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For an engineer, there are several stages involved in solving a problem.

Of all, the
most important one is analysing the problem which includes studying both the cause and
the need for solution. All the issues presented in the discussion are of great importance
considering them as steps taken for the advancement of human race.
Being a gaming enthusiast, the way that the characters' AI is designed fascinates me.
There are several other fields apart from this one which require the simulation of human
perception and the huge complexity associated excites me. This can enable the machines to
think in the human way which can reveal a lot of inaccessible stuff around this world. Also it
would be very interesting to see the reverse engineered brain provide scope in bionics. With
the help of current advancements in technology, I am sure that our attempt to reverse
engineer the brain will bear a fruit. Decoding the brain might seem impossible but as Walt
Disney said, Its fun to do the impossible
Secure cyberspace is another topic that interests me. Talking about the need for
online security, the internet has become an integral part of our lives. We have replaced
various activities like talking, shopping, banking, etc. with their corresponding online
activities. For example, online money transfer has made lives easier but vulnerabilities of
the online systems are being exploited by hackers resulting a reverse impact on
technological evolution. Also there is an international threat to classified data and databases
of military and other such institutions. This is enough to realise that online security deserves
the same security as that we have for our homes. This issue grabs a lot of attention among
the computer scientists. As an engineer, I feel the need for not letting the technological
advancements take a U-turn.
Over the past few years, the term virtual reality has aired over the voices of Techgiants. Oculus VR is one of them. This attempts to manipulate the brains perception and
has been successful to a great extent. There are numerous applications which include virtual
tourism, education, research, etc. It has the potential to create impact on the medical field
giving the doctor virtual experience. It also can help cure psychological disorders. In the
past, it has been used to perform various social experiments too. It is crucial for us to decide
the limits of development. The current status of virtual reality experience is still incomplete
and it may not reach saturation point in the near future. Enhancing the virtual experience
could lead to several breakthroughs. This field carries a huge scope behind it and
contributing to its enhancement can give loads of experience.