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Tyrodal Order Letter

Tyrodal Order Letter LETTER TO THE CHOSEN ONES I - Salutations to the readers of the


I - Salutations to the readers of the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom.

In the name of the Tyrodal Knights and his own, the author offers a comrade salute, it means, a signal of honor, to those who have been Chosen in two worlds to receive the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom. To those who have this book on their hands, and have received from ours, nothing else than say welcome and wish you luck in the first test: its lecture and comprehension. From the success of this test will depend the next steps: the Hyperborean Initiation, the not temporal nor spacial transit but strategic to the selbst, towards the terrestrial Hyperborea, to Thule, to Agartha, the Valhalla, Venus, the Origin, the Original Hyperborea, out of the demential created material Universe by The One, towards the eternity of the Spirit, near to the Unknowable God and Kristos Lucifer, the Great Chief of the Hyperborean Spirits Race.

II - Mission of the Tyrodal Knights.

The Tyrodal Knights are Initiates in the Hyperborean Wisdom and are, also, their depositaries in this part of the world. To the Tyrodal Knights, the Hyperborean Wisdom was directly entrusted by the Loyal Siddhas of Agartha. But the Loyal Siddhas did not encourage


the constitution of the Order of Tyrodal Knights only to give practice to the study of the Hyperborean Wisdom; on the contrary, since the beginning was commended to the Order an specific mission, for which execution was necessary to dispose, perhaps for first time with such depth, of the Hyperborean Wisdom.

The objective of the mission is very easy to expose, although its metaphysical meaning will be hardly understood in the first instance by the Chosen ones: THE MISSION OF THE TYRODAL KNIGHTS CONSISTS IN TO LOCALIZE THE CHOSEN ONES AND, IF THEY ADMIT IT, PREPARE THEM INITIATICALLY TO FACE WITH HONOR THE NEXT END OF THE HISTORY.

Surely this statement will become clear if we define what must be understood for "LOCALIZE THE CHOSEN ONES" and what means "THE NEXT END OF THE HISTORY". Is what will be explained now.

III - The mission of the Tyrodal Knights demand to LOCALIZE THE CHOSEN ONES and reaveal

them the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom.

First of all, it is necessary to affirm that the Chosen ones that we refer to, are people whose inclination for the Hyperborean Wisdom not comes from a rational decision adopted in the course of their lifes. The Chosen one is who, paradoxically, chose to fight against the Jehovah Satan to liberate the Eternal Spirit, which is himself, from the material incarceration. But such choice, the Chosen one not made it in this life neither in this Earth, but in other plane of existence, not espacial nor temporal, where resides chained the Hyperborean Spirit. However, even if the desicion to fight for the freedom of the Spirit is taken, every new incarnation produces its partial oblivion. The chosen one, at the moment

of being localized by the Tyrodal Knights, is asleep: the first act consists then, in to awake in

them the remembrance of their own desicion. It makes necessary, then, to sustain a dialogue with the asleep Chosen one to try to awake in him, his spiritual nature; but such

dialogue, to be effective, must surpass all the cultural hurdles that the Enemy has mounted

in the interior of the psychic structure and reach directly to the manifestation of the Spirit.

Naturally, such dialogue can't be attempted counting only with a profane language: this book, just as will be explained later, has as finality: teach to the Chosen one a method of thoughts wich will allow to comprehend the metaphysical meaning of the expressed concepts by the Tyrodal Knights. For this reason, previously to the reading of this book, it is not possible to satisfy any question of the Chosen one about the Mystery of the Hyperborean Initiation and the possibility of the spiritual liberation; and after its reading, that will be only possible if it is accepted and understood.

The Chosen one, although asleep, exhibit unequivocal signals of who is he. Fundamentally it treats about two inheritances: one genetic and the other spiritual. The genetic inheritance consists in a content of the blood: the remembrance of the Origin, which is more intense as

purer is the blood; for this reason the Hyperborean Wisdom distinguish between the blood purity and the racial purity: the second is not indispensable for the Hyperborean Initiation, but the first yes due to, without purity of blood, without remembrance of the Origin, there

is no possibilty of spiritual liberation. In what treats about the spiritual inheritance this is


manifested in the volitional character of the Self: as will be demonstrated in this book, the Self is a consequence of the spiritual incarceration; from this that its aspect reveals us immediatedly the grade of misplacement and submission of the Chosen one. If by their dominion of the Hyperborean Wisdom, the Tyrodal Knights dispose of the most perfect methods to determine if someone is a Chosen one and, if it is a Chosen one, in what grade

of misplacement is and/ when the Tyrodal Knights had determinated with precision that

someone is a Chosen one, and it is possible the awakening, is then realized the consultation

to the Loyal Siddhas, Those Who never err, to confirm or refuse the Judgment of the Order.

There is not, then, error if a Chosen one is convoked to participate form the Hyperborean Wisdom: that means that, in two worlds, his awake is considered possible.

IV - The mission of the Tyrodal Knights proposes to the Chosen ones the Hyperborean

Initiation, to face with honor THE NEXT END OF THE HISTORY.

About the hyperborean Initiation nothing can be advanced here. Only who had studied step

by step, and understood the the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom, will be able to

perceive in what consists. The Second Part of this book, which has been bounded separated, is an introduction to the Hyperborean Initiation and there is the theme developed with high details. However, that part of the Fundamentals, will be only given to those Chosen ones who have manifested conformity with the mission of the Order and have assumed the compromise to continue until being initiated. Anyway, the most important now is to stand out that who continues: through the proposed path, and receives the Hyperborean Initiation, WILL BE IN CONDITION TO FACE WITH HONOR THE NEXT END OF THE HISTORY.

There are multiple paths that can take the astrayed man in our days; some of them are parallels or even coincidents with some tactic way of the Strategy of the Loyal Siddhas; others, most of them, are paths that in favor of the plans of the Enemy or ambush destinated to avoid that such plans be disadventaged. Each one must discern, in the measure of the possibilities, what is the path of his convenience: WRONG OR NOT, HIS ELECTION ABSOLUTELY NOT INTEREST TO THE ORDER OF TYRODAL KNIGTHS. The order, in fact, is not composed by judges but from Hyperborean Kshatriyas, warriors of the End of the History; their mission is not to judge the actual times, and even less to condemn anyone, but to prepare the Chosen ones to face with honor the End of History, the inevitable struggle that will take place and that will include many worlds in its operation theatre. This mission is commended to the Order by the Loyal Siddhas and to that end guides the path that the Tyrodal Knights guard; who go on through this particular path must comprehend and accept that, even if the Hyperborean Wisdom of which they are depositaries would make it possible, the Tyrodal Knights will not try to change the course of the History. And who not share this condition can, as has been already said, take the path of his convenience, specially if he belive that something of this world deserves to be saved: the Hyperborean Wisdom is not for weak natures; the Hyperborean Initiate must exhibit a heart of ice and a will of fire.


In this moment, the main variants of the History are controlled by the Enemy. The White Hierarchy of Chang Shambhala sustains the center of all the cultures of the Earth and the agents of the International Synarchy: they, thousands of man and organizations of every kind and function, are working for the concretion of the World Government. Behind the white Hierarchy are the Traitor Siddhas, the ancient responsibles of the spiritual incarceration: their pact with the Demiurge obey them to enthrone over mankind the "Sacred Races"; the actual "sacred race" of the Demiurge is the hebrew and to them will be conferred the power of the World Government. If the objective of such vile conspiracy is achieved, the sure consequence would be a materialization even more intense of man and his collective moral degradation. Naturally, the Enemy assures the success of the Plan and not considerate possible the End of the History.

But the Loyal Siddhas, who remains loyal since the Origin to Kristos Lucifer, assures that the End of History is imminent: in a moment of maximun dramatic pressure, when the plans of the enemy seems to be fulfillied, They will intervene to put End to the History. Will be a struggle of Gods in which will participate, also, man; a struggle that will begin in Heaven and then will extend to the Earth, AND NOT / INVERSE. Therefore, it has no sense to begin the fight before, in a struggle where the enemy forces are overwhelmingly superior. The Wisdom is, and the Wise will be the Chosen ones who will comprehend, in preparing to face with honor the End of the History. And to prepare the Chosen ones, awaking in them the remembrance of the Origin, the certainty of the eternal Spirit chained to the matter, teaching the noological Ethic of the Hyperborean Wisdom which practice allows to access to the Initiation, and administering, finally, the Hyperborean Initiation, that is the mission of the Order of Tyrodal Knights.

When the End of the History take place, the Loyal Siddhas will manifest themselves at the light of the day; and with them will return the Führer, the Sent of the Lord of the War; then the Chosen ones WHOSE HONOR CALLS COURAGE, it means, the Hyperborean Initiates of the Order of Tyrodal Knights, will alienate behind of their ancient spiritual Chiefs to definitively go out from the material Universe.

In sum, in this consists the mission of the Tyrodal Knighs: IN LOCALIZE THE CHOSEN ONES AND, IF THEY ADMIT IT, PREPARE THEM, INICIATICALLY, TO FACE WITH HONOR THE NEXT END OF THE HISTORY. The Hyperborean Initiates, when dominating the Hyperborean Wisdom, reach the highest level of esoteric knowledge, the Science of the Runes, and they gain terrible powers: however they not employ their powers to change the course of the History; they wait, the End of History, when the accounts with the Enemy will be definitively adjusted.

The Chosen ones must comprehend and accept that this condition is inevitable to transit through the path that signalizes and guards the Tyrodal Knigths.

V - Admonition and final salute.


The Chosen ones have to know from the beginning that this material is CONFIDENTIAL. The Order has trusted in them when giving it and they must demonstrate their loyalty being prudent on its usage: in this way not only protect the Order but protect themselves. Must not insist, and it is no concession to admit it, that the Enemy of the Hyperborean Wisdom is terrible and ruthless and that not consent or tolerate the mission of the Order. Respect the law of the secret is part of the test and the Order has the mediums to know who commits infidence or betreyal: NO ONE FOR WHOM THE HONOR NOT IMPLY HIS LOYALTY WILL BE ABLE TO ENTER IN A ORDER OF INITIATES FOR WHOM THEIR HONOR IS COURAGE. As will remain clear at reading the "fundamentals", the Hyperborean Initiate, the awake virya, is who has remembered that exists a metaphysical war and that his side is with Kristos Lucifer:

in this war, that has already millions of years both sides combats with no truce or forgiveness; the Hyperborean Initiates must be implacable because the Enemy is implacable. And among such fierce struggle, the common man, has no value because doesn't knows the Strategies of the game and not comply any tactical fuction. But the situation will brusquely change for the Chosen one in the same moment that this material be in his hands: since then, the war that he always ignored will become patent and powerful psychic forces will act to induce him to the defection or to commit an irreparable error. The Chosen one must understand that if until now he has not acted consciously in favor of any side, when reading the content of this book not make him friendly to the eyes of the Enemy; AND THE SITUATION WILL NOT CHANGE IF HE BETRAY THE ORDER DIVULDING RECKELESSLY THIS MATERIAL in return, what can occurs is that the doors of the Order will be closed for him and the Enemy, after deceived him to profane the Hyperborean Wisdom, destroys him with no mercy: is what always occurs in such cases. It is understood, then, that the warning is directed more to protect the Chosen one than the Order, which, anyway, knows how to take care of itself.

Finally, we will make another warning, this time about the mode how the work has to read. The fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom are sistematically developed, in such form that the subsections, articles and commentaries, are enlaced with precise arguments and conclusions: it is not possible to skip nothing and, since the first to the last page. After such lineal lecture, which will allow a vision of the conjunction of the Hyperborean Wisdom, will make possible to go deeper with no order those themes which requires major comprehension.

It is convenient that the Chosen ones internalize as soon as possible in the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom and for it is necessary that this letter ends now. Many of the questions proposed here will be answered in next pages; however, the Questions of Questions, the fundamental ethic question of the Hyperborean Wisdom: ¿What can I do to liberate my Spirit from the material prision?, has remained with no answer, at least,until now. The autor, and the Tyrodal Knights, want to assure to the Chosen ones that the Order offer this answer to those who understand and accept the Fundamentals of the Hyperborean Wisdom and want to add to its mission.

In the Day of the Spirit, and in Name of the Loyal Siddhas of Agartha, and the Order of


Tyrodal Knights of the Republic of Argentina, receive the Chosen ones the salute of

Nimrod de Rosaio

August 1985