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UNDEAD , COLLECTORS’ GUIDE wnmewoaner onic) wil What is a Collectors’ Guide? ‘The Undead Collectors’ Guide i the definitive tome for anyone interested in the Warhammer Undead miniatures range. I's ideal for anyone who collects Undead, containing the full range of Warhammer Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings models and their component parts. We've laid the range out to take into account the different facets of the Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings Armies. Al the Vampire Counts are in one section, for example, with Lords and Heroes followed by Core Units and then Special Units finishing off with Rare Units. The same goes for Tomb Kings. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or ‘components you are looking for. ‘The Undead Collectors’ Guide is far more than a simple catalogue, also included within are a numberof other features such as painted examples of Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop stat ‘conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. So if you collect, paint or game with any of the Undead armies then this isthe book for you When you reach the Components section, you wil find that Some ofthe models ar labeled a Classic, Cllectrs and Mordicim Classic Range Classic Range models (like the BLOOD DRAGON VAMPIRE, pictured left) are no longer available in stores but are stil ideal for use In your amy. Collectors’ Models y Collector's models (like the DREAD KING, pictured Fight) are no longer availabe in stores but represent a real piece of Games Workshop history (some models being over 10 years old!). Although they are mostly no longer covered by the rues, these models still make great collectors’ pieces or as a bass fr conversion work Mordheim Mordheim isa tabletop skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. Many of the models are fully ¢ compatible withthe Warhammer range, and make a great bass for conversions. Don't worry, al the Crass, Collerors'and Mordcim models are clearly labelled inside. How can I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you use our in-store order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any ofthe catalogues available inthe stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the world. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is most convenient for you, ONLINE STORE The Games Workshop online store caries the full range of Undead miniatures, as well asa large selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our web site is secure. With our fast order picking your order will bein your hands in no time. To Visit our web store go to: GIVE US A CALL We have a team of Hobby Specialists standing by to take your cal. Ifyou would lke to order anything from this Collectors’ Guide, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 91 40000. WRITE TO US It you prefer to post your order or write us a letter then send it to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. Peace avar tat Gams Workshop rcs are uy sd wpe a uassoned se he cota any pod may vary om hse shown heen br exaree, [tn benors shown may rat neces be Rela) Pate fe cede Hustle pupese nye ca ein he UK. Gams Worthen ot ‘eng say aa sn aes pmo opens under he ape 1 Furr cert Cad produc be sage edna an Gus Wows tes ‘scorned rn" ces by ches under geo owt sniper, Whatever yt age, be cach wher wong gue, aces eget a prey ane ak ‘Ratyouead ana con te naucons one pep” Pes cre te of gong pes. Ceionas re save corer ares Woop for eet avai res Pen quid ae fo paoict sod by ames Watch tug fe own sre, alos or wbets, ndapandet esis ee veeponeb fr etemmng he ps Contents 4. Vampire Counts: Lines of Blot | ‘Vampire Counts: Loris and Heroes 25 Vampire Counts: Core Units 33. Vampire Counts: Special Units 41 Vampire Counts: Rare Units 44 Vampire Counts: Showease 48 Tomb Kings: Kingrlom of the Dead 53 Tomb Kings: Lords and Heroes 61 Tomb Kings: Core Units 67 ‘Tomb Kings: Special Units 78. Tomb Kings: Rare Units 78 ‘Tomb Kings: Showcase 82 Collectors’ Section 85. Mondtheim 89 Cursed Company 90 Conversions 93 Dioramas 96 Golden Demon crepirs so Me ti Pe ite; a Pry, Pe ee ie oe ered } aiaVampire Counts = yea —“Varapire Commetin Ethie rvlssafe pclae Ops ad taboo vot & cap a Z agin Gen the mast pone and dangers of al } #3 th Brin the Old World ore ds ; En ae vo te ores nor bie the its bap tone: dade Tie oat bs fang the Undead. and prota the Vampire ond ir min fi Whore the dood wal, there the night fl f the Old Weld te eins Orie ae ae abilack eau Stet ga of the ig ded. ey oe yhaands fe og lad Rye ei reer gene Section 1: Lords & Heroes Zacharias the Everliving ‘ZOMBIE DRAGON BODY ZOUBIE DRAGON HEAD ‘occerioay ee ‘spra0r1105 £280 ZOUBIE DRAGON JAW ZOMBIE DRAGON RIG ARM corcario08 sero0r1109 180, a= = oe _ saa er eee yo es mee Se mma -_— @ See a acnamas Faun 2acHanas Boor zacHanis cLoaK DRAGON wos SPRUE PAm) suregras 80 ‘oermrert eo somannti? e2 sar 28 om Necrarch Vampires ecnancy onan ssounrions 21 MOUNTED NECRARCH 1 ounren nzcnancn soeroaarieas 24 Tre mounts Mcacs eur eat Has Sp. Fr cas Sa pomp ro ae 1 % —+ NECRARCH ARMS NECRARCH AR 2 ‘esro0r208 £1 ‘serie 1 NecRARCH 1 NECRARCH 2 BODY MOUNTED NEcRaRch NECRARCH FAMILIAR souroaori202 es seraaritz ea Fania urea sexroaurza7" 80 soaeerioxs 81.50 Mannfred Von Carstein savewnen you cansten WaNNFRED VON cARSTEN BODY GaaaTaE Vou CARTER seoroamroreee oarcavreo 8 HOTU. £8 Complate ‘wae 2 Von Carstein Vampires , Qe ern 150 VON CARSTEN VAMPIRES, (Comins Srt ams terete Vanes) MOUNTED YON CARSTEN, MounTeo von cansrEN ‘Sso0710¢ £9 Compile Boo? soncrt04 4 sosroatr1901 250 \ ‘uarious 1, =) f Von caRsrEn 2 swoRD Yon cARSTEW 2 800¥ von carsren 1 ouNTED vow cansTEN 1 SETTING 5p ‘ourizrions 4 ero 5 (HEAD AND LOR” Classic Vlad and Isabella Von Carstein Classic Range CLASSIC VLAD VON CARSTEN (CLASSIC GABELLA VON CARSTEN Classic Von Carstein ‘CLASSIC VON cansrEN ‘cuassic von cansrem Vanrine SOY Niatelie ctu Lahmian Vampires saronrom 2s sssroanraee cranrars et TARMHAN VAMPIRES Neferata, eee the Vampire Queen Classic Range feta tae ae os i WZQBa BS (0 Caps po supe) Plastic Horses ww ‘ai? Sesh 0% ta 28 = ‘COMPLETE ARMOURED HORSE =e (aan igi ea 8 tp spe) «rman ight robe hes (atom ome Are Hee Se id Strigoi Vampires Vv srr Vv ’ ‘srmugot HEADS “STRGO ANE sro claw senasriO7 sop (Comat Troe S98 fre) suronrione ‘Sou0710) £5 Compl . srmcor B0o¥ 3 sstrco1 B00" 2 srriaot B00¥ + sorroarioot srcerion0 5 seuromrecor Classic Vampire Lord Classic Range ‘sn your Vamp Cots Am. ‘cuassic nouns ‘Valine evn Loe. f Blood Dragon. Vampires 4 ‘81000 oRAGON2 swoRD '8L000 oRAGON 2 oe72n7an0. £4 ma a b A MOUNTED 8LO00 DRAGON 3 osroanraett 4 Th owe oes gn aste roa 08 GRRE HexD TOTO oaroanrons? 350, AS NGHTMARE TAL cht Re HEAD IMoUNTED BLOOD ORAGON + ‘8.000 ORAGON 1 Classic Mounted Blood Dragon Vampires Classic Range Resse ene inte iy ‘81000 ORAGON 1 SHIELD "BUCO Op .. MOUNTED 8.000 DRAGON? —_—BLOOD ERAGON 2 SELO 181000 pRacon 2 LANCE onanrene te "Dera Savvy 0 Classic Blood Dragon Vampires {81000 RAGON? ‘21.000 DRAGoN'3 agg amet ce ‘enna es sanz ga i Krell Classic Range nol codes, KREL'S BANNER POLE ‘Necromancers [MOUNTED NECROWANCER TORSO ero0rozot £280 A sonore e150 Classic Range stan bat pe ‘sn tne Cn seman ee Classic Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster Classic Range Terai x tn ing ee ee ay Tove oe earth Classic Nagash CLASSIC NAGASH FRONT BODY CLASSIC NAGASH REAR BODY CcLassic NaGASH STAFF CLASSIC NAGASH TORSO ‘CLASSIC NAGASH HEAD ‘cLassic nAGASH SWORD scorned osroarongot 23 seraaote 2 soaroamrri0s 3 sosromnaries ‘noEAD WRATH ‘WNOEAD WRATH UNoEAD WRATH ‘oEap war can oop wa aN son BN SONY Sea omgenam) | sso e280 sows 250 sovresrorna e280 sacearerat e250 Classic Wraiths Classic Range ec Wate a moog vale trestle eect "ate in x ore Cums my ceuassic wari? cuassic wrarri9 cuasste wnami ¢ ‘soronror 69 aromas 3, ‘sueapraoot 3 cuassic wRamTH 5 cusssic wraras cuassic waarTa7 cares 3 ‘ueonoooe8 £2 soaroororar 3 eouranr0ro8 3 7] f rents Soe Soro0702502 "Sp 9000709 £7 complete i Wight Lord Army Standard Melkhior on Winged Nightmare Classic Range Means nea ate sos st prey Un fs hy. } wmiceD NGHTuARE TaN. WINGED MGHTUARE HEAD go MaHTHARE " soarearars 350 mae crruane nice cHraaRe BODY ving aiTARE coroao7210 2 ‘ooraras 62 seroma 50 soroeroo¢ 120 sourcearorot 23 soucarare 3 Blood Dragon on Winged Nightmare =, 181000 DRAGON HEAD WINGED NIGHTMARE JAW sotrzarossay. £4 SBTRTOSI2 Sop 'BL000 DRAGON BODY _—_~BLOOD ORAGON SHIELD surcarosos 3 oerctr2sa2 op ‘Beacon Ow Web WeTIARE settcanree 120 complete ashe 181000 ORAGON CLOAK. wasp woxrane NGO WGKTUARE EAD WINGED MoATUARE 11990 onacon ears et SOUcaTOSN 2 Lan Aree couretrnts 180 seroma 180 sovrcrosot 1.50 ‘WovGED wai MARE wmiaeo nonTuaRe B00¥ woogp moirMaRE souaare@sot © socrcarnsos 2 ncn warruaRe wncen waiARE ica Ne, terrwne orange 62 osrorasi0e Classic Zombie Dragon Classic Range ‘recse Zone Oagn urge ‘labs tte pee, ‘ample contd cassie Zain. soucareans 81.80 — € w é a euasge oun. agar zou cuss zoe pracon cuassi 20umi pracon pects Ere Een RSS sormenore £250, seroanronoy 2 semarone t280 soraapont £2 ‘LASSIE ZOMBIE ORAGON ‘CLASSIC 20MBIE ORAGON soeraron9 £9 sesroorons 9 ‘CLASSIC ZOMBIE DRAGON ‘cLassic Z0MBIE ORAGON a ‘oor it ‘PRON an Uae sveazroos £4 seroma £3 sourraas 21.50 ‘Lassie ZOMBIE DRAGON Lassie zouaie onacoN ‘cuassic zoumie DRAGON ‘Ack mon LEG ‘Shoctarr cae ‘row tert Le separa” £130 sncenraoee £1.50 sosroanrnies 50 Dieter Helsnicht on Manticore Classic Range ete Hest nologer abe Stes bitty ae a ur vanore es A ‘ape come Date Hane DIETER HELSMICHT LEGS ‘oov usr pot Sear aie TANNER TOP sseratronis 3 saranonis 3 vosroanr0n0s 350 ‘uassic uamicone cassie wavnicone ASCH WG rey Section Two: Core Units Skeletons Box contains 20 Skeeton Wars ncuing command with ether spears and shields unt, whieh ean beamed i above) or hand weapons and sels (below. awanror £1 Lan a ta unos Command Components Classic Range The nt ee = irs ere wi evo ry |SKELETON CHAMPION HEAD. SKELETON CHAMPION HEAD ‘sonar om ‘ooo [SKELETON STANDARD POLE SKELETONMUSICIN HORN SKELETON DRUM SKELETON DRUMMER ARM SKELETON STANDARD POLE saret7o Bp ‘reeroat e vosrotroates serooratet 1 ‘orosroames 81 Armoured Skeletons \ f Anuquaen sceteTon ARNUQURED SKELETON Peach Seearaens sovresrseas 250 sosroanraw £250 t “ ARMOURED SKELETON [ARMOURED SKELETON ARMOURED SKELETON Seeanaen een Seamen's serenraees 250 sosratrseot e250 seers e280 a Core Die Skeleton Command q Classic Range m ‘ata AwURED SKELETON SrANOARD Ar¥oURED SKELETON cArON ARMOURED SKELETON MUSICIAN spurns 23 satan 3 satan 63 (hha Se ag ae Zombies Undead Ghouls ‘iOEAD GHOULS cameo Shs) ‘chou s hour 2 nou ‘chou « vernon £250 voxromrome2 e250 sosroenrsras e250 sera 250 “Se ] Hous chou s crow 7 ‘onouLe sosratrsrs e280 sosromrrs 250 nanos? e250 seranrer 250 crows Hout 10 ‘ohout 1 ‘onout 12 servo 250 vovroanroro 2250 swoarrae 2.50 semomrcrie e280 Section 3: Special Units Grave Guard Ww... “ser } ak crave cyano sTanoano corae auano garner crave cunno cranron cave guano musician sosroaari e250 kid sosroatrogot 250 serra e250 strong 2250 umproent e280 ere a ‘Special ama? Classic Grave Guard Classic Range ex Ts c— [$999] -_. uns onave ano cunssig onave guano sacra es SmSSH508 Sp souaronos cussiconaveauano 1 cuaseic anave quan 3 cusie onavecuano2 cuassic crave ouano 4 ce07023 £8 Complete 9 V¥ uae7cr08 sop sosroamr2r. 8p tf re) ouyrep won ourreD wou ounrea marr sraNoAno ‘Suan, ‘ase STANDARO BEARER senroarosiot 3 soeromrsso serene) ez sit Sp seo ‘UNDEAD HoRSe SPRUE ounreD wx swoR ourren wou ‘Bia Neer sep rarer op STANOARD BEARER ARM ‘eae Fell Bats “ae” a eae (Comaee sonal at) sour e Complete oeronr0i03 250 Wit, FELL BAT HEAD suroaiste 1 sarang. Classic Fell Bat Classic Range sense ay Set ate a cass fet oar ‘cuaseic FELL sar sos70tr7%03 op seratr706 Sop coy ‘wines sosrocnrrean 21 sesvomrrieg 2 ic Wights Classic Range The cass Woes ae org natin stn wet rey sour vamp Cats Amy » cuassic wick + cuassic wick 2 cassie mir 3 cuassic wick « rong 3 enor 3 ‘aeranronioe 13 ‘enor 2 ¢ cLassic wich 5 cuassic ici 6 cuassic went 7 ‘cuAssiC wiGHT 8 ‘sara 63 ‘ucenroons 2 ‘nearest 2 areas 3 Spirit Host UNOEAD ETHEREAL unoeap erwenen, wnoeAD ETVEREAL Section Four: Rare Units Black Coach a a é & ‘LACK COACH AXLE BLACK COACH HORSE PLUME BLACK COACH BRAZIER BLACK COACH BELL STONTOROG 5p SOTAU7HO Serre 5p serene 0p ‘BLACK COACH LEFT SIDE [BLACK COACH RIGHT SIDE Lace concn seroma t2 osranrns 2 it ase ssronrsst ‘BLACK COACH RIDER TORSO B BLACK COACH RIDER Leas Lack conc BLACK couCH COFFIN LD area SERRE “someone? et & ve BLACK COACH YOKE @@ Puasme 7 spoxeo WHEELS unpeaD nse sprue "eaeteat in oat Undead Banshees Unoeao aansnee + UNoeAD Banshee 2 meno nance» ‘ewan setae ‘ar craic ts = | The Retinue of Sir Amadis du Rephalm Tom Waddington, Games Workshop UK Webstore Team ‘Tom: Ar the end of lst year, teed of painting gemstones on High Elves, I decided it fora change. Pv sway liked the Blood Dragon bs ‘coming up it seed ike the perfect opportunity Sctually started, Pd squandered days designing army line, 20 ad less than four weeks to {semble and paint 2,000 points of Undead ‘While I wanted t do a tational Vampire Counts army; I made a conscious away from the more overly gothic imagery ofthe range ‘werent adorned witha kinds of skull and bat iconography: Pali steght fon the ‘lster bur mounted on Archaon’s daemonie sted. Even though the army now totals well over 3,000 points, I don’ relly consider it Bnished: currently on my punting table ares mighty Vampire Lon mounted on Zombie Dragon and Shother unit of Grave Guard Necrarch Vampire Army Tan Tyrell-Marsh, Games Workshop Manchester Tans Necracct vil sorcerers hiding in tomes, el ben on the destruction of men? Sounds lke any Sarena a eae eee ran ee a ee / ssi a hin thr te ye ino ralaesecaroersionn ome aeeneecey eee, Senta weunes oe eer rperaees i eee a eee steno farms , ieee eiete eer eats soar : Sper Serene aircon Neonunsn toad ube Llp a hd (Spe een So Soret rae [As expanded the army Tadd more Ghoals and then stared some Skeletons wearing ight armour (Coomred Necarch with oni, wn omer Laan Vn. je Dire Wolves and another Banshee. A Westh andy, inal, my Necrarch Count brought the army to what you sce Great Sandy Desert The Fortress | of Vagag KEY TO MAP OF THE LAND OF THE DEAD ‘Settlement = Buttle 4% Necropolis Onsis: GL Fleet B Jungle ---" Trade Rovte = A Voleano A, Tower Delisting Borders of Nebelhars Kingdom of ithe ancient tals of Nefuthra Wisrohlbthe greatest civilisation of Ben in the Word, but ura of years before the rise of Sigmar the ereahry of the Great Necromancer, Nagas, almost des sigh Adis mips. Te one al taptier and jug ape ental defeating is army and pursing him from the lands of Nekara. Prom hs ding plac ‘Nagas cursed the and and the dead were brought back ro tmmoreal wnlife by arcane magia ‘The Tomb Kings of Nehara continue to ead cir Undead armies fighting to protect ther mighty empire from the depredations of the lesser races and expand their dominion even further: ‘eo se gra ty of Nathan and astral a hes of tina poe. Te cy urna by fund of yams many of om hg mrumets at ce en from ris rune Sea te it Pit King of Kon, conquered and ita te naa Cer sad rnc to rae Beat im. the of is oer, mari fom all a8 Noto royal ial wang te amb emir wax of hr King Wn the army of ert marches mor the spark of the tnands of par eins of ie dpe mas of al wars ing a rans re pork I ech fom Lyre sel ere Re bt ey Gdn ern ek ot the gO fons of ary te fama carter of Sai te over aris f amas 7 ter Tye Senin Seal Co Zon ray ne ral oon wt te rie lg tl a ffl "The nde Cnr of uu pete cnearere tee march style Rhos og dad er wes hay eg eras end af th ry of ara to Fe te fc of a Ns nlf et tr hr ore ‘hn amas, fe has recat Be dtr and one again the cop grow aroun te ty The pole f Numa fave restored many of the gre pyramid ro ht former glory ‘The eie ear now ve wie Mamas erence amma ple Fra as te Scythian, fo fa ome ‘Numa work ther god They ele that the Prince of Mamas i mansion of ter go and 0 have dedicated themes to fis service ah day thy tend tthe ncrapss, guarding te tombs fom tse wo = wus df em. The lack rab nomads pate te onder of eee ‘Nas and warn Prince Tazanthara ef any trues ts ea ae 1 erar te noma are lowe Give he cry under te raston| parce flesh da not slp. The Prince rw rls oer the ving ad oa, ch Ging i strange harmony. Wh he rice gos 0 war is charie ac ng eh whe raion ste of the Soya warriors ving and dead ghting by sido. 18 ai at wh a Sta wari hs is Gly ft dsr where the carvion ick is ones can. fer frey days dmg fis alo carrie back to te tomb wee propeed tha he ‘may continue to sre the Trice death ashe when he was alive Rg Solr ng Avro elem hs cy Daring i ge be Gal st fl asa th ca, nguring te land act he sae Hi King en dg th no ent aa wader fis re ant Became «abl sa eli place Te rng main ity traded gs whee Een Eig of Uta te eta dane Cay he ast te gh of sees city ws te grates adn por ine OU Worl Lsh gardens surrounds promi aboard and er ue water flow sro sams anata, Unk esi a lg Ting lh them gol of ely i amination ofthe grat Ror More Tis may rll tothe tention of the Eu Cat, ich ms sa oe order be uy Rng Bk ise When a send ral te wr bak of er, ut had yt 2 uc igs and re encom onthe cater bank, i atrel _ro many apis tpn an rad verte sf deca trum ws ad oe capeured in sare ar. Ts dana is opponent nd ea uray bar when the ina nln com ‘Wishing oe ea aga tr, more redo snare ie pres dev al Be ren onthe ls tt wold mae the omy ree wi far The ras ncaa sl they made 8 Foust fe tars et target wa te wry det scream of he reels tien fs cn is the ing was appro date give inaction fr satay be covonbal a an eset poof is lactyeteoyss teyLghe Fi mae an one iory if an Beceem wd again ey death Maro nw ote of a, as ire li of Bing Br Heid load nd ood Malia fhe Grn mence onde poe of Mara _roera Won Sera gon is donation f eg of tar ing Far ws ar OEM floret eres onl gm creat noel ogee Se ton etirat to yf fm igs oad ing Mrs gh cry anderen er abt aus S's rs ts te toy at egos of Maik Fr dca icy ass, and en wth ft ng ren cra rar f Stra No fe the Cy of Demy. he ry ar un en de ing Parco Fol ot Set ad nd gin wag warn ‘wry bjt fit wll When tr ig grt a bls Faget Catt ad he fama hares aby le rrr ck fm i Tf Kose ene ‘hens of ‘is enemies as J asa arth poncing Peeieas Sere arts ache fet ris ‘yrs at ne east of Near, te palaces and pyramid ere cer wi cae plants a floes bro ac fom te rs eu al ok ut at ‘sown te Gul of Repti fut now care asthe Guf of Far gh Con ‘lida Neferr rds rae ty and she mas fight estado al end of ‘Nek and adie yer suc er tlie, omg aad raney wera genday Fer Bayo as er esses of ocur ate rare were made of ras pon ranks fl iii owen, Bee iy wre Ha yt Rp Golde. Te warriors practi ergy aa sas unerivgi aca. Tes co darn the i as ie cnemy anced red te omy ranks it ea valley Trego Mla’ ra er ris fh ng andar agaist hat wou come tab power and try 8 re ver ho Tat independence am rong ttn ad ty Fgh with the psn of an sing ray fore’ por ach tne ey march fn ome, ‘High Quen alka adhe, r presence png har ana determination tthe oa rir of ars tight anf ceary de ts defo te indiendnc ty hae from he ier rn Noir. Mas, fr eg stagione Sn al of tiara mourn er patna sro she asf ack obras. Thre he 1s orig ber face coi ia bat nth mad rte hr ds nt fren hen hr olan rete power fhe Ra Ges infu r ancien fits Wa dn en owing rough ar, Quen haa brings war and Goth ty he tren tai ‘the etranc of the Charm Valeo Enna te ale of th ing, fs mage place of Qatar une He ery wal of the canyon ips, tl sri any ws pss urs sad with ame. Trough te iret fh alley are carve lat, fe bean igh ing of te pose Scene te Ver of Qatar, as od for mri oe femur rein rebuilding and car for te moni Unmath s leSeenea fas rfid i fncantatons 6 at con coro. many fe otras a any given ine As th army of Qatar mato wer i "land ie eee Spins ain, tls fos vei fon wari hy sre tomar te ‘om The nous an wir from the an of Araby ‘ay you oul face a army of gat, al ng with as of anil tm mas eo your nes an cate sett wold tad guise. fan igh tn thee are clings xn th Boe er ee gs Tas pans are unstappbloe y e lees oreo yeh ont ea sey ur you ml ia you rey face the ere am ert lec they march tomas yo, nw th fof ar ll ou il ra scram fe wounded odin ast gra orate sma ong your ar. Section 1: Lords & Heroes Sarna et conte ee SETIRACLOAK. serTRa soo SerTRA GLANVE "Pout soucarviot 62 soma 8 soroarie2 130 ocr 2 700701809 SETTRACHAROT SETTRACHARICT FRONT SETIRACHAROT SSETTRA CHARIOT BASE Rone oe enoariaos 2 Ten ioe" ve oeroanio13 3 SSETTRA CHARIOT HAFT SSETTRA CHARIOT BANNER snrorma08 2 9070071095 £4 SETTRA SPRUE ‘SETTRA CHARIOT WHEEL SERA CHARIOT sera 0o" 0p secre Beeievon (due Hose Sapa) sere t07 ‘eamomoor 8 Tomb Queen Khalida TOMB QUEEN KHALID’ roar 8 esromrzie 2 xroanrtio2 SL vonroaorano2 Ye 7pm as any ‘ows Ings wounreD sh Saat Tomb King ows xa 2 cee oeronroe 150 Tomb Kings Army Standard Bearers nett pF coe on soofeari2a £8 Complete ‘CASKET Lowe priest ean ‘CASKET QUARD BODY vonrvariace 82 \Y¥ CASKET OF SouLS suuazrveot e250 {CASKET ALTAR FRONT ‘CASKET BASE: eran 168.4 osronrt05 5 Liche Priests rd Mosse orcas ds lesser ope uouvreD Licke Priest eraaria ee LUcHe PRIEST sera e4 ertiaas Kings x of Nehekhara “Before the time when Settra prevailed over them, there were many kings in many places and their names are not remembered, save for ‘Nehek of whom it is said eer that in his time no one lived in cities. Then afterwards came Zakash who was king in Zandri. In his time, it is said writing was invented. Then came many kings until the time of Khesek who subjugated the desert dwellers and founded ‘Numas. Then after him came Hekesh. He made war on many kings. Thereafter there was strife in the land. With the coming of Settra, the great rulership of Khemri became as law.” Section Two: Core Units Tomb Kings Skeleton Horsemen The Sean Hone serra ae eo sine crt 8 Set eanen ‘amp o Ton ngs SetenHoseran mes SKELETON CAVALRY 2002 ‘UnpeaD Horse spaue suoa704 8 (Spe sown ac sie) pes ere ery Tomb Kings Skeleton Chariot xe 0] Am : a Section 3: Special Units Tomb Guard a9 (cooare soon mates) | ian no) ssomaor22tecompite | soogenr2t £7 Complete ‘TOMB GUARO STANDARD BEARER TOMB GUARD STANDARD TOP ‘ous Guano musician ‘Tow GUARO CHAMPION erenr2002 250 soaroanrzion 1 a) ‘asroneio 3 ‘ous auano + ous cuano2 owe Guano sone} e250 souroaurizc2" £280 sseronrezny 250 sosroatri2z0¢ 250 it ‘owe GuARO sieLD 1 ‘Tous quARO sweLD 2 ‘ous Guano sHieLo 3 ‘Tous GuARo SHIELD « TATOO 208 99700712206 BCR 1207 500 SBTTOTI2208 |p Ushabti x A 905207189 Compete 14 oy + ‘siasn gov 2 UsHasT GLAvvE + vsnasm oLave2 urazrti0t e7 vexroeriene 7 soerariis £280 sseroaraos 280 usr voor 3 staan aooy ¢ usiasn a.aves usin ouve+ sear ef rerio. e7 sscenio e250 seian ie 250 "19. £8 Cone sseraarian 4 sesromr a0 1 CARRION BODY + ‘CARON Bopy 2 ‘soorn00 2 sera iioe Classic Carrion Classic Range = gs & & cunameret? 1 soxrnoronsos 1 cuasa cannon cuassic CARRION ouramrtso 2 Tous scoRPION LEGS: ‘faved seman t15080p ® vencr reat 62 eneretri £3 compete ‘suerte £3 osromrisos 2 Section Four: Rare Units seceaminy Skull Catapult (eee | ‘20 compute h £3 soxroaariior e280 47007172 250, izes ‘SKULL CATAPULT SPRUE? ‘SKULL CATAPULT VULTURE SKULL CATAPULT SKULLS serenrttis et commanriti7 1 souroamriti8 1 UAE A soreeries 2 voroantt3 &1 sonceriin 2 wonton oa SKULL CATAPULT LEVER ourcar06 ‘oroanriior 3, oaro0rii08 3 Bone Giant 2 [BONE GIANT HEAD | ‘BONE GANT BONE GIANT HEAD ‘BONE GANT TORSO ‘bone ouanr Base BONE GANT HP suaazrionk e4 secarions 2250 sstroarosor e280 [BONE GIANT LEFT ARIE ONE GIANT LEFT LEG Bowe cian mT LEG BONE GIANT RIGHT ARM sera ons 3, sero os0s 280, onrooriane e280 stren ce Collectors’ Skull Catapult ~ Collectors’ Range ‘nema on ae am one aie sie ba we sae ("Teams mrt eto eh a ‘ara conte cole Sal put side su outecrons: suit. ‘coutecrons: sku. Srarasrenats SARE ERTAPOLT BOW OUD 9 sen e2 ouecrons’sxuu. couecrons:exu. CCOULECTORS' SHULL CATAPULT “SAS GUNNER ‘EATAPOLT CODER Sroren ‘woe 250, oes 250 woo e280 Tomb Kings Phil Kelly, Games Designer Phil We all know shout the undead from countles horror films, and the jeri animated skeletons from st the Argonants have away Been a far that rclly caught my imagination fro the construc just love the Mea of a construct army made from slid gold, emeorccied with poten necromantie magic and sat string nemy Hines, arows and swords oun That was the starting point for this army- a unit of four couple of Tomb Seorplons and a pair of Bone Gat, pa battle standard bearer to keep them al hanging together when outnumbered by the enemy (eal the tne). After afew games the appeal of some fast-moving chariots became lea, and whist in the does ofthe studio Bloodlands eampaiga T Det together a nice stretch chariot for my Tomb King, Phat he Indefatigale. The campaign also saw one of my cy-building attempts being ambushed bya dragon, hence the construction Bone Giant you seein the picture ~ he eventually managed to bran the dragon with that obelisk he's hefing! A few more troops to bulk out the army and the fabulouly rch but fabulously dead denizens of ‘Qustar wore ready to smash their foes into the sand. Tomb Kings Tommie Soule, Games Workshop Manchester ‘Tommie: This army started out as just quick 1,000 point fore to cep me happy in my spare time over the Faster holidays and to se how fst could pain an army. Bur once I had painted my frst unit ina supid amount of time (20 Skeletons in about 4 how) my ‘enthusiasm rocketed. I immediatly start planning 2 2,000 point frm As the cove units in my army grew in mumber I came tothe