursa, the legendary Forever Tzar of Kislev. Her innumerable hordes of Gospodars, Tartars, Cossacks and Huns almost overran the Empire Such was her power as a warrior that only the combined armies of the Empire, Bretonnia and Dwarfs managed to stop her and even then she was not defeated. The battle ended in a bloody stalemate. ka drew her hordes back to the North and founded Kislev in the regions she had conquered from the Dwarfs and the men of the Empire. The people of Kislev remember her with pride and affection and she is sainted by the church of Kislev. Miska sported wild black hair and filed her teeth as her savage forefathers before her. She was a master of both magic and arms, and perhaps the greatest single warrior ever to lead an army, Your army may include Miska the Slaughterer. If you choose to include her she will be your General and replace the General described in the main army lis. Le a oe WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Miska the Slaughterer carries the magic sword Fearfrost. MAY RIDE: Miska the Slaughterer may ride a Wathorse (+3 P's). MAGIC ITEMS: Miska the Slaughterer may carry up to three magic items including the magic sword Fearfrost. Other magic items may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (see last issue) as usual MAGIC SPELLS: Miska is a level 3 Ice Mage. She ‘may cast spells in the normal manner as described in Warhammer Battle Magic. Miska uses Ice Magic spells. SPECIAL RULES FRENZIED: Miska the Slaughterer is a manic warrior-queen and is affected by the rules for Frenzy as described in the Warhammer rulebook. Baba Yaga . 10 Pts +150 Pts Chicken Legged Hut Deep in the birch forests in the heartland of Kislev lives Baba Yaga, meagre asa skeleton, stronger than iron and more powerful than any other witeh. Her crooked hut stands on chicken legs of bronze and the fence around itis built from the bones of humans and beastmen. Skulls perched atop the spikes of this gruesome construction glow witha eri light when larkness falls. Baba Yaga lives a solitary life, caring little for the fate of Tzars or of Kingdoms. However, her power is still tied to the land and when Kislev is threatened, Baba Yaga will rouse and cast great enchantments ‘over her house. The magical construction takes a life of its own and carries its mistress into battle, crushing those who would threaten the power of Baba Yaga. ARHAMM! Profile M_WS_BS_S W BabaYaga 4 403 4 64 4:-603~«9 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Baba Yaga carries a crooked staff she uses as a hand weapon. She rides into battle on her Chicken-Legged Hut, Rules for the Hut are included below. MAGIC ITEMS: Baba Yaga may carry up to three magic items. These magic items may be selected from Battle Magic, Arcane Magic, Chronicles of War or the Kislevite magic items (see last issue) as usual. MAGIC SPELLS: Baba Yaga isa level 4 Wizard. She may cast spells in the normal manner as described in Warhammer Battle Magic. She may choose spells from either Ice Magic or the Dark Magic decks. aig Che Chicken Legged Hut The Chicken-Legged Hut is believed to be merely a legend by most Kislevites, However, the Witch Baba Yaga knows the ancient formula for bringing a hut alive. Occasionally she rides her sinister Chicken- Legged Hut to battle to protect her homeland of Kislev from those who would destroy it and, ultimately, her source of power. MOVEMENT ‘The Chicken-Legged Hut moves in exactly the same way asa large monster. To summarise, it moves independently in the same way as an individual character model, cannot make a march move, and is obviously unaffected by penalties for wheeling and turning as such manoeuvers are unnecessary. FIGHTING THE CHICKEN-LEGGED HUT The Chicken-Legged Hut has the following profile aa a) 5 0 6 7 438 Ean Hut ‘The Chicken-Legged Hut fights in hand to hand combat in the same way as a large monster. It counts as a large target for the purposes of shooting. Hits from shooting and hand to hand combat are randomly allocated between the Hut and Baba Yaga as shown on the chart below. For each hit scored roll a separate die and resolve damage against the target that has been hit. Shooting Hand to Hand 1. BabaYaga 1.3, Baba Yaga 26, Hut 4-6, Hut If the Hut is targeted by a stone thrower, spell, orany other attack which has a template to represent its effect, it is possible to hit the Hut or Baba Yaga depending on the position of the template. Position the template normally. The Hut and Baba Yaga are treated as separate targets, just like single models in an ordinary unit, and are potentially hit if the actual models are within the template area. If Baba Yaga is killed, roll on the Monster Reaction’ table. CHICKEN-LEGGED HUT ATTACK When the Chicken-Legged Hut charges it automatically causes D6 $7 hits. These hits are made before the attacks from either side, Note that hits are inflicted automatically, there is no need to make rolls to hit. The additional Strength represents the large mass of the Hut ploughing into its foe. Baba Yaga may fight against any enemy in contact with the Hut, whether to its front, sides or rear. She strikes blows in normal Initiative order and attacks first during a charge, exactly like other warriors. SPECIAL RULES PSYCHOLOGY: The Hut and Baba Yaga are not affected by Panic, Fear, Terror or any of the psychology rules. In addition, the Chicken-Legged Hut causes Fear as described in the Warhammer rulebook. COMBAT: The Chicken-Legged Hut will fight on in hand to hand combat regardless of circumstances. It need never take a break test, never flees and will fight to the death even if repeatedly beaten by its opponents, ® ADI, ]OIIG) 24} JO SMD] 247) — ADSISIY ‘juiod | Aq ysuens $ Jap[SIA\ OY] SASBOIOUT IL ‘UOLIppe uy ‘sjusuoddo sry Aq spjor ry 0} Aur uo JaIJIPOW |- 8 SULAIS “1ap]aiM s}1 punore SpHo[o Joel swe spel” AeA PY. ‘paluap ag JouuDI jqiuo0r ui Kauajod sjt ing ‘jojaw umouyun fo 4D]1ULIIS DY Sl apolg yooig ayy AGV Td AOVTE FHL SINIOd SF — NOdVaM OFS VIN “SUT[qOD pur sug IsuEse punomM oO} [+ B SAATS 1] WEQUIOD ;EWOU UL pasn USYA ISIIPOUL DAES INOUE Z- v sIgyUod ad pspao]g "AINIESID SUIAL[-UOU AUE IO suOWIARG *prapug UO JoaJJo OL SEY I] “[]O1 ATS INOUE ayy UL UOLONpas AUT INOIPIM *[BUUOU se InouuT Aq pavrs aq uro SpunoOM asay], ‘Ysa stsy) ut aeadde sya Burpsarq ple spunom [jeus sv aseyd sigeU Aue jo Fu1mutsaq MP Ul +p JO [fOr sy) UO puNoM | JaJNs aspapoolg ayy Jo soyoul ¢ UIyIMN spapou Awana Auy wana sry fo poojg ay) sof sing] wary Fury “Wasnt 81 Of AayDut sit Jo ssaupot ayy fo autos sassod yi ‘Ajaimunyaofuyy ‘Splourqoy ay fo aupg ayy ag oF apoiu jpywoutty ay) waYysoy oY) PAOMS Alaou papwadp ay St sti yf TOGA GOOTE SINIOd 001 NOdVaM OTS VIN A mischievous Gobbo Jester wreaks bavoc amongst the ranks of the Witch Elves