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The meaning of word Technology is derived from the knowledge and art. The process of
Globalization can be related to technology in a very vast context. Globalization describes the
process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a
global network of political ideas through communication, transportation, and trade. Technology
plays a big role in globalization. Technology has changed the way in which we communicate,
work, play and even the way in which we take and teach classes. Technology has made it easier
to see your relatives and talk to them in any corner of world. Technology has made it easier to
find information and gain knowledge about a variety of places. If one were to think about life in
at the beginning of the 20th century in comparison to life at the beginning of the 21st century,
one would be amazed by the progress we have made through technology.
Technological advancement has played a very good role in rapid increase of globalization.
Technology today has become a very important part of our lives it plays very functional roles in
everyday routine. Technology always is improvised for ease in the lifestyle. Today technology is
used from cooking to communication purposes.
The innovation of technology started since the beginning of this world as we can date back to the
primitive ages where there no technology. But the invention of wheel and nuts the life of humanbeings changed. So technology is an ongoing process and it is implied in every field of life.
Technology can be compared to the old environmental systems and todays ecological systems
that how technology has affected the environment. So the ideas of technology and globalization
can be related to the invention of tools to the production of modern gadgets that had become a
need or a part of life.
There had been many pertinent theories and studies done on the relation of globalization and
technology. Modernization theory, Digital-Divide Theory provide the significance of technology.
Another concept of transforming the world into a global village Is visible and so technology is
playing a very important role in it. Theory of Luddism during Industrial Revolution.


Global village



Change in

Productivity, Consumerism, MNC’s
they are goof factors which contribute in
the promotion of technology.
 Technology can be considered as the byproduct of knowledge i.e. more the
knowledge and awareness more the
fluent use of technology.


one of the effects of Globalization has been the denationalization of markets and the rise of the global economy.The ability to verbally and/or visually communicate with people all over the world. As knowledge and sources of information had increased so had increased globalization process and thus had caused impacts on the localization process. • WikiSpaces. CAUSES OF GLOBALIZATION Globalization is a multi-dimensional phenomenon but the main promoter of Globalization is through information technology. • Twitter.SOCIO-ECONOMIC and POLITICAL INFLUENCES Stretching Out of social. THE EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION As stated in the article that you just read. One example would be a company that establishes itself on the international marketplace by creating a multilingual corporate web site. GEO and CNN etc have also provided worldwide marketing avenues for the concept and products of globalization. This means that practices and decisions made in one part of the world can have consequences on communities and cultures in other locations around the world. Everybody now can watch and imagine the unseen places and make scenarios in just blinking and clicking on the gadgets which had provided world on their palms. Social transformation is a result of Globalization and Technology plays its part in cultural mixing on a broad scale. TOOLS FOR GLOBALIZATION • Facebook.The ability to have a live visual meeting with people all over the world. thoughts and images with people all over the world. political and economic practices across frontiers. these companies must adapt their products or services to various linguistic and cultural requirements.The ability to share ideas. • Phones. cultural.  The development of satellite TV channels such as Sky. BBC.  The development of communication technologies such as internet.The ability to communicate and share information with people all over the world. . Here we can simply give the examples of smartphones. • Skype (video chatting). email and mobile phones have been vital to the growth of globalization because they help MNCs to operate throughout the world. To do this. Companies who decide to take part in the emerging global economy must establish themselves in foreign markets.The ability to communicate with people all over the world.

The battlefield’s and conquests were showing manpower and the war fought manually. IV. engineering and medical and natural sciences but now the education is done online with the introduction of electronic education. Freedom and easy access of information Encourages innovation and creativity Improved Communication/ convenience of travelling Improved household lifestyles Improved and increased source of entertainment Efficiency in productivity . • Globalization is important because it opens many doors of various fields of study. V. • Technology in the world today has made it easier for students to find more in depth information that they are looking for to use for educational purposes. Subjects now are not only confined to physical sciences like biology. use of satellite cellphones to avoid any evidence is very good example of technology. Students can also learn more about other countries because of the impact of globalization.Teachers can create a podcast for students to listen to using media. • Podcast. III. And now the competence in technology had shrunken the boundaries. In today’s world a person who has not good skills is considered illiterate or given notions to be stacked in a digitaldivide. GLOBALIZATION. WARFARE & COMMUNICATION Once there was a time when people travelled on horses and travelled months to reach a place and now you can book a flight of your favorite airlines online and travel miles in minutes. A new wave of cyber warfare is started in the current centuries and the warfare technology is even designed under information technology control systems. Even in military perspective those who are better off with technology they had a winning advantage.Teachers can create a WebQuest for students to participate in an educational journey on various topics while using the world wide web. It broadens the educational horizons for students. Teachers can use this for creating assignments and students can listen to the podcast as many times as they want GLOBALIZATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION The "change "of technology has also led many advancement in education and had people more informed than ever before. Technology has transformed the methods of education. Example of Drone technology Build where? Controlled from where? Target where?. live chat and instant messaging.The ability to verbally and visually communicate with people through a office setting through email.• Microsoft Office. ADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY IN GLOBALIZATION There are numerous advantages of technology some of them are mentioned as: I. TECHNOLOGY. Some people also claim that our society is being shaped by technology. VI. II. Suicide bombings using cell phone. • WebQuest.

REFRENCES • • The Age of Globalization: Impact of Information Technology on Global Business Strategies 2007. Improvement in Medical science: with the introduction of anti-biotics and other life saving drugs now it is easy to get control on various diseases. technology is a big part of changing the way people communicate and learn in the world today. Environment Pollution Exploitation of Natural Resources Weapons of Mass Destruction-Threats of Nuclear Warfare Unemployment and competency Increased isolation/ loneliness Creating Disparities in societies CONCLUSION There are many different technological uses that promote Now medicines for disease are available all over the world. we shall end up harming both the society and environment. VI. • http://www. DISADVANTAGES OF TECHNOLOGY ON GLOBAL SCENARIO As technology comes with a lot of advantages it has with it attached some negative things as well: I. II. IV. if we don’t control the usage of technology. Places that used to seem worlds away are now within reach by the click of a button. V. People are starting to rely on technology more and more to communicate globally instead of traveling to places that are far away.wikia. .useoftechnology.preservearticles. As you can see from the examples given. it is our responsibility to use technology to improve our lives but we also have to make sure that we preserve our society and environment. VIII. Social Networking.VII.html • http://www. Now that we have seen some of the impacts of technology in modern life.