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What is a Collectors’ Guide? ‘The Dwarf Collectors’ Guide is the definitive tome for anyone interested inthe Dwarf miniatures range. It's ideal for anyone who collects Dwarfs, containing te full range of Dwarf models and their component part. We've laid the range out following Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs. All the Hero choices are in one section, followed by Core, Special and Rare units. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or components you are looking for. The Dwarf Collectors’ Guide is far more than a simple catalogue. Also included within are a number of other features such as, painted examples of Dwarf Karak colours, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staff, Conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. So if you collect, paint or game with Dwarfs then this is the book for you. Classic Range Models When you reach the Components section, you wil find that some of the models are labelled as Classic, Collectors’ and Mordheim. 3 Classic Range Classic Range models (like the Dwarf Thunderer pictured top right) are no longer available in stores but are stil ideal for use in your army. Collectors’ models Collectors’ models (ike the Dwarf Champion 2, pictured below right) are no longer available in stores but represent a real pieoe of Games Workshop history (some models being over 10 years old!). Although they are mostly no longer covered by the rules, these models stil make great collectors’ pieces or as a basis for conversion work. Mordheim \ Mardheim is a tabletop skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. Many of the models are ‘fully compatible with the Warhammer range, and make a great basis for conversions. Don't worry all the Classic, Collectors’ and Mordheim models will be clearly labelled inside Ordering any of these models is simple and convenient. All you have to dois select your ‘models from this book then use any ofthe folowing ordering methods below. How can I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you use our in-store order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any ofthe catalogues available in the stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the world. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is most convenient for you. ONLINE STORE ‘The Games Workshop Online Store carries the ful range of Dwarf miniatures, as well asa large selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our website is secure. With our fast order picking your order willbe in your hands in no time. To visit our online store go to: GIVE US A CALL We have a team of Hobby Specialists standing by to take your call. f you would like to order anything from this Collectors’ Guide, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 $1 40000. WRITE TO US IM you prefer to post your order or write us a letter then send itt: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. {roc fro erry a eg one ce wagon ar ot apse ee on CONTENTS 2 Dwarf Realms 7. Dwarf Components list: Lords & Heroes 15. Dwarf Components list: Core 25. Dwarf Components list: Special 35 Dwarf Components list: Rare 43 Dwarf Collectors’ Models 47, Dwatf Mordheim Models 50 Dwarf Showcase 58 Dwart Scenery (60 Dwarf Special Models 61 Dwarf Conversions (62. Dwarf Golden Demon Entries 64 Dwarf Dioramas CGOTREK ve BONERIPPER ‘ert oa ay ps Pcs ua pds by Gans Woop Oa oe oe op wt gee alos ae onset etary Sa epee ames | wir) = realms Fp the Dwarls are one of the most ancient races of the Warhammer world, From the beginning [ of time their traditional homeland has been the Worlds Edge Mountains, the vast, forbidding mountain chain that marks the eastern boundary of the Old World. Here, in ages past, the Dwarfs built their massive underground strongholds among the high peaks and tumbling chasms. At its height, their realm spread from the far north to the distant south, while their mines stretched far beneath the earth itself. Those days of glory are now long gone; many strongholds lie in ruins or are occupied by evil creatures. The great achievements of the past are now nothing more than memories, ancient sagas sung in the halls of the few surviving Dwarf strongholds. : ; Karaz-a-Karak (Everpeak) his mighty stronghold was the ancient capital ofthe old Dwarf Empire and I its Lord is the High King ofall the Dwarf. The noble clans of Karaz-a-Karak ‘can trace a direct line of ancestry back to the Dwaef gods themselves, Here are the temples ofthe venerated Ancestor Gods Grungni, Grimnie and Valaya, Here is kept the Great Book of Grudges and the Book of Remembering, objects of awe and veneration in theit own right ‘Karaza-Karak has never fallen to an invader. Here the traditions ofthe old Dwarf Empire are kepr alive in theie purest form, It sa city of ritual, temples, statues hhewn from the rock and tombs in deep vaults below the city, The High King holds court in a vast vault large enough to engulf small Human town. The forest of pillars which forms the mile-long nave is of truly coloss proportions. The whole vastness is illuminated by shafts of light, glowems, and great braziers so that the glint of gold, the gleam of bronze and the warm glow ofthe rock is everywhere. KarazaKarak has endured through ages past and will endure forever. Zhufbar bulbar sands ina deep chasm down the mountainside fom Black Water, Z. 2 days rel fom Karak Varn. High above the city a huge water asades from the lake and rises fiercely down the chasm, Here the Ingenious Dwarfs h wve constructed thousands of water wheels to power their drop. nmers, ore crushers andl washing pans. The chasm resounds to the noise of ‘mining operations, creaking wheels and the rushing waters. The city contains the principle shrine of the Dwarf Engineers Guild and itis a centre for metalwork every kind of industry At night the chasm glows with a thousand furnace fires. The meteoric iron gromsil, mined in Karak Varn, used to be smelted here Zhutbar is surrounded by hostile Ore and Goblin tribes, while below ground the tunnels of the Skaven break into the Dwatf mines, Zhulbar has been attacked ‘many times but has always managed to hold out. The deepest levels are dangerous places where Dwarfs and Skaven vie for control of the lower chambers. Karak Kadrin (Slayer Keep) arak Kadrin stands south ofthe great Peak Pass, which in K ‘olden times enabled Dwarfs to travel between the western and ‘eastern sides of the mountains. It isthe home of ferce Dwarf clans who have set themselves the task of keeping the pass open, and it has never fallen, despite being besieged on many occasions, In times past the king of Karaz-a-Karak, a proud individual named Baragor suffered some terrible loss which drove him to become a Slayer. However, as ing, his responsibilities to his kin could not be put aside, and so he remained a8 Lord of Karak Kadrn and did not disappear into the wilderness to find death ee became the first Slayer King, and encouraged other Slayers to come to Karak Kadrin, He built the Shrine ofthe Slayers and collected tales of famous Slayers, paying the most talented bards to compose epic songs to commemorate their ‘deeds. Since that time his descendants have been known a the Slayer Kings, and al carry the burden ofthe unfulfilled vow made by theie ancestor, The current Slayer king ofthis tough and enduring stronghold is King Ungrim Irons. ea we c ok}! ze Pare eS aie eee Fey Som | Karak Eight Peaks ‘its heyday the city of Karak Eight Peaks was the most important ofall the southern holds. The city was built in a great natural amphitheatre ringed by eight high peaks: Karag Zlfin, Karag Yar, Karag Mhonar, Karagel (also called Silvethorn), Karag Lhune, Karag Rhyn, Karag Nar and KvinnAyr, Not only was the city difficult to approach, protected as it was by eight lofty, snow-clad mountains, but its fortfiations were formidable. The walls encompassed a vast area, but - there was even more below the surface of the rock than stood above: gre S vaulted courts and plazas, deep mines and the tombs of kings. Karak Fight fell about two and 4 half thousand years ago, when hordes of Ores and Goblins attacked from above and Slaven invaded from the tunnels below In recent times a Dwarf Lord called Belegar, a direct descendant of Lunn the King of Karak Eight Peaks, led a partially successful expedition back to the city reoceupying the citadel, and foriffing and strengthening its defences. From this base the Dwarfs have descended into some of the old mines, bringing back lost treasures from the past. However, the Dwarfs control only 2 tiny part of this once reat city and they are surrounded by theie enemies, The Dwarf live in 2 state of perpetual siege and itis by no means certain that they will survive Karak Azul (Iron Peak) T he name of this famed stronghold means ‘Iron Peak’ in the Dwarf language. The richest deposits of iron in all the Worlds Edge Mountains lie around Karak Azul. Other metals occur here too as well as gems in great quantity. The stronghold has become a centre of metalworking where Some of the most skilled Dwarf weaponsmiths practice their ar. Several, Of the stronghold’s ancient clans claim direct descent from Grungni himself, the great Ancestor God. Karak Azul i the last of the once great southern holds to remain under Dwaef control. Over the centuries the other holds fll to the Goblins or were invaded by Skaven, but Karak Azul has endured, thanks in no small part to the determination and skill of ts weaponsmiths. These days Karak Azul supplies Armaments to all the Dwarf holds and there are few weapons that can match the keenness of a blade made by its craftsmen, Many rune weapons are forged here where the secret art of runes is well understood. Weapons are carried out through hidden mountain trails and along the Underway to supply beleaguered outposts throughout the Worlds Edge Mountains deep under the cliffs. Here, in vast waterfilled caverns, the Dwarfs harbour their fleet. Dwaris don't much like the sea or water, and their ships reflect their 4 unease. Unlike the graceful ships of other races thei craft are made from iron, a and constructed very much like fortresses. With litle patience for vagaries ofthe wind or tide, the Dwarfs propel their ships with paddies driven by pounding steam boilers Barak Vare isthe most cosmopolitan of the Dwa cities. Traders from every realm intermingle in its harbours, bringing goods from as faraway a8 Araby and Cathay. The goods are carried up Skull River by the Dwarf ships, and then up through the Old Dwarf Road to Karaz-a-Karak and beyond. The Border Princes Up benefic greatly from the Dwarf domination of Blood River Valley, which would 4 otherwise have been the frontline against the Ore onslaught. Barak Varr arak Vrr means ‘Sea Gate’ in Khazalid, the Dwarf tongue. Barak Var is sic tt the ony wart stronghold oe on the oat Black Gulf Caves carved back in to the rock cary the waters of the Black Gulf Karak Drazh (Black Crag) nt times Karak Drazh was one of the largest Dwarf strongholds || evs cat the western entrance to Death Pas, ard ts mines spread throughout and under the pass and its surrounding ‘mountains. Is people were very wealthy on account ofthe rich ‘eins of metal ore and gems that lay under thei stronghold. Karak Drazh survived the inal upheavals which divided the Dwarf Empire of old, and remained the second most powerful stronghold south of Mad Dog Piss after Karak Eight Pes Together with Karak Eight Peak, Kara Azgal and Karale Azul, Karak Drab formed one of the group of strongholds known asthe southeen holds. The Dwarfs ofthese strongholds regarded themscives as distinct from their northern ncighbours; their holds were older and their clans could daim some ofthe most famous antecedents. Karak Drazh eventually fell 0 the Ore Warlord Dork who converted it into the most powerful Ore fortress in the Worlds Edge Mountain, Now known as Black Crag, is loss stands as one of the great unavenged wrongs in the Great Book of Grugers. Karak Varn (Crag Mere) arak Varn was hewn out ofthe clifs overlooking Black Water. The Koren ‘around the stronghold are loaded with stata of unique and ‘extremely precious minerals including the highly prized meteoric iron the ‘Dwarf call groml, the exceptionally hard metal that is forged into the best swords, axes and armour During the disastrous upheavals that ended the gre days of the Dwarf Empire Karak Varn was struck by a devastating earthquake. The \ "waters of the lake poured into the lower workings through fissures in the rock. Thousands of Dwarfs perished and a great hoard of treasure was washed away dst the ruin and destruction the Skaven attacked from beneath, and Ores from the surface. Trapped between these two implacable foes the Dwaris of Karak Varn stood no chance. The eity was abandoned, and it remains uninhabited to this day ‘except by trols and other wild monsters Its now known as Crag Mere, a s ‘dangerous ruin of runnets and broken halls in which the treasures of the Dwarfs lie undisturbed from the dark days of ruin. Karak Ungor (Red Eye Mountain) arak Ungor was the first of the Dwarfs! main strongholds to fall to the Ores K ‘This was nearly four thousand years ago, and since that time the Night Goblins of the Red Eye tribes have made it their home. Amongst Men the ancient stronghold is known as Red Eye Mountain. Karak Ungor means ‘Delving Holdin Khazalid and isso called because of the vast network of deep caverns beneath the mountain. The mines here are the deepest in the old Dwarf realm. The Dwaris dug very deep to reach the rich veins of are and precious metals in the great fault line which lies beneath the Worlds Edge Mountains. Some say the Dwarfs of old burrowed so deeply and created so many ‘caverns that they forgot exactly where their tunnels all led. In the end Night ‘Goblins found their way in through unguarded and abandoned workings. By the time the Dwarfs were alerted, it was to0 late, One by one the tunnels fell and ‘were abandoned to the enemy. Eventually the Night Goblins swarmed into the stronghold itself, forcing the last remaining Dwarfs to abandon the city to its fate. | Karak Azgal (Dragon Crag) tring ts prime this stronghold was known as Karak i, the Cty D fot Jewels ut ince it fll to Skaven and Ores, the Dwarfs refer to the rune a Karak Azgal, which means Hoard Pea, while Men now them as Dragon Crag, Shorly after the destruction of Karak Azgal the dragon Graug the Terrible tannelled through the ruins and somehow smelled fut the hidden treasure hoard, driving out other monsters and dooming all attempts to reoceupy the stronghold Eventually a young Dwarf called Ska, later known as ‘the Dragonslayer’ penetrated the dragon's secret bower and discovered the high heap of gold. The ‘dragon was sleeping, and awoke at the very instant that Skalf's gromril runeblade Cleft the horny scale hide of his throat. Since those days the stronghold has become a prime target for treasure hunters and fortune seekers. The descendants (of Skalf Dragonslayer have set up residence in a small fortress outside the ‘tronghold’s main entrance. Kargun Skalfson claims the overlordship of the entire hold but has never succeeded in establishing his rule over the ruins themselves. Instead he encourages adventurers to come and search the ruins, and exacts atoll ‘on the treasures they uncover, Section One: Lords & Heroes Dwarf King Alrik q i DWARF KING BOOK arouse Sop : DWARF KING SHIELD aerate 2 DWARF KING ALRIK sortase £42 Complete i ‘mane nna B00 WARE KING BEARER 1 wane ne weanen 2 ont te ‘Senasoen 2250 Sono Thorek Ironbrow and the Anvil of Doom 5 2 "rteteeoe aay a pen Poe wn tx ps soca sey hogs ee Slope eh a ses wee ey Bae eo © {TWOREK Ant ‘Tonex’s waar {AL OF DOOM SHEL APPRENTICE ARIE cotrarsre 1 rencenarts tt ‘auuzst7s0s 509 ‘persue et THoneK soo ANVIL OF 200M GUARO 2 ‘AIL OF DgOM GUARD simasoisis £3 ‘seanzsme £3 ‘seeTacsmra? 8 |AvpRenTCe BODY ’¢ F ANVIL OF D90M BELLOWS FORGE RIGHT SIDE Fone coats FORGE LEFT SKE Fonae cHmney ‘STONE et ssaronsors e180 somazsure £2 sneoteerstt E150 soranaraa £1 {ANVIL DOOM PILAR BANNER pov saeco: 4 Anvi oF D00m ANVIL anv oF boom Base Forge 4000, ‘eiccosont 22 saurocarte ta earoasoron 2 Paes ens pups cy: rie ny ay Poo pend sos Ctan Ch pit ay io ud ny. Picanto aoe ‘a coe aya rn, Pre uo ase Games Hep ea no Sues step aa ade alos erperse ir deomneyar own pe 9 Classic Anvil Of Doom Classic Range ‘as mods a a pean ores, ut ‘i peeve ot Ds ae ceLassic ani. oF 090m cuassic ANNI Lassic anvit oF 00M RUNEPRIEST (oF D00u GUAROUN ‘sricnsed' 20 Complete solezstate £5 sarotsaztt 23, ‘-SPOKED WHEEL SPRUE (2 whoo suppted) ‘soomeetor 1 cuassic anv. uassic anv CLASSIC ANVILOF OOM CLASSIC BOLT THROWER cuassic anv ‘OF Doow ANVIL ‘oF Doow PEDESTAL BANNER POLE ‘25POKED WHEEL SPRUE OF Doow ance soreestets ta seroansoots £3 ourorsto08 £1 sorecnaeat 22 Pee seat uno Pode sans may ay Pec nen nee Cota ps ao amy Pro 0 vt se sy ae pos Plas ut ow pet so aes Wahoo Dh so Se cae ea pn eae er Classic Throne of Power “esos 0 eaten ors, at ery us ot Dae THRONE OF POWER SEAT ccuassic MHRONE OF ‘CLASSIC THRONE cuassic THRONE OF POWER BANNER POLE OF PoweR BACK POWER PLATFORM ‘cLASsic THRONE OF POWER 94700108 1 ‘Streensoovee 3 ‘erosstoer e280 eros 20 Comp bid ‘cuassic THoRaRI LASSIE THRONE classic THRONE ‘cuassic THRONE cuassic THRONE ‘GRUDGESEARER woe rowen ‘orrowen ‘OF POWER ‘OF POWER sotrotsoies e8 BEARER | BEARER 2 ‘eARER 3 BEARER & sevmazsto0e £250 serena? £2.50 sorazcrae £2.50 sevrcosnoas “£250 Pes mst pu 0 Pcs may Pott SM gan an sea Cartan Ot sm gS sk nar) Prox ere egg mp Hse “act uno cypress pei 00 ae Wares ea cow sea cana wet Marea ae at ng ee ones 1 Pate ange orn one LUNGRIM RONFISTS BANNER POLE Uuncratinoneist's BODY roast £1.50 sercasto! 15 Paseo tat asl at wh ae ‘eo le be long st mie [DWARF LORD Complete seoetneoo te (atom mace) \WMFTE OWARF BODY WHITE DWARF AKE Fonts xamp of oe Buyin ‘BuGMANS BODY sucuans awe wnreowane: | “soiramsoriey ea "seeoamanae 22 ‘rezstiogt 25 ANNE POLE sont £6 complete sosroesorne £1.50 agen rt ie tn te ving te CGARAGRI RONFIST eben £7 Compete Foc: Pane aro of ng att canacrit ‘orRAGRIM RONFETS ‘candor RONFETS canacrat InoNnsT's BASE "RIGHT ARAN ‘tert anu tmonrisr’s BOOY sseroansezot 1 cnconsiegt es seceesonne es soarotsezah 85 Pee state cups ony Posse coms ma ay auc npn sunset Crt Gc sc my ng oy Po atm te 2 it! tet ay od Pcs on Pot sd ares Worse eg som See can we snd aa ae ari rig a Dwarf Lords 4 kana kazapon no0v ING KAZADOR BANNER POLE ING KAZADOR HORN Pao wane of ing aor = ouster eS sarotsoacs et ouzoston2 et ‘TheOnion ate foliar DWARF LORD srt £8 Compete DWARF Lono BoDy ‘DWARF LORD AXE Pants amp ot eat Lad * serosa ts ‘uizstrt 2 ‘at nani te abn een tr DwarfiRUneemniehs ‘DWAR RUNESITH ooetsti7 28 Compete (treo no Pane ware of ap te Gn KRAGG HE GRITS BODY KRAGG THE GRIMS BANNER POLE DWAR RUNESMIT ouczstoo es ‘orarostote ot coizstio% £5 ere Mt prety Pot ahs yr Pr ld spd nt tn at rs mayb pres ve cre Piss cot att ps ee ‘ae cove oso rane Press undo peat Game Wena eh cae i ese Nas apt ney a one” 13 Dwarf Characters Pao ample ot ur Danson BURLOK DAMINSON'S BODY ‘BURLOK DAMUNSON'S BANNER POLE osroatsoTOT es sexrcostoia £4 art gee ls atl hen DWARF ENGINEER sootoatsie. £5 Compete {Tandon e soozstot2 £5, ometesteN es ae ot that se the eels nd be Sa Rd Sl spe, Pease ae 2 fr de ri. fj QUEEN HeLcAR DWARF HERO ‘none suarazstiot = oerzsienr ts suena 8 Pe are pene on: ot res may ary Pos ped ses Can Cad sy be ge sa Pres cone a in ogg et ons Ps ue ost Gane Wp eo em ee ats wey msn le epee a oo Section Two: Core Units Pears rape pos Pad co Pc tt et i posi oe ay Gre rah org sn oe et na ae. Pe tae at lt ‘oon apc neg 6 | Classic Range Dwarf Command These mats wage aati nto, | utr et pty oe myo Ova ¥i ‘CLASSIC DWARF oa ‘CLASSIC DWARF cuassic owaRr ‘cuaniPron Ce musicians Mmusicane sosronseaes £2 Sania sommsoztt £2 soazstt? 3 Sy =I a y ‘cuassic WARE cuassic oWARF ‘cuassic OWARE STANDARO BEARER ‘STANOARD BEARER 2 STANDARD BEARER 9 ereecoat e2 rrotsoaee 3 Peet pes Pos ayy Pra ld spi nee Catan ine os ay be Saga cy Pca el aig ae orc can ayo ns Ps ute tee prs sf Game: Wey reg eeu ses caemrer wees opin watever perio onernea arom pes 17 Dwarf Thunderers Command ts “THUNDERERS CHAMPION "THUNDERERS HORNSLOWER "THUNDERERS STANOARD “THUNDERERS Parad oar ‘sowezsnnoy £3 sroasara2 3 seuezsirT2 £2 STANDARD To? ct tance Start serene Sop art Tn ak ain lowing ste Dwarf Thunderers ee secre 68 Complete [DWAR THUNDERER + DWARF THUNDERER 2 DWARF THUNDERER 3 DDWARE THUNOERER ¢ ‘STIRS £250 eronsoen2 £2.80 £ ‘cuassic OWARF "THUNDERER 2 soxtecsasze £2.50 x soaronsoasse 12.50 Classic Thunderers “ sesticsied? £2.50 cuassic owanr “THUNDERER 8 sostoaeets £250 vat Tr Conmir ae ak as ithe ee sar voUensnns £2.50 "BUTEST £250 The oc a ge abn er ties ptety ate you Otay soaroasnzs £2.50 = “TMUNDERER 7 uartvostess e250 cuassc owanF sseransos0 £2.80 cuassic DWAR THUNOERER 6 snurazsiee £250 Petes sre pups oy Pecans ma ay Pfs sl npn nse Cae pou ye ag ad ay, Pm ac ‘ant we ay pes Pcs eo po sl aes Who roe oe kop opm wae ayn eg Pa om el 18 cUassic DWARF THUNDERER 9 CcLASSI€ DWARF THUNDERER 10 comemsie £250 scrotsceto £250 SG Gover rrr corars a onan logit: wr 7 compete DWARF RANGER STANDARD DWARE RANGER CHAMPION. ‘suransteny © soreness 3 at ana ae a abn te ong tie eee ‘DWARF RANGERS voouantrs 6 compiee |. (Soles at St Rod hse DWARF RANGER 1 DWARF RANGER 2 seoseasas £2.50 uertzstose £2.50 (LASSIC DWARF THUNDERER 11 Classic Thunderers ‘CLASSIC OWARF-THUNDERER 12 Dwarf Rangers Command DWARF RANGER HORWBLOWER reece 2 Dwarf Rangers DWARF RANGER 3 utters £2.50 Ps see pes oy Pecans ma ary Pi 8 nnd not ss ye cg nat Pc at lag pr pe vat nome ey pes Pes ao por ed anes Wane EO func Spa wee apts eget cenafan 19 ‘re maos on pnts 0 os aah | Mesos ua pret sab your ‘on ‘CLASSIC DWARF CHAMPION CLASSIC OWARF CHAMPION WITH CLASSIC DWARF CHAMPION wri ‘CLASSIC DWARF CHAMPION Wins ‘WITH TWOMANDED AXE "TWO-HANDED AKE 2 'TWOMANDED HAMMER 4 “TWO-HANDED HAMMER 3 ‘sxmmeeTee £3 rosie? 63, onTostss £3 ourotsoss2 63 cuassic owARF ‘cusssic owARe cLassic OWARF (CLANSMEN WITH HAMMER + ‘CLANGMEN WITH MACE 2 ‘CLANSMEN WITH HAMMER § serbusose e280 cvromsnost £250 se7onsoses e280 cuassic owaRF cuassic OWARF cuassic owaRF classic OWARF ‘CLANSMEN WTH HAMIER & CCLANSMEN WH HANMER 3 ‘cunSMEN wT AXE 2 ‘CLANMEN WITH AXE 3 sertsbee? 2.80 reeroaecee e250 aeromseeve ta ‘Suroestons E280 cuassic owanr ‘CLASSIC DWARF cuassic OWARF cLassic DWARF CCLANSMEN WTI AE 4 CCLANSMEN WTH AXE 5 ‘CLANSMEN WITH HAMMER 6 ‘CLANSMEN WT HAMER 2 soaroatsoste| £2.50 sores) 12.50 seronsost ta ‘sueizsnoe £2.50 Pus er sete us, es eanens ma ay Pt SO pn a sere Coan Calas my gs es ea renege 20 "Con ree aly apo Po qu pit 0 ame Won oun can st pn ena ga er nr cuassic owanF CcLassic OWARF ‘CHAMPION ‘cuansMeN WT SWORD 3 somsta3 e3 rao 220, CLASSIC DWARF CLANSHEN ‘cuassic oWARF cuassc owanr ‘Wind TwOMANDED AKE'S ‘OLANGMEN WIT SWORD 6 CCLANSMEN WITH FLL 2 reer e230 wn cao. Tiss 280 ‘SMALL ROUNO SHIELO SPRUE ‘mano Sop Classic Drunken Dwarfs kx ek CLASSIC DRUNKEN OWARF 2 ce1assic one Seen caso enossuomtan ine vs ‘sea7oe50190¢ £2.50 ‘cuAssic DRINKING MINER ‘uureoToN E250 ct cars ay 0, Prac ed gid nd wc an ha pcs mye ngs sn crest Pe cot alegre ae Pee ae poss rome tance yap Pas und aps iby Gane: Waka oo sewn ca Spm of wits ee aes mons warpinesicorimand Oa eGo an lot ln te =~ nee OWARF MINERS MUSICIAN DWARF MINERS CHAMPION + DWARF MINERS STANDARD BEARER Dwarf Miners Dea eas ae ae saab te long ee eb a sosronsorat fa.50 setransrata £2.50 serosa £250 soizstot £250 cotmsnts £250 omae vs fr exert aby an ces, Pros qt a oped sot by Games Wrthop roa 3 onm ees. caoqu oF webat.noependet ears ne esos or Gen own rs ‘Classic Range | et ates more alse | Saas pect ube or Dt a ‘cuassic OWARF cRosseOMueN 1 sonemeec £250 cuassic OWARF CAOSSSOWMEN 6 soreosst £2.50 ‘CLASsIc DWARF CROSSBOVAIEN 1 suas £250 cuassic OWARF soroastat £250 cROssBOMIEN7 somazstous £250 cuassic OWARF ‘chosssomen 12 seize £250 cuassic OWARF CROSSBOWUEN 3 ssroasiss £2.50 ‘cuAssic OWARF ccnosssownien s samemsregd £2.50 PLUG.N cROSSeOW sToasach S09 os arn ts * eg he pin resto 2 shown ao. £28 ‘CROSSBOWMEN 15° sorazostes <2 cuassic OWARF ‘chosseOuniEN te" cuassic owanr ‘ohosssOwnien fr" Classic Dwarf Crossbowmen £2 ‘CLASSIC DWARF CROSSBOWMEN « sores £250 ‘cuassic DWARF cnossoomen s CcuASsic DWARF ccROSSBOMMIEN 13 oaroasoaat £2 ‘CROSSBOWMEN 16 surazstou £2 ‘CLASSIC OWARF CROSSBOWMEN 5 sores? £250 Ccuassic OWAnF ‘chossaownen 10 ares? £250 cuassic OWARE ‘CROSSBOWMEN 14° sueovstau 2 cuassic owARF ‘CROSSBOWMEN 12" cucezsteny £2 awe sae pupusa cats my ary rcs ned untae rc my epost neat Ps orca mt eg wp pe cnr! me ay dp Pas uot pore Gar Wehr od soe any wn ces as a rare ig We on Dwarf Slayer Doomseekers ‘Sayer Dooseees a as aie ne oto Bsr SLAYER DOOMSEEKERS ‘sont 8 Complete (craton mo) ‘SLAYER DOOMSEEKER BODY Panos ame ot Se: Omer SLAVER DOOMSEEKER arene) ta RIGHT AR 2 ssttzstns| Sop 2wW ii SSLAVER DOOMSEEKER BODY 2 Pate sarge of Sze Doone 2 SLAVER DOOMSEEKER ‘rents t2 LET ARI ssartznens Sop aki SLAVER DOOWSEEKER BODY 3 Parte ample ot Saye Ooosote3 SLAVER DOOMSEEKER ‘uomestesm £2 LEFT ARM 2 sort2500306 509 SLAVER DOOMSEEKER BODY 4 Panos ape ot Sy Ooms & ‘Laver DoousKEKER comczstnt t2 "RIGHT ARM + snonesies bap ee taste pups ny, eu ct ay ay. Pd le ae Can tye ages fst eae, acre atin 9g co ons cua asaya on Pe id a tsa Gaes Wes eogh une Stipe wed Wes pn aoa om ee Section Three: Special Units Pe rua pis Pr ao oss tn wee et es my ons sah Pre cre a e ae wy pes os td wb ous say Gane nag asm Sve a Ot sn eet pnt a Dwarf Hammerers Command art Hanmer Cmax 80 nat a te tour see WAUMERERS COMMAND | SOeSI56 Compete : roa AMMERER HORNBLOWER HAMKERER CHAMPION AMUERER STANDARO TOP HAMMERER STANDARD SEARER Pad sarah oomph souczstien £3 ‘osroastiott £3 uTo2s0102 Sp ‘roast £3 armeren Sura Bee Dwarf Hammerers SMALL ROUND sieLO SPRUE AMMERER 1 auenen 2 aumeneR 9 amen « ace Sp seateasntt £250 sostatsoste £250 netbsmits £250 oes Classic Dwarf Hammerers | Classic Range | se mote am eat stores, & 2 ‘CLASSIC HAMMERER ‘cuassic Hammenen 2 cassie HaMMERER 9 ccunssic Hann ovvotsicss e250 ‘soozstoae £2650 oroostea? £2.80 ‘hrizstons 2 ‘cuassic naumenen 5 CcuAssic HaMMERER 6 cuassic HaMERER? ‘cusssic Hanuene tosrosiss e280 ‘soeonstono £250 arose £250 ‘heizston. 2s esr tre pens oy Pe cans vay, Pic pean oti Cota Cael pty angus ata, FR core at in ot gs 26 "Cue crt ary npr Pe qua er pots ome Wop Brogh soe owe ceo esl npr eas weet ar at 7 Dwarf Longbeards Command Dra Lomas Comma ae aso alae ie ae ser: {LONGBEAROS cOMANO ‘SSS 7 Complete Bote) ie & Patel wag ot crit LONGBEARD STANDARD LONGBEAROSTANDARO BEARER _-—«LONGBEARD MUSICIAN -—_LONGREARD CHAMPION ‘Signs Sd Bear SOIR 5p comezsmstt £2 romuosne 2 seroamstt 29 Dwarf Longbeards et Lonbersarabo wan tetova se TONGBEARDS 4 snes Compete (Granom nes ane f 1 Sal Ford Sls) SMALL ROUND swleLo SPRUE Lowaseano Lonaseano 2 Lonaaeano 2 Lowaseano « sorcncoray raso——aTumsoado e250 soaronsores caso sorreaearot £250 Some tp Classic Dwarf Longbeards Classic Range ‘smo ar ope aan os “respawn rm a io b CLASSIC LONGBEARO & CLASSIC LONGBEARD 1 CLAssic LoNGBEARO 2 ‘CLASSIC LONGBEARO 3 ‘seroausars e250 ovrozstons £280 oeroanseri? e280 ‘souamostere £280 cLAssic Lonaseano s ceassic LonasEAno 6 ‘cuassic LoNaBEARO7 CLASSIC LoNaBEARO & ‘oaromstont £250 ‘speazstose £280 Vorenstrst e280 ‘sheazstons £20 Yo re pase Pe tse pues ony Put ies my ay Mo Sd gates send Ca On ss aye ae fe ty Pe ca a "Sr ec ay pes Pcs eda epoca Gaes Wes to sow cbs spre tert sr a este Care es rent Dwarf Ironbreakers Command TRONBREAKER SHIELD serbaO05 509 iy onesie £2 Dwarf Ironbreakers va Hamar ae ao alate te log lt TRONBREARERS snccotzit 8 Compete (Gian soca Sense Se & ‘utzsnets sop seroamsorot Classic Dwarf Ironbreakers. ‘CLASSIC RONBREAKER 1 asta? £250 et a: ‘CLASSIC RONBREAKER 8 ‘CLASSIC RONBREAKER2 a Hanes Com a 0 ws loi te TRONBREAKERS COMMAND 08508 7 Complete ero IRONOREAKER CHAMPION BODY Tovrea £2 ¢ Pane oars ot ono eres champion = y CLASSIC ONBREAKER 3 taerotsinae e250 sro £9 Classic Range saenan Sta peta ei Oa. ImoNBREAKER « 0 saeroanseron CLASSIC ONE ‘cuAssic RONBREAKER couazstoant e280 ‘CLASSIC RONBREAKER 7 Pc ut uns on, rast crn my ay te 08 svn msm Ca no pres mye aap see ret eg 8 ‘or ot cy pe De eo tear Wines a foun aogier nn em Dwarf Slayers Command SLAs commana cosstions Gr comple oom nai ano Sear) CLASSIC DRAGONSLAVER SLAYER CHAMPION SLAYER MUSICAN eres: th encase ot ‘orients £3 SLAYER STANDARO BODY ‘SLAVER B10 STANOARD TOP ‘sLaveR staNOARD TOP Fates emg ‘oezomaoy £2 esrosaraat £2 osroncotce 2 ser Sand Br Dra Syes eat nai ine ney se Dwarf Slayers seoemances fa Compete raceme) SUAvER ‘Laver s staven s Saver suaven 2 sosrarenst £2.50 soozsnet3 £250 sores £2.50 scent £2.50 sesronsem £2.50 Classic Dwarf Daemonslayers & Dragonslayers Classic Range ‘Testes woogie insist pec us your wat. ceLassic onewonsuaven 2 ctassic orAconsuaven 2 ‘ov sir cast aay ane ps, Psa a for rts ald arms Wosh ugh Is Ge oe, age met nosed etars ar aspansle eee er ou prs. 2 Classic Trolislayers = svetzrt0|€2.50 sesronssth £2.50 “SS solrazsrst? £2.50 & TROLLSLAYER 1 somezstss? £2.50 TROLL SLAYER 6 osrosiz2s £2.50 osroncasts £250 2st "TRO SLAYER with SWORD ‘has mods a aan nso, be “pes petay be yu Ot ay ‘TROLL SLAVER WITH ‘ROLL SLAYER wiTH xe3 wee sorrentests £2.50 sorrassrnt e250 TROLL SLAYER 2 sores £2.80 TROLL SLAYER 3 rons £2.50 “TROLL sLavER ‘ROLL SLAYER wiTH 2 vesrareneont e250 ‘swonos. ‘TROLL SLAYER WTH MACE: “TROLL SLAYER WrTH MACE 2 Pear eMart puoi nb, cnn ya Peat a ps id se nt Ca tts ye age fd sry, Pe crm ie 9g pes, ll 2 "Sn ame aya ree Pe ea es sb Gans Wes HOD fsa ls cepa ese det ose epomte SenmagPa o e= Dwarf Cannon + + see ‘2sPoKeD WHEEL WARE CANNON DWARF CANNON swouor £1 ‘BARREL, ANOLE DWARF CANNON 2 wheels sped sorrassnn6 £2.50 osroats0t08 50» eos $12 Complete DDWARE CANNON DWARF CANNON DWARF CANNON DWARF CANNON ‘onewt ‘onEW 2 CREW 3 ‘onassis source. 280 sosrotsoic2 £2.50 raza £2.50 socrosnaas 24 Dwarf Bolt Thrower g ‘Bout THROWER pour TanoweR DWARF CANNON CARMIAGE ‘ARMATURE ANOLE sosronsnant £2 somten@ts £250 epoDBONN Sop our Tapowen pour oe SOLTTHROWER CREW1 BOLT THROWER CREW? ‘BOLT THROWER CREW 3 ‘BOLT THROWER BRACKET 1-SPOKED WHEEL curio 250 Simeone e250 Torani £250 azvoansozs 1 2 neo supp) zu sabe pany Poot yr Pd pate usb Can aps ay edges fue Pes a om 9p ase ‘nat rt aay ou as Pe iho pose Gan Wn a rc sepa ry eerie a reper cm aon ps ST Dwarf Rock Lobber DWARF ROCK LOBBER oaresndt 12 Compete 2 ROCK LOBBER ELEVATION SCREW [ROCK LOBBER WINDING HANDLE ‘urezsnit? Sop orroasout2 5p FOCK LOBBER FIGHT SIDE FRAME ROCK LOBBER FRONT 7-SPOKED WHEEL ROCK LOBSER LEFT SIDE FRAME arms 2 ELEVATION MECHANISH (2 wheats supp) ‘osroasots £2 coroastetd £2 ‘omsion 1 aN ROCK LOBBER WINDING MECHANISM ‘uerosuitt t3.50 el ee ROCK LOBBER REAR CAOSSPIECE SoueesO4t6 £1.80 = ROCK LOBSER REAR ELEVATION MECHAM ROCK LOBBER THROWNG ARM [ROCK LoBBER FRONT cnossRIECE serczsnte £1.50 arose £2 ‘eremunest? e10 Pete restate poses: Po cet may ar Peds sl pe ad usb Can Cae es ay baer fs Noy. Pera a i fy es 2 att eae ya ene Pcs ida pcs aby Gane: Wes og sree eq e ess kena ales rept deen Pa ew Classic Dwarf Goblobber ‘The odes eo oat sae peur Day, ‘classic owanr GosLoaaEn Davies 25 complete ft CLASSIC GOBLOBBER CLASSIC GOBLOBBER CLASSIC GOBLOBBER CLASSIC GOBLOBBER _CLASSICGOBLOBBER CLASSIC GOBLOBBER ‘CoMMtanoeR ‘seorren ‘LOADER ‘LOADER # [DWARF SITING ON GOBLN ‘cook soerots0v08 250 seromsio1m ease ouTOND ego uuymnsoninezeo SUTIN ao sosronsiors e250 cLassic copLossen Bow cLAssic costoaen wear soroastoot 2 someone jul ctassic costoasen ann ‘CLASSIC GoBLOBBER WHEEL ccLassic aostossen suPPoT ‘sBazstONa £2 sronsiois £8 ‘oremsioee e180 & ‘ctassic costossEn NETTED GOSuN muro. et ‘CLASSIC GoBLoBBER CHASSIS CLassic cosLoBEER SHIELD ‘oatzstooy ce ransior0s 62 ce te pape oy: Pe cnet may ay Posi sl pede nol. Cota Cl ods aye anges ancy. Pe cre ofp te ovo scare my ans Pcs os os Vorses Beh soo ano wes dpeneesen we emch trices Sense ee We fight to protect our kinfolk, we fight to defend our clans, but more importantly we fight to uphold our honour. Ne’er forget the torment we have suffered and for each and every wrong our enemies heaped upon our ancestors, they shall repay the debt in blood. For we are sons of Grungni; alone we are rocks, united we stand with the strength of wal b) a mountain. ‘wa King Alka the defence of Karak Hn Section Four: Rare Units Peat et poses on: eu ctor my ay Pst ra tn Cate ia rete aye ies est Pescara ec a oss le ‘ort ac aay px Pcs a pac sob Gans Weapon ees tea ree, nde wee erp erm owt ps 35 Dwarf Gyrocopter GrnocorreR PILOT erosions 81 ‘GYROCOPTER PILOT ARAL DWARF GYROCOPTER terest? S00 seen 2 Complat * wt aynocopTen SPRUE eroeaote £1.50 SHTDISOS1050p ynocopren sxt ‘eynocorren noroR + ovnocopten FLAME GUN ‘orezstant S09 soazstats £1.50 coros0305 50» ‘ernocorten cocker ‘eynocorreR RUDDER vnocorteR Ta sorooseie £2 sronsosns £1.50 satroncestt £180 Pca rte pues ei cnet my ay Posi sl pan ed as Cnn Cad os yb ges ne, Pe cone ati ogg es 8 ‘ora ue ay rin Pas uo a ss Sb Gane: Woop DG som Sone ep a em, hope Wes epost een a oo Classic Range Classic Dwarf Gyrocopter ‘Taso ro lat n rs at espera wae nyt Det am = ciassc ornocorren ot csse ernocorren At Sra eo Lassie OWAnF avROCOPTER Sonne trae Sse 8 Compe j j cxassicavnacorren cussscomnocorren cusssic avnocorren comets c2a0 obostas ea sitgssn ts Classic Range Gotrek and Felix “Tasos ron ate ses at peeve ner Dr am 2Y CLASSIC GOTREK GURNISEON cuassic Feu cansmc reitt Boo Farteteampleteonsenefele CLASSIC COTREK roca 6? sorosenura 8 ‘somes os Sseroassosot e? i Lassie FeLx SWORD fencers £1 J tr ete pues 0 Pc sm ay Pfs nd sete pc aye gs ney Ps art ol ig pr pe nt nb ome cy pes Pcs on por ed cane Wop ep roe sows sono wees nage se se meget ST Dwarf Flame Cannon DDWARE FLAME CANNON sotto 12 Complete s FLAME CANNON SPOTTER FLAME CANNON FLAME CANON FLAME CANNON sores) £2.50 ‘GUNNER. LOADER UEL TANKS. sesronsoes £2 somzsters £250 seorocsaereae3 8S me + FLAME CANNON FLAME CANNON ‘SOLIO WAGON WHEELS (at of 6) FLAME CANNON FLAME CANNON mAL Lowen suPpoRTS ‘Sonam £1 UepeR SUPPORTS ‘cavers ssrons7i4 Sop ‘7encos05 Sop sosroasosra1 £150 Se0S00706 Soe stow 0% ta so FLAME CARWON FLAME CANNON FLAME CANNON FLAME CANNON err sve. BARREL PLATFORM ‘lon Swe urebsnett 1.50 soreness sseromsoerie £1.50 sesmeanaai2 £1.50 Par are un Ps canna ay Pte 2 npn a serra Cal osc me geese acy, rs cre te ey "Comers ety prs Pcs gue pai 0 ame Wore Seah rca ows sso wb Spe ene apa tne a Classic Range Classic Dwarf Flame Cannon "mee a ome sa es : ses ner oo Panes ange of ass Daa Fane Con 2 e ¢ ft [CLASSIC FLAME CANNON CLASSIC FLAME ‘cuassic FLAME ‘CLASSIC FLAME CANNON MASTER GUNNER CANNON LOADER canon swasaen FRONT BASE sexrozstostt £250 ssrongon2 £2.80 suarazstots £250 soaezsn0? £1.50 x Classic FLAME cuassic FLAME cuassic ruaMe 12sPoKED weet (CLASSIC FLAME CANNON ‘CANNON CANON ‘GANNON LEVER CcANWON BELLOWS ‘someosn et REAR BASE ‘sropstoun £2 setoanaastt Sop ‘cuutnoto3 1 2 eis sopping sosronsoice £1.50 CLASSIC FLAME CANNON CLASSIC FLAME ——“CLASSICFLAMECANNON——=—=CLASSICFLAMEGANNON CLASSIC FLAME CANNON UPPER BARREL ‘CANNON PUMP ‘STEAM WHISTLE NSTRUMENT PANEL LOWER BARREL sourepstate £50 oseraasons0 1 ssromsmst2 op ouransnoa 81 seazsnons 1.50 "et fst ups oy Posmay Mowe SO nnd ts send, Cal as ye pra oe. Powe et eo en Cnt some ally ahs Psa er pec amo Woes eh ou os no weal apes ape eg oe ope 9D Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin-hewer MALAKAIMAKAISSON'S sericea £28 Come MALAKAI MAKAISSON ‘GOBLIGHEWER CREW 1 ‘COBLIHEWER CREW 2 soeronso01 es oerotsonce e2s0 ‘sorcs0008 £2.50 @ |. “Wescoobennens (GOBLIN-HEWER CHAINS oaromsottt 1 (GOBLI-EWER HANOLE SPRUE «RR m (GOBLINHEWER UPPER CHASSIS ‘cosuntieweR woroR COBLIEWER AXE Ceneanmrta £2 sorronsortg | SOTCS008 |p Pues sane poe oy. ode ns ray ay Pods sl re ad ase Cota a a psn Peco at et iy rs “ eter one aya rm Ps ated a res ay Ges Wes Sr on cabo et repeat eee tng a (Gosun-HEWER AXE RACK ‘coBLI-HEWER DEAD GOBLIN osvonsont? 2 SOBLINWEWER BASE oat sovrossnoes £250 “S (COSLIV-EWER LEFT ARI (costo HeWER FRONT CGOBLI-HEWER RIGHT ARM orcasine? £150 esTogor18 2 oronsmae £1.50 aah. aps (QOBLI-HEWER LEFT SE (OBLN-HEWER LOWER CHASSIS COOBLIN-EWER RlGHT SIDE sores serosa 22 ses 2 ee me po Prt ray oc ped ie oh CU at ay dwt nae scree dio ty ov srr arly an pss asus pec sod Ga Ven Soh cn oes al Mpls ees ne ot Pee ‘OFGAN cum BARRELS (ORGAN GUN ARNOUR ‘somzesoiot £250 odroasocas 22 DWARF ORGAN GUN nots" £12 Compete Guae a ‘onaaw oun panes ‘onaan oun panto sf ‘arene ap 7 ‘ust zg conan aun crew 1 concan oun cnassis conan oun crew 2 conan aun pana conan aun cnew Serato es Soon er Sarat so Soo se Senate es Long Drong’s Slayers WAH sou SPRUE [ee | sstrorros 2 ore [ee | _ £22 £ veneer? 25 J ong pnoness saver rrares | ‘mer s017"&6comp 2 ‘ar roe ny pre ee ua pas ab Gane Weta ash arouses toga acre ies een enna on Section Five: Collectors’ Models sy ae ne yay Pos pe ass Ca oe pen Pr sd cs Gm eto rah on ae Ee wt tn fgg es. past ‘womnegiha oun eee AS Collectors’ Bugmans Cart er) eat eda campeon coco. Collectors’ Engineers om DWARF ENGINEER WHEELOARROW DWARF ENGINEERS TOOLS ‘erozostoags or7ozosio207» eas ste pues cn Pe res may rt lp oi. Can Ca ts ye ants ust nesrcy, ecorea tie ng es. Pam “ toe cu ya ro Pre und a pos ay Ges Wan ebgh es nee Some a eb aes epee on ee ‘COLLECTORS OWARF ENGNEERS orc2s100 48 Complete rca ENGINEER Wirt ENGINEER Wirt enaneEn ENGINEERS COOK ENGINEER Wirt ‘BLOW TORCH PICK AXE 8 wine mugs ooe7iansto20s £250 OK AXE eureanstoet0 £250 overacnst0209 | €2.50 soxrozstaat2 e250 secrnostono’ £250 Collectors’ Adventurers. ‘COLLECTORS ADVENTURERS ovioaoeaee S18 (eros) (WOUNDED ADVENTURER + ‘WOUNDED ADVENTURER 2 WOUNDED ADVENTURER 3 uerocosiao1 280 sperazostoane £250 ovoaostogos. E250 chameron2 cassie OWARF aovenrunen ApveNTURER SWORD sourozosioa souroaostazns £250 sorrosc20t e280 eas tate pene oy: di nes ma ary Posi pad onl Catan Ca prs ae gs ny, Pana at a es ae "Cots ambiy nas Pes quar ace s0d Ce arp Beat oom eget npn esen we pae emrmegte ne AB CLASSic DWARF SPEARMAN S cuassic OWARF cuassic owsar ‘tia e2s0 CCLANGMEN WH SPEAR 6 (CLANGEN WITH SPEAR 7 ‘areas eas oars e250 cuassic oWARF cuassic oWARF ‘cuassic oWARE ‘cuassic DWARF HEN TH SPEAR + ‘cuanshen wire SPEAR2 ‘CLANSMEN WT SPEAR 3 SPEARUAN | ransos E250 ueazossis. e250 ‘piazossie. tao sourostt? £2.50 Arcane Architecture ucrizeaneny 61.50 suciznnt2 1.50 onazon2t8 50 wanF 000R 1 CcoPtNa (ROOF TLE) wane DOOR 2 soarogean 3 ‘urtestens £1.50 ssertzenzie £3 6 oc cv ype Mon er pase ob oy teh to oe Sp we pa Na os mapa Ny Ba BE (Re ety ‘The dull glow of wyrdstone shards illuminate a twilight city of dark deeds and Pen eem eer og ee eee oc re nec for the brave adventurer. Warbands from across the Old World hurry to the City of the Damned, eager to satisfy their greed within the quiet, crumbling buildings PO een eee ue Uo em ur esas er ene ne Sc ne een noma set brother against brother as twisted avarice replaces all feelings of loyalty. Pen ere cease Rood tabletop skirmish game where players control rival warbands, battling each other for eo Se eed Peeaeeireraren cunt tan artnet erent eae reece ol Oe ene ee ee ead ‘can be used to personalise your Warhammer army, and many of the models make great Generals, unit Cae ene ner na Le Sere oun pores en) ‘DWARF TREASURE HUNTERS BOXED SET terrace 20 Complete (Emote) DWARF TREASURE WARE TREASURE DWARF TREASURE WARE TREASURE WARE TREASURE MUNTERS ENGINEER HUNTERS LORO HUNTERS SLAYER HUNTER HUNTER oat ostoate 3 sseriosozot ee ‘errosmoa BEAROUNG BEARDLING 2 suerte 2 sneriesceame 2 WARE TREASURE DOWARF TREASURE DWARF TREASURE WARE TREASURE HUNTER WARRIOR HUNTER WARRIOR 2 HUNTER WARRIOR HUNTER WARRIOR & soariasozat £250 saerrosoms e280 ‘erroswone t280 art tsnat? £250 = oe ==—-— =@ eo ura poss eu crt aya ot sl ra af vane Caan Cas ei ako Vesey i ca at te pa em 8 ot cunt aay ps Pe ud pass ey Gans Won au sm ee ogee ae see los ese Beem Sa hee Dwarf Pit Fighter DDWARE Pr FIGHTER BODY DWARF PIT AGHTER AXE ueriesoae 3 271601202 S00 DWARF Pr FIGHTER ebsT 90012 Compete Dwarf Treasure Hunter and Trollslayer THE THRONG OF KARAK KYME By Nick Kyme Games Workshop UK White Dwarf Nick: My Dwar army harks back to the ol school i's mainly comprised of archive models trom the ly dim and distant past, with one or two exceptions. ! guess this is because I stated collecting the army when these Dwarts were released and wanted to continue the theme. This also has the advantage of making t ‘unique and distinct Atte core of my f Warriors, kt these hombres outwith hea and shields and they are real tough nuts to cack As well a warrior a large unt of Ironbre ‘aso buoys up the centre, These doube-hard veterans are the epitome of Dvarfishness, the upon which my opponents charges are shattered wel, thats the theory anya. No Dwarf army s complete without its fair share of missle troops and ths brings anoter of {favourite units into the spotight. Enter the Dwart Thunderers. These guys are brutal. Serious, n one game | capped a grand total of tity-something Goblins with ust 10 of them —hot daw! I support my Thunderers with a unit of Crossbows and, of course, the obligatory f machines. Picking war machines ls my second favourite part of selecting my Dwart fore (choosing runes being top ofthe lis), as they'e all really strong at differen tasks. Organ Gur G for sheer infantry-punishing a confound and harass three fighting units (usually interspersed with war machines, a sold febase ‘upon which my longer range missile weapons and ‘machineries canbe stationed and flanks protected by Slayer This Dragon Slayer was painted with ated eslou pale to ce a song Dwar ma TOREKS CALLING By Yan Zacks Games Workshop UK Hobby Specialist Yan: started to collet Slayers ust before the Storm of Chaos campaign. and as | already had armies for Dak Elves and Bretonnian | decided it was time fora change ve always hada sot spot for Slayers but the ist in the back ofthe Dwarf army book didn offer much ‘ochoose from. Wit the aria ofthe Storm of Chaos book though, that al changed; there were ow more units to choose from including the Doom Seekers and the Gobin-hower! "ha aso decided to enter the fist heat ofthe Warhammer Grand Tournament, s0 | only had 2 ‘months to get my army painted | started by geting hod of one of every Slayer mode stil in existence, because | love variety and ty not to duplicate ‘models it can help it After panting my basic un and the Doom Seekers | then got to work on my characters. The Daemon Stayer, now affectionately known as Tore, is awesome ast captures all t runes and skis that | gave the model. The other characters in my army are taken from the Mordheim range and rom the Gobln-hewers crew. Now | have pans to expand my force to 4000 points by ing a Goblin-newer and a full unit of aie casi this are one an conver by Che Sta em ‘Watch out monsters, here come the Slayers! dan hen pate by Yan Yis Guage Wont, To add contrast to his army Yan painted some of, Yan's Ung ons, Warsmourer Karak Kadri the Sayer green, colour i. Sayer King of Karak Kt, the Mord Tesi Hunter The weapons were cutoff an replaces wih fn can ad ave eats THE DWARFS OF KARAK IZOR By Stephen Green Games Workshop UK finance taper! have always owned a Dwart Army and would say that they are certainly my favourte army to use Theres something very reassuring about seeing your opponents best unit held up for 4 turns bya Dwar warior unt that jut refuses to break ‘Some of my figure date back 20 years but wth the release ofthe last Dwart Army book my need ta have al the new figures was to great so started again, | wanted to have a theme so | picked a nla wth a real sense of character ‘Karak zor ~ The copper ‘mount. My army colours were to be yellow and red and | used as much copper pant as | could to tie the army in with my theme, As loved all the new elites | had to have one 20-Dwarf unit ofeach using the new warior shield sprues to save having to pant all the shield designs by hand, My coe chicas ae filed by: Crossbow darts (otten passed over for Thunderrs), Rangers and Miners (20 ofthese bad boys tuning up in your opponents deployment zone intum 2 gives them something to tink about Remember though that a dwarf army should be primarily a close combat force and if you concentrate on this you wl lose few atts “This Tlsiayer santas bearer was comer rom 2 elec ‘lyr efood wth he KAZAD BOLG EXPEDITIONARY FORCE By Paul Sawyer Games Workshop UK White Dwarf Paul: Dwarfs have ahways held a special pace in my heart. Way back inthe mists of time I had an ‘ld Dwarf army replete with metal bases, An, i's not kei were back ten! I could cry when | think ‘of how I etal those cassic models go. ‘swith any army you need ether a good background story ora strong theme, Having rf runes | plumped for Kazad Bolg + FortiessFatbelly. How appropriate! ‘At the core of any of my armies are a couple of regiments of Dwarf Warriors. | consider these to be the best core untin the game and too good to miss out on. | tend to give both heavy armour vith one going for Great weapons andthe otter hand weapon and shel. Ive seen Chosen Knights of Khorne bounce off these stoc chaps and they areas reliable as core troops get. The warriors are always backed up with Thunderers. These gunners are great at protecting flanks due to their manoeuvrability and armour-piercing shot. Move and shoot? Yes please! The pride and joy ofthe Kazad Bolg Expeditionary Force is thelr arsenal of war ‘machines. There's something for any foe although | tend to favour Bolt Thrawers and the (Organ Gun. The Bolt Throwers aro ideal for neutralising chariots if runed up. The Organ Gun is a deadly machine to face. Tis can mean the ‘enemy not wanting to go near itor over focusing on destroying it thus leaving the rest of my army unscathed. Of course i they do stray too close it will show the has such a fearsome reputation. |e stand alength of bass uty mya much clothing what wit alte be made thm sig a Warmastr Anil of Doom, anda ars dont sow sr darn ‘rom the Dark Et DWARFEN SCENERY IDEAS Cften, one af the most enjoyable aspects of collecting an army is personalising it with scenery. Using simple household items, ait imaginative far and alt of gle, tis possible to create stunning battle centrepieces, adding an extra dimension to your gaming, Following are some great examples ‘hopeful inspire you to go on and make your own. For detaled descriptions on how tom scenery pioes, check out How fo Make Wargames Terai, zvalabe trom your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre, through Games Workshop Direct on 0115 91 40000 or through the One Store at ww. Left: This work-in-progress shot of apart ofthe Brewery shows how the ‘bones’ have been constructed ‘out of al sorts of nousehola bits and some specialised hobby materials. ‘Below: For a more challenging hobby project build a Bugman’s Brewery. Dae Andrews built this Brewery using materials as diverse as cork bark, polystyrene bals, broken rock and bic, balsa wood, textured plasticard, a superglue bottle lid, some spray can lids and even a push pin. tue tae pues Petco mary Ps mi unser etn Ch auc my ga ae any row ae ky os pe sa lt! oa ayo ps Pcs uo Pa Saenger wenn sae ear ig Oo = Aight: Carved and shaped from rackfac, this stout Dwarfen ‘watchtower coud easily be found guarding a vital mountain pass Somewhere high up inthe ‘Worlds Edge Mountains Below left: This Watchtower was made by Paul Fudge. Here he has emulated the style from Bugman’s Brewery (opposite page) to create a complimentary terrain set. Below right: The decorative corbels beneath the parapet ae actually bolt quivers from the Dwarf sprue (shown on page 16) with te fights cut of. Left: This door is ‘Dwarf Door 2from our Arcane ‘Architecture range It is one of many such acessories avalable for hobbyists to use in ther terran making, Please see page 46 for further deta Below: The steps below show how to create a Dwart Hold entrance. Using pieces of foamboard to create the basic stape, the ctf face was then sculpted ‘witha tity knife and a scouring pad Pastcard was used to make the door, ‘the ion bolts were punched out of Piasticad using 2 diferent sized hole punches and then simply stuck on. ~— — a tessa puooes oy Pees my ts ed pet a eb Cn atl acs a gems He ety Ps are et org a a ue soy rts Pee ur pes anes Worse eo somo cae ese peat ease ee SPECIAL EDITION DWARF MODELS ‘Some of he folowing models are currently no longer available. Some are exclusive Games Day models, others were only avalible fr an event or ina spectc boxset, See if you can spot a piece of Games Workshop history you may well wn! | rcv, ho re now decanted, wee used as fp pat on th Siz roman, CONVERSIONS Converting models is great way to personalise your army and make it unique. It can also be highly rewarding! Following are some ofthe best Dwarf conversions, and we hope these fetastc models inspire you to build your own fantasy creations. 4 SLAYER KILLING TROLL DWARF THUNDERER DWARF STANDARO ye San Sone Tisen yet Ke By oan obon ‘tet ay pes Pe tm rps ety Gar nr eo ose Stop erty met eae ress mga oun eB GOLDEN DEMON ENTRIES (n the following pages we feature some ofthe myriad Dwar entves that have featured in the Intemational Golden Dernon painting competitions over the years. Enjoy! ‘yee onan mousuaen DWARF LORD ALAIK olen Soon oe ones 2203 cals anor O86 Gerda a 2001 @ ¥ wags comuano cote Donon DWARF SLAYER DWARF REGIMENT By aso Thorton dn Donon 1s cat bon 158 ena wap ob, Prt tay Po eid wee te i yr ny cme et ef ea ae ‘ari cet ayers es ua peas ay Ges Wea eo a Sees cre ene arene as eeprse SanPy Pa ral & '8y Robin Hemp Shen Donon Or ‘coTReK cURMSsON GOTREK ve BONERIPPER 3y Ange DI Chalo. By Jub Trace len Bon 2084 cn Gonon ita 2002 ‘DWARF LONGBEAROS nt orn ay ps Pa uo pass Gane Won oh ues toga wee pnd Waser tenga own se 63 DIORAMAS Over the course of many centuries, the Dwar have fought with a grim determination to defend their realm. These myriad batles have been subject to various diorama pieces. The fllowing are some of the bast urna sip by atone Jarabeen Pee erste oon oats may ry Pc tr unsere Cran a as mye mse ety Pesce St 04 "Coat are lyon pa Pes ua oe Pts ars Worse OUP sow Ss apn ete pec avs a eon Be ow WE ARE SONS OF GRUNGNI! hop staff Dw ed Dwarf veteran, or building your first Dwarf army, this is one book you