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; COLLECTORS’ GUIDE ra VCR ee What is a Collectors’ Guide? ‘The Skaven Collectors’ Guide is the definitive tome for anyone interested in the Warhammer Skaven miniatures range. I's ideal for anyone who collects this army, containing the full range of Warhammer Skaven models and their component parts. We've laid the range out following Warhammer Armies: Skaven, grouping the models as to where they appear in the army lists, for example, all the Lords and Heroes are in one section followed by Core Units and then Special Units finishing off with Rare Units. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or components you are looking for. The Skaven Collectors’ Guide is far more than a simple catalogue, also included within are a number of ather features such as painted examples of Skaven, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staf, conversions, Golden Demon, entries and great dioramas. So if you collect, paint or game with a Skaven army or are looking to start one, then this is the book for you. When you reach the Components section, you will find that some of the models are labelled as Classic, Collecrors'and Mordhieim, Classic Range Classic Range models (like the Jezzails, pictured top) are no longer available in stores but are stil ideal for use in your army. Collectors’ Models Collectors’ models (like the Poisoned Wind Globadier, pictured far right) are no longer available in stores but represent a real piece of Games Workshop history (some models being over 10 years old!) Although they are mastly no longer covered by the rules, these models stil make great collectors’ pieces or as a basis for conversion work ‘Mordheim Mordheim is a tabletop skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. Many of the models (like Veskit, pictured bottom) are {ullycompatibe with the Warhammer range, and make a great basis for conversions Don't worry, all the Classic, Collectors’ and Mordheim models are clearly labelled inside. How can I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staf will be more than happy to help you use our in-store order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any of the catalogues available in the stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the world. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is most convenient for you, ONLINE STORE The Games Workshop Online Store caries the fll range of Warhammer miniatures, as well as a large selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our website is secure. With our fast order picking your order willbe in your hands in no time, To visit our Online Store go to: GIVE US A CALL We have a team of Hobby Specialists standing by to take your call. f you would like to order anything from this Collectors’ Guide, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 91 40000, WRITE TO US It you prefer to post your order or write us a letter then send it to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. 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Games Werthep fr cet aalaby ard ‘rave, Prone quoted are pool ot ty Games Warahop tough ee own toe exaogus or wetat, naan ees ee razors for etrng ht Ow pes Contents ‘Masters of the Under-Empire ‘Component Section: Loris and Heroes ‘Component Section: Core Units ‘Component Section: Special Units ‘Component Section: Rare Units 19 Component Section: Collectors’ Models Mordhelin Showoase ‘Conversions Dioramas Golden Demon Clan Pestilens (7 entures ago a Skaven expedition ventured into the steaming jungles of Lustria, only to be decimated by virulent tropical diseases and the reptilian warriors that defend that land. The few survivors hid in the ruins of a temple they had discovered in the depths of the jungle. There they unearthed ancient secrets, which should have been left forever undisturbed. These Skaven mysteriously started to revere the same disease that very slowly was killing them. A strange new breed of Skaven was bor: the Plague Monks of Clan Pestilens. Constantly plague ridden, they were capable of withstanding | their diseases as long as they remained devoted to their festered god. } \ Clan Eshin GC Ian Eshin disappeared into the east early in Skaven history and had been considered lost for many centuries. When its members returned to Skavenblight they were changed. During that lorig period in contact with | the mysterious human cultures of Inja, Cathay and Nippon, the Skaven had leamed much, especially about the arts of stealth and assassination. From then on, Clan Eshin has found a clear role in Skaven society; its assassins have become the force which the Council of Thirteen uses to uphold its decisions and maintain its reign of terror amongst the clans. Of course, the services of Clan Eshin are often hired by many other influential Skaven to spy on their rivals or to ‘remove’ political opponents who are too successful, Clan Moulder (-7¥ lan Moulder has its stronghold in the depths of the (Het Pit, far north of Praag, in the land called NO Kistev by its human inhabitants. Its proximity ta the Northern Wastes, together with the huge reserves of \warpstone of its mines, makes Hell Pit a nightmari receptacle of the mutating energies of Chaos. The Masters of Clan Moulder have learned the art of controlling these ‘mutations and use them to create ferocious fighting beasts in foul experiments that combine mad surgery and the darkest of magics All these experiments involve the use of their infamous ‘mutating balms, which contain finely powdered warpstone to focus the mutating energies of Chaos on the unfortunate creatures, Clan Skryre \ (777 lan Skryre specialises in the blending of evil magic and arcane Skaven technology. Its members, (better known as Warlock Engineers, constantly experiment to create newer and more powerful t NH weapons of immense destruction. They often steal war machines from other races to ‘improve” them in their own unique way. This almost invariably involves the inclusion of warpstone-based mechanisms that increase a weapon's potential for destruction, but also tend to make them much more unstable. By selling the services of their specialised weapon teams to the constantly warring clans, the Masters of Clan Skryre have achieved an unparalleled level of influence and are at the moment the most important of the four Greater clans. lan Scruten (77 lan Scruten is a particularly paranoid and devout Watlord clan. Although all Skaven are by their very nature suspicious of each other, Clan Scruten has taken this to an altogether higher level. Very instilar, they tend not to rely on other clans at alli they can help it. They purchase few of Clan Skryre’s arcarte technologies, rarely hire the services of Clan Eshin (they are | too cautious to use them!) and mistrust the potions and | poisons of Clan Pestilens. The only clan they tend to deal with is Clan Moulder, and they make use of many ‘of Moulder’s mutant Rat Ogres. The armies of the clan are, as such, made up mainly of Clanrats, and bulked out with Rat Ogres. | Clan Mors The clan holds many abandoned Dwarf mines throughout the Worlds Edge TT sistas ley te ort Deny, Gna temo ‘numerous of the Warlord clans, and is almost as powerful as the four Greater clans, a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed. Indged many believe that Clan Mors has risen beyond jtsislation, for it competes with the Greater clans have had no competition for countless i poe centuries. The Greater clans may turn upon this, upstart in the future, for they have no desire to have a challenger rising beneath them. The right hand of Warlord Gnawdwell is Queek Head-taker who often leads the warriors of the clan. The warriors are distinctive amongst the other clans for they display their clan colours of red and black proudly. - Clan Rictus CE rookback Mountain is currently held by Lord of Decay Kratch Doomelaw, leader of one of the most powerful Warlord clans of Clan Rictus. The clan fg renowned for the huge numbers of slaves it owns. Thousands of chained slaves are dragged to battle when Rictus marches, most of these are Goblins, but there are representatives from almost all the 3) rs (j large numbers of Stormvermin, who are used to hit the final hammer blow when the enemy has weakened from thinning the slave units Section One: Lords & Heroes " Grey Seer Thanquol & Boneripper ‘BIRDS E18 Com =a] GREY SEER THANQUOL BONERIPPER HEAD BONERIPPER TORSO 970200170 £7 TORE! £8 ‘e7ononsed ta go «8 BONERIPPER RIGHT ARM BoNEAIPPER LEGS. BONERIPPER LEFT Ant Classic Boneripper ; Classic Range . “Se ptecy wing Sen hy ~< CLASSIC BONERIPER HEAD tng cmd Cas Bot CLASSIC BONERIPERTORSO _-—«CLASSICHONERPPERLEGS_—_CLASSIC BONERPPEN LETT An Grey Seer oman eae a aoa ee [ Skaven Assassins a o reel ‘scares cael Classic Deathmaster Snikch Classic Range ‘ ; Classic Skaven Assassins a « CLASSIC SKAVEN ASSASSIN CLASSIC SKAVEN ASSASSIN 2 Lasse SxavEN AS5459013 Skaven Screaming Bell Pirie & Heroes» SCREAMING BELL GREY SEER ‘SCREAMING BELL BELL RINGER SCREAMING SELL BELL HALF ‘SCREAMING BELL BELL SUPPORT ‘SCREAMING BELL PLATFORI TOP: SBTeOOESOK 1.50 e725 Sop SoaIz0I5502 £4 ‘SCREAMING BELL WHEELS RIGHT SIDE SCREAMING BELL WHEELS LEFT SIDE anesan6 our 2 Throt the Unclean ‘TaRT WHIP ARAL ‘TAROT SWORD ARM orazon6so¢ £1 eutpenees 1 A «4 ‘tuner 800y “TROT STAFE ARM sorrtzsnesn 4 seroostene £1.50 “THROT THE UNCLEAN sorezne 7 Compete Lords & Heroes ~ Classic Screaming Bell mgd Case Sona Be eoreanse £1 ‘CLASSIC SCREAMING BELL BELL SUPPORT (CLASSIC SCREAMING BELL PLATFORM 4 je = CLASSIC SCREAMING BELL COUNTERWEIGHT CLASSIC SCREAMING BELL BELL HALF Skaven Warlord \ ‘SKAVEN WARLORO AXE eS SSKAVEN WARLORD SKAVEN WARLORD TAIL save maniono CoH SKAVEN WARLORD BODY Classic Skaven Warlord " Classic Range Bs hor oe oo econ Sip nen & guts sxaven euasste sxaven REESE WARMERS Seroteosbe0p saroacobe £1 CLASSIC SKAVEN CHIEFTAN exagsic axaven Sat won Sraneoas soe Wanton paiwien Parasol esse someones 28 srratsosny 4 ‘seach eOp mr Classic Warlord Queek Head-taker a lames Cass Wort Que Has aa cuassig wanonn aveex \Guasste wantonp ques. ee " Warlock Engineer satan WARLOCK ENGINEER é (once es ose) = Classic Warlock Engineer ¥ ee sorezonis 24 Classic Range ‘Gotta precy eatelnyor srazsnea £3 ene ate ENGINEER BACKPACK Classic Range motto og asain ear cet ise it Oa Cases ia eastern sreortee £30 sermon lords of Lustria Plague Lord Parnes came of comple Wards of sti cat sectarian £8 “Lords & Heroes Plague Lord Nurglitch NURGLITCH SLAVE NURGLITCH BACKBANNER uRGuTcH BODY « NURGLITCH ARM SPRUE 1 NURGLITCH Anw SPRUE? soronen76N £2 STORES 2 PLAGUE LORD NURGLIT NURGLITCH MOUNT RIGHT SIDE NURGLITCH MOUNT LEFT SIDE CONCRGITE B15 Compe soaroneaa7 63 e706 £3 Plague Lord Skrolk | Classic Range ean a eae Section Two: Core Units BL ore Units ~~ Command Accessories & ‘CLASSIC CLANRAT MUSICIAN ARM sroaeaiae 1 Classic Clanrats Command STANSEND BEARER + sTavoan BEAREN 9 Classic Range — si nts tt prec all & [CLASSIC CLANRAT CHAMPION AR [CLASSIC CLANRAT STANDARD TOP ‘urI20s404- cap namaste Ah SWORD Classic Rang > oe Range i ; ) Classic Clanrats Pate aro of asi Carat AGRE paar aI e°0 na SMALL ROUNO SHIELD SPRUE cxasgic cLannar wt CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH FLAIL CCLANRAT WITH SWORD1 CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH SWORD2 «CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH SWORDS ——_—CLASSICLCLANRAT WITH SWORD 4 seranonss £250 osreosiaz2 £2.50 ovransi2z £2.50 coroners “Sassic cLannar win cis cuasgic cranny wort ‘CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH CLEAVER 1 CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH CLEAVER oo snurmeosmeae £250 “ " CCLANRAT WITH SPEAR CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH SPEAR 2 (CLASSIC CLANRAT WITH SPEAR 3 ceuassie cLannar win 2 ercosions £2.50 ‘urement 1250 ‘Starr ano SLING ee tt Ratling Gun oueezosse ce erocotste tA ane ERT RRATLING GUN LOADER 1 RATLING GUN LOADER 2 (Site agen an ree ‘SHGI26056 6 Compete Warpfire Thrower seroatt30 £3 = ea aaa warerin nowen UWwER anerne rnowen cuter ‘8 Complete Rat Swarm 1 SSKAVEN RAT SWARIEY SKAVEN RAT SWARM 2 AVEN RAT SWAT costes £2 ssaroostest2 £2 sx (Conan 2 Saver Ru Sm ses) EGUEGG72 £7 Complete sic Range “Core Unite >Z7 mine Classic Mutant Rats assic MUTANT RAT 1 Ccuassic MUTANT RAT 2 ceassic MUTANT RATS CcLassic MUTANT RAT 4 seeronss7o8 1 eroneari2 1 se7oneas2 aeronesran 1 uassic MUTANT RATS CLASS MUTANT RAT 6 ‘CLASSIC PACKMASTER WITH WHIP ‘cLASsic PacraASTER WITH eros 1 seronsnios £250 WP AD SWORD Classic Giant Rats an CLASSIC GIANT RAT 5 cerozs0ros £4 Qe ‘CLAssic GIANT RATS: ‘cLAssic GIANT RAT? oarozomine £8 aerozeno0\ tt i ccuassic cunt nar Ccuassic cian RAT 9 erooenint et cero) 1 Pore units ~~ Stormvermin oo STONMVERII T2081 86 Complete uTTzene0S E80 arcane £2 SSTORNVERMIN BODY + STORMIVERMIN 80072 sec0e0e101 £1.50 suroneaet2 £1.50 i . q SSTORUVERMIN ARIE SSTORUVERMIN ARM? vouczstens £4 sarczst6106 £8 ‘STORMVERMIN COMMAND te nose om osrezneo £2 SSToRMIVERMIN BODY 3 70606102 £1.50 SSTORMIVERIIN ARM 9470261607 £4 norezstens 2 SRCIROEEI E150 i e STORMIVERIIN AR uteenst08 £4 ic Range i | Core Units AZ| snes, ut ail erietube Classic Stormvermin yar Shae am. dq ‘SMALL ROUND SHIELD SPRUE * [ASIC STORMUVERMIN STANDARD BEARER (CLASSIC STORIAVERWN MUSICIAN CLASSIC STORNVERIIN CHAMPION sueezenz309 e3 coun £9 sucezosmzs 3 ‘CLASSIC STORMVERMIN ‘CLASSIC STORMVERUIN 2 ‘CLASSIC STORNVERMIN 3 sscizonnto £250, ‘ezosowe £250 ‘oarozsnoat £250 cussic STORUVERMIN 4 CLASSIC STORMVERII 5 CLASSIC STORMVERIN 6 CLASSIC STORNVERIAN 7 ‘uaizoos £250 ‘urazonot72 £250 ‘iceouors £2.50 ‘erczotora £2.50 Classic Range ere vats Classic Skaven Slaves salable sors, bu a tl nyt Sana army. orn sang of Css Stan Soe cLAgaig sKAvEN SLAVE cxgseic sxaven save CLASSIC SKAVEN SLAVE US Sonat see Stanbane tor ANDARO BEARER oeronssos e250 speroteoe eap sere. 2 CLASSIC SKAVEN SLAVE WT CLASSIC SKAVEN SLAVE WrTH ccuassic skaven stave wird ‘cuassic skaven stave wire ans WERPON Tans WERPOR'S NaS WEAPONS TANS WEAPONS sueieoeen 2 speratcoen? £2 spermnenen) 2 seeroenssoe 22 cuasgie Seavey SLAVE cuasgte skaven sLave ‘CLASSIC SkAVEN SLAVE ‘LAsgic sxaven SLAVE wit Sua ‘win Suns wir Sum course 2 secateocm #2 suaraziTes £2 searoeoroe #2 cuassic skaven stave cassie skaven sLAve cuassic Skaven SLAVE LASSIC SKAU nna Soean ints SPEAR vn SPEARS COST SPEARS operon t2 socanrosme 2 speomenses 2 somuencoe 2 26 Tames tt tatty open oe ae er peas ot by Ges Wag ah ‘Core Units Poisoned Wind Globadiers SkavEN PoigguED wo GLOBADIER se YoND GLOBADIER ‘SKAVEN POISONED WIND GLOBADIER ‘SKAVEN POISONED WIND GLOBADIER 1 SSKAVEN POISONED WIND GLOBADIER 2 Section Three: Special Units Gutter Runners Te Staten Gute Runes ao al ne otowin ls ‘SKAVEN GUTTER RUNNERS Conan 3 on esa n0ec06te” 8 Complete Ze z SSKAVEN GUTTER RUNNER 1 ‘SKAVEN GUTTER RUNNER 2 SSKAVEN GUTTER RUNNER 3 ‘SKAVEN GUTTER RUNNER soeizens701 £250, sotazeneme £250 somazoror £250 sorczer6T £2.50 Classic Gutter Runners Giamsie a ‘Te made blow 2 ge aa in Datars pect sate your See (CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER 1 (CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER 2 CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER 3 CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER soeezsmnen £250 ovens? 12.50 sorozszosn £250 seroconoes £2.50 ‘CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER § CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER 6 CcLASsic GUTTER RUNNER 7 CLASSIC GUTTER RUNNER ‘SuIDOSRS £280 ‘Sorezomne9 e250 sourozszosn £250 soroneroes £250 » Cts AS Warplock Jezzails SKAYEN WARPLOCKJEZZAN. 208064 8 Compete ‘vvé eer L0ck JeZZAL SHIELD WARPLOCK JeZZAlL SHIELD 2 parca sree 6p \WARPLOCK JEZZAIL LOADER 1 seroeieatt e280 orezsneso 4 Suiznoetos ee cauczoeie t250 lassic Range Classic Warplock Jezzails eres cage tte perl ue ne ‘Siam Patio carole cf compe Case Walk Jal am _ GLASSIC WARLOCK JEZZAL CLASSIC WARPLOCKJEZZALREST1 «CLASSIC WARPLOCK JEZZAL —_GLASSIC WARPLOCK JEZZAL REST 2 J253 orement es ccna votre. f2 wesph nama cansha omens macnn oaies ae exnoetroaemnegier Saat PB Speciat units» x Plague Monks Special Units’ 37] Classic Plague Monks STANOARO BEARER ‘reores 3 cowpea 13, ceerotsnsis e280 ereems7e, £2.50 osTones7? £250 aerotems7e £2.50 ‘Special Units’ a Rat Ogres Pane walt cai Pat On & e ¢ sparz0008 £1.50 ‘OGRE MEAD 2 RAT OGRE HEAD 280605 £1.50 sseronetete £1.50 RAT OGRE ARM RAT OGRE ARM 2 RAT OGRE ARM 3 soxazoes £1.50 sserozerene £1.50 spaaz0nss3 £1.50 RAT OGRE 8ODY2 aT OGRE BODY 3 sorozstea €7 TORS 7 2 Classic Range Te mde on hi pg a0 oe Classic Rat Ogres Ae ‘sur Sen my. co Ld & CLASSIC RAT OGRE HEAD 1 ‘CLASSIC RAT OGRE HEAD 2 [CLASSIC RAT OGRE HEAD 3 seronenat2 £1.50 souizen0903 £1.50, se7ozsto0y £1.50 CLASSIC RAT OGRE LEGS + cLassic Rar oan LEGS? CLASSIC RAT OGRE BODY ‘Lassi RAT OGRE BODY2 CcLassic RAT OGRE BODY 3 ag "Conners Nat eee Section Four: Rare Units [Rare Units Warp-lightning Cannon \WARP-UIGHTHING CANNON ‘3110205158 £15 Complate Plague Censer Bearers Classic Plague Censer Bearer Classic Range Cenc Coen ee cre epee eens a Cellgekne oe Section Five: Collectors’ Models [Yreerectors' Moaels Collectors’ Modi Collectors’ Vermin Lord ‘oe en ste ade CCOLLECTORS'SKAVEN VERMIN LORD 9080205151 £25 Compete Collectors’ Commander ‘COLLECTORS: COMMANDER wiTd WARLOCK MUSKET Collectors’ Poisoned Wind Globadiers OLLEcToRS' polsoNeD connectors poisonen coutecrons: porsoneo couscrons possoneD Ofna QLOBRDIEN ‘nS GLOBADIEN *iNS GLDBADIER *NG GLOBADIER ‘spuroter7a £3 saree £3 emenecrnt 2 sorcoumrr2 £3 Collectors! Mi loaels ne Collectors’ Warpfire Thrower Pano apf Coles Ware Trove ten COLLECTORS: wanprine SHOWER ouNNeR THROWER GUNNERS COFtROWER LOADER seerteoT0s £3 sean £3 souczsir £3 Collectors’ Giant Rats ~~ COLLECTORS’ PACKMASTER WITH WHIP a & £& SOLLECTORS' GIANT RAT 1 COLLECTORS lANT RAT 2 COLLECTORS: GIANT RAT 3 COLLECTORS: GIANT RAT & corners &1 coronene &1 saronen's E1 ‘saurmoerr 4 Collectors’ Plague Monks SeimReeGat SORTER comes URN coussrone resus Sumetros swe oe ‘srs ‘Sree [Yeottectors' Section Collectors’ Doomwheel City of Be Samnd Gre Oe eon coe ene tee ee Cerca Reg encore en ee ceed for the brave adventurer. Warbands from across the Old World hurry to the City of the Damned, eager to satisfy their greed within the quiet, crumbling buildings en eae nue Ret ceo erences Ry Mordheim, tainting all who pass through its gates, an insidious malady that will pea ee ee ee ee ees eee eee eno On econ eR oa Mordeim is a tabletop skirmish game where players control rival warbands, battling each other for « Pe ee ree ore ero en ee Tren hr reece eee eee eee ‘Compatible wth Warhammer miniatures and the possiblities for conversions are endless! eat er a metre) . Cn a re a en te cee ca ‘ Pron rns a Se ee ne ena] eet ete ences Veskit the Executioner we VeSkrT THE EXECUTIONER ARAL VeSkrT THE EXECUTIONER BODY Clan Eshin Sorcerer a oRDHEM CLAN ESHIN oRDWEn CLAN ESH "Soncenen sau od -MOROMEIM CLAN ESHIN SORCERER 05708008 £5 Compete Black Skaven x |e ‘ ssrrsote 4 Complete MOROHEIM SLACK SKAVEN GUN ARM LMOROHEIM BLACK SKAVEN FLAIL TOP arvoenar2 et ‘aero £4 Mordheim Skaven Nightrunners Bn 2 | =seereereneen vines sareieTeew a Assassin Masters fey - ay MOROHEM SKAVEN ASSASSIN MOROHEIM SKAVEN ASSASSIN MORDHEN SKAVEN ASSASSIN MOROMEIM SKAVEN ASSASSIN procorey ASE a2 ingen eae + ington ven veoettonotae £4 envio £4 seariooto8 et ssarvioar0e et WORDNEI SKAVEN ASSASSIN MoROWEI SKAVEN ASSASSIN Miasten Boor t iasten Boor Mordheim Clan Eshin at Ogre opp cua esa Monae chan stn onowem cian sienna O0RE sane: 280 serene F280 Mordheim Clan Skryre Rat Ogre q € Monon CLAN SkRYRE RAT CORE BOOY ono LA RYE RAT OE HEAD [ wormaccamre goon | CLAN sxnyne nar ooRE ‘MoROWEI CLAN SxRYRE RAT OORE LES MoRONEM CLAN SKRYRE RAT OGRE ARMS est 0007 [ wormaccamre goon | ‘suTrioev0s e20 searironors £1.50 Reellygeek’s Shadow Rats Clan Asger Granerud, Northern Europe Mail Order Specialist Asger: What you sce before you is a work progress army: Well in fact chat isa small He, ‘the army is in fact done, but it is also in the middle of being rebuilt. Having abandoned using it for almost a year (It was still in use al painter Pete Fole ‘couldn't let it go for that period..), the Storm of Chaos and Lustria releases both had features on new ways to do Skaven armies, This meant that my interest for the rats was revitalized, and I'm working on expanding the army into hoth of these First up isthe Eshin list 'm planning 2 big horde Eshin army (around 300 rats in 2000pts battles), without any Skryre toys or characters, and without the annoyance of a skismishing army. Just lots of big infantry blocks led by Skaven Assassins and Sorcerers, and using the old tried and tested flee and flank charge tactic, oppped off with a cheeky little Skiterleap from my Sorcerer now and then. The list 'm currently working on has 17 units and 4 characters, The Pestilence themed list from the Lustria ‘campaign book allows me to expand on my range of Rat Ogres. When I get the last ones Finished, I will have four different f Rat Ogres in my army anding my army with sixty odd Plague Monks, and some themed Clan Pestilencé Slaves (80 spice up the ordinary slave units), will also make the army even grander Hopefully, when all is done (in x amount of years..), Tl be able to field a true rat horde in excess of 400 rats, Time will el army, but it comprised of some bral as never really wanted to theme it owards & particular clan because there was so many units I wanted to use. My army relies on Of shooting to whittle down just seem to have a mind of thei own ‘wondering aimlessly towards what seems the scariest uni in my opponent's army: ‘There aren't 100 many conversions throughout the army, as I liked the current ‘models for them. My Grey Seer came from the Screaming Bell wit from Forgeworld used for his crown, [changed a fe ban used the special edition standard with some runes hastily daubed ‘over it for one of my Clanrat units. My favourite conversions would be the Tunnel ‘Team though. I kept the army to 4 dark scheme to give them filthy feel © we about personal hygiene. Whilst haven't used the army in a while but when I do its always great fun to use Star as made a big effort 0 make some of Showcase Chieftain Nesqwik of infamous Clan Bizkit Pete Jarman, Hobby Specialist Pete: My favourite elements of my army include my Tunnelling Team and their marker (made from a Warp Lightning ‘Cannon cut in half ~ no easy feat!). They are all armed with pick axes, spades and lanterns and one even has a Dwarf helmet 1 plan to expand this army further (Nesquik ‘my Chieftain has attracted the attention of the Council of Thirteen and they have sent a representative inthe form of my infamous Grey Seer) by including Plague Monks, more CClanrats and Slaves as well asa unit of Stormvermin (my Clanrats need an expensive unit to laugh at when it runs off the table!), 1am also planning to add a huge Screaming Bell (inspired by the Warmaster ‘model) with loads of manic fanatical Skaven hhanging off ringing bells and shouting their praises to the great Horned One! Lastly, I recommend Skaven Slaves (no more than 20 strong with command), as they are the best unit in Warhammer. Many a time have they made their points back several times over in a game with the promise of freedom (in one game they killed a Stegadon in two rounds of combat Remember, have fun with your Skaven and Ifyou are not responsible for killing half your own army during a bate then it hasn't been a good game! ete has done a brian jb to ‘ith a mind ete hsm 4 ‘Conversions Conversions With the many possibilities available with the Skaven plastic sprues, ‘gamers and hobbyists have used components from various sources to make their Warlock Engineers’ dreams turn into reality in these inspired (insane?) creations! SCREAMING BELL SSKAVEN RAT RIDERS yer Gu “yemotoann | J. f a Dioramas Many gamers and hobbyists have been inspired to create the various backgrounds of their army. Dioramas give the viewer a slice of the background to a gamers army in a very interesting way. BATTLE SCENE wy is Eoamant Golden Demon Z| Golden Demon Masters of the Under-Empire... The Skaven are a race of malevolent rat-men that inhabit the underground of the Warhammer world. The tunnels of their vast Under-Empire reach from the steaming jungles of the Southlands to the snow-covered steppes of Kisley, from the western borders of E: ree een eter myer Pee ee ees idden in the ee acre eee eee eee Pease See et es Sere es Reena the Council of Thit Se een surface world and rule over its ruins. en eee The Skaven Collectors? Pree ee ee Rene eet est See ee) Peretti = Complete components lists for Skaven, pictures, prices and codes, Cone eR ete Great Skaven Dioramas bee Sees Awesome Skaven armies from around the world, Sear! Ste aera y Jammer general or building your first Skaven army, this is one book