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BRETONNIAN COLLECTORS’ GUIDE bat is a Collectors’ Guide? ‘The Bretonnian Collectors’ Guide isthe definitive tome for anyone interested inthe Bretonnian miniatures range. Its ideal for anyone who collects Bretonnians, containing the full range of Bretonnian models and their component pars. We've lai the range out following Warhammer Armies: Bretonnians. All the Hero choices are in one section, followed by Core, Special and Rare units. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or ‘components you are looking fo. The Bretonnian Collectors’ Guide i far more than a simple catalogue. Also included within are a number of other features such as Bretonnian Dukedoms, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staf, conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. 0 if you collect, paint or game with Bretonnians then this is the book for you. Classic Range Models ‘When you reach the Components section, you wil find that some ofthe models are * labelled as Classic. ye Classic Range Classic Range models (lke the Classic Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus pictured right) are no longer available in stores but are stil ideal for use in your army. Don't worry, all the Classie modets will be clearly labelled insic Ordering any of these models is simple and convenient. All you have ta:dois select your models from this book then use any of the following ‘ordering methods below. Bow cap I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE ciate Visit your local Games Workshop Hobby Centre and our friendly staf will be more than happy to help you use our in-store order service. Using this Collectors’ Guide, or any of the catalogues available in the stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games Workshop products in the world. Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres pone o ae cect your ore whichever is oe conven fr you. ONLINE STORE The Games Workshop Online Store cries the ful ange of Bretonian miniatures, aswel as a arg selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our website is secure. With our fast order picking your order will be in your ‘hands in no time. To visit our Online Store go to: GIVE US AcALL ‘We have a team of Hobby Specialists standing by to take your call. It you would like to order anything from this Collectors’ Guide, get some rules or hobby advice, then give us a call on 0115 91 40000. WRITE TO US If you prefer to post your order or write us a letter then send it to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. ‘sa a a i ml pid i tnd fy se af at ee aoe he yb Pees er are pute ott ts a ey Pots weaned wes Cran Cn FO a eH ve Pree ae og tps ae "amc rere cy a ps Pear poe nd ar nor eho Ses canoer eat vet les pane ene Pe 8 Pes CODCENCS 2 Beeloopian Dudas 1D Heloppian Components lit: Lords © meres B Beelopian Components lil: Core Opi Al Becloppian Compopents iat: Speco Upls I. Heeloppian Components lit: Rare Upits 36. Breoppian Showsaee AZ. Brelogoian Sepery 3A. Breogpian Copersions +46 Breloppian Galley Demon Epties 14g) Breloprian Dioramas ‘by Dovid Poet ccreors rt Pie: Feo. yn ar a i ne tone: se han, tay GaP us ath te ay a a ie aah at POPs OW OY OY : SVOOO ID OO Dyn elon | Dukedoms Br Couronne ctr eps eet eee CER e eet Eases cee ot ke ea gee oT ie rant Eas een ee or The chsul of Brena reopen he Pe cel ccronek er nee loo fry “Empire. This dispuced Land is che scene of many bacrles wich che Me th oe ocngenaopercady mt oe Ponce rier re Robin even ante of reo led cwrie of Figs and ol Taamerur ces bur de en no Se Lage ated at eraclte uke s ye Dukedom of Arcot teased ince depeh of che famous Forese of Aden, a huge oak forese spreading ‘over de hunerlind of norebern Brecon. revels up the slopes of che Grey Mousa forehis reason i pronc co Ore vasion Reynard che Huncer enw fir and wide ehroughoue Brecon fOr his passion of hunecing nec he has become so expere mee hs sreae | thou spear he he prefers co use cis n bate racer han che sradicion lnghely Lance He rides wich a hw perched on he wise ana is always accompanied by hi fehl wolMhounds Grote Grif whose anager and loyal te unmaeches by any buneans hounds in Breconnia Reynard kes noching becer chan co era | dwn yard oF Ore raiders and ee ee dg on cen! | unto essed hc yale ofthc er Promaligatpemeho | ve entaddhne che coy was mon eney depoplaed Tee | Inppenedshrey afer che ro he ise ranch Dale Dude of tPoualon doncuel bans oye eee up che coat he fled oe From she plage rl persed The Rs verappomned nor Duke Now sisers black rmx ‘uenlles is steunced on che upper reaches of che River Brienne almese on che ede of the Forest of Loren "Thesis rulyaeplend own in which mach oF ce ol 2 sconoworkremans eae The mose Famous Duke of Quenalies was Taner cor of debacle oF (Dassoneaa. ant che sewed enemy of che Lichemasrer Kemer “Ths fend plagued cheeascern fronaer of Breconna festering ac Ds diac by dhe Duke's army Dish Tsnere 1 hep co hue dow and slay che undese menace wich che belp of his ancestral pocene relic the Fmous Ble of Couronne given by che King in person eo ely deve ehe walking den asconne sa yase dom i ce heareand of Breanna “This Dukedown is perhaps de oleae in ee realm and sheDuke s eradcinally one of the King’s most {tmportane nobles The cael of che Duk ts lcared on a gh craggy rock oerlookmg che forse of Chilons. an -Basconne's vase escares are almost ence ral ‘Oneof che mese famous heroes in Breaannian biseory's Jasperre che Fremoeslaver oF dragons in she realm. ews he who slew de dragon ‘@algromace and rescued Tabeau, che King's dusheer from the espns os "Thisas se one of ehe moneters ln by Jasperre in bas neverending qusc for che gral sper ies pepsin which i ante choice of moun frome ‘abo teks 29 say dragons and sue dm from Fig cower SA) vomesse sa free Land in che firnorelwese of Breconnta and sche homeland of de Funeus Repanse daring che kingslomsdavkesr hour This was when King Louis che Brave vas shun im tucde ighewg a ase bore ‘of Chase varrions tals Breconnts from che Ses of Clas Repanse as no more chan seventeen years of age ben vision of che Lady of che Lake inspired her eo break open be village gril chapel nd [Bsening.acapescry hung on che wall lancs, ae rove fore 3 swarhorse found err new eo rally he scaccered and dshearcenal Knighes of Lyonesse When ehe rereaing Knighes a0 ‘mere damsel bravely sercng of co bacee hey were shiomed and fee honour bound eo follow her deach a glory Couronne was ved and che remnana of che enemy were pase wo ee sea and rely pac sent a ight nr pti Section One: Lords & Heroes oe. | — —) LORDS © HEROES . King Louep Leopcoeur BRETONNIAN Leoncorun werocave coe : osreisosos Moros et. sourasinsst 1 onifestonten ca ry Pott crt ay ay Pec wp ann ‘ yarns Pct ona wes aes Woy eo Sata ee rcp —— ——S— Classic Range “YF LORDS & GEROES esters ei a wearer . ror King Louey Leoncoeur € ccuassic HpPoaRYeH c1assic LEoNcoEUR cLAssic MPrOcRYPH User wns, ‘SHIELD rN ovoamontt e2 sosroatso10¢ aap someon? 3 Breloppiay Lord "300 spave ‘BneToMMAN LORD soeceoares £4 sometmo © soos 7 (ao ad) Pas ot at com temas hyo Wl ah tian He oy a sa Sg fr ede nd pre cA A lRETONNAN LORD jenerojae Lona DBRETONNIAN LORD enero mean Lono socio 1.90 soraonrt 24 soma 1.90 sorrorei £1.50 sy oe ae ny a rica tea cies Cte ht tsb goon noth Pasco sone ang pe eons ds Pes rad a eds ly aes Woh oa oe et amd ease eas emerge empress 7 ‘SEARER LEC, ‘roan 2 rosa 1 ‘eeoamom e250 Past cont cl soy wl eh Bn Hr aya ad sue Sr pap fr cade an pe. Classic Range | Tse mosis atmo lange alae stores, bt ‘eyo roy ee Y ora Kcr usr Koi bar Grail Knight Hero ant walt Ca Gra Kot ro ‘ORAL KMGieT ‘CLASSIC GRAN. rH LEGS ras suai 8 Courts cove oath as es ov oto Ge Wey hh oe se tere we hp eas ae reps em an Pre RDS ©& BERVES eeey wor Wonse HEAD 4a sewai Worse Boo (1 ano oa at 8 a 5 ees (gn a st) : os ‘Sp shown Sr sown a 0 eDIevAL HORSE BODY MEDIEVAL HORSE MEAD A TAIL COMPARISON HORSE BODY COMPARISON HORSE HEAD & TAL o. ‘ssooor es ‘suse et Crome eet eo) mam nae pea) Spun ch, ag pn a ‘Shu Shown a 0% a See sown aa aa ‘Tle ae Sew sont ea & @ as faneroNuay Honse Boo" SPRUE ‘BRETONMIAN HORSE HEAD SPRUE “ ‘octane et a (fon rear a in) i tn oy Poet a oP ico at eet bdo ena, Mem cad npn int ‘ce oe atop Pe wa at Paes sy Gane Wes Om Bo aoe seat as ee rn a oe ak ae ee ee LORDS © BERVES é Fay Enchapiress Pay ENcANTRESS BASE ‘eeroamosr 3 Fay ENCHANTRESS RIGHT SIDE | ravencnawress ‘serotsarac | sertottsr 2 Complete serena 6 Breloppiay Damsel "Btu net oat alin ater Pama nd ato cgay ‘BRETONNWAN DAMGELS “Sea souztned £9 Complete (Conaen a mums oot ad) te SRETONWAN DAMSEL ON FOOT MOUNTED BRETONNIAN OAMSEL Pare ample t Mun Ben Cane ‘nonnosaee ca ‘eeroamon 4 10 nay pans Meng or pots oe ares Wy Pease ae nope wos aode ese ees sn Bo . “YP LORDS © BERVES Classic Range seta any ete Ben Fe Cais Repanse de Lyonease sarees £1.50 sstroens30 op “uecaonant e250 | ‘Sooners 250 Sorceress. Classic Range spe Se ge 9 Cae ers AnETONNAN SORCERESS MOUNTED BRETONNUAN SORCERESS Pie! wat Mreosn ocess reennn fe ‘nme ee Jules © Extras Berlrand, Fiugp © Gui eee Range Ae ob sate t,t ‘tp orn fy JULES on Honey Horse ristean ure ue panne. ‘tanoes fe Soaaie colnaisares tp eTRANO, HUGO AND ‘som ee Cane ere or tab penton Pr cn my ay Pc es ad suntan Ch ss mab gr et ams Peat ef ns pes ps ‘ar cry rane Pe ued ase ames ren Sop oe eraser ng aon LORDS: & BEROES Green Knight ‘GREEN xuck 800y Coreen uote Leas ‘oneEN kN serio £18 Complete HORSE LEFT SDE WORSE HEAD ORSE RIGHT SIDE ‘orroamsztoe £3 sesromsem? 50 Sseromoctos tt Morgjana | dink te e Fatt eal Mega lwuconn LEFT soe ‘Toemsons con sree C4 we ry Pos os yr caste at Section Two: Core Units (iss) Sr sown a 5 ea So, cuassic xr antes eanoesof Cass Kngs Beane. mousey Conn sotroamoriea £250 st & eS ‘REALM HERO OM FOOT exLueno.9g2"" OFTWEREALAIAUMON BODY OF THEREALATHUMIPETER OF THENEALSTAROARD ateanat tp Qa vvuw or Tie REALNbODY + oF Te REAL BODY 2 orient 0042 “seat ee Smt ep erat Sop OF ME REALNERO sours £1.50 — vale a oer? £1.80 of ie eat zos Pee ane oa ry Pied ie CCU ns ye ee Claaic Kniafts Errant ‘CHAMPION LEGS. ‘BANNER BEARER BOOT ‘roams ‘herons 1250, CLASSIC KNIT ERRANT CLASSIC KNVGHT ERRANT Someemecse © ‘oars gop Psa ero a a le oe a a ia a 9 re is you wl ae Fig Sha pr ee 15 f\ e & uss wait ‘cuassic kwon cuassic xnoHT ‘cuassic kaon cuassic ware sosreaereat E10 seaomsaint 2.50 wsromcins £150 sUrumnZtos E150 ou = aod want Css Kah Erne cuassic nce ‘cuassic knwo Pte ag fC Hot Eras ae erat vance 2 ERRANT LANGE | es era pupae ny ra nema Poise sn Con Ct pc may bos fu ot Pe come athe py pe, Hse 16 “Emaar ane Pes cee ont say an Wes oo Hees eaten as ees emmy a on es § t CORE apIcs Mep-al-arms CORE GDICS she aster Classic Men-al-arms Command { ‘bereanom) Lassie cHaurion cxasie cxmumon cassie caamon2 Pease te at cont ame lm ne nyu Fr Ss. Se aH 150 cd a i» bas i Peete rane arco Pc ca may Prac up ncn Catan Ch rc a ng my Pecan a ns esp 8 “ass ioe yr Pes ue rts say aes Wen oo So Seder esta ease sab eee mn re ——= ——— Pe enc Classic Range : core nics Toe mos on on ge ai oe buen yee s é ‘enon Clagaic Mep-al-arms Balberdiers \ Sa, ” ‘CLASSIC HALBERDIER 1 CLASSIC HALBEROIER 2 ‘CLASSIC HALBEROKERD Pas nt ato conpoe sama he mods nN page you wl se he Fr Shs pe Seep 1Srcoteand eres. Classic Men-al-arms Spearmen AsSic SPEARMAN 1 cassie SPEARMAN 2 cuss rears Lassie sreanuan 4 Payee ae pone nh Pt cena Pr pn ad noe Can Cin pcs maybe gers ae bats cat aie yr Hest eat rte nny mae po seer Won Pr run sone vp as ers eon we apse con ope. 18 CORE GDICS ; é Bowmen sores 0 mes) ‘eva tom soe snr SS in nasi Archers Classic Range reagan Sennen cat cuss ancven cuAsscancwERs cuss anovens ——_tassicanenens Sear es «AEM ASAE AERIS SGI SGN ee 9 ame Wp eo Section Three: Special Units SPECIAL UDICS t ; ; Grail Reliquoe ‘GRAIL RELQUAE seit" 20 Como Maus 2 com ree ay an rene Ps ed reat 8 a Wah ro bec se as apa eg on ees t SPECIAL UDICS Battle Pilgrims [BRETONWAR BATTLE PILGRIMS ASAE EES] 0100395 “£8 (@ random models) sre 250 nae lounge: a ot a hls at ned wnt ms shown Boy a4 eATILE Lona. SATE Lona aaTTLepLonm 3 sbeceasoans e250 be gree mt wn * a tO lee ou at show oe f saTrus puorm « sare oma ss BATTLE Pon 6 2 % ae puny PATE runs aTTus Poni 9 sseresiste 250 Pees tse pops Pet coms may ay Prec wen an sb Ct Gh ra yb ges ut acy Peso ae in pes at ay Md pi aes Nok uh Ce eae ape seam tebe ney ope 23 SPECIAL Gpics Questing Kniabls Ha = =< SS Questing Knights ‘auesria xian ‘uestine xuce ‘uestine xuctr 2 900" ‘2uestina xe Boo" TSWoRD ‘omens. Pack ey soarbmoone2 £1 somnaisesit e150 ‘quesrina xo ‘questa xwoK fuesrma cit ouesmG nant qUESTWa WGK QUESTMG Ra ‘PACK. ‘Boy “TswoRD soars £2 someone e3 seeroaoone £4 pn ee | i fi ‘vests oir ‘auestine car ‘QUESTING KNGHT —QUESTING KNIGHT «GUEST XNGHT —-—_UESTING KNGHT comcast: «2 seen? es ee oe somamoamie «2 TGasse Questing Kpights y Classic Range ‘money a se ‘vesTING KwwaHT cnn ag noun so tp Peaeornscme tara Lite Pao wale otc Osesig Kot ouesTwG wcnT QUESTNGKNGHT QUESTINGXNoHT_OUESTHG WGHT OUEST HT Pe ane sss a dc coms ayy Pel el wpe a see Gah Od PODS mab Se ee Pe crea DW. st “rset abr Pa he ty ame Woo ghost eset soe pat enrney he ewes — ———— = = gi SPECIAL UDICS t ee nserver id cierto setae f Moupled Teomen Sowing ie 4 \ uouvreD YEouAn ‘MouxreD YEoUAN wouvreo veouan secoamona e3 soureaatat ea sesroamoaton e9 Pritt eal Ch Mure Yran Mn, rain luounTeD YEOMAN MouNTeD YEOMAN 6 coment even 2 eroamont 2 t bi ¥ Fates ole of Mose ons MOUNTED YEOMAN 12 younTED YEOMAN sserompansie £4 sores 1 tots a baron wl arty Pees at to es tat 1s cn ws roe aos epee eee a wr Des cet nay ares Pai Hes Oy as We IS q. ’ SPECLAL UDICS \ Cloasic Squires oe St, caret oc sae cxasse sae cass sone = em ara eae sno se ec ta cA tse cuss scare cusses score casa sume oc oe oc Eso or hse ea pe Po cn ay ny ot nn ti i Os ray cre terse ny ror Pet ue es ame Wi gh ose eae eat enn e orges—27 conan SS = SPECIAL DIES | smzbatr ens mat) Se sown a0 Soe ~ Classic Range Classic Hero op Pegasus [BRETONNIAN PEGASUS KNUGHT SPRUE eee | oh eee Pon nae sap ny Pct mtr may ry Pratap sme Car iad pec maybe ga ey Po carat eg at 28 Clr cr wey nes Fes ue ot Bods 08 Gam otsUR Peano Gee usps mah nopieet Mae espe eg a ot Pee RARE (DICS Grail Knights irfonmny £25 Complete (mode (random mea 7 a. as Ri SK nA nwowr TORSO ORAL RMGHT TORSO? GRAILKWGHT TORSO? GRANLRMGMT TORSO ORAL AMG TOROS GRAIL KMCHT TORSO oxromsouno £2 ‘aaron t2 fecramsomnos 22 ‘oir ‘pan ewan LE0S1 ORAL wT LER? ORAL GH LER§1.GRALAMONTLEGS.4 GRAIL OUT ES § GRAN. WUGT LEGS 6 ‘uernnsts 80 nes ene amet 150 orroanoei2s 50” “SUreabom2 e150 Past ares se Bin alg Coane Ph lt incite aed at a eso Sn ae ee 4 9 CLUSSECRALAIONT CLASSICGRAILANGHT | CLASSIC GRAIL KWGHT CLASSI ORAL MOAT GLASSIConAL KlMGHT CLASSE ORAL KUGKT ‘GHAMPON ONFOOT | CHAMIMON ON FOOT SHIELD CHAMPION BODY" CHAMPION LEGS.” CHAMPION HORSE HEAD “CHAMPION SHIELD ‘urease ee strona? Sp Sseomonne cs «femme ee sheaamames €1s0" Shean Sop rove ci Seto . e ¢ ‘ ‘cLassic anal. Kuch natiowan cussnconaw uo CLAS LASSIC GRAIL ‘cuAssic onan. KNIGHT ‘starouro on.” “sranoano.eanen Sianoano nonde end STAOANO SEL og SIAN ‘MUSICIAN HORSE HEAD ssromnect ep rmonoat 130 ramets tp. ‘soroassc2 £3 seroomecton e180 awa crane sou ny Pre ites may Pel pn aoe Ce Cd pasa my beg cri Pe cet fgg ase 22 "Crus covet ealoiy nae Pes uaa ar 04 Gane on Pea om Ses cep alah onee le’ fee sng Pe on Dee RARE UDICS Classic Grail Kyighls 1¢Adkeu cuassic ona wt, CLASSCGRAN KMGHT LEGS CLASSICGRAK KMGHT CLASSIC GRA KMGHT_—__CLASSIC aha. rowan uees, van Lance HORSE HEAD sasromsizioe e150 eres soupcnsomd £350 Urs top sotretscioe 150 cuassi onan cuassc onan. cuassic GRAIL CLASSIC GRA, cuassic cra vow vaugit WORSE Ea02 RMIT SODY 3 suai seta (OUGHT HORSE’ setromcror eso SBeNOOTO8 op "oetnoro) eie0 —SMTDaOETIO ehsa——«SBIMONWTIY Gop OMEMEONYE 8D fathoms 33 RARE UDICS Crebuchel ‘Brio ee Compe % % z ‘ReBUCHET CREW 1 ‘rreaucner caew 2 ‘TResucner cnew 3 ‘renmonoy e250 oeroannoioe e250 hy e250 ‘ReBUCHET CREW 4 "TREBUCHET CREW 5 -raeaucer ‘oxroamonnt 250 teerbaonios #150 wieetaannow SF Lith lance and blade, we will strike down the cowardly epemy, We, the proud kpighls of Breloppia, will ride | | them down, With faith in the Lady, we will be impervious fo harm. We will be remembered always, our Heroic deeds living beyond our years. For Brelonpia, and for the Lady, charge! 99 SHOWCASE ChE ARMY OF CHEODORIC D'AGUILE By Richard Burdel! Games (orksbop Chellenfam Richard: | have alvays liked the chivalrous background of Bretonnia, and the gallant feats of heroism the knights achive. The release ofthe new Bietonian modes provided me wth the perfect opportunity to rekindle my passion forthe army Tho amy was itll designed fora 1800pt tournament, but soon expanded beyond 2000ps for the larger tournaments. | Deleve that for an army to stand ou in touraments; it needs to have a bright colour scheme, wit simple conversions throughout the ary. wanted my army tobe diferent rom al the other Bretonnian armies onthe tournament scene, and decided to paint alte modes using the NM (non metalic met) technique This technique provides a highly polished selec, wich | think suits the Bretonnian imagery. There axe many conversions contained within the army, from simple head swaps to the paladin based on the ‘Archaon model. My favourite unit has to be the (Questing Knights, their faces contain lots of character which makes each knight unique 1m currently working on three more units of Pegasus Knights, a Paladin ona Pegasus and a third Damsal. These should ensure yet more victories for Bretonia on the batted Tis converted rchaon model, makes a powertl ana Imposing looking Pal for ichar’s fre. aut! Thi fantasti Hgpagryph rier demonstrates Rlcharés In foping wit Tove for eonvering an adding character this army SOS] 5 SHOCICASE % ChE ARM OF DUC CELESID By Andy Jacksop Tall Games orks tal Ava eet were identical Where had to hav the (Ment ams), 12 Gan ane colour scheme battle. Ines Bretonnian army | wanted to each type a night and since ta BS a “ ree aoes mee SBUMICAS! Che ARMY OF MALLOBAUDE OF MOUSILLOD By Stephen Greep Games (orkshop OK Fiance ‘Stophen: Th colour and fare of the Bretonians was the frst thing that drew me to doing an amy. Added to that vas tat the peasantry lve and fight i, itis an army of extremes wit unstoppable it all the heroic deeds and the ing todo the trudging about trying 60 U ; Sy that makeup my Touche. pani fr obing acs avery tur nd otnng up my ” pporent re cage. pu at feo nto making these chara models ok god. Coa a P 1s a arias ee — aan —=— § SCEDERT bb. (Often, one ofthe most enjoyable aspects of collecting an army is personalising itwith scenery. Folloving are some great examples to hopefully inspire | you to go on nd make your awn. > Bretonnian tower Grail chapel >> Mounted character challenges could be decided using The Just special rules from White Owart 300 on this jousting ground, SCEDERT “ Bretonnian hovel "¥ Throughout Bretonnia there are hundreds of ponds an lakes where, local legends have it the Lady ofthe Lake has appeared to the faith Pe rapa ny re cat ayy Pl wp Crt Cn rat mb eg ed ety Pct aie i es vt cones ty np Pes ued oe psc ye ey oa tom sone tne eb agen eae posse amen hee nes ao CODVERSIODS > GOLDeD Dempn F ” a “8 GOLDEN Demon GoLDen Demon by Richard Hendereon ee € SE aa eed *% — ploRAMAS BLESSED BE CHU LL. ADT ‘The knights of Bretonnia are renowned throughout the Warhammer world for their skill at arms, their bravery and chivalry, and for their undying faith in their goddess, the Lady of the Lake. When it marches ‘to war, the Bretonnian army is an impressive sight to behold, with the proud ranks of knights backed up Seo eens te ete rey The Bretonnian Collectors’ Guide is the most comprehensive resource ever compiled for anyone who has an interest in Warhammer Bretonnian models. This full colour, 48-page book is packed full of: ‘Complete components lists, including pictures, prices and codes. ‘The Bretonnian Dukedoms, complete with a map pinpointing their location. Bretonnian themed Golden Demon winning entries. ‘The best Bretonnian dioramas, + Great Bretonnian conversions. Awesome Games Workshop staff Bretonnian armies. ‘So, whether you are a hardened Bretonnian veteran, oF building your first Bretonnian army, this is one re sete eh eee