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A Project Feasibility Study presented to the
College of Engineering
In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Hipolito, Phia Yvonne M.
Malilay, Charmaine M.
Malveda, Leiyet Lyka M.
Niem, Angelo M.

October 2015

Chapter 1
In this chapter, the proponents present the highlights, descriptive definition,
long-range objectives, major assumptions in market, technical, financial, socioeconomic, and organizational and management of studying the business feasibility of
Engineers Manufacturing Corporation.
USB or Universal Serial Bus is a protocol for connecting peripherals to a
computer. It features a standardized port designed to accommodate many different
types of hardware devices.
The first USB technology began development in 1994, co-invented by Ajay
Bhatt of Intel and the USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum, Inc). The organization is
comprised of industry leaders like Intel, Microsoft, Compaq, LSI, Apple and HewlettPackard. It supports and adopts comprehensive specifications for all aspects of USB
USB 2.0 offers plug and play capabilities for various multimedia and storage
devices. This newer version offered additional user features that did not exist in its
previous version. USB 2.0 added support for power sources with USB connectors, a
new descriptor for multiple interfaces, as well as the capability for two devices to
interact without the need for a different USB host (also referred to as USB On-TheGo).

Flash drives are very easy to use. Nearly every new computer sold in recent
years has several USB ports and the flash drive simply plugs into one of these ports.
No cables, power supplies, batteries, or computer shutdown is required. The device
automatically becomes visible as a new drive and is ready to use in just a few
USB memory stick tech hasn't really advanced ever, even while it's flourished
like crazy to fill a technological need moving files swiftly and easily between
computers, faster and with more convenience than burnable CDs. That's partly why
it's got so cheap so fast. But this also means that a bunch of other technologies have
been advancing.
The proponents came up with the topic of engineered design USB flash drive
inspired by BOLT Group, mainly because as college students, we often use
computers to complete assignments, projects or thesis. USB Flash Drives offer a
reliable solution to store and share documents, photos, videos and music.
Name and Logo of Enterprise
Engineers Manufacturing Company or E-Corp is a start-up company that will
develop economical marketing solutions and focuses on developing efficient and
engineered design card size USB flash drive.
Trade mark logo of the company is shown in the figure below. Green, the
colour of life, renewal nature and energy, is associated with meanings of growth and
environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money and ambition.

Whereas brown is down-to-earth colour signifying stability, structure and support.
Brown relates to quality in everything. In the figure below, the colour of the stem
signifies recycled paper structure of the flash drive, which supports the memory chip.
A flash drive plant signifies that our company is an eco-friendly provider of products,
as well as for the continuous growth of the firm.

Figure 1. Company Logo
“To become a dedicated and well-known distributor of eco-friendly designed
USB flash drive.”
“E-Corporation will – from the beginning – invest in top quality, highly refined
eco-friendly USB flash drive as well as implement innovative operation policies.”
Establishing a new company involves choosing a location, proponents decided
to establish the main office in Brgy. Real, Calamba City Laguna. It is a secure
location mainly because it is being developed into an industrial area and has nearby
universities. The spot will provide easy access for customers, nearness to
competitors to facilitate and ensure proper design and placement of the firm along

with safety factors to protect pedestrians from vehicles. Safety of the customers is
also ensured by the company.

Project Plan Horizon
USB sticks are useful for two things: Storing files temporarily, and sharing with
another computer user. To drop a file on your USB stick you use your computer's file
manager, then you pop it in the new computer and access it. This tech is supremely
innovative, and no doubt is a hugely potent tool for marketing and for some specific
use cases.
Project’s short range objectives (1-3 years)
The company targets to be a well-known provider of unique 4-pack USB in the
entire Calamba, Laguna area. The company also aims to produce quality and unique
concepts of products. Continuing to help the environment and provide eco-friendly
Project’s long-term objectives (4-10 years)
As our company grows, we target to expand the firm, franchise in different
locations to generate increase in sales volume and stronger purchasing power. At
that point, we will be able to secure necessary funds and contracts to achieve
projected sales goals, successfully enter targeted markets, become a profitable
company and establish a solid reputation as an industry leader. The company will

Selection of Project Site. electronics…… Feasibility Criteria Research and Planning. The last week of November 2015.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . They gathered data through survey from the target market. . The first week of November is use to select the most strategic project site to build the business. Securing Government Requirement. the proponents secure the required documents from the government. They will get the required investments from the owner. Data includes the historical demand and supply of flash drive. The target market is electronic stores within Calamba Laguna. Building up Capital. the proponents started conceptualizing the possible business to be studied and they come up with the project of manufacturing flash drive or Bundle Bytes. Building Requirement. They chose to have 4-pack USB flash drive since the proponents are usually using flash drive in their schooling. Conducting the Feasibility Study. From June 2014.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES also continue to research and pursue shares of existing markets such as packing. The first week of year 2016. From the first week of October the proponents start building up capital. permits and requirements to establish the business. From the second week of August the proponents started to conduct the feasibility study. the proponents will start gathering all the required documents.

not only on its target area. the proponents will start advertising the business.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Acquisition of Office. The last week of January 2016.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . approximately 12 months after this proposal is envisioned. Start of Normal Operation. Recruitment and Hiring of Employees. Fixtures and Machine Supplies. but also in other nearby areas. Project Time Table and Status (Gantt chart) E Manufacturing Company is expected to begin the business as soon as it is equipped with people. supplies and equipment. Furniture. On June 2016. the proponents will start hiring qualified employees for every position needed in the company. Table 1 shows the project schedule of E Manufacturing Company from the time of research and planning to the start of normal operations. . the proponents will officially start the business operation and will eventually distribute the products to the target market. furniture and fixtures for the business. On the second week of March. On the third week of April. Pre-Operating Advertisement. The proposal is feasible since there is continuous demand for flash drive. the proponents will start acquiring the needed equipment. tools.


Company will also place as a future-minded and a leader in the integration of innovative eco-friendly technology.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Marketing plan will include an initial publicity campaign that introduces our company and the product. and measuring and evaluating the results of the marketing efforts of the company. Strategic marketing planning takes several aspects of company marketing and promotion into consideration. The aspects that contribute to strategic marketing planning include (1) identifying promotional opportunities and evaluating the marketing opportunities (2) researching. launch a comprehensive advertising campaign in related web sites to catch the attention of the targeted customers. The company will oblige properly designed and executed marketing plan to ensure market dissemination and business success. analyzing and identifying the target markets (3) developing a strategic position for the company to pursue and how to implement the strategy (4) preparation and implementation of the marketing plan. E-Corp is aware of the critical importance of marketing.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Chapter 2 MARKET STUDY Market planning is the process that the operational and managerial staff of a company goes through to create and implement effective marketing strategies. The other main component of the marketing . Strategic marketing planning involves combining customer experiences with the overall direction the company wants and needs to take in order to succeed. Further.

Dimensions: Length = 3. The casing around the memory chip is a synthetic polymer that makes the drive shock and waterproof and has heat resistance.04 lbs Figure 3.15 inches Weight: 0.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Bundle bytes has a unique design. biodegradable. Product Description The proposed product. Compared to the existing designs of USB flash drives.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES plan will be attending trade shows which will require booth construction with marketing materials such as brochures. is a pack of 4 tear-away USB chips made with molded paper pulp enclosure. Product and Dimension .2 inches Height = 0. and promotional items such as different concept of our eco-friendly USB with our logo. Bundle Bytes is a small four-pack of USB drives that’s built for easy sharing. lightweight and affordable. that’s renewable.5 inches Width = 2.

tear-away flash drive that fits in your wallet. It's renewable.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Name of Product Bundle Bytes will be the name of the product. cheap. Bundle which means tied or wrapped up together. It’s renewable. and durable enough to ensure that each tab should last for many uses. Bytes which is considered as a unit of memory size. It is named as Bundle Bytes since the corporation would offer packs of four drives encased in 100% recycled paper pulp. lightweight and affordable. . whether you’re sharing music and movies with family or friends. biodegradable. since the product is composed of four-packed flash drive that is credit card size. each of the 4 ultra-thin USB has a chip-on-board (COB) flash memory stick in 2GB. and 8GB capacities. The molded paper pulp enclosure is made from 100% postconsumer recycled paper. waterproof. So. or large files to clients or customers. and does not require a cap for protection. And it's much smaller and thinner than typical thumb drives. Bundle Bytes flash drives are extremely tough and durable – their memory chip is shockproof. lightweight. 4GB. Bundle Bytes are sure to make a statement as well as keep your important data safe in a reliable USB flash drive. Made from recycled paper pulp. Properties Bundle Bytes is a low cost. bio-degradable. Unlike other USB Drives.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Each tab is loaded with a chip-onboard (COB) flash memory stick.

Simply tear and share! Users of Product The target consumers of the corporation are students. making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. Through renting a building. artists. When you need to share a lot of large files fast. The E corporation is a beginner in this field of electronics manufacturing so the company will be renting a small building located in Brgy. and designers who need to share large files with clients and colleagues. Laguna. It is also an answer for unexpected files that are too large to share over email. Calamba City.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Choosing a customer-friendly location is an essential in establishing a business. Geographical Areas of Distribution Starting a business involves planning. a sly way to hand over a portfolio for a dream job. the company’s product . professionals. employees and for large teams that needs to share and save some files data. Ideal for creative professionals. It’s easy. students and designers who need to share large files with clients and colleagues.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Uses of product Bundle bytes is a credit-card sized device with four attached USB drives is ideal for creative students. this 4 pack USB flash drive is on the go. engineers. It helps you to organize your files and simply recognize easily since it’s a four attached USB flash drives. Real. or a great business card substitute at the next convention.

The target market of the company are some universities and companies around Laguna. WalterMart Calamba. Calamba. The proponents choose Real Calamba area since it is in the center of the business which makes an easy access to all the preferred market. The water and electrical system are also available and easy to install as well as communication line which is important for establishing a good relationship between the company and customer. The product will be distributed to electronic stores in Calamba.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . At the same time. New Star and iMall. the municipal hall and malls.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES will be exposed to the customers. WalterMart Makiling. Laguna. The proponents strategized the location along with its area of distribution such as SM Calamba. The place also advocates peace and order. Plant Location E Manufacturing Corporation is located at Light Industry & Science Park II Barangay Real. . For the proponents it is the most strategic place to start the business since easy access to all the facilities is available: police department. the supply of raw materials and the delivery of the product from the company would be easier and faster because of its close proximity to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).


PC Express Figure 6.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . CD-R King Figure 5.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Electronic Stores in SM Calamba Figure 4. Octagon . Electro World Figure 7.

Wellcom Figure 9. GSN Figure 12. Lianas. Asianic Figure 9.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 8. ComWorks Figure 13.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Calamba Laguna 10. . EdgeCom Figure Gigahertz Computer Figure 11.


5 or 400 students . Laguna were some of the major factors that affected data gathering. workers and common people. n= n= where: = 399.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 15.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . number of respondents was generated using formula for the computation of sample size. Proximity of the users of the area and the willingness of the users to have the survey conducted in the area of Calamba. student. IMall Canlubang Calamba Statistical Computation for Sample Size of Respondents The survey exceeded a week compared to that of its planned time duration. The survey was conducted in different group of people.

11 and 3.931 1.392 Historical Demand 16 Gb 32 Gb 473.920 408.65% 3.510 508.375.700 490.65.908 541.11% 3.397 1.140 369.60.109 356. .329. Computation of demand can be seen in the appendices.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES n = number of samples N = total population e = error tolerance Historical Demand The historical demand of USB flash drive is presented in number of units per Gigabytes (Gb).858 --3.997 523.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .546 Growth rate Total units 1.193 425.748 398.60% 3.818 1.031 382.378 384.289.45% Table 1 shows the demand number of units of USB flash drive by people and the growth rate between year 2011 to 2014 with percentage rate of 3.201.830 394. having growth rate percentage that happens every year.244. 3. Historical Demand and Growth Rate of USB flash drive Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 8 Gb 371.791 411.156 1. Table1. 3.45 respectively.

There is a regular increase in demand from year 2010 to 2012.306. Laguna.58 377. Summary of projection method for the demand Projection method Arithmetic Straight Line Arithmetic Geometric Curve Statistical Straight Line Statistical Parabolic Curve Standard Deviation (Projected demand) 1. decrease by 2013 then back to increase by 2014.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 16 Historical Demand of USB flash drive Figure 16 shows the graphical representation of the performance of the demand of USB flash drive from year 2010 to 2014.14 615.749. Increase is due to ongoing growth of population in Calamba.181.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .49 1.119. Table 2.72 .

This means that ASL will be the suited method to be used. it will be the projection method to be used.419.896 559. Since the Arithmetic Straight Line method yields the lowest value for the demand. Table 3. Standard Deviation of Historical Demand Figure 17 shows the graphical representation of standard deviation of four projection method for the demand. Figure 17.514 Demand 1.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Table 2 shows the projection method for the demand and its computed standard deviation.533 Growth rate - . Summary of projection in demand Year 2016 Historical Demand (unit) 8 Gb 16 Gb 32 Gb 438.122 421.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . It also shows that Arithmetic Straight Line has the least standard deviation for the demand.

45.663.613 3.297 525.550. Average annual increase in projected demand for 8Gb is 499.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .560 1.9 2 434. .534.919 533.506.528 610. Annual growth rate percentage of demand is 2.912 506.74 with the total increase of 1.594.663.75%.938 1.637.534.421 473.616.7 4 1.136 662.98% 2.911 1.884 1.542 696.266 538.586 1. 16Gb is 636.339 679.74% 2.08% 2.423 546.812.359 499.90% 2.948 636.904 479.452 460.60% 2.4 5 576.235 1.235 479.681.390 486.415 519.934 645.073.725.483 447.53% 2.328 512.073 2.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Averag e 452.262 1.874.927 560.47% 1.745 713.731 627.325 593.75% Table 3 shows the projected demand for the next 10 years using the Arithmetic Straight Line method.430 499.82% 2.768.408 492.616.463.67% 2.92 and 32Gb with 479.400 465.874.209 1.

89 19.98 35. Projected Demand Figure 18 shows the graphical representation of projected demand. 2.30 97. The Arithmetic Straight Line Method shows a regular increase in the trend of demand in the outflow of USB flash drive.09.913.09% 1.68 39.688. and 4.30 41.44.18 40. which have the percentage change of 1.777. Table 4.87 103.88 41.547. 1.14 36.32 37.43 95.27 19.877.00 respectively.270.70.521.87 19.70% 4.062.671.037.44% 2.990.991. Historical Supply and Growth Rate of USB flash drive Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Historical Supply (Gb) 8 Gb 16 Gb 32 Gb 40.17 % Change 1.792.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 18.503.29 20.89 99.20 Total Units 94.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .00% Table 4 shows the historical supply of USB flash drive in number of units by different manufacturers of flash drive and their growth rate in 2011 to 2014.024. .167.488.70 43.058.475.11 36.85 19.294.

Summary of projection method for the Supply Projection method Arithmetic Straight Line Arithmetic Geometric Curve Statistical Straight Line Statistical Parabolic Curve Standard Deviation (Projected Supply) 186. it will be the projection method to be used.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 19 Historical Supply of USB flash drive Figure 19 shows the graphical representation of the performance of supply of USB flash drive from year 2010 to 2014.766. Since the Statistical Straight Line yields the lowest value for the supply.75 Table 5 shows the projection method and its computed standard deviation. Table 5. .39 174.336.22 27.58 45.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . There is a high increase of supply between the years of 2013 to 2014.

518.79 21.20 51.04 21.224.85% 1. Table 6. and 32Gb with 22.580.70 45. .122.04 22.387.330.327.91.20 46.70 52.75% 1.70 22.083.83 43.82% 1.010.847.117.213.98 47.010.61 122.00% 1.640. 16Gb is 44.57 116.70 47.25 118.29 22. Projected Supply Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Average Projected Supply (GB) 8 Gb 16 Gb 32 Gb 44.89 114.459.089.684.946.21 112.20 49.522.556.954.85 107.79 25.54 22.327.657.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 20 Standard Deviation of Historical Supply Figure 20 shows the graphical representation of standard deviation of four projection method for the supply.96% 1.79 23.78% 1.04 24.70 with the total increase of 115.271.488.53 109.89%.92% 1.70 50.396.75.55 46.939.030.12 45.819.40 42.706.793.26 43.04% 2.93 120. Annual growth rate percentage of demand is 1.71.305.894. This means that SSL will be the suited method to be used.755.709.862.70 Total Supply 105.89% Table 6 shows the projected supply for the next 10 years using the Statistical Straight Line method.54 39.29 125.29 24.69 44.97 41.88% 1.141.647.97 115.71 44.20 48. Average annual increase in projected demand for 8Gb is 49.91 Growth rate 2.20 50.54 23.008.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . It also shows that Statistical Straight Line has the least standard deviation for the demand.836.954.954.404.

Summary of Projection Method for Demand of USB Flash Drive Standard Deviation Projection Method Arithmetic Straight Line Projected Demand (Number of Units) 1.43 .621.14 Projected Supply (Number of Units) 32.010.61 Statistical Straight Line 15.295.14 Arithmetic Geometric Curve 615.317.09 1. Table 7.418.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .181. The Statistical Straight Line Method shows a regular increase in the trend of supply in the outflow of USB flash drive.108.54 Statistical Parabolic Curve 973.318.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 21 Projected Supply Figure 21 shows the graphical representation of projected supply.43 73.51 46.

244.877.375.13 1.503.488.56 1.44 95.201.83 Table 7 shows the difference between the historical demand and supply from 2010 to 2014.87 103.272.11 1.483. Correspondingly.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . but there is still an enormous gap as seen in the table.17 DemandSupply Gap 1. Table 7.397 1. Since the Arithmetic Straight Line and Statistical Straight Line Method yields the lowest standard deviation for demand and for the supply respectively. .913.523.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Table 7 shows the projection method and its computed standard deviation.818 1.427.192.294. the supply is increasing.230. The result of the gap is due to the increasing trend for USB flash drive consumption.156 1.89 99.30 97. it will be the projection of method to be used. Historical Demand Supply Gap analysis Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Historical Demand 1.70 1.289.931 1.369. Historical Supply 94.

507.594.565. In the figure.506.63 1.208.911.586.937.97 1.292.22 .55 1.97 Demand-Supply Gap 1.313.415.479.862.098.892.724.355.57 116.550.984.815.709.419.06 1.93 120.636.396.640.556. Table 8 Projected demand supply gap analysis Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Demand 1.19 Supply 105.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 22 Historical Demand-Supply Gap Figure 22 shows the graphical representation of the calculated gap each of the capacity (Gb) and its total gap.93 1.13 1.603.21 112.680.030.154.53 109.014.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .38 1.54 1.731.13 1.460.32 1.688.61 122.438.520.96 1.404.25 1.88 1.85 107.830.793.946.92 1.884.99 1.02 1.532.29 125.606. USB flash drive demand has a large gap and it exceeded the supply which means that it needs plenty of supply in order to fill the gap.463.89 114.61 1.559.03 1.262.552.

so the supply of the flash drive should also increase in order to maintain the unsatisfied demand for the flash drive.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . the flash drive has a large gap and it exceeded the supply which means that it needs plenty of supply in order to fill the gap. In the figure. Figure 23 Projected DemandSupply Gap Figure 23 shows the graphical representation of the calculated gap.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Table 8 shows the difference between the projected demand and supply in the next 10 years from 2016 to 2025. Market Share . It means that the gap increases.

232 Supply 94.913 97.244. Market share can be used as a tool to determine the percentage of share of the business to its market.295 99.504 103.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES After determining the projected demand-supply gap.156 1. the market share of USB flash drive can be analyzed.488 98.877 95.288. E-CORP Market Share (2016) = x 100 .818 1.201.62% The market share of ECORP Manufacturing was obtained using the formula.397 1. Year Historical Historical 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Average Demand 1.289.858 1.329.215 For the Competitors: = x100 = x100 = 7.931 1.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .375.

05% Figure 24.(7.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES = x100 =14.62% + 14. E Manufacturing Company Initial market share in Year 2016 Projected Market Share Year Possible Attainable Output (unit) Projected DemandSupply Gap (unit) Projected Market Share .(Competitor Share + E-Corp Share) =100% .33%) = 78.33% For the Unsatisfied= 100% .LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .

LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Upon setting up the perfect price for the product. a price is the amount of money that a buyer gives to a seller in exchange for a good or a service.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 188.059 199.418 213. Pricing is considered to be the most critical factor which most often time affect the marketability of the service offered by the business.286 194.720 209. factory overhead and selling. There are a number of factors to take into account when reaching a pricing decision: Customers.475 202. .718 204. Selecting a price that would determine the quality is very important to establish the company in the market.135 212.305 206. and administrative expenses.966 Price Study At its most basic. Pricing will be based on cost plus reasonable mark up. The terms of payments will be on cash basis only. there are other factors to be considered that might affect the value of product such as raw materials cost.644 197. labor of the workers.

LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Price Comparison of USB Flash Drive Brand Name Sandisk Kingston Size (Capacity) GB 8 16 32 8 16 32 Price (Php) 320 500 700 470 620 850 .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES The price will be determined by dividing the total production cost to the total number of units produced and adding the desired percentage for income and the tax. Direct material Direct Labor Factory Overhead Packaging Material Total Production Cost Divide by units of production Unit Cost –Based on production cost method of pricing Add: Mark-up Unit Selling Price Exclusive of Vat Add: Vat (12%) Unit Selling Price Inclusive of Vat Table 9. E Manufacturing Corporation desires % income.

LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .Consumers will pay .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES 8 16 32 8 16 32 Hp Transcend 350 680 920 350 550 800 Table 10. is other . Place - Can buyers easily attract introduced) -Availability in different since it wholesale distributors and distribution accessible. Product Strengths Weaknesses .Customers may tend to attention new refuse the product due to brand and create the fewer consumers know business opportunity the brand name to the -Heavy reliance on one product (several successful models were 2. SWOT Analysis SWOT ANALYSIS Internal Factors 1.

there are insufficient funds for a proper advertising and 4. new brand products on -Strong sales and service their shelf network -Since the firm is small and newly created. talented staff -Low labor cost -Retaining key staff .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES - Universities companies 3.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . and could set up a little bit lower than the competitors due to lower operation and marketing costs 5. Price -Pricing for the new brand could be flexible campaign -Fluctuation of price due to the different variables. Promotion and are channel. Personnel -Good management- -Challenges in building a employee relationship. -Different approaches in -Distributors was hard to promoting approach to carry out the the product are implemented. bound near the said location.

Power of Customer friendly of raw -Low budget available for processing -Good relationship with development -Small initial customers base customer -High quality and low 8.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES 6. Manufacturing Capabilities -Exceptional quality and members -Availability customer service materials -Environment 7. Power of Supplier Threats price of services -Good management and -Lack of control with new supplier relationship relationships -Growing cost of employee benefits. which contributes to increased product price increase -Lack of start-up funds for the company sufficient capital is necessary to pay for the owners living Opportunities expenses until the business turns a profit -Acceptance of the internet as a marketing and customer service medium -Similar products on the market are not reliable or are more expensive .LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .

LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . . and a creative marketing and communications plan. There is nothing simple about the process. closing deals. and offering those products to current or new markets is the definition of product development strategy. which will be cross-trained to handle general customer needs and complaints. the ability to finance prototypes and manufacturing processes. The sales team will be motivated by instructions and performance based bonuses.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Marketing Strategies Product development strategy Developing new products or modifying existing products so they appear new. and securing recommendations. It requires keen attention to competitors and customer needs now and in the future. Distribution Strategy E-Corp will build a sales team focused on securing new business in the short and long term. employ an outside sales staff as well as an inside sales staff. The outside sales staff will focus primarily on relationship building. There are several subsets of product development strategy.

LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Figure 25. The proponents have identified the target market and a good idea of the best way to reach them. flyer and poster marketing is also an effective tool to advertise a business. personal selling and public relation to promote their product and services. Distribution Channels of the Company Promotion Strategy Getting someone to promote something through word of mouth is the very basics of advertising. sales promotion. Facebook and Twitter offer a free channel to promote business offerings. . Most businesses use a mix of advertising.

desired action. The purpose of the flyer is to get prospective customer to take a specific. it will be effective in promotion to support sales efforts. . Flyers provide a great platform to reach the customers.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Flyer Marketing Figure 26.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Flyer of E-Corp Using a flyer can be a very effective sales-support tool if it’s used properly. especially in a starter firm.

Online advertising is a natural choice for modern businesses. E-Corp Webpage Social media advertising has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Paid search is a great online advertising medium for driving visitors to your website based on user intent (i. .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Social media Advertising Figure 27.e. but after the decline of the banner ad.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . businesses began searching for alternatives. their search query).

waterproof . each of the 4 tabs has a chip-on-board (COB) flash memory stick in 2Gb. We want to give customers a new kind of USB flash drive that will help them to save too much expenses on buying normal USBs. Bundle Bytes is renewable. It will be available in any market in the area of Calamba. Unlike other USB Drives. Bundle Bytes are extremely rugged and durable. Technical analysis is widely used among traders and financial professionals. and contains 4 ultrathin USB chips. inexpensive. based on the premise that price reflects all relevant factors before an investor becomes aware of them through other channels. each secured inside recycled plastic tray. bio-degradable. lightweight and affordable.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . their memory chip is dustproof. 4Gb and 8Gb capacities (x4). for the purpose of forecasting future price trends. Laguna.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Chapter 3 TECHNICAL STUDY Technical analysis is the study of market action. credit card-sized. The molded paper pulp enclosure is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Product/Service Offered Bundle Bytes is a 4-packed USB flash drive made from recycled paper pulp. easy way to share large files. technical analysis considers only the actual price behavior of the market or instrument. primarily through the use of charts. These eco-friendly flash drives are loaded with refined technology. and some studies say its use is more widespread than is fundamental analysis in the foreign exchange market. In its purest form.

It’s easy. simply tear and share.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Operation Chart of E Manufacturing Company Process flow chart Flow Time Symbols Distance Remarks Process (min) . Manufacturing/Operating Process Operation Chart Figure 28. Bundle Bytes is also designed to promote recycling and increase the recycling rate in the country.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES and shockproof that doesn’t require a cap for protection.

LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Receive raw materials Inspect raw materials Transfer to production area Cutting of paper pulp Mixing (water & paste) Soaking ` Grinding Flatten paper Molding Solidify Cutting Pasting of components Finishing of the body Labelling/Se aling Final inspection Packaging Storing or Dispatching Company: E-Corporation SUMMARY Manufacturing Process Manufacturing of Bundle Bytes Type: Man.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Material Chart by: Method Present Proposed .

Inspection of raw materials: The quality control staff will strictly inspect all the delivered raw materials and ensure its quality 3. It describes how the inputs or the production raw materials are being process and created into the final product 1.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Symbol Description Number Operations 11 Transportation 1 Delay 2 Inspection 2 Storage 1 Time Distance Travelled Process Description The process description shows the steps on how the products are being produced. 2. Paper pulp will go directly to the cutting section . Receiving of raw materials: The purchase clerk will receive all the deliveries of the raw material from the respective suppliers.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Transport to production: All the inspected raw materials will be transported to the production area.

LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Cutting: Excess of the molded paper mixture will be cut to finish the case of the memory chip 12. Flatten paper: The grinded mixture will be flattened into flat surface 9. Grinding: After soaking it will be transported in grinding section to finally mix all the raw materials 8. Finishing of the body: Paste the other case to finish the 4-pack flash drive 14. Solidify: Let it drained to finally make a solid case 11. Soaking: The cut paper will be transported into the solidify station to soften the texture of the paper 7. Final inspection: The final product will be thoroughly inspected. Molding: Flattened paper mixture will be molded into 4-pack card size flash drive (front & back) 10. 15. Pasting: Memory chip will be paste inside the case 13.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Water and paste to the mixing section Memory chip to the pasting 4. Labelling/Sealing: The filling machine includes the packaging of the bottle and the hot air blow for the sealing process. 17. Packaging: The inspected final products will be carefully packed in their respective boxes. Mixing: Water and paste will be mix to create a bond for paper pulp 6. Cutting: The transported paper pulp will be cut into small pieces using a cutting machine 5. Storing or Dispatching: The boxed product will be stored to the storage area or dispatched to the market for the distribution and on the demand of the market. 16. . The visual of the product and the overall appearance will be carefully scanned.

The wood fiber sources required for pulping are "45% sawmill residue. and rain Water Substance applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them together and resists separation. odorless. A colorless.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Raw Materials Raw Materials Description A lignocellulose fibrous material prepared by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibers from wood. fiber crops or waste paper.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Paste Supplier . but they are smaller and more durable because they do not contain any internal moving parts. USB flash drives have less storage capacity than an external hard drive. Encased with synthetic polymer that makes it water and shock proof. rivers. portable flash memory card that plugs into a computers USB port and functions as a portable hard drive. lakes. USB flash drives are touted as being easy-to-use as they are small enough to be carried in a pocket and can plug into any computer with a USB drive. transparent. 21% logs and chips. and 34% recycled paper" Craft Paper USB Flash Drive A small. tasteless liquid that forms the seas.

This document is prepared to show how Time Card many hours an employee worked during a work week. A pencil is a writing implement or art medium Pencil usually made of a narrow. Computer (Desktop A device used for storing files and data of & Laptop) every transaction in a day to day work. made in non-porous writing surface. Receipt Formal. strong and opaque paper used for Bond Paper writing. This sealant is white. A centralized location of storing files and data. It is used for writing.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES liquid matte sealant It comes in a little jar with flip top lid.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . Whiteboard Marker Supplier . Durable. It is well suited for office stationery. but it quickly soaks in and dries to clear a matte finish. typing. Office Supplies Office Supply Ball pen Permanent Marker Description A long piece of plastic or metal with a ball in a socket and an ink inside of it. solid pigment core inside a protective casing. printing and photocopying. written acknowledgement that something of value. for temporary writing with overhead projectors and whiteboard. Sealant makes the paper water resistant. It is used to create permanent writing on an object A non-permanent marker uses an erasable ink.

authorizes payment. events.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . and occurrences.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Written instrument that serves to confirm or witness for some fact such as a transaction. Voucher (cash. a voucher is a document that petty cash & check) shows goods have bought or services have been rendered. Envelop (long & short) Log Book Used for compilation of document Systematic hourly or daily record of activities. and indicates the ledger account(s) in which these transaction have to be recorded. Folder Number of Shift per Day . Commonly.

The working hours will start at 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with a total of 8 working hours. the management may call overtime on non-working days or extend working hours on regular days. Lunch break will be from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm morning break at 10:00 am to 10:15 am and afternoon break at 2:00pm to 2:15 pm.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES E Manufacturing Corporation will only have one shift per day.17 10 Lunch Break 1. Sunday will be the rest day of the employees.00 60 Break (Morning and Afternoon) 0. regular holidays.17 10 6.50 30 Allowances 0. and possible interruption.16 370 Working Hours Less: Total Operating Hours Number of Operating days per year The total number of operating days in a year will be 298 days from 365 to 366 days a year less the Sundays. Summary of Operating Days Total Number of Days 365 Less Sundays and Holidays 62 . Summary of Operating Hours Hours Minutes 8 480 Receiving of Raw Materials 0. However. from Monday to Saturday.

2015 – Labor Day  June 12. 2015 – Maundy Thursday  April 18. Allowances: This can be unexpected holidays declared by the government such as Edil fit’r and the likes. E manufacturing Corporation capacity is based on the fullest utilization of the production equipment and the availability of raw materials based on the material balance. 2015 – New Year’s Day  April 9. 2015 – Christmas Day  December 30. 2015 – Araw ng Kagitingan  April 17. 2015 – Rizal Day Possible Interruptions: This is composed of power shortage. 2015 – National Heroes Day  November 30.LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Allowances 3 Regular Maintenance 2 Ideal Days 298 days Sundays: Rest day for all employees.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . 2015 – Bonifacio Day  December 25. it is assumed that there will be no power shortage. Legal Holidays: Regular non-working days declared by the government as follows:  January 1. Since the proponents will use generator. Production Capacity Production capacity is the volume of products that can be generated by a production plant or enterprise in a given period by using current resources. 2015 – Good Friday  May 1. material shortage and calamity such as typhoon. 2015 – Independence Day  August 25. .

LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Machines Description Most suitable Table Top Hand Arm Operated Small Paper Cutting Machine made for Xerox shops.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . no more space. risk free & low priced. small desk top printers. photocopiers.the machine needs no electric power. Paper Cutter Water / steam circulation jacket for mixing bowl.) Ointment Planetary Supplier . (Water jacket recommended only in 60 to 350 liters model. to heat or cool the mix during operation in OINTMENT MIXER only. Jacket also made out of mild steel in Standard Model & SS304 in GMP Model. small calendars. Steam heating recommended in 600 litres to onward all models. diaries writing paper pads suppliers . laser printers jobbers. easy to handle &hand operated.

Engrave machine .LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER STUDIES Mixer These Sheet Rolling Machine are manufactured by high-grade materials with latest technological methods. These Sheet Rolling Machines accomplish the entire process of rolling the papers/any form of sheets in a smooth and efficient way. Dryer Machine High precision engraving machine for glass. plastics and papers.LYCEUM OF THE PHILIPPINES . that dries and zip remaining liquid in the substance. Rolling Machine High speed fourdrinier paper machine.