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following up of an earlier post of yours - your words " my point is only this - it is always good to share

know-how from other alien civilizations and ehance our own, but it does not mean that we assume by
default they are necessarily more superior than us" and " now as we collectively move ahead to the 5th
Dimension evolution process, love, unity, compassion and co-operation become the key operating
principles - people realize that there is no real point in being power hungry, and I think in that situation
in case there is an external interference, we are still better as a team that stands for one another rather
than submitting our consciousness fully to some external being whom we still don't know much about."
end of quote. OK, they are NOT superior to us in terms of love, compassion or wisdom, but they have
no emotions like us, the have superior inter-dimensional capabilities, they can read all our
"information" like memories, emotions, intentions and thoughts, just like we read a book! They can
throw emotions, memories and thoughts at us and we will think they are own! How can you not call
that being superior? They are ahead millions of years! Their capabilities of manipulating us are beyond
uninformed people's imagination, they are completely unaware. The assumed fact, that we are all
moving ahead to the 5th dimension and it's key operating principles are based on a lot of information
with no verifiable sources. All in preparation for wanting to go there, when we pass out of our bodies,
this way they catch everybody who is "awakened", by supplying that environment, which just leads
down the same road, being under their control. Everything from channelings to random writings are
used as sources, not being aware that these sources are also manipulated, that process is called
"disinformation", where you give a lot of truth, but in key points you misinform, so when people read
it, they recognize the truths and don't realize the misinformation. All channeled messages are coming
from entities, who have an agenda, either they want us to change on our timeline, so their experience in
their time can change and so on, there are many variations. Standard practice. It doesn't matter, if
people realize their is no point in being "power hungry" as you said, because we are just pawns. To the
aliens we are just cattle, the pawns are the governments of all important countries, started contact in the
beginning of the 1900's and gave our planet away, by trading technology for the permission to abduct
millions of people, children and mutilate cattle, all for genetic resources and other reasons. By the time
they realized they lost control of the process (specifically the American government), there was no way
out, and in order not to be crucified by their own population, they decided to cover it up under all
circumstances and still do! The things they did and are doing (the government), are unspeakable and
horrifying. What are we going to do about that Shiraj, you tell me? There is no help from the outside,
because when there where other alien species trying to consult, explain and help, they have been
rejected by us! To the universe, we agreed to all of that, we wanted it ourselves! That is the
unbelievable predicament we are in! With talk and practice of "love and light","we are all one" and so
on we are not going to do anything about that. But we live in a universe of free will and non
interference, so there is that! Once we agreed to that (our governments agreed to that "for" us), we
where helpless. Even "we are one" is just for prepping us for a bee hive community society, where a
central consciousness controls all others, some more, some less. That is the way most alien societies
operate, and if individuals try to reject or revolt against that, they are being contained or punished. Our
moral codes you will not find there, there is no love! The alien societies, who don't engage in that
behavior, are many dimensions higher up, concerned about different agendas, like the misuse of
negative cycle energy, which will shorten the life span of star systems and our universe, like using
atomic weapons for instance. As we started using atomic weapons, the number of sightings increased
many fold, because we where all the sudden on the "bad users of energy" radar! Before we where too
small and insignificant. These higher civilizations use the lower ones, like the ones which are here, to
"mop up" the culprits, the ones who jeopardize everybody through energy abuse, like us! So, I think, in
your argument is a lot of wishful thinking involved, with out taking into consideration the situation, we
are really in. Believe me, I wished it wouldn't be that way! cry emoticon