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2) Cal i a at | ay icp np | CHAOS COLLECTORS’ GUIDE boa COO VM What is a Collectors’ Guide? The Chaos Collectors’ Guide isthe definitive tome for anyone interested in the Warhammer Chaos miniatures range. Its ideal for anyone who collects Chaos, containing the full range of Warhammer Chaos models and their component parts. We've laid the range aut to take into account the three different facets of the Chaos Army. All the Daemons are in one section, for example, with Lords and Heroes followed by Core Units. The same goes for Mortals and Beasts. We hope this will make it easier for you to navigate through and find the models or components you are looking for. The Chaos Collectors’ Guide is far more than a simple catalogue, also included within are a number of other features such as painted examples of the four Powers of Chaos, some fantastic armies painted and collected by Games Workshop staff, conversions, Golden Demon winners and great dioramas. $0 if you collect, paint or game with any ofthe Chaos armies then ths is the book fr you Anyway what are you waiting for, stop reading this and take a look inside ‘When you reach the Components section, you will find that, some of the models are labelled as Classic, Collectors" and ‘Mordhicim. Classic Range Classic Range models (like the BLOODLETTER, pictured left) are no longer available in stores but are still ideal for use in your army. Collectors’ Models Collectors models (lke the PALANQUIN OF NURGLE, pictured right) are no langer available in stores but represent a real piece of Games Workstiop history (some models being over 10 years old!). Although they are mostly ‘no longer covered by the rules, these models still make (great collectors’ pleces or as a basis for conversion work Mordheim Mordheim is a tabletop skirmish game set in the Warhammer world. Many of the models are fully compatible with the Warhammer range, and make a great basis fr conversions. Don't worry, all the Classic, Collectors’ and Morc(ieim ‘models are clearly labelled inside. How can I order these models? IN-STORE ORDER SERVICE Visit your local Games Workshop Habby Gentre and our friendly staf will be more than happy to help you use our in-store order service. Using this collectors’ guide, or any of the catalogues available in the stores, you can choose from the largest range of Games ‘Workshop products in the world, Your order can be delivered to any of our Games Workshop Hobby Centres nationwide or sent direct to your home, whichever is most convenient for you. ON-LINE STORE The Games Workshop on-line store carries the full range of Chaos miniatures, as well as a large selection of other Games Workshop products. Order with confidence, as our web site is secure. With our fast order picking your order will be in your hands in no time. ‘To visit our web store go to: GIVE US A CALL We have a team of staff standing by to take your call. If you would lke to order anything from this collectors’ guide, get some rules or habby advice, then give us a call on 0115 91 40000, WRITE TO US It you prefer to post your order or write us a letter then send it to: Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, UK. Contents 2 The Spread of Chaos in the Old World 9 The Mortal Legions The Diemonic Horde Beasts of Chaos Collectors’ Models ‘Mordtheim Movtets 6 Conversions Dioramas Showease ‘CHAOS LORD ON oAEWONIC STEED 1 Tana ae (San Deon Free 2001) She s read of (habs pf; P duit in the O Th olds ; ded oem oka boasts | oPrchans are said to thro and i | prasper i We foreste. . iy CB gad to wide HO any of those hie, | cursed placa are i near danse { erga por ss ffl Bal Gob the ehep Sale: Ho prada apy rap rorelars bathe press, she reser bafta dpi PRe rprsands a anf baad ang, ting ov « mass brass thane iy rte of al salt be the chalof the olin by his C han 1 the bad of be filers wb bn felon in battle E CManod thes thon we the intors after a fae, in particular tha crann onenies Hlon felon haGdythe al’ (asthe bath ol To nh aan ili tig een Gls fii Rll Crh Ant form serton es, lbh ome worship fn bane, Xero Minder, bagh ubithar Je bin | bas w Ala year hai bls Ti road bs yl_| Ded harglans bale that they con sly A ines oplt f sg,thay wall werd te dasnonbeed, 9 lors tsi tC baad ode rbla h t pom il rgd hing Basel « Air bare pan rage ih nage aes ern fa all Tae are net fdned sping Tir arn 3 tard. deleted te {bore Clap f Mle bili edgy iy ie Lak n Hants sap 0 «gat. 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Ty thet Wagon vers thar shir C angers of Ca fir eth toracks Bate wth angie bead te arn strc w amoder of the Was ODD Shag ake ft rrthirs basen else fons ele ads dot he opel the , f | k { 7 ang gf arg Ee « cx b Thay tba every of ths, such as the C rrcbbcen the ng pave Inte ty sok om pra th ah ps eda, poy lg Cas iv Lots gay, ‘Sone toftr to the as ns CU ndoided, (blah th wa we mitbellyg torn tha Laka aa te vf tho Dok Gods tithe Piece ee orchhp os afl Grod Pesor, ratho> then singly Ay tbe adordtion of Ta Chargers 9 Chass Cnbsided fared fat they suced ingaing th ep) fags they as ho Bon 1h ofl ie éSpnb al i Shape mara THE rays ty oat of aoa forte caheks wham: | corbiing tho ae {bine Che, Tome (le rnd-lving bly of Shnsh and tha 4 Z 1 Ged-ran dearens of Nw me Tram enretfarscangons,thae vesineh whats dastinad fr grut nds, As (or sha) can ste b endprrtet of tattoo Rede Cond Tints. Ova « Tingle of Smt fan bapaned ’ ? Pe sali bans in return far tho pon to erash the Cngire ad the In god hd was tg fad. | a t Chargion ff Dako ports Lop the Coda, and har aeacks can daestete vast traces thppaelaapee ast } % Section One The Mortal Legions , The Mortal Legions Archaon, Lord of the End Times ‘ou7e0yr2sa6 £4 ARCHAON STEED HEAD sovrean 250) £350 Wa [ARCHAON BODY ARCHAON HEAD a SWORD ARCHAON SHIELD uironyr2502 5 enantio} £2 ‘aan 28 2 ARCHAON STEED LEFT SIDE ARCHAON BASE uroan i024 Soir asa ea 10 Pletus usd for duets puposis ony. Models sipping inpaintd Banners nt ele, Poss quota ave cotta ime of ing ey (ROM HEAD & SWORD crow Booy ccnom siieLo, camaro) £150 aten sot iron 4s 62 ‘CROM THE CONQUEROR sootenis 7 | Classic Range Classic Archaon | Tt mds reas abe nso, Dutt py ble you Cac ry. a tb cusareanciaon CLASSIC ARCHAON'S HELMET CLASSIC ARCHAON'S SHIELO ‘SuMEDIONC Sp s9aTEO1DTON soe sap “cLASSic WsoRAYCH'S HEAD CLASSIC ARCHAON oasis e150 STEED nIGHT SIDE ‘LRNITONG 2 CLASSIC ARCHAONS CLassic ARcHAON cLassic ancHaows B0DY ‘ev of comptes Case Actua, ‘STEED LEFT SIDE souteaior01 3 GLoaK source 1 soumzowrws 2 ho igh sre, aalogus or website. depend els ae resonate for detaining en The Mortal Legions “aL lassie Range e site bate pet wae tg Chis a Egrimm Van Horstman CLASSIC CHADS DRAGON NECK 2 ooerani02008 2 Suivgoticae ee Classic Characters vp ot comple ls baa he at, The Mortal Legions : @or se CLASSIC ARBAAL THE UNDEFEATED BANNER POLE Satan et (CLASSIC ARBAAL THE ‘UNDEFEATED BODY mvrZor0290 3 4 Classic Range “Tmo ones pages aero ng ral in eb al geroety wl yor One Ra Ry: v CLASSIC ARBAAL THE ‘asic baat THe UNDEREATEDWAinienTop _UNDEFEATEO THRONE Bie ‘puraieas 2 sorroamiaes 1 = = ‘uration Sop ‘CLASSIC ARBAAL FLESH HOU treat eteemene CLASSIC ARBAAL THE CLASSIC ARBAAL FLESH HOUND TAL UNbeFeareD LEGS: eacreni0210. ‘auraoioane 2 CLASSIC ARBAAL FLESH HOUND CLASSIC ARBAALFLESH CLASSIC ARBAAL FLes HOUND RIGHT FRONT LEG HOUND RIGHT BACK Le ucrenig2n) et ‘uvvoabasi2 et Prlnat eamsit eal Hebss. AEKOLD HELBRASS BODY AEKOLD'S BANNER CLASSIC ANBAAL FLESH Classic aRSAAL FL aren. 8 MOUND LEFT FRONT LEG HOUND LEFT BACK Le sorozoaats et uroanioasa LS 4 DecHALA Anus DECHALA HEAD DECHALA TALL sours 22 ssaroant853. 5p seurteni501 81 DECHALA B0DY DECHALA LEFT ARWS DECHALA RIGHT ARMS serene 2 soon 2 srtzoioasos £2 ‘HAs LoRO RIGHT ARM ‘cHAos Lono sooy CHAOS LORD LEFT ARI Pao xan of Monta Cars Lot. ‘somtetosors £1.50 soaozne001 £2 souTe01OH008 1.50, ‘CHNOS STEED BODY LEFT SIDE CHAOS LORD SHIELD CHAGS LORD HEAD CHAOS STEED HEAD (HOS STEED BODY RIGHT SIDE caranis007 3 ouzoisons £1 "OURO? Sop Sorin fetna et sorazoo8ot6 £3 Pst fb Games Vorshep haus som sores calaleque cr westo. ndependent ears re eeponabi x deeming he own pes. |, The Mortal Legions Chaos Champions and Sorcerers Seas } y yf ‘a Sareea i aay \ § 3 SORCERER (2 teria Sain saat =F en Co iv MOUNTED sonCERER ‘SORCERER STEED HEAD MOUNTED CHAOS SORCERER ‘irony Teno) 85 uirenivuoee et ee. The Mortal Legions a ee we ‘chAOS SORCERER 1 SWORD soqrcz0iiee et cs soncenen 1 sopr ‘ohnos soncenen 1 starr (CHAOS SORCERER 1 HEAD aml ocala Chas Socoor1 sna ‘uTuenicaae ‘oven 804 sop ‘CHAOS soncERER 2 swonD ABpame ee ‘408 soRcERER 2 BODY ‘chaos soncenen 2 STAFF ‘HAO SORCERER 2 HEAD al comptes Chas Soren 2 SMT ex suuenisane. 1 SouTROTEN8 Sop be) @ ‘CHAOS SORCERER 2 ARM SoRcERER 9 HEAD S9712010810 Sop ‘m1720100811 5p SORCERER BODY Espo cf amples Cone Sore 2 cLAssic chaos soncenEn 1 CcLassic cHAos SORCERER 2 conaos: sorcanronty 8s ‘soitaniont2 rue0 10808 Ea The Mortal Legions Champions of Khorne HORNE LORD Booy HORE LoRo SPRUE 2 seqaz0 0014 arazoranog £2 WORNE Lono SPRUE + HORNE LORD omrtanisn2 2 ‘STEED TAIL seqraz0ie207 21 LORD OF KHORNE sovmanis 12 complete HORNE LonO STEED HEAD HORNE LORD STEED RGHT SIDE HORNE LORO STEED LEFT SIDE sovanoreRON £1.80, souazaiisns £3 ‘ouiDoT ane 8 ® HORNE CHAMPION HEAD CONTRI 3p CHAMPION OF KHORNE ‘uoenn a0) ea souueotent ea HORNE CHAMPION AXE eovtentios 7 srrenitas et SLAMMESH\ORD STEED SOO SLAAMESH LORD EAWOER SLAANESI LORD ARM ns ferennsm0) 22 ‘orion i Staanestt Lon stganesi ono somnentiastt 150 somranmd0 2 o> @ Staavesi ono STEED HEAD suannesittono (Cc SUAANESLORO —SLAMNESHLORD _SLAAMESHLORO SRR £2 guess easier To12 1 SLAANESH CHAMPION SLAANESH CHAMPION ssurzrisar £5 sarorigone 1 HEAD ‘sono ‘CHAMPION OF SLAANESH sowteorst02 sop sngucnicens et sustani3s £7 — The Mortal Legions Champions of Slaanesh G | a The Mortal Legions Champions of Nurgle HEAD AND HAND SPRUE NURGLE LORD 800Y _NURGLELORD SIGNPOST NURGLE LoD WEAPONS sauieot 02 ‘ivanrs7os £2, Lono oF nuRGLE ‘seuraniias £3. soqozois7ot ee sovignriay 212 complete NURGLE CHAMPION BODY NURGLE CHAMPION SPRUE 1 ‘owrenoen) es sBiro0ri96. 2, The Mortal Legions Champions of Tzeentch ‘TZEENTCH LORD HEAD r seroars202 Sop ‘T2EENTCH LORD AR fovea ites B50 \ “TZEENTCH LonD SPRUE 1 roar ans 3 ‘TZEENTCH LORD BODY TZEENTCH LORD o18e cearcyTen) ee SOUTnON S204 Ee ‘REENTH CHAMPION TZEENTCH CHAMPION _TZEENTOH CHAMPION arauan Boor sorte 1 sararnisa2 1.50 soonenntot 6 , The Mortal Legions Warriors of Chaos wn < BO on vo — g = ° > E , The Mortal Legions Classic Warriors of Chaos LEADER HEAD saurers £09 STANDARD TOP w STANDARD, cuassic chaos STANDARO TOP sauna 1 tty ames Worn eh oun The Mortal Legions tee CHAOS WARRIOR CHAOS WARRIOR chaos WARRIOR HORNSLOWER ARM ©“ LEADER HEAD ‘STANDARD TOP Suoenioots e180 9702010 Bop ssureniamion st By oy” AOS WARRIOR ALBERD ARM + soiree 150 CHAOS WARRIOR HALBEROIER THORN BLOWER Ara | eames £150 [J crwoscrauron poor cnaoscnauron ‘chaos wannuon 2 ‘CHAOS WARRIOR 3 couteni06a2 £3 souTzOIO8303 £3, Classic Chaos Warriors ate ose =f ‘aos wannion cnnos wannion nD ARM tenon siace stron 50 eaten £1.90 8 coLassie chaos cuassic cHA0s ‘STANDARO BEARER serena «3 ssrczrio07n2 £3 for web, Independent ears ate responsible dele hl own pes 25 The Mortal Legions Knights of Chaos KNIGHTS OF CHAOS (6 modes) TEHTIZOT20 £25 complete é chaos Kwai + chaos knigir 2 cuxos xuioi 3 CHAOS KWGHT4 CHAOS KNIGHT CHAMPION _cH¥AOS KN Seurmoano et Sowmeoiest2 es ‘Suimeniaens 3 Setrazo2sot 3 owas. ce cchanPion swore SOUTEO Ze 4¥ _ an 6 OP 3 3¢ y "4 bart: pa! M y My My ‘cHAOS Kai SHELO ngs won sco 2 CHikOS Klan sHELo 3 CHAOS Kru SHEL 4 een eac8 owmonsis 8 ‘cumin cOMOESTEED EAD CHAGSSTEED HEAD2 CHAOS STEED HEADS CHAOS STEED EAD CHAOS KMGHT CHAMPION CHAOS KMGHT sro rennizels Soreongsis et auaromtiants et wovrazozsi8 £1 oumban i261 £2 The Mortal Legions 7.J CHBOSKNIGHT AXE CHAOS KNIGHT AXE2 CHAOS KNIGHT SWORD CHAOS KNIGHT HANMER CHAOS KNIGHT HORN CHAOS STEED TAIL ray eronviasis er eeuveniaaid eh ‘reanator et ‘uation Bt Setzor2617 Sop ¥ Classic Range Classic Knights of Chaos & Sirtsbutw sl pee ase ur hme wy S SE ees Elenite gh —CHAOBKMGNTLEGS_CXADEKMGHT LEGS? —_cuosKMMT. ch xan stent ces! “isan eae” Sidecar ror Share tp cavern cxsosiorr ceo orn cmos see coos awa reco cog rm omnana Smee sss thao coanight sobs fo! wet eae voc emt cop cunt ap seo ee ute oop {r _— Chacha opt eG air 5 4 She aun arenes Tha cca tg Ciuosjwcxr 890v1 cos aH Bo0Y2 _cHAo8 mon GOO coos vor Lace an ‘saan ‘oats aaa isnt ess Ps at by ares Warne br is The Mortal Legions Chaos Chariot ciixos wannion ‘CHAOS WARRIOR chaos wannion ida Waa GHARIOT FAIRING (CHARIOT LEFT FAIRING CHARIOT nar FAIRING pea ane renin st RSUMENOFNE 2 euro? 2 ‘amTeNtOaDe 8 & ‘Chamior YORE (CHARIOT WHEEL (CHARIOT wigeL SovTHe Sree nono snroeniratt £2 Souremr3t0. 1 eonczn7s11 sop sosnznorina £1 ia MOS WARRIOR CHAOS WARRIOR CHAOS WARRIOR WHIP ARAL ‘ueroanorso £9 CREWNANWITHAXE WHIP CReWuaN —“-ee7panUTSN? £4.80, Coomraras ce auioepira. 23 Chaos Steeds & & SH (OHAOS STEEDHEAD1 cing STEED HEAD2 CHAOS STEED HEAD sorroantia6e3 ‘oovamtiani et ‘Socrattiz8:s £1 & sora 256.1 & Lassie chaos arent) 4 sosten itt £1.50 The Mortal Legions Hellcannon of Chaos fi t ChAOS DWARF CREW 1 CchAOS owARE CREW 2 CHAOS DWARF GREW2 CHAOS OWARF SHOVEL HELLCANNON WHEEL Bo58 Suoeotiot 280 orien and £250 Touconang £280 ‘oarmeon7oot et owtani or? E90 earo2017005 £5 The Mortal Legions Marauders of Chaos fees. ‘omenrony ta ‘xs201010 £4 [fiterintee ipo than oy. eee Ringe The Mortal Legions Classic Marauders &- Oy ‘hikes nanauDen CHAOS MARAUDER (cHAOS uaRAUDER “STANDARD BEARER TOP SSTANDAR® BEARER BOY NER eons SeATIEnsan2 2 usommteseat 3 os wanauoen + CHAOS WARAUOER2 «CHAOS MARAUDER WITH CHAOS MARAUDER 4 WITH CHAOS MARAUDER 5 WuTlt ‘WTH2HANDED WEAPON tl 2:HANDED WEAPON HANDED WEAPON. ‘2HANDED WEAPON HANDED WEAPON HRN 250 ‘irene e280 fesrazniran £250 ferazni204 £20 Souraniosas. 250 ‘CHAOS MARAUDER cusoaniesras ‘Sop ‘CIAOSMARAUDER CHAOS MARAUDER CHAOS MARAUDER CHAOS MARAUDER (CHAOS MARAUDER: cries uanauoen WH FLAIL! wre FLalL2| ‘wire FLalL3 WITH FLA FLAILToP 2 oerenrsro) 2 auigvosoz c= suavnanngyta ea gprvanosraY 22 sectzo16s08 0p Pacis SE iater tee ta cur etree, catalogue or webate. neperdent aller ate maponela tor eterna that con prices. | wanauoen Horsemen, MARAUDER HORSEMAN (Smock (random model) senicentiar E20 complete soostzitst cS complete sarogoiretia £2 pi On ® @) " ¢ ef |e \e a } a \ 2 eye AND SHELDAT. “AND SWELD AZ ‘AND SHIELD Bt ‘ANO SHIELD B2 STEED HEAD Ghiraatiiie et cHAMMON Ale solrazniisioe £1.50 sarvgorstor £10 garaznTsiog eso mtvoanraio9 eso ovTagorato™ £4 uaraniat Section Two The Daemonic Horde The Daemonic Horde Be’lakor the Dark Master 3 ts BELAKOR LOW CLOTH BELAKOR HEAD ouercorisis et omireanisro) 2 v BELAKOR TORSO ‘sujaniie7 et 2 Seaton nories Beaton cerriso pewavon mie panx wasren | staat a secret Matt eeeomee j i ay BELAKOR LEFT ARM soarearisToe to BELAKOR RIGHT WING BELAKOR LEFT WING BE'LAKOR SWORD BELAKOR TAIL ouneorisr0. ba omtT20115700 2 ‘mi702115703 2 ouirannisree B80 The Daemonic Horde Azazel Bo, \ b Wadia! ’ ‘AZAZEL CLAW ARM AZAZEL TAIL “ szazeL LEFT Lea ‘AZAZEL TORSO oaratiraoo £3 soerzoio7ao2 ea AZAZEL RIGHT LEG AZAZEL SWORD ARM AZAZEL LEFT WING AZAZEL AIOHT WING covenant 3 ‘uUROI7e0S 2 ‘suaocniate £3 uocoirote 3 The Daemonic Horde Daemon Prince 4 MON PRINCE A DAEMON PRINCE & Bt £18 complete ortit209s £18 eomplate Convert as ot de, Goma se ot lac, Daewon pace DAEWON PRINCE DAEMON PRINCE DAEMON PRINCE soirtroina 24 sucrazaiotat 24 sourenrinr a sevroaioiab2 4 « v £ DAEMON PRINCE DAEMON PRINCE DAEMON PRINCE DAEMON prince DAEMON PRINCE DAEMON Prince ERD HEAD 1 HAIR igi AR TERT ARM. LEP aRie2 someniotr et sourenioens. et sovuemiosns et urezioe? et ssuraanos 81 ndraeaiana et <9 The Daemonic Horde Bloodthirster s g BLOooTHIRSTER wi ‘rane ea BLoooTHinsTER WHIP HAND BLOODTHIRSTER AXE soraz010B7 2 ouoanioeis ee Sraoiotos Shavenena 2430 STEN. The Daemonic Horde Lord of Change LORD oF CHANGE urea ea : i f i ureters ee soe | The Daemonic Horde e ono oF CHANGE {LoRD oF CHANGE ‘HEAD'A HEAD 8 soussiina 1 oireaingoos 81 {LORD oF CHANGE claws S212 0p LonD oF cHaNGe LLono oF CHANGE NECK A NECK'8 sovrnsnat? £1.80 omens e150 LORD oF cHaNGe LoRD oF CHANGE STAPF OPA, ‘Starr TOPS soneeisaate. e180 soerz01te 50 ‘Loo oF CHANGE LORD oF chance soxuaniaor 2 ose aon £9 LORD OF cHane ono oF chance FRONT TABARD. seevonioaa “£50 soaruaniei0. £4.50 LORD oF chanae LonD oF cHaNGE: LORD OF CHANGE LoRD oF chance rIGHT Ler uee ‘err wie seaman 2 anermoniert 2 seurtoniaets 63 coutroanrocas 23 lofshop aug is on sores, catalogue or Webs, Independent eae ae respensle for detaining tho avn pies. 13 The Daemonic Horde Great Unclean One sara fate nnd (orate spray), GREAT UNCLEAN ONE GREAT UNCLEAN on sosreotosior ©2 soartaoyasi 3.50 (GREATER DAENON OF NURC 'S8119515008 £28 compete This mal anes whoa a Sam e GREAT UNCLEAN ONE GREAT UNCLEAN ONE ‘GREAT UNCLEAN ONE (GREAT UNCLEAN ONE furaetoet et oxroeistostd es wreningioa e9 savroantietor ee & = GREAT UNCLEAN ONE GREATUNCLEAN ONE _- 25 complete was Sana ‘GALRAUCH HEAD 1 GALRAUCH HEAD2 santaniaot ee uepiivi ee GaLnauch SPRUE CGALRAUCH LEFT CLAW. GALRAUCH mucitT ARIA Gcatnauce SPRUE? ograniiari0 81 ouoaariaiog es seiroayisios 2 sourtansiaiti 1.80 _ The Daemonic Horde A Bloodletters ¢ BLOODLETTERS CHAMPION BLOODLETTERS COMMAND ‘H06955008 ES complete Se08D1S0 8 complete y jLoooLerrer STANDARD TO? uiranicanin 2 } eLoooterren ssarapisoce 1 cchamPioN Booy Suioeisoos ee sLoooLerrer CHAMPION AXE soaisonne 2 eLoopterren stasis" 3 souransones 9 ovansoatan 3 Soarapisostt es a9to08 BLoopLerren s sLooouerrens ‘urgoistane er - The Daemonic Horde Classic Bloodletters ‘CHAMPION LEFT ana ‘ CCLAssic BLOODLETTER cLAssic BLoonLeTTER CcLassic BLoooLeTTER ramp feo ‘CHAMPION HEAD (CHAMPION SWORD AR ‘CHAMPION BODY ‘ssc Boast Cin ‘uoenraroca £4 saaoiove0s 1.50 saivaani70ny £250 cLassic sLoooteTreR CLASsic aLoooLETTER ‘CLASSIC BLOoDLETTER aml of compat ‘WITH BLOOOHORN ‘STANDARD BEARER STANDARD (assed Sano Ba aioeoinsno) ‘utvoooior £3 ssaraznios02. ©2 _ The Daemonic Hordes oaeuonere 1 oneuoverre oxcuouerre« acuowerre tow Seenonor ee ener Shea Shenoon a . 7 oxsuouerr ncuouerre 6 asuonerveana2 newonerre ants aeuoverre a eesaton ee Shenae mise ap sarc op patie Classic Daemonettes Classic Range no Painted aml of sc Onenonte eucron0t002 2 ur7o20101008 3 soura0i010 ee ) The Daemonic Horde nae e : Classic Daemonettes & Fiend ; Classic Range ) CLASSIC DAEMONETTE cuassic (CLASSIC DAEMONETTE ‘CLASSIC DAEMONETTE Chanteron ‘STANDARD BEARER "HORN sermzoi7s0"| £4 seqoznruor £3 sourzai0an 24 ovazoo7ere 24 DAEMONETTE 8 cuassic cassie OAERONETTE 5 DAEMONETTE 6 DAEMONETTET rears £9 suaramronDs soarzoro1n £3 Fen LEFT CLAW 1 FIEND LEFT CLAW 2 FIEND HEAD 1 FleNo HEAD 2 sore £1 Sea7e011807 £1 orranrare urienoana &1 FIENO RIGHT CLAW OMTRNIOIS 1 PEND LEFT IDE Feno RlaHT cLAW2 Fatt war of Dass Fendt Sw, saurro0t £4 seraz011802 St ‘SuTTENaI6 £1 FIEND RIGHT SIDE sy amos Wviche heaugh 88. own ores, slate or web, Infependon reales are resonable or datarmbing tht avn pices The Daemonic Horde em 1 te ; me | Plaguebearers ‘ a ) A rusaueneanen 1 Puxauescanen2 usaueseanen runqvescancns oon rane ass onan ts mcuescarens riacueseanen7 Paovesce ‘uiaatsanny couearsbaie £3 Nurglings > Be ale. Sa a RE: oat einen See (2 bases of 1 ls) & ees : , oo cams wununae oe The Daemonic Horde Classic Plaguebearers shes. Spree nour Chaos, CLASSIC PLAGUESEARER! CLASSIC PLAGUEBEARER2 CLASSIC PLAGUEBEARER 3 fae oud neran: rerenoves SureeaONeON 29 razors? 3 " ceeran Asse MAGUEBEARER4 CLASQGRLAGUEBEARERS CLASSIC LAGUEBEARENSGLASRCRLAGUEBEARER CLASSIC PLAGUEREARER s9roz0 01805 £3 or soqcz0 0007 £3, couizois0s £3, Classic Nurglings y % Ee ® CUSSIOWURGLUNG1 _CLASSICNURGLING 2. CLASSIC NURGLING3 CLASSIC NURGLING 4 CLASSIC NURGLINGS _CLASSIC NURGLING 6 arnaeant st seroxat ‘mea et soroznnzans ‘suaranioans 1 esaznnzz08 et «¢ & « “-GUISSICMURGLING7 CLASSIC NURGLING 8 CLassic NURGLING 9 ample af ample ass Mucins samo 81 ‘uareoieses et ‘outen2209 8 The Daemonic Horde Horrors £Es HORRORS OF TRENTOH aon ont complete me =a : eet , ro MN, Hor 6, 7&8 use he Horr ightarms 1.24 Ny HORROR LEFTARNS1 HORROR LEFT ARMS 2 HORRORLEFTARHS HORROR RIGHT ARMS HORROR RIGHT ARIS 2 HORROR RIGHT A ourasnsnias et Haurarsondos Rt OOTaETSD1@T ouirgnsotai2 et cairasot0%3 a een Classic Range The Daemonic Horde || Tomes is ae a ong abe in [esta arty sable our Cans ty. 2 Classic Horrors ‘cLassic Prax HORROR courier 21 ‘eLAssic Pink HORROR DRUMMER TAIL soctzasio2 et ‘eLASsic mk HORROR CLASSIC PINK HORROR OS Sen GTANOARO BEARER nnn SaNoARO BEARER TAL cana 3 Uren 22 coxrension £9 asics ‘CLASSIC HORROR TAIL arcane CLASSIC PINK HORROR 1 CLASSIC PINK HORROR? -—«CLASSIC PINK HORRORS. CLASSIC PINK HORROR 4 ‘cLAsic HORROR TAIL? TENET 2 uTenisa02 £9 IROIOSEOS £9 vorazooss 3 ‘uoanbens £1 Pio net of complet ase Harr nena? et CLASSIC HORROR TAL 4 cuassic tue surenraana et CLASSIC BLUE. couassic BLUE cxassie atu cesreanier £2 orazoieres 2 secon 2 (ORROR 1 The Daemonic Horde Flamers & 2A FLAMER BODY 3 FLAMER BODY 4 esteem 2 Sosrepisoet2 3 seiromrsonn sroaisans may cepactanis et seomnsnns st auirmicores et ssarassteo e Pee The Daemonic Horde (os trae se pect sate nour Caos ary, Classic Flamers cassie FLaMER, CLASSIC FLAMER CLASSIC FLAMER, unssio aMen B00" v2 poov oucranioeth e3 sarcnirat2 ea uroenioen7 ea conan «3 CcLassic FLAMER cuassic FLamen ccuassic FLAME, cuassic FLAMER FIGHT ARIE 2 RIGHT ARI. RIGHT Anta osTeNDE 50m souaz001208 Sop satrtent208 Sop outer 210 Sop exh, ext wh ey CLASSIC FLAMER ccuassic FLaMen ccuassic FLAMER cuassic FLAMER. LEFT ARM? LEFT AR EFT ARI nara 5op surtenrens sop soxtzo1%212 sop sairanraet50p gz , The Daemonic Horde Flesh Hounds Classic Range hemi is gore aan The Daemonic Horde Classic Flesh Hounds EEE CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 1 CLaSsic FLESH HOUND 2 CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 3 somtzoinst0 £1.80 uneniont e180 sereenioet® 21.80 Bsns, CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 1 (CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 2 CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 3 RIGHT RIGHT BODY iGHT BODY suaranioety £1.50 soarenist2 £1.50, sseazoiusor £1.80 (CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 1 RUFF ‘CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 2 RUFF CLASSIC FLESH HOUND ITAL CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 2 TAIL «CLASSIC FLESH HOUND @TAIL CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 1 HEAD. ‘u7a0i0812 ‘ouozoiont et cuanion9 £1 ‘ourteninst2 £1 ey CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 2HEAD CLASSIC FLESH HOUND 9 HEAD ‘otracnoases ex Satanism £1 ancl ot cons sek Hone The Daemonic Horde | Mounted Daemonettes MOUNTED DAEMONETTES (1 random model) aeesisnre es s) | t ee rere MouNTED mounTeD DAsHONET DAEMONETTE 2 saxgsisni2. e150 seiraneo1003 8 i) v MOUNTED DAEMONETTES MOUNTED DAENONETTE SPRUE MOUNTED DAENONETTE4 MOUNT ED DAENONETTESIE ourvars0t0 25 Tairggysto08 21.50, rabis007 Tans OE * §&, The Daemonic Horde Classic Mounted soe uae spicy sable ot Oa ay Daemonettes ‘cuassic uoUNTED. cuassic uounTeD ‘CLASSIC DAEMONETTE cuassic uounreo DAEMONETTE MUSICIAN DAENONETTE CHANPION earoaniozis £280 SHOTENIOESTO £280, soronrorsos 21.50 SuAssi DANONE ‘Lassie DAENONETTE CLASSIc DAEMONETTE saumeniise. ta saurenisn2 2 sesrenieot £2 ef _i SP cusssie sixanesit cuagste staan CLASSICSLAANESH CLASSIC SLAANESH CLASSIC SLAANESH ‘CLASSIC SLAANESH STEEDAGHTLEG STEED WGHT LEG? ‘STEED LEFT LEG 1 ‘STEED LEFT LEG? wurororst2. ‘rornisio et ueraeoiorst9 ueroeotarstt £4 ‘oumenoerie e250 CLASSIC SLAANESH ‘STEED BODY |. The Daemonic Horde Screamers . | ‘SCREAMERS OF TZEENTCH ‘random moda) eonisns 5 a Sscreamen 1 SCREAMER 1 TAIL cacroaisasat es ournisnisce scneamen2 SCREAMER 2 TAIL ScaeAMens screamer 318 sooessosas 25 Sueestso1st etTSEDISE 5 rae sts ‘enaos Fury coHAOS FURY unos Funy 2 EWING. mirareni2n) 2 suurptsoiae. 2 sserpisor6 1 ‘CHAOS FURIES (2 random modo) woeotanr2 £8 ‘cHaos FuRY chaos Fury 3 cHAOS Furs na saaprsoins. 2 ouanieni2n8 2 CHT WING oudagya0i205 et Section Three Beasts of Chaos Beasts of Chaos Beastlords BEASTLORD GoATHOR ation tst £20 Competo ortHoR soDr coRTHOR HEAD ‘GonTHOR SPEAR ‘GORTHOR TROPHY RACK sooenionso1 28 enmanient2 21 ‘aan £3 toarenoieat £4 Beasts of Chaos 4 wr. @ x UNGOR CREWIMAW ARM TuskGOR 1 HEAD TUSKGOR 1 JAW TUSKGOR 2HEAD_—_TUSKGOR 2 HORNS ouoaoyrgon £4 Sranioen 2 uivaniauss sop “aarbanaetis £1 ‘sovroainesis 2 vyoxe SKULL souraatceros £4 oxreninetia £1 ‘CHARIOT BASE cHiantor SIDE. Harr ssomenreet £2 oniroontis £1.50 seuronatberes £8.50 BOAR BODY SPRUE ‘nsseoenid £850 _ Beasts of Chaos Beastlords / CLASSIC KHAZRAK MEAD CLASSIC KHAZRAK MP souranioson2 et orrozaaons 8.38 KHAZRAK B00" savreoronooY 2S MoRGHUR Booy MORGHUA LEFT ARM MORGHUR A spiroeonese2 es sourcaorieani ea SST Beasts of Chaos Minotaur Lord roarteonoa0 8, | “eS % MINOTAUR LORD HEAD MINOTAURLLORD JAW MINOTAUR LORD SHOULDER eatraDi0d 82 socratioisn2 sop ‘UTOIINEDS B80 unioraun Loro Lecs: NoTAUR LORD BODY DEITDADIOIOS 3 cocoa es Beasts of Chaos Shaggoth accor LEFT CLAW sour. ‘shaccorH rich CLAW SrceOvNTOS 2 sHacaoTA ROCK ‘ongen i708 2 \\ suaccom axe shagcom riGiT LEG searaoriary suvOnN1 47 4 |, Beasts of Chaos Beastmen Regiment Bee ee a Beasts of Chaos ee ee . Classic Beastmen Gors The Case Basten Go use he woe sie sie spos shore. | (hom a0 acu sa) | 4 CLASSIC Gon STANDARD TOP 1 sauraoino2s 8 @ ¥ $ cuasse con exanion ‘LAssc Gon STANDARD 1 cussscconsmioano2 classic sen eee Sunrce es Sumpocon toa snort ee : ( SICGORWORNLOWER CLASSIC GOR HORNSLOWER? CLASSIC SEASTIENGOR1 _—cLASSIC EASTUEN Gon2 cLassic sEasTHEN conf sina £3 soarinn 8 Serres e2a0 Suman caso Suara a SECEEASTIEN GOR CLASSIC REASTEN GOR 8 CLASSIC BEASTHEN Gon 6 CLASSIC REASTIEN GOR? CLASSIC BEASTMEN Gon 8 eiieiasn ees0 erro eas0 cnn Ease ‘auanisat tos ‘Suri ease — = — = — oe sty Ges Worsbop hough sow sae, eaalague cw response or determining tha onn pre, _, Beasts of Chaos Classic Beastmen Ungors UNGOR SPEAR MUSICIAN UuncoR musician euroaniosi0y 82.80, utycotosstt 2250 saurteniouoe 2 sutaniown7 2 Classic Tse comgnots 0 ‘set prey LUNGOR STANDARD 2 UNGOR stanoano TOP anDanienog 2 ouraniou‘e 1 4 cuassic uncon ccLassic uncon Witt SPEAR 4 WITH SPEARS sauraninaos 2 sarenioats 2 cuassic uncon ceuassic uncon atrognro1o £2 ToniI08 2 Beasts of Chaos Bestigor res yn SESTIGOR MUSICIAN BESTIGOR STANDARD BESTIGOR CHANPION 'BESTIGOR STANDARD TOP i250 swirbaninsaoe £2.80 ‘BESTIGOR COMMAND ‘moss ste) ssventasios 20 BESTIGOR (ran owt Beasts of Chaos Khorngor ms — & ‘eromaon oiawron | \ [ Yronnon comma] soa | \\ ‘ieee ae | kionncon 1 kaoRNGoR 2 ssonncon 3 kionwaon 4 seuranrisi) 69 soirocnrtste 3 conireatisabo 83 sauranri5i0s 89 Beasts of Chaos Pestigor PESTICOR CHAMPION esvigon commana | ‘ena abs (tusieon a Standars) ‘Soooe0T169" 86 PESTIGOR MUSICIAN Pesmigon stanoano B00 PESTIGoR STANDARD TOP ouraoni6s 2 socoaotiest 3 TOaDTiesn2 2 pesticon 3 Pestigon « sauna vosranr ant 22 ontronr¥903 69 somraori404 = Beasts of Chaos Warhounds of Chaos WARHOUNDS OF CHAOS (2 random models) ‘Mowworsorr c8 i Uy WARHOUND 1 BOY WaRHouN 1 LEGS WARHOUND 4 BoDY WaRHOUNO 4158 H anasteni7os e280 seuroaisoiz. ‘arogeni703 e280, sotoaisoa \WaRHOUND 5 BoDy .WARHOUND 5 LEG S5g31501705 $2.80, ‘OMT OTBOTIOS EY \WARHOUND 6 ExTRA HEAD waRsounn 6 ues uaat801709 Sp soa99150170 io sorrereot7a7 £280 Classic Range | ro ont ation = ae pry ete ou Cs ay, c1assic cHAos HOUND LEFT SIDE SSomennsIOT eho i cuassic cHaos HOUND 2 HEAD. ssuromioei a Rent e14s8i¢ cHA08 HOUND 2 sserargeiog 1 snarpoionioe e0 & ctassic CHAOS HOUND 4 HEAD ssaoznioan2 ccassic cHa0s HOUND « RIGHT SIDE canes et ccuassic cHAos "4 LEFT Sk ‘ueroowasinis 8 cuassic cHaos HOUND RIGHT SIDE ‘iron £4.50 Beasts of Chaos Classic Warhounds of Chaos ccLassic chaos eatranroero3 2 & cLassic cHA0s HOUND 3 HEAD sturoanrosi0s £1 ccuassic cuaos CLASSIC CHADS HOUND 3 CLASSIC CHAOS HOUND soerantaet 0 £4 socrooraei09 21 ~~ Beit canes Woranop ough ts own sors, calloge or web nependent eles are respon for determining ie own pce. Beasts of Chaos Tuskgor Chariot - aw AQ $4 4G CHARIOT SIDE 1 cuanior pase cuanto uncon a sesrcnroero? 8180 uarnntisoos 2 aera ccnamior uncon CHARIOT GOR 2 CHARIOT GoR 2 ARM , Beasts of Chaos Chaos Trolls (CHAOS TROLL HEAD 3 | if b (CHAOS TROLL BODY + # (CHAOS TROLL HEAD 2 w " \ t { e ¢ couranonsios £5 . ‘ g < 4 > ccuaos TROW. RIGHT WAND 9. Beasts of Chaos Chaos Ogres HEAD? CHAOS OGRE HEAD 9 nos oan AXE + renisa? ee ‘0s oane BoDy 1 ‘CHAOS oGRE BODY 2 ‘CHAOS OGRE BODY 3 Soraisa 5 Suowensese 8, oatraoris0e 3 Beasts of Chaos Minotaurs Beasts of Chaos Minotaurs Ty .% MINOTAUR HEAD noTauR HEAD 2 ‘oanowenor £2 ‘euromiowas 2 2 « & eerzosuane 2 LZ ert anu 2 terran s lGHT ARM cir ARM 2 iGiT ARM saunieont ea sedTzonoer2 ce sotrentosaT 2 onrcnronag 2 sebmemioue 2 aoe nnoraur sranoaao suimotaun wrr2 MANO NoTAUR vrTH2 HAND noTaUR wri? HAND BEARER BOOT WEAPONS BODY'S WEAPONS BODY? Weapons wooy2 someon ts aereniouay es eomz0i4s02 €8 Sormenoon es , Beasts of Chaos Classic Minotaurs \ } / [CLASSIC MINOTAUR 1 HEAD CLASSIC MINOTAUR HEB coieeovoak Sc ena a Datcaetoect Sp —— CLASSIC MINOTAUR 2 BODY ——_cLaSSIC mINOTAUA3 BODY Beasts of Chaos Centigors ‘CENTIGOR HORN ARI CENTI¢OR STANDARD ARM UTI 16508 Turoaoriene _ 4 eee } mi7o20r16610 £1.50, Ay ‘cenmicon SPEAR cenncon om ‘erent e850 sorbenteent 62 Be CAMGOR 2 LEFT SIDE & HORN ‘CENTIGOR 2 FIGHT SIDE Cenmigon 3 LEFT sive ‘ceNTICOR 1 pian SiDe ero aea2 3 seaazoneens 2 Suraeoveeed 8 SOuCZOBRI8 2 , Beasts of Chaos A Spawn of Chaos ram or entos ead | Se ¥6 ewe SAW OF CAOR LEFT ARE SPAINVOFCHAOB FEET _SPAUM OF C1408 MOHTARE a F<: spawn oF e140 9007 SPAWN OF CHAOS SPRUE? __ShaNN oF CMOS IR =* ueenonut 2 Beasts of Chaos Classic Spawn of Chaos uss ciwos stan CLASSIC CMOS aH CLASSIC CHAOS SPRIM_—_CLASSIE CHADS SPRYM__CLASSIC HOS So smite seueen mf rious cusscoytorsmnm SUSHEIHOBSPAM LIBRE hAoRaraum —_LAESCGHcR AWE caste use cUssiccnMos smn CLABBICoWAOS PANN —_cLABSICOIAOS _—cLABB.OIACS CLASSIC CHAOS SEMDUIIET Sop SHIUDTONET 50» SBTTIIOS. 0p w b rv a | ag oe CUASSICGHAGS SPAWN CLASSIC CHAOS SPAWN CLASSIC CHAOS SPAWN CLASSIC CHADS SPAWN CLASSI CHAOS SPAWN enrtees teertees manreee ree moms sue sop sunt sop suman soitboneee earn 59 CLASSIC CHADS SPAWN, cLassic cHaos sPawn Lassie chaos SPAWN CLASSIC claos spawe courant 2 2 i003 509 outengit 0p Beasts of Chaos Dragon Ogres ae DRAGON OGRE CLAW 1 Bh yee ‘DRAGON OGRE LOWER BODY + opacon oane 10 DRAGON OGRE LOWER BODY 2 DRAGON OGRE 2 LEG DRAGON OGRE claw? searaasostd. ‘Suroiists. £180 curecnotet ee ¥ DRAGON OGRE. ARK DRAGON OGRE BODY As Dugas. 2 sourazcrosne 28 DRAGON OGRE BODY 82 DRAGON oct Searzziosis a rary ‘sharsni00308 4 ‘utraviosar 2 so7C2T0st8 2 Section Four Collectors’ Models Collectors’ Models Bloodthirster | | ¥ + 2 9 sLooonaneTER stoopnansren so1440. 10 peur £10 ree eo Collectors’ Models Keeper of Secrets Bee Cll SEX =F EEPER OF SECRETS: KEEPER OF SECRETS HEAD EAD? caren or seonevs | coutecrons nesven oF seoners feos (reno nose she | scant compte EEPER OF SECRETS KEEPER OF SECRETS ew ae Collectors’ Models Collectors’ Range Lord of Change Lono oF cHaNce: LORD OF CHANGE. Lono oF crave FEATHERED HERD SKELETAL HEAD $ SKELETAL HEADS Lono oF cHANGE. Lono OF cHaNce: 2) ‘compote | {ono oF cuance {ono oF cHaNae {LORD oF CHANGE Lona oF CHANGE Lomo oF HANG Lono oF cwANGE LORD OF cHANGE oor? ‘oye ecs2 ‘poo ee e0 rene ea na 4 sa Collectors’ Models Great Unclean One Lu! pond ‘GREAT UNOLEAN ONE (GREAT UNCLEAN ONE ¢ (EAT UNCLEAN ONE (GREAT UNCLEAN ONE (GREAT UNCLEAN ONE GREAT UNGLEAN ONE ‘GREAT UNCLEAN ONE ras 4 eats ea ra 2 arith 2 raise 2 Collectors’ Daemons “ Plaguebearers & Daemonettes PLAGUEBEARER pLagueseanen POXSPREADER EPERFLESH z 287 83 pLAGuEscUM 'WOUNDLICKER PLAGUEBEARER "SNOTSPRAYER Collectors’ Models Pink Horrors iy Pa HORROR nx nonnon Pink HORROR ramen e230 reantete £290 ac HonnoR: PINK HORROR Pini HoRROR: ‘SenEEcHEN eneen recone £250 reeerea £250 Pivk HORROR SPINNER, PINK HORROR HowLeR PINK HORROR WAILER Taaaucee eas mate t280 Teaast £250 CoC 6 6 PINK HORROR Leas 1 Pink HORROR LEGS 2 Pin HORROR Lees 3 na et sao Collectors’ Models | Coffctors’ Range , ym atti m Palanquin & Blue Horrors | Tah oe mar exe PALANQUN THRONE SEAT aioe 2 PALANOUN PALANOUIN CHAMPION erates por au (random made) son DI0210F 18 compete PALANOUN PALANOUN RENEGADE. PALANQUN CHAMPION Puatrorue Wid PLASMA PISTOL Wits SHORIKEN CXTAPULT rie es Tsie4r0 ee Taisae fa ae 8 Lue HoRROR [BLUE HORROR ‘BLUE HORROR [BLUE HORROR BLUE HORROR. BLASTOROOLER ‘waiusPasm HOWLFROTHER MapooBeten whnosaucezen oa razeee Tags 2 hese © "azz 2 Pictures use or hasatve purposes on Mods cupped urine. anne net nudes. Pics quoted are correc atte ot ora em Collectors’ Models Blue Horrors and Chaos Knights BLUE HORROR BLUE HORROR BLUE HORROR BLUE HORROR ‘SLUE HORROR ‘GRUNTWOSBLE "TOADMIBELE ‘VEXBURELER FLUXMEAPER Booucackte ay 7aeemi £2 "eet £2 Teens 22 isa £2 m .ue HORROR: BLUE HORROR BLUE HORROR BLUE HORROR LAPBUBBLE \WARPGRUNTER BAUTEGOSBLE DOOHSCRATEHER Taetss? 82 ee) 2 72051 2 COLLECTORS: CHAOS IeMGHTS BANNER TOP | j ? ALECTORS' CHAOS COLLECTORS'CHAOS -«COLLECTORS'CHAGS -—«COLLECTORS'CHAOS COLLECTORS'CHAOS COLLECTORS’ CHAOS rohrs Leos ‘KNIGHT STANDARD KNIGHT CHAMPION KNIGHT 1 TORSO KNIGHT 2 TORSO nicl 2 FORGO. scasieion £50 ‘BEARER TORSO TORSO. Seurczonztat feuuanioatig omiroaroatee sfuoentoate 8 oosrezowoene ea SLLECTORS' CHAOS COLLECTORS: CHAOS ‘coLLEcToRS' cHADS ‘COLLECTORS: CHAOS COLLECTORS: CHAOS STEED HEAD STEED HEAD? ‘STEED HEAD? STEED HEAD @| ‘STEED HEADS saan sarazoizioge4 ouaaneaa? orreoteosos et caosnonste se at by Games Workshop tvounh teow tre, elle or weet. ndependert rete are espansbi fr detminna tha om pins Collectors’ Models Champions of Khorne & Nurgle COLLECTORS KHORNE COLLECTORS KHORNE COLLECTORS’ KHORNE COLLECTORS: KHORNE ‘COLLECTORS’ KHORNE COLLECTORS’ KHORNE 708 stand Tra ba ‘COLLECTORS: NURGLE COLLECTORS: NURGLE ‘COLLECTORS: NURGLE COLLECTORS NURGLE ‘CHAMPION inion 8 ‘CHAMPION WAGE ‘CHAMPION FLY 7 mere es mer oe 788 Collectors’ Models Champions of Slaanesh & Tzeentch ba ke ¥ COLLECTORS sLAANESH COLLECTORS’ SLAANESH COLLECTORS’ SLAANESH couscrons'staanesi fp ‘CHAMPION WALBERD ‘CHAMPION Fall ‘CHAMPION? HANH "anes. ee ant maieare e8 Taeant ea COLLECTORS’ SLAANESH COLLECTORS: SLAANESH COLLECTORS’ GLAANESH coLtecrons'2eewreH ‘CHAMPION + ‘CHAMPION MINOTAUR ‘CHAMPION MOUNT ‘CHAMPION «| Tea te mag. TaNeno 8 eae ee lw: couscrons:rzeenrcH COLLECTORS TZEENTCH ‘couLecrons'T2eENToH ‘CHAMPION ‘CHAMPION HOON Suman Tass Bs Sernenioras es Collectors’ Models | Collectors’ Range Chaos Warriors & Champions | SISaseh couugcroRs’cHAos wanton coLLecrons:cHaos coLuecrons cHAoS ‘coLLecTons'cHA0s ‘wnt Bont amwioun 1 WARRIOR wrrH 2 AXES WARRIOR WT SWORD 9 WARRIOR WITH SCYTHE rani ee vane? es Taos 8 Taiere et ‘coLLECTORS’ CHAOS ‘COLLECTORS’ CHAOS WARRIOR coLLEcroRs'cHAos COLLECTORS cusos WARRIOR Whi Gezea, ‘WITH BONE ARMOUR WARRIOR WITH AXE 14 WaRRuoR wir cL E "rah Varna T2105 4 DISC OF TZEENTCH DISC OF TZEENTCH «DISCO TZEENTCH OSC OF TZEENTCH ox-0an FuNGoD ps, —MECHANSEDDISe © “TENTACLED Disc "PADDED DISC. [CHAMPION OF ULTIMATE SLAUGHTER 708 ees ed restr noes ni Meds ped rp, Bam nud Pca ui oe comet a ne a Collectors’ Models Familiars ‘COLLECTORS’ FAMILAR ‘COLLECTORS FAMILAR vavzaea Bt ‘COLLECTORS: FAMILIAR "ARIOURED NITE ramen et 104 ‘OF TeEENTCH elaaid et DAEMON: maaan eh DRAGONET rae. et reeta a1 £) ‘oF KHOR COLLECTORS’ FAIMLIAR. ‘SCROLL BEARER TARAS Et ih COLLECTORS: FAMILAR AD THING ‘COLLECTORS: FAMILIAR rare Collectors’ Range =e ‘OF SLAANESH “iene eh COLLECTORS’ FAMILIAR TON CLAD WIP Taree eh COLLECTORS’ FAMILIAR TOAD rananee 1 ‘COLLECTORS FAMILIAR reanee Collectors’ Models Familiars @& Scyla be < eens ain coueroe aman cougeon rams cousgron ram a eens cours mun couse amen 4 5 ae , cougron ena cause sna cougeon sna spots Becairieitm econ ena cetszon n ao mb ee cid Gans shop rough ecu ores, extaogua web. 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ROSS R ne Ce ee ee eed angers streets ofthe rind iy The models are geared towards personalisation and many ae supplied with several weapons and eee tre a COO a rT Ce a Ce ce aac oa xm, and mano he models make great Marauders, Beast, Minoaurs, Warhounds o Spawn Se ee ee ey POSGESSE MAGISTER 1 POSSESSED MAGISTER 2 seurro10s0" 88 agit POSSESSED BRETHREN POSSESSED BRETHREN PossEssco BRETHREN POSSESSED BRETHREN WITH MACE & AXE 1 WITH MACE 8 AXE? ‘WITH SPEAR, WiTt WALBERD Seerinvons acrnovonge 9 voartoroone ea searrorono4 ea POSSESSED BRETHREN (2 random modes) overcome POSSESSED DARKSOUL (1 andom mode!) ost POSSESSED DARKSOUL POSSESSED pARKsOUL ‘gusorcaae ea ournoienar POSSESSED BEASTMEN (9 random models) ocerioee) e7 possessen FINGER HAKD . ¢ POSSESSED HEAD 1 sosrviooate? 2 POSSESSED B00v 1 suernorooe £1 POSSESSED (1 rndom model) pani) serviromo8 ee POSSESSED 2INGER HAND api of empiins Pesaeed ea to1ntea £2 POSSESSED BEASTHANS ag compos POSSESSED TENTACLES » POSSESSED HEAD? eeuisoioies ct ‘esse Cat ‘anol cams or ample of sop Got (random Gor 2 random Unger) egerr010%0 £9 eacruen SEAGTUEN CHAMPION BEASTHEN SHAMAN BODY Cangestxine cnauonsoor mc ara conor etna } soto 0 nro 2 (Chetan or 1 Shaman) ser TOT8 8 ‘CHAMPION LEFT AnM LPT anh BEASTIEEN GOR 1 BeASTUEN GoR 2 ‘BeAsTMEN cons eernoirtee 22 ‘SuertoionG? 2 ‘eartoonte £2 BEASTHEN UNGOR1 _—GEASTMENUNGOR2 —BEASTMEN UNGOR 3 _——_—BEASTMAN GOR WEAPONS 2 souritowstis a2 TION ee SMPHIONONS searnoraind 2 eA ervioori 3 es> ‘@MrUIONe £250 Ch aS. ‘cuxos noun 1 ‘cHAOS HOUND 2 sonra e180 soeroreane 10 vos nounos ‘vihos Houno Leas cmos noun Boo coors E20 notes er ‘eariownane (qacnuamaal oot er EER Ccenmigon LEFT siog ‘ceNMGoR AIGHT SIDE eee courronoaoy e4 courvovoes 22 = hioTAUR LEFT anit MINOTAUR RIGHT ARM U7 HOFOEES 2 sourso1rson e2 inorAuR ToRso moTauR Les a soaring ee surroisae ea ‘MORON MINOTAUR smerictoIs 0 pcs sk by Games Workshop tugh son str, ealsogue or Wada, Independed rete ae lesoonsble or deter (either deat or endow Strong tan) scosti0i1e £5 The Carnival of Chaos } ames ct connae CiRCUS FINGHASTER CIRCUS STRONGMAN CIRCUS STRONG MAN 2 ‘Gres gre sqiio1oneY eS ‘uur n0t0002 ea ‘ourvvoroees ta CIRCUS HENCHMAN 1 ‘CUS HENCHMAN 2 cormous HENCHMAN 3 ape tcl cortioontes £3 ‘oernoioet? £2 suitor 3 Gree Heche concus sesven ample cannes cincus PLAGUE BEARER 1 ‘imcus PLAGUE BEARER? opertoneny 3 Cres Jose, ooeriovoent £2 sarironuoes 3 % — —_ ae 2 14 te] dem Seep SEY ‘oncus wearons 1 crncus weapons 2 concus weaPons 3 concus wearons 4 BP suiriownsro e280 SuiroosrT e280 Su7ipioet2 e280 seariiowests e280 camnsorcnnos pencurseancn | | canna oF cxnos nunaunes | [CARNAL OF GAOS random model 8) GaRNAL ASTER best 4020 6 cost to1T8 6 8 concus cancus ‘cncus nun@uings 4 nuncuines 2 unaunas 9 NURGLINGS 4 umouncs 5 catrnomasts sours 21 seurrorons 1 cerrivoregtt? et ssartionsi 1 aur 1 ncrsteaeree 61.60 eeprmemmig PLAGUE CART BASE PLAGUE CART ROOF PLAGUE CART FRONT PLAGUE CART REAR, soarioioott £3 ‘sstotuene £3 eritoomeos 2.50 soariiain £2.80 STAGECONCH HAFT aoaae 2 a 3 ies see a Mecmcom. | yiisatalemenen onion £3 surtout. PLAGUE CART SIE + PLAGUE CART SIDE 2 earvintat2 reo) 4 ee HAGUE CART ——_-PLAGUECART WORSE HEAD ‘Ream sve ITO £4 goUTTONOWET et MEDIEVAL HORSE. OREGON ‘SPRUE 7.SPOKED WHEEL, voronem stacecoacn ‘DRVER Sear seermoioome ca The Thing in the Woods il ‘We TNam THe WOODS BODY "Me THNG THE WOODS Fi oerionan 8 Smanimon iw = > "HE Tawa THE WOODS "HE Tawa 1 Te woos "He Tame He wooes FIGHT REAR LEG. LEFT REAR LEG. LOWER JAW sexrrionzons £80 caurteooot £450 soar iczoe 2 “ Conversions ‘Chaos is change. At the heart of the Chaos Wastes and the centre of every cult there are the seeds of ultimate mutation and mmaclness, Indeed every at pled clfto the an unrecognisable monster ~ as a Daemon Prince or a sso than a a et y unlimited resource conversions. Not onl x wwliest rankc-and file trooper will s of mutation and itis thi teamed with a keen ct xs on the following pages. Enjoy this peek into the LORD OF CHAOS ON FOOT AND ON DAEMONIC MOUNT ‘easmiono Dy atten Garde Sunes Worshop tacos) yo ae yn Br, eae Dep Sco Conversions ‘ono OF SLaAnEs tone oF NunaLe os Lor on oaeon noun ng YOanes Waisep UK) i tans ano or wae Dioramas he tue ei of the Warhammer world, Al "es may be formidable an against. Chaos is also thi to create scenes of epic battles Take a look at the following Dioramas and decide which side you will take! [AT THE PORTAL OF CHAOS by ste Bop (Gen Donon Pee 202) Dioramas UK 1298) Showcase Army of Tzeentch Ben Rance, Games Workshop Canterbury The first thing that hits you about tis army is the sheer rot of colour. From the somibre look ofthe converted Chas Trolls tothe absolute chromatic insanity of his Horrors unit, Ben has taken the concept of Tzeantch asthe Master Mutator and run wih to create a stunning yet payable force n order to create these contrasts, Ben has stuck to set colour palettes foreach of his units. Compare the bestia, muted tones of his Marauders unit with ‘he strong blues and golds ot the Warriors ui. hin Calo an wai Coxe we aga aes. Aust Choos spe, cessing of hs Uneven yan argon Showcase “ Chaos Undivided Army Vicky Hare, Games Workshop Manchester Vekywortsn our Manchester tore and this is what she ha to say about her fantasti Ches Unive amy. Vicky: Wy frst ever Warhammer army was Chaos and | think ''m hooked, 2 this i its’ second incarnation! When | pick an amy it's usually based on what | want 10 paint and conver however, this foroe has pertarmed quite wll on te bated, ‘mainy thanks tothe Beasts contingent (Herds and Cantigors), When | convert models | don't usualy havea particular aim in ‘mind and tend to go with whatever looks cool. The Nurgle Chaat, Spawn and Slaanesh Beastmen all started this way and have found themselves used frequently on the battled The army is @ representation ofthe choles that a Chaos General has when selecting his or her army, featuring ur from Mortal, Daemonic and Beast armies, The Daemonic Furies are ideal for flanking slower moving units, or picking ‘off war machine crew, while the Bestial Hounds and Centigor provide fast moving flank protection. Sizangor and Marauders boulk out the middle of the battle line whilst the Knights are versatile enough to hold a charge and be near-unstoppable on the charge themselves. is When the new plastic Beastmen regiment was released, it Ingpired the ary’ colour schema. | wantad them to look dark ane feral so | stuck toa fait liited plete with sraveyard Earth and Commando Khaki featuring heavy (my { new favourite colours!) Together with black, whic features heavily and ada a sinister arto the whole horde, these two ‘atu’ colours tied the army together, making ia cohesive wile, As for what's next, who can say? ase ced Showcase Army of Slaanesh Lawrence East Veteran gamer Lawrence East guides us through his subtle and seductive Staaneshi raiders. Lawrence: Having boon inthe hobby for 12 years and never actually completed an army, Confit Bristol provi get one finished. | was dra Chaos, having an affinity withthe surreal ele Slaanesh seemed the obvious choice to realy test my ablity Completely theme an army both inthe conversion work and in the painting. You'l notice thatthe army appoars suficiony diferent t normal Chas arm ‘ot being completely made up of green stuffed models (| ean do fur but litle ese!) {am a fim believer that using a limited palette of colours (and lots of pink), and seleting te right components for the theme (my favourites are the shields) you can make an arm having to sculpt it trom scratch. My favourite unit has to tobe the (Chosen Knights resplendent in their orate armour, silken cloth and ‘mounted upon equine pertection I'm currently working on a proper Chaos Lord (lisa was supposed to be a marauder champion), some snake-bodied centigor, Lamon Si and a giant, pink skinned, blue fured war mammoth, That should 7 keep me occupied fora while! Showcase The Deathshead Tribe catalogue mode (On the battled the Dethshead Tie has had surprising amount nd have vat to do next eases esr Ca! a si ce an xt” anaes (Marauder he a The Blood Host of Tharax Andy Jackson This army was put together during the S*edtion of Warhammer Fantasy Battie, and reflected the flexibility ofthe army ists atthe time, The army | game 3 Flesh Hounds, Biood (Crushers and ether a Daemon Prince ora Bloodthister. The old rules meant the Blood Letters only ever really came cut to play if the points alowed. All was happy in Knarne's realm, but disaster loomed around the comer \When 6° Eition Warhammer was released | began to focus more and more on the pure hearted and valourous Bretonnians. To the enraged howling of Khome, | shamefully stopped playing with the Daemons But you know what they say, ‘evil never dies. A dark cloud loomed ‘on the horizon, That cloud was called Storm of Chaos. As the armies of Archaon gathered in the North, there rekindled a burning in my heart, Several indigestion tablets later, | realised this was no mere ch upset, ft was a furnace fuelled by the desire for martial. ‘supremacy. It was time to gather the Blood Host. rnyselt The ar ‘guy called Jim Bowen, 1'm quite happy with the Blood Host atthe moment but after the Storm of Chaos worldwide campaign, who can The Daemonic Host wil ise again! ne . t ae oa sels he Ad) Fon ‘¢ a f oe Golden Demon Winners 1 Golden Demon DAEWON PRINCE ‘CHAMPION OF KHORNE Chaos GeNenat on sree by tan a Ger Donen UE 158) tn Dono ie Ages 208) by mato vet (ar Demon a 2002) THE END TIMES COME The Gates to the Chaos Wastes burst open; mutating magic floods the globe, Daemons, Gods and creatures that Pee ee Se ee erste ee ee Se ee ce Re ee RCE Care te Sere about the destruction of the Old World, striving for a world of nothingness, save madness and atrocity. SACS nna Scone Cael td the most comprehensive resource ever compiled for anyone who has an interest 20s models. This full-colour, 136-page book is packed full of ‘The Chaos Collectors’ Guide Aes on cee eet n ee! + Complete components lists, with pictures, prices and codes including the full range of Mordheim ‘Chaos models and components. he Spread of Chaos in the Old Worlds/@ treatise on the main Powers of Chaos and their colours. * Chaos themed Golden Demon winning ente The best Chaos dioramas. + Great Chaos conversions. ~ Awesome Chaos armies from around the world, Sees darkness, this is one book you really can't do without! Exalted Champion or this is your first venture into