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-----------------<<<<<<<"SERVICE AGREEMENT (SA)">>>>>>--------------1. Download the format of SA from nextstep>Home > ILP Corner >First Day at TCS>j
oining formalities..
2. Purchase Stamp paper of value Rs 100 or 2x Rs 50 in YOUR NAME
. 3. Den Please type the first page of the Service Agreement givn in the format
on a `100/- stamp paper. The matter which u have to print on stamp paper is
4. And just take the printout of the remaining pages in A4 size and attach with
the stamp paper.
5. Just keep in mind that u should leave enough spaces in blank so that u will b
e able to write completely in the blanks. Sometimes u will face problem in writi
ng address, so leave more spaces in blanks.
6. There is 37 blanks to fill in the SA, so fill those blanks with BLUE/BLACK do
t pen.
7. Fill the above spaces by taking references from ANNEXURE 1 given in JOINING A
8. Don t forget to take the signature of surety at the bottom of all pages and In
the last page of Service Agreement, please ensure that the surety signature is p
resent adjacent to the statement "As a token of his/her consent, he/she has sign
ed this agreement as Surety .
9. A surety can be a person who is an Income Tax payee or who possesses landed p
10. Please keep in mind that Clause No. 3 in the service agreement needs to be f
illed only if you are submitting a Fixed Deposit Receipt of `50,000 to tcsl.
---------------<<<<<<"SURETY VERIFICATION FORM (SVF) :">>>>>>---------1. Fill the Surety verification form given in th last page of SA.
2. Get the SVF attested by any one of the below:
i. Manager of a nationalized bank where the Surety holds an account.
ii. District collector of the district in which the Surety resides.
iii. Gazetted officer.
iv. Tehsildar of the village in which the Surety resides.
v. Employer of the Surety, if the Surety is an income tax payee. In this case, a
ttach a photocopy of Form 16, which has been issued to the Surety and signed by
the Employer.
3. Along with SVF u have to submit anyone of th following:
i. Pan card along with IT Returns/ Saral/ Form 2D/ Form 16/Form 12B OR
ii. Land deed (Photostat attested copy) + valuation certificate (in English) IF
any one is submitting Land deed (Photostat attested copy) + valuation certificate
(in English) , the the format is given in tcs portal.
iii. Alternatively, (instead of the Surety Verification Form) you may attach an
attested photocopy of the Surety's valid passport, to the Service Agreement
iv. Ensure that the signatures of the Surety affixed on the Service Agreement, S
urety Verification form, Passport and other supporting documents (IT returns/PAN
card) match.
v. If there is any mismatch in the signature of surety, den surety should make a
n affidavit with specimen signatures on ` 100/- stamp paper from a Notary, menti
oning that the signatures are of the same individual.
4. If u r not able to arrange surety, then u can opt for a fd of Rs 50000.
5. For FD preparation, just go to any nationalized bank and make fd in ur name.
and tell d bank manager to write
and get it signed b
y manager.. donot forget to take seal of bank. NON CRIMINAL AFFIDAVIT (NCA)
1. Download the format of SA from nextstep>Home > ILP Corner >First Day at TCS>j
oining formalities
2. Type th first page on Rs 100 stamp paper and attach the remaining pages.
3. if contents of the Non Criminal Undertaking do not fit in the stamp paper page
, plain sheets can be used
4. Get it notarized.
5. Notary seal is mandatory in all the pages.

. -------------<<<<<<<<"MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (MC)">>>>>>>>>--------1. download the Medical Certificate format by clicking on Download Medical Certif
icate link on TCS NextStep>> ILP Corner>> First Day at TCS>>Joining Formalities.
2. Get the medical certificate (in the format prescribed by TCSL) verified by a
registered medical practitioner with minimum qualification as M.B.B.S.
3. Don t forget to get attested on the photo.
4. Its good to prepare ds certificate 7-10 days prior to ur joining.
-----------<<<<<<<<<"National Skills Registry(NSR)">>>>>>>>------------.
1. You need to complete the registration and bio-metric process of NSR before jo
ining ILP (please visit site www.nationalski ). If, under certai
n circumstances you are not able to complete the National Skills Registry, secon
d phase(Biometrics ) can be arranged during ILP.
2. You need to mention your CT Ref. No. as the Employee Code
3. If u don t have ur surname den mention your father s name as your last name.
4. You need to submit the IT Pin number on the Next Step Portal. Log onto https:
// /.Clickon ILP Corner ->
If, under certain circumstances you are unable to submit your IT Pin No.; you ne
ed to carry a valid proof of your IT Pin as the same can be uploaded during ILP
-----------<<<<<<<<<<< BIRTH CERTIFICATE (BC)>>>>>>>>>>--------------1. A birth certificate is a mandatory document.
2. Birth certificate issued by the concerned government authorities will be acce
3. The class X and/or XII mark sheets or certificates from the hospital/communit
y and nativity certificate will not suffice.
4. In case you do not possess a birth certificate containing your name, date of
birth and place of birth, you are needed to obtain an affidavit on a `100 stamp
paper signed by a notary with these details. Since this is a temporary arrangeme
nt, you will be required to furnish the birth certificate before the completion
of ILP.
5. The format for BC AFFIDAVIT is der in the file section of dis group.
6. If the Birth Certificate does not contain the name, you will have to get the
birth certificate revised from the concerned authority.
7. the birth date mentioned in the birth certificate has to be matched with the
birth date mentioned in other documents like ssc, passport, pan card, etc
8. if ur birth certificate is not in English, den You will have to translate the
certificate in English and make an affidavit of the English document. However b
oth the documents, that is, the original birth certificate (non English) and the
affidavit have to be submitted. 9. birth certificate in dual format (English+ot
her language ) is accepted.
----------------<<<<<<<<"BACK GROUND CHECK (BGC)">>>>>>>>-------------1. U HAVE to give address proof for present and permanent adress both.
2. if u do not have any of the above den u can make an affidavit on Rs 100 stamp
paper mentioning both the addresses.(present and permanent)
3. u have to submit ID proof. (driving license/pan card/passport/ college ID car
4. U have to submit degree or provisional certificate. If u don t have dis, den yo
u can submit a course completion certificate from the college.
5. Passport can be submitted as proof of ID, Address and Date of Birth.
6. Attach copy of any one of the following documents as Proof for Address
(a) Ration Card in regional language will be accepted.
(b) Electricity Bill
(c) Landline Telephone Bill (Mobile ph bill not acceptable)
(d) House Lease Agreement
(e) Hostel Allotment Letter from College, if staying in College Hostel (f) Valid
-------------<<<<<<<<<<"EDUCATION GAP AFFIDAVIT ">>>>>>>>>>-----------1. If the employee has a gap in education for a period of six or more months, th
en the employee is required to submit a GAP certificate that is notarized , made

on a ` 100 stamp paper states the employee s name, year of GAP and the reason for
2. In case of medical reasons, copy of the medical certificate attested by a gaz
etted officer must be attached to the affidavit. GAP Affidavit is to be made in
English and the original is to be submitted along with the BGC form at the time
of joining.
3. The format for GAP AFFIDAVIT is der in the file section of dis grp. PANCARD
1. It is mandatory that the employee has a PAN card at the time of joining.
2. If u do not have pan card but already applied it then submit acknowledgement
slip provided by the Income Tax department, the slip should be attested by a gaz
etted officer and will be valid for a period of fifteen days post joining, after
which the associate must have the PAN card or PAN number with them.
3. Payroll of an associate will not be processed until his/her PAN number is upd
ated in the system.
1. Matriculation and Inter/Higher Secondary mark sheets
. 2. All semester mark sheets for post graduation, graduation and diplomas, as a
3. Degree certificate/provisional certificate for post-graduation, graduation an
d diplomas
4. Birth certificate issued by the concerned government authorities.
5. A valid passport (if any). This is mandatory in case you are not an Indian na
6. Offer letter and joining letter.
7. 6 passport size photographs.
8. Date of birth details of the person you would like to nominate for Gratuity,
Superannuation,Provident Fund and Health Insurance Scheme.
9. Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card copy
. 10. Medical Certificate.
12. SVF (6th page)/ surety passport
13. SURETY S IT Returns/ Saral/ Form 2D/ Form 16/Form 12B
17. CID FORM (if applicable)
<<<<<<<<<<NO OF COPIES TO BE ATTESTED:>>>>>>>>
1. one set of attested photocopy need to be provided on joining for ILP.
2. BUT I suggest u to keep 2 copies of attested cop + xerox copy with u. may b u
will require in some other documentary work.
3. Original as well as the attested documents should be carried to the ILP Centr
e. The originals will be returned after verification on the same day. TCS will o
nly retain the attested copies of the documents. The attestation is mandatory an
d must be done by a competent authority. However, all affidavits have to be subm
itted in original during the joining formalities.
4. The documents can be attested by any one of the following authorities:
1. Manager of a nationalized bank where the candidate holds an account
2. District Collector of the district in which the candidate resides
3. Gazetted Officers
4. Tahsidar of the village.
the file section of dis group. 1. IF U HAV DONE ANY MISTAKE ON OFFER LETTER OR J
OINING LETTER THEN The rectification in name mis spelt, change in new address or
other details shall be made at the time of joining ILP..
Have a Hassel free Joining guys
TCS Document Check List

Set of Documents:
1. Joining Letter : : 3 Self-Attested(2 Plain-copy for safety)
2. Offer Letter : : 3 Self-Attested(2 Plain-copy for safety)
3. Non-Criminal Affidavit : : Original AND MUST BE NOTARIZED BY NOTARY.
4. Service Agreement : : Original(Carry an extra copy of SA from Page 2-5 signed
by you and your Surety for Safety) (SA NEED NOT BE NOTARIZED)
4.a) Surety Verification Form/Surety s Passport: SVF 1 copy GO Attested/ Surety s Pa
ssport- 3 photocopies GO Attested BUT NOT ORIGINAL(Originals are not required)
4.b) Surety s PAN card : : 3 photocopies GO Attested BUT NOT ORIGINAL(Originals ar
e not required)
4. c) Surety's ITR/ Form No. 16 : : 3 *photocopies GO Attested BUT NOT ORIGINAL(
Originals are not required)
5. Birth Certificate : : Original+ 3 GO Attested + 1 Self-Attested
6. Gap affidavit,Multi-name affidavit,Sign affidavit or any : : Original -on 20
Rs or above stamp paper NOTARIZED (if applicable)
7. Medical Certificate : : Original and 1 copy Attested by MBBS Doctor.
8. Passport : : Original + 4 photocopies GO Attested+1 Self- Attested
9. PAN Card : : Original + 3 photocopies GO attested +1 Self-Attested
10. ID Proof : : Original + 3 photocopies GO attested+1 Self- Attested .
11. Address Proof : : Original + 3 Photocopies GO Attested+1 Self- Attested
12. NSR(E-Card sent to ur mail) : : 3 print out(Self-Attested)
13. Academic Documents :
13.a)SSLC(10th) Certificate : : Original+ 3 photocopies GO Attested
13.b)HSC(12th) Certificate : : Original + 3 photocopies GO Attested
13.c)Diploma Certificate(if any) : : Original + 3 photocopies GO Attested
13.d)Consolidated mark statement (if any)of Degree : : Original + 3 copies attes
ted by Gazetted officer
13.d)B.E/B.Tech Marksheets : : Original(Total 8 Semesters) + 3 photocopies GO At
13.e)B.E/B.Tech Provisional Certificate : : Original + 3 photocopies GO Attested
14. 20 passport size photographs with white background(5 stamp size photographs
also recommended)
15.Background Check Form :
You will fill BGC online once u join ilp (may be after 1 week from joining) but
if the BGC is present in the mail that u will receive before 1 week from ur join
ing then u hv to carry the hard copy of the BGC with u.
For hardcopy of BGC just take the print it in A4 paper and filled it and keep it
with u. NO ATTESTATION of GO or anyone is required so dnt take so much tension
about BGC (background check).
TCS has third party agreement . some ppl might visit ur place (address mentioned
by you in bgc) and just enquire about the basic details like ur name , DOB, etc
. but it happens rarely they just call ur residence no and enquire about in phon
e ..
ADDRESS PROOFS: Passport,Aadhar Card,Soceity Letter,Electricity Bill(If in Fathe
r s name,surname should match),Telephone Bill(If in Father s name,surname should mat
ch),Ration card(with English translation Affidavit).
IDENTITY PROOFS:Passport,PAN Card,Driving Licence,Voter-ID,Aadhar Card.
Take atleast 3 set of all docs and 2 non attested set.