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Metal Fabrication

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Water & Waste Water

March 2015

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Diacreek Engineering

A.B. Brogden Ltd.

Mr. Allan Brogden

251 Vidal Street North
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 5Y5
Electrical engineering consultants.

Acuren Group Inc.

Mr. David Richardson
396 McGregor Road South, Unit 1
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H5
Non-destructive testing, visual
inspection, engineering.

Ahwatukee Canada
Mr. Ernest Gray
200 London Road, Suite 308
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7S9
Project architecture, engineering and
construction operations.

CanWeb Internet Services

CanWeb Internet Services

Mr. Dave Grant

1086 Modeland Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6L2
CanWeb provides DynIP ( TM ) Domain
Name System (DNS) management
services, enterprise knowledge
management solutions and webenabled software applications. Since its
incorporation in 1995, CanWeb
continues to expand into international
markets and currently serves customers
in approximately 70 countries.

Collins Ferrera Engineering

Mr. Thomas Collins P. Eng.
527 Murphy Road, Suite 201
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5B6
Engineers - Consulting

Mr. Bill Wang

3034 Palstan Drive, Suite 202
Mississauga ON Canada
L4Y 2Z6
Diacreek provides our clients with
customized engineering, designing and
technical support services. We have
the capabilities to assist out clients
from the initial concept design to the
completion of a project.

Mr. Ali Mankal
846 Upper Canada Drive
Sarnia ON Canada N7W 1A4
Eaton is a power management
company providing energy-efficient
solutions that help our customers
effectively manage electrical, hydraulic
and mechanical power. Eaton has
approximately 102,000 employees and
sells products to customers in more
than 175 countries.

Electek Power Services

Mr. Tim Vanderheide
101 Duff Drive, Unit 2
Sarnia ON Canada N7W 1A7
Electek Power Services provides a full
line-up of highly specialized power
distribution system services to its
customers. This includes electrical
maintenance and commissioning,
testing, switch gear modifications
and retrofits, relay calibrations,
high/low voltage installations and
substation installation turn-key

H&C Heat Transfer Solutions

Mr. Kam Hau
799 Esser Crescent
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5W8
H&C Heat Transfer Solutions Inc. is an
engineering organization specializing in
heat transfer applications. Our services
are designed to provide heat transfer
solutions to clients in the chemical,
petrochemical and oil refining and gas
industries. We also work in partnership
with engineering firms and fabricators
to provide heat transfer solutions to
projects of all sizes.

Hi-Tech Engineering Sarnia

Mr. Richard Turpin
2109 London Line
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H2
Industrial and commercial engineering
design and consulting engineering

IMAP Audits Inc.

Mr. Paul Desrochers

546 Christina Street North, Suite 402B
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5E1
Industrial insulation, coatings and
asbestos abatement consultants,
construction administration and
inspection, materials engineering,
technical standards writers, coatings
inspection, insulation inspection, plant
auditing software programs and energy

Langtree Controls Ltd.

Mrs. Gina Di Sotto
509 Vidal Street South
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2V5
Langtree Controls Ltd. was established
in 1992 to offer engineering expertise
in the specialized disciplines of
instrumentation, electrical and process
control design engineering. The
principals of Langtree fully embrace the
concepts of continuous improvement
and are committed to developing
innovative work practices, to better
serve all our clients at a lower cost.

MIG Engineering Ltd.

Mr. Marty Raaymakers

453 Christina Street North
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 5W3
MIG are consulting engineers, project
managers, and surveyors; offering
design, project and construction
management services including:
feasibility studies, preliminary and final
design, surveying and cost estimating,
contract documents and bid evaluation,
procurement, quality control, technical
and start-up assistance. Fields of
specialization include: civil, structural,
mechanical, electrical, HVAC and
architectural for industrial, commercial,
construction and building fields, fire
protection and piping, environmental
engineering, storm water management
and drainage, high pressure pipelines,
bridges, roads, highway design and
traffic surveys. Municipal services
including lighting, streets, infrastructure
planning, parking and recreational
facilities, water distribution and storage
systems, sanitary and storm sewers collection and treatment, surveying,
topographic and aerial mapping.

Paton Controls Limited

Mr. Scott Heggie

501 Scott Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7T1
Instrument, electrical engineering and
design. Piping, mechanical, civil,
structural, process, construction

Robert E. Dale Limited,

Consulting Engineers
Mr. Geoffrey Dale
110 Water Street, Main Floor
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 5T3
This firm is licensed to operate in the
Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick,
Saskatchewan, Alberta, British
Columbia and Manitoba. The firm
offers Consulting

Services in the fields

of Civil, Structural, Mechanical,
Heating, Ventilation and Air
Conditioning, Site Planning and
StormWater Management.

SNC-Lavalin Inc.

Mr. Robert Stewart

265 Front Street North, Suite 301
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7X1
SNC-Lavalin is one of the leading
groups of engineering and construction
companies in the world and a global
leader in the ownership and
management of infrastructure. The
Sarnia office provides full project
execution services to its clients.
Typical mandates include project
feasibility studies, cost estimating,
detailed design, procurement,
construction management and
commissioning services.

Dr. Susan MacFarlane
265 Front Street, Unit 402
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7X1
Stantec (founded in 1954) provides
professional consulting services in
engineering, environmental sciences,
planning, architecture, interior design,
landscape architecture, surveying,
project management, and project
economics for infrastructure and
facilities projects. Striving to balance
economic, environmental, and social
responsibilities, Stantec is recognized
as a world-class leader and
innovator in the delivery of
sustainable solutions. Stantec
supports public and private sector
clients in a diverse range of markets,
at every stage, from initial concept
and financial feasibility to project
completion and beyond.

Sylvan Automation Ltd.

Mr. Jamie Kells

1129 Vanier Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 3Y6
Valve automation, instrumentation and

T. W. Gray and Associates

Engineering Ltd.
Mr. T. W. Gray
301 Front Street North
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 5S6
Consulting engineering services.

Tecsar Engineering Inc.

Mr. Pierce MacSweeney
117 Front Street North
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7T1
Mechanical, civil, electrical and process
engineering for Sarnia Lambton
petrochemical sector. Full E.P.C.M.
service working in an integrated
environment together with local firms
(Alliance Network) who are likewise
committed to our local industry. Tecsar
Engineering Inc. is now licensed as a
consulting engineering firm in Ontario,
Alberta, Ohio and Michigan states.

Trow Associates Inc.

Mr. Bo Chiu M. Eng., P. Eng.
265 Front Street North, Suite 411N
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7X1
Consulting Engineers - Trow specializes
in earth, geotechnical, building science
and environmental engineering. Trow
provides services for geotechnical
investigation, quality assurance,
construction inspection and testing,
environmental site assessment, indoor
air quality survey, designated
substances survey, building envelope
and pre-purchase assessment, roofing
inspection, concrete testing and
rehabilitation survey and monitoring,
pavement evaluation and testing


Ms. Marilyn Gladu

Building 1050, 2nd Floor
1086 Modeland Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6L2
WorleyParsons provides total project
delivery. From conceptual studies to
commissioning and start-up, our
engineering services cover the full
spectrum, both in size and lifecycle,
from the creation of new assets, to
services that sustain and enhance the
value of operating assets.

ASI Group provides

professional services to
industry and the public sector
for managing water and
wastewater. ASI offers proven
technical expertise in
engineering, environmental
biology and marine services
for a variety of water and
wastewater management
problems. ASI's full service
approach utilizes a
combination of experienced
professionals, and the use of
innovative technical-based solutions to
assure clients of fast economic
solutions using the newest technology.

Baker Hughes

& remediation

Acuren Group Inc.

Mr. David Richardson
396 McGregor Road South, Unit 1
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H5
Non-destructive testing, visual
inspection, engineering.

Amec Foster Wheeler

Environment &

Mr. Mike Crabb

1373 Confederation Street, Suite 1
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5P1
Environmental consulting and
engineering services, geotechnical
engineering, materials testing and
engineering services, environmental
laboratory services.

ASI Group Ltd.

Mr. Dan Butts
120 Seaway Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H8

Mr. Gord Mackenzie

796 Ontario Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 1M7
Baker Hughes continually provides the
latest technology available in digital
data acquisition and analysis for every
stage in the life of your well. Open and
Cased Hole Logging, Cavern Logging,
Casing Evaluation, Perforating,
Formation Testing, and Reservoir

Bluewater Environmental Inc.

Mr. Bryan Ball
704 Mara Street, Suite 201
Point Edward ON Canada N7V 1X4
Bluewater Environmental Inc. is a
Canadian owned and operated
Professional Environmental Consulting
company specializing in Phase I &
Phase II Environmental Site
Assessments; Contaminated Soil &
Groundwater Remediation; Biological &
Chemical Wastewater Treatment;
Odour Neutralization Products &
Equipment; Microbial Remediation

Mr. Glenn Carson
128 Kendall Street
Point Edward ON Canada N7V 4G5

World Leaders in Hydrotesting &

Isolation Technologies

Catalyst Canada Services LP

Mr. Kevin McSwain
435 Polymoore Drive, Unit 1
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
Removal and replacement of catalyst in
reactors for the petrochemical industry
utilizing specialized equipment and

CENNATEK Bioanalytical
Services Inc.
Mr. Mohammad Rahbari
Building 1010
1086 Modeland Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6L2
R&D Services - Industrial Applications
of Biomass / Technology Development
Services - Industrial Applications of
Biomass / Analytical Testing - ASTM
Biomass characterization and Biofuels
(Biodiesel, Ethanol)testing

Clean Harbors Catalyst

Mrs. Janet Miller
282 Tecumseh Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2K9
Removal and replacement of catalyst in
petrochemical reactors.

Dufort Testing Service Limited

Mr. Mario Dufort
192 Tunnel Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2K2
Hydrostatic testing using the patented
Dufort plug on: welded flange Tie-ins,
vessel's nozzle, boiler and exchanger
tubes, vent, drain and orifice valve
replacement. Customized plugs for
your special needs. Also welding
isolation or service. 24 hour service.

Mr. Mark Brown
481 Polymoore Drive
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
Canadian Certified Response
Organization. Provides marine oil spill
response services and training.

Mr. Eric Ruggles B.Sc.
2747 Sandfield Crescent
Bright's Grove ON Canada N0N 1C0
ENSPEC is a specialized
environmental consulting firm assisting
in the evaluation of environmental and
occupational stressors including
asbestos, designated substances,
indoor air quality and microbial
aspects. ENSPEC also provides a
broad range of environmental hygiene
monitoring services, analytical services
and training. We support industrial,
commercial, and residential clientele.

Environmental Accident
Protection Inc.
Mr. Mark Braet
4156 Petrolia Line
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0
is the key to a safer, healthier, and
more productive workforce. OUR
MISSION: To be a leading supplier of
training and consulting solutions for
safety, health and environmental
issues through innovation and
partnerships with our employees,
customers, suppliers and the

G M Hall & Associates

Mr. Grant Hall
265 Front North, Suite 104
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7X1
Water & energy management
consultant. Steam & hot water
systems, water & energy usage

evaluations, chemical treatment

performance vs. cost evaluations, new
& upgrade system design, installation &
start-up (boilers, ion exchange, filters,
water treatment products, chemical
pumps & steam traps), chemical
management (on-going service &
performance review), pre-operational
cleaning for new heating systems, online and off-line cleaning of fouled
heating systems. We also provide
specialty consulting services of steam
boiler, hot water, & irrigation systems
as well as pretreatment.

JAtech Services

Mr. Dave General
4247 Oil Heritage Road, Unit 5
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0
Decontamination specialists offering
crime and trauma scene clean-up,
mould remediation, asbestos
abatement, odour removal, and dry ice

HSE Integrated
Mr. Paul Tessier
1190 Michener Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 4B1
Industrial safety training, safety
equipment rentals, on-site safety
services, shut-down services, standby
rescue services. HSE Fire Services @
764 Confederation Street, Sarnia, ON,
N7T 2E3. Tel: 519-383-6060 Fax:

Inter Recycling Systems Inc.

Mr. Javed Akhtar
1620 Blackwell Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H4
Waste disposal, metal recycling,
environmental consulting. Solid waste
landfill site.

Mr. Steve Easterby
269A St. Andrew Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2L3
Petroleum inspection and testing

Mr. Jay Armstrong

2111 London Line
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H2
Machinery Vibration Analysis,
Machinery Diagnostic
Services, Reciprocating Compressor
Analysis, Modal & Operating Deflection
Shape Analysis, Thermography &
Ultrasonics, Field Balancing Vibration

Joel Moloy Ltd.

Mr. Joel Moloy
8265 Ravenswood Line
Thedford ON Canada N0M 2N0
Septic tanks; excavation - sand,
screened topsoil, gravel, stone;

Lambton Scientific

Mr. Andy Schmidtmeyer

391 Vidal Street South
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2V3
Lambton Scientific is a contract, feefor-service laboratory performing
analyses for clients using
methodologies based upon those found
in "Standard Methods for the
Examination of Water and Wastewater"
or the principles of MISA, or US EPA
methodologies, or client prescribed
methods. We specialize in water,
sludge and soil samples for
environmental testing and process
control / quality assurance samples.

LEHDER Environmental
Services Limited

Mr. Sid Lethbridge

704 Mara Street, Suite 210
Point Edward ON Canada N7V 1X4
We recognize our clients need to
make decisions that provide for
operational flexibility while meeting

regulatory economic and social

requirements. Air Quality aspects:
source testing, emission inventories, air
dispersion modeling, data interpretation
and approval applications are
managed internally. LEHDER's team of
consulting professionals includes
engineers, scientists, information
management specialists, industrial
hygienists, biologists and technologists;
we work together to provide integrated
solutions for our clients to address
complex problems.

MJ Waste Solutions
Ms. Mary Jean O'Donnell
639 Maple Avenue
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 4H7
Environmental consulting firm
specializing in solid waste and
recycling programs.

MP Instrumentation
Mr. Mart Pitka
811 Danbury Crescent
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 4L7
Vibration / machine condition
monitoring. Troubleshooting of monitor
& sensor problems. Installation of new
monitors & related sensors. Site
acceptance tests. System calibration &
maintenance. Machinery monitoring

ORTECH Environmental
Mr. Rod Brooks
1133 Vanier Road, Unit C
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 3Y6
Environmental monitoring and
analysis of air and water, research
and development.

Paracel Laboratories Ltd.

Mr. Dan Van Bakel
702 North Mara Street, Unit 218
Point Edward ON Canada N7V 1X4

Environmental and indoor air quality

analytical laboratory specializing in
organics, inorganics, asbestos, mould
& fungi, allergens and bacteria

Philip Enterprises Inc. - Point

Mr. Maurice Lauzon
124 Kendall Street
Point Edward ON Canada N7S 4K4
Industrial chemical cleaning and
pumping services

Pinchin Environmental
Mr. Mike Agostinelli
250 North Christina Street, Unit H
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7V3
Pinchin has been providing clients with
solution-focused services and training
in the environmental and health and
safety field

Pollutech EnviroQuatics

Mr. Tim Moran

704 Mara Street, Suite 122
Point Edward ON Canada N7V 1X4
Environmental consulting; aquatic,
sediment and soil toxicity testing;
environmental commercial diving
services; site assessment and
remediation; geoenvironmental
services; regulatory approvals;
regulatory reporting requirements;
environmental effects monitoring;
asbestos surveys; predemolition
designated substance surveys; and
health & safety consulting services.

Precision Concepts Group

Mr. Rick Mason
460 Williams Drive
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7J2

Rotating equipment specialists.

Complete with laser alignment
trending, equipment rerate, equipment
overhaul, equipment installation,
vibration analysis & maintenance
agreements, and millwrights.

Robert Bruce Holman

Engineering Technical
Mr. Robert Bruce Holman
1727 Trinity
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5P8
Maintenance and project management,
pressure vessel inspection, quality
assurance program manuals and

Environmental Association &
Mr. Dean Edwardson
1489 London Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 1P6
A 15 member non-profit, environmental
co-operative which seeks to
understand and reduce the
environmental impacts of
petrochemical industries operating in
Sarnia and surrounding areas.

TEAM Aquatic Management

Mr. Dean Dejong
914 Murphy Road North
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5C4
Complete water management services,
industrial and municipal. Design, build,
manage, operate municipal and
industrial waste water treatment,
drinking water treatment.

Team Industrial Services

(Campbell St.)
Mr. John Benedictus
893 Campbell St Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2J9

The qualified and experienced

technical staff of AITEC Inc. provide
complete non-destructive testing
services: radiographic inspection,
ultrasonic testing, liquid penetrant
inspection, magnetic particle
inspection, visual inspection, Eddy
current testing, IRIS tube inspection,
tank inspection to API 653 & N.D.T.
Engineering and Consulting.

scanning for blockages and the build

up of material inside pipes.

writing, eddy current inspection of heat

exchangers & boiler tubes. Remote
visual inspection

Tracerco Radioactive
Diagnostic Services Canada

Mr. Mike Boone

1173 Michener Road, Unit 9
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5G5
Radioactive diagnostic services to
petrochemical industry.

AirArc Supply Inc.

Mr. Steve Rothman

Techni-Comp Environmental
960 Atkin Avenue
Mr. Terry Bambury
Sarnia ON Canada N7W 1A7
461 Campbell Street
Veolia Environmental Services
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2J1
AirArc Supply Inc. was formed in 2013
(Campbell St.)
Develop and operate processing
to meet the market need for an
systems for resource recovery of waste Mr. Dennis Kennedy
independent distributor of industrial
and by-products, servicing
gases and related welding and safety
municipalities, manufacturers, industry, 275 Campbell Street
supplies in Southwestern Ontario.
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2H2
and agriculture. We market and
AirArc is locally owned and operated by
distribute recycled mineral and organic Chemical cleaning.
individuals who have extensive

soil products. Approved recovery

experience operating service-oriented
Veolia Environmental Services businesses in the manufacturing, metal
locations in Michigan and Ontario .
Perform waste audits, nutrient
fabrication, energy, environment and
(Scott Rd.)
management plans, soil and liquid
non-residential construction sectors.
Mr. Tony Lazoratore
sampling, testing, and application and

anaerobic digestion. We also do
605 Scott Road
Air Liquide Canada Inc. general contracting.
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7J4
Miss Julie Magnan
Tomlinson Enterprises
Environmental services of high
Mr. K. Tomlinson
pressure water work; industrial
60 Bickford Line
vacuuming; painting; sandblasting.
Courtright ON Canada N0N 1H0
768 Chester Street

Production and distribution of Liquid

Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7S7
Vickers Environmental
Carbon Dioxide.

Technologies Inc.
Non-destructive testing services. Metal Mr. Dave Kidd
Air Products Canada Ltd

2108 Plank Road

Mr. Bryan Jacques
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6J3
Mr. Mark Gledhill
150 St. Clair Parkway
Vickers specializes in cost-effective
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
834 Upper Canada Drive
environmental solutions. Our main
Sarnia ON Canada N7W 1A4
areas of activity are remediating
contaminated sites using innovative
Manufacture hydrogen gas
technologies and designing/building

TowerScan specializes in distillation

wastewater treatment systems.
Air Products Canada Ltd.
diagnostic services for the refining,

petrochemical, and gas processing

Westelaken-Russell Techs Inc. (Sarnia)
Mr. Bryan Jacques
industries. Services include gamma
Mr. A.C.(Art) Westelaken
scans of distillation columns, which
20 Indian Road South
provide information on the mechanical 854 Lakeshore Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7K2
integrity of, and operational conditions Sarnia ON Canada N7V 2T8
Manufacture liquid hydrogen.
inside, an operating column. Also
Offer metallurgical engineering and

available are highly effective, safe, and inspection services primarily to the
quick methods of obtaining level
petrochemical industry and commercial Praxair - Air Separation Plant
measurement and material interface
Mr. Frank McCormick
sector. Typical specific services are:
locations within process vessels, and
failure analysis, metallurgical
915 Vidal Street South
inspection support specifications

Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7L7
Manufacture nitrogen in gaseous form,
liquid form oxygen, oxygen in gaseous

Praxair - CO2 and Dry Ice

Production Plant
Mr. Steve Smith
1832 Vidal Street South
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7L7
Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbondioxide,
Hydrogen, Dry Ice.

fabrication &
machine shop

A & C Mould Finishers Ltd.

Mr. Wayne Branton
947 Bentpath Line
Sombra ON Canada N0P 2H0
Tool and Die, welding and fabricating
and Machine Shop.

Anderson-Webb Limited

Mr. Charlie Webb

530 McGregor Road Sarnia ON
N7T 7H5
Mechanical contracting, welding,
pipefitting, commercial/institutional
plumbing; plant maintenance. API tank
fabrication, erection and repair.
Vessels, hoppers, drums fabricated
and installed to ASME Code.
Miscellaneous steel components,
fabricated and installed.

Beasley Machine

Mr. Marten VandenBroek

108 Exmouth Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 5M3
Company founded in 1923. We have
more than 80 years of service in
Lambton County. Complete machine
shop services and repairs,
manufacturing, welding, pumps, etc.
On-site fabrication, welding, sub arc.

I.D. and O.D. up to 36". We offer 24

ANJ Industrial Fabricating Ltd. hour coverage.

Mr. Andre Lajoie

Besomar Manufacturing 1984
738 Polymoore Drive
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
Mr. Alfred Branton
100 Railway Street
Structural steel/miscellaneous iron
Sombra ON Canada N0P 2H0
design, fabrication and erection.
engineered building systems.
Fabrication of pressure vessels, heat
Overhead cranes. Robotic fabrication. exchangers, piping, CNC drilling.

ASME, API, TEMA, U codes and

Babcock Welding &


Mr. Paul Babcock

Advanced Finishing
Technologies, Inc.
1303 Plank Road
Mr. Max Wiener
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H3
451 Polymoore Drive
Fabrication of metal products such as
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
structural beams and supports, security
gates, railings, tools, trailers and hitches, bike racks, chairs and different
Metal Finishing - Advanced Finishing
types of welding repairs.
Technologies provides electropolishing,
chrome flashing, buffing and never
Baines Machine and Repair
scratch for stainless steel. AFT can
Works Limited
also provide micro etching, colouring
Mr. Albert Baines
and anodizing for aluminium.

4162 James Street

Alliance Fabricating Ltd.
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0

General machining and welding, oil

well supplies.
Mr. John McInnis
763 Chester Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N2
Heat Exchangers and Pressure

Heating and air conditioning

installation, sheet metal fabrication,
duct work, manufacture of some sheet
metal related to residential installations.

Bear Metal
Mrs. Marie Chalmers
3878 Egremont Road
Camlachie ON Canada N0N 1E0

Bunda Machine and Welding

Mr. Charles Bunda
2575 Churchill Line
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H3
Custom machine shop and metal

C & C Coatings
Mr. Tom Bartlett
1380 Lougar Avenue
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N7
C & C Coatings is a protective coating
facility. We are here to assist "you" the
customer, in trying to eliminate costly
downtime and replacement costs. C &
C Coatings employees have 20 years
experience in the coating industry.
Some of the products we apply are
Teflon, Powder Paint, Kynar, Halar, K
F Polymer, Xylan, Electrostatic spray,
Liquid Spray, Sheeting and our own

line of C & C products. WE MAKE


Canadian Structural &

Mechanical Ltd.

Mr. Paul Douglass

1399 Lougar Avenue
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N5
Piping, steel fabrication and
installation. Mass hiring for shutdowns
and turnarounds. Project management
& cost control program; plant
maintenance; process piping
fabrication & installation; structural
steel fabrication & erection; shop
fabrication - large/small capacity; boiler
maker & millwright services; pressure
vessels, tanks, exchangers - built
and/or repair.

Central Machine

Mr. Marten VandenBroek

649 McGregor Road North
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H5
CMM is a large scale precision
machining and fabricating facility
specializing in a wide range of
emergency repair and rush turnaround
projects. CMM provides 24 hour
service, 7 days per week, all year long.
CMM has the flexibility to meet on-site
machining requirements as well.

CHEMFAB Industries Inc.

Mr. Jeff DeVlugt
466 Polymoore Drive
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
Mechanical contracting, plant
maintenance, industrial pipefitting and
boilermaking, skid mounted (modular)
packages. ASME, API, TEMA, CSA
and ASME-U codes and certification.

Clysdale Heat Treating Ltd.

Mr. Morley Clysdale

337 Queen Street

Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2S3
Heat treating of metals. Bundle
Corrosion protection systems and
material for underground piping, tanks,

CME Protective Coatings

Eddy's Mills Machine Shop

Mr. Kevin Stewart

866 Philip Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 1Z6
Protects against corrosion, abrasion,
erosion problems due to friction and
release. Automotive, refining, chemical,
food processing, industrial process, and
pharmaceutical industries. PTFE
(Teflon)(R), Xylan(R), Inhibicote(R),
Kynar(R), KF Polymer(R), Halar(R),
Rilson(R), powder coatings, nylon
coatings, ceramic. We offer competitive
rates, quick turn around, temperature
climate control, pickup and delivery,
heated storage.

Mr. Wayne Wagner

1860 Oil Heritage Road
Oil Springs ON Canada N0N 1P0
Repairs to farm equipment. Some

Container Design Services

Mr. Malcolm Newell
366 Centre Street
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0
Returnable packaging - steel, plastic,

Coop's Automotive
Mr. Patrick Cooper
1103 Confederation Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 3Y4
Coop's Automotive is a business
providing mechanical repairs to cars
and trucks, such as motor changes,
tune-ups, brake jobs, air conditioning
service, structural inspections and all
minor and major repairs. In addition,
we specialize in complete body repairs
and vehicle painting as well as metal
fabricating and welding services.

Corrosion Service Company

Mr. Paul Toenders
373 Vidal Street South, Unit F
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2V3

F & F Fabricating
Mr. Keith Fisher
3829 Michigan Line
Camlachie ON Canada N0N 1E0
Any type of welding or fabricating,
specializing in mounting of fertilizer
equipment on farm machinery.

Feher Machine and

Manufacturing Inc.

Mr. Steve Feher

461 Scott Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7L7
Manufacturer of flexcomp composite
hose, nipples and ferrules. Machine
shop services, welding, fabricating,
metal spraying, and selective plating

Great Lakes Fabricating

Mr. Bryan Hopkins
1408 Churchill Line
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6L3
Custom fabrication - pressure vessels,
heat exchangers, API storage tanks,
pressure piping, industrial furnace,
structural steel, vessels, tanks.

Henderson Builders Limited

Mr. Scott Henderson
753 Evett Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N3

Design & Build - Commercial /
Industrial / Agricultural. Complete Site
Packages. Turnkey or Supply & Erect.
A Steelway Building Systems Supplier.
Toll free 1-888-955-3333

Horton CBI Ltd.

Mr. Al Acorn
1392 Plank Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7W 1A7
Worldwide leader in field construction
of engineered plate metal structures.
These include storage tanks, Horton
spheres and pressure vessels. Repair
and maintenance services for these
products are available on a routine or
shutdown basis.

Insitu Machining
Mr. Mark Easter
649 McGregor Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7L7
On-site machining for the Power,
Petro-Chemical, Marine and other

Insultek (Sarnia) Inc.

Mr. John Shymko
205 Gladwish Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7W2
Commercial and industrial insulation,
sheetmetal, power rolling, plasma and
flame cutting, shearing and rolling.

Integrity Millwrights Inc.

Keddco Mfg. Ltd.

Mr. C. Keddy
645 Keddco Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7K6
Swage, bull plugs, orifice plates,
spectacle blinds & strainers.

Mr. Jeff Astolfi

775 Roper Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6G7
All facets of millwright service: pumps;
turbines; compressors; fans; blowers;
conveyors; mills; presses; machining;
laser alignment, project management,
machinery re-rates, preventative
maintenance programs, predictive
maintenance, vibration analysis and
welding services.

Jacques Babbitting Ltd.

Mr. Luc Jacques
1173 Michener Road, Unit 14
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5G8
Machining, welding, babbit bearing,
structural bearings, vessel bearings,
small fabrication.

JNT Custom Metal

Mrs. Shelly Wilde
566 McGregor Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H5
Custom welding. TSSA Certified.
CWB Certified.

John Duff Limited

Ms. Tara Duff-Cloes

210 Tank Street
Mr. David Smith
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0
1355 Confederation Street, Unit 1
PO Box 592
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7J4
Custom metal fabricators: CWB cert
W47.1 & W47.2, Shearing, forming,
rolling, punching, specialize in
Stainless & Aluminum welding, Water
Integra is widely experienced in
providing specialized technical services jet cutting, platforms, stairs & railings,
to the petrochemical industry. The
pipe clamps, cones, truck boxes, CNC
plasma cutting, miscellaneous metals,
flange maintenance services include:
ductwork, dust collectors & plenums,
Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning /
cyclones, hoppers, electrical boxes,
Bolt load / Stress monitoring; On-site
water treatment/sewage plant
flange Machining; Hydraulic Nutfabrications, header boxes, tank
splitting; seized stud removal; fugitive
repairs, fire truck modifications,
emissions monitoring; engineering
ornamental work, etc.

Integra Technologies Limited

Kel-Gor Limited

Mr. Chris Thomas

1411 Plank Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7L7
Mechanical contractor. Manufacture
vessels, specialty piping, process
equipment, e.g. fired heaters, modular
process units.

KGS Machine (2005)

Mr. Rick Perdeaux
1283 Plank Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H3
Ball and seat repair (new and used),
specialty grinding and custom tool

Koch Heat Transfer Canada

LP (formerly Alloy Fab Ltd.)
Mr. Toni Kerwin
763 Chester Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N2
Fabrication of industrial process
equipment, towers, vessels and heat

Lambton Metal Service

Mr. Vince Savo

295 McGregor Srd
PO Box 457
Sarnia ON N7T 7J4
Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection
specialized in: Design Build Projects;
Open Web Steel Joists; Metal Roof
Deck; Miscellaneous; General


Maintenance; Custom Fabrication;

Sandblasting; Metal Coatings

LamSar Inc.

Mr. Paul Healy

608 McGregor Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7J2
LamSar offers a highly skilled
workforce to provide industrial
mechanical services in the PetroChemical, Energy and Industrial

Leemark Enterprises

Mr. Dave McCaughrin

29771 Irish School Road
Dresden ON Canada N0P 1M0
Leemark is a small shop just outside
Dresden specializing in precision
machining. Staff qualifications include
mold makers, a machinist and
millwright. While each journeyman has
an area of specialization, our planning
takes advantage of the overlapping
skills to get the job done to spec, cost
effectively on time. Our
equipment/services include: CAD CAM - CNC - MOLDS - DIES - WIRE
EDM - Horizontal CNC - Vertical CNC CNC Lathe CMM - SurfCam SolidWorks - Molds - Dies - Wiper Dies
- Shear Knives. We build it better and
it does make a difference.

MacKenzie Black Fabricating

Company Limited
Mr. Jake Black
267 Beckwith Street
Corunna ON Canada N0N 1G0
Fab piping for petrochemical industry.
Equipment rental of dump trucks.
Repair and test vac trucks and tanks
under B-620 legislation. Remediation.
MVIS inspection station.

Mac-Weld Machining Ltd.

Mr. Alan Merrington

1324 Lougar Avenue

Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N7
Instrumentation manufacturer:
thermowells, flush rings/bleed rings,
orifice plates, private label parts and
custom machining.

McIntosh Mechanical Inc.

design and hosting, business-tobusiness internet connectivity

solutions, design and manufacture of
electronic test equipment, development
of custom software and embedded
systems and automation solutions.

PRO-MART Industrial
Products Ltd.

Mr. Brian Bissell

530 Vidal Street South
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 8E7
Specialty metal fabrication, CAD
designing, Computerized plasma
cutting to 1" plate, brake forming, plate
rolling, welding.

R.N.R. Mechanical
Contractors Inc.

Metal Building Products

Ontario Inc.
Mr. Stuart Pumfry
4497 Progress Drive
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0
Manufacture and Installation of Metal

Natsco Mechanical
Contractors Inc.
Mr. Doug Henry
505 Williams Drive
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H5
Pipe fabrication.

Norspec Filtration Ltd.

Mr. Robert Jackson
510 Williams Drive
PO Box 993
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7K2
Manufacture and distribute industrial

NewAce Corporation
Mr. Stephan Edelman
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7J4
NewAce Corporation provides
customers in the local community and
the world with e-commerce, web-site

Mr. Denis Lajoie

1147 Vanier Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7L7
Structural steel fabricators and
installation. Industrial painting and
blasting facilities.

Mr. John Shymko

205 Gladwish Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7V9
Custom sheet metal manufacturers.
HVAC refrigeration services.
Mechanical piping.

Rob Hailstone Machining &

Mr. Rob Hailstone
3251 Nauvoo Road
Alvinston ON Canada N0N 1A0
Full Machining and Fabrications
Services. Portable welding units for
onsite work. Includes service for
Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Serving
Agricultural, Transport and
Manufacturing industries etc.

Robco Inc.
Mr. Brent Shaw
815 Upper Canada Drive
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H8
Manufacture and repair mechanical
seals for pumps.

Robert Szmiett Manufacturing

Mr. Robert Szmiett
8522 Egremont Road
Watford ON Canada N0M 2S0


Manufacture Farm Accessories Wagons, Pinning, Blades, Steel

supplies & Hog Supplies.

Rock Technical Solutions Inc.

Mr. George Irving

177 South Samuel Street Sarnia
ON Canada N7T 7L3
Rock Technical Solutions are a diverse
and dynamic design/ machining/
fabricating/welding shop with specialist
machine building capability servicing
process plants and manufacturing

Ross Steel Fabricators and

Mr. Leo McElhone
1330 Plank Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H3
Structural steel fabrication and
installation. Miscellaneous metals
fabrication and installation. Steel plate
work, welding and other fabricating.
Bins and tanks, pipe supports, etc.
Shipping racks and containers.

RPS Machine & Sales

Mr. Layton Walsh
772 Chester Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N1
Custom machine shop service: lathes,
mills, drills, hydraulic hoses, o-rings,
hydraulic and pump repair.

Samson Controls Inc.

Shelley Machine & Marine

Mr. Brooke Tinkess

265 Front Street North, Suite 411
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7X1
Manufacturer of process controls and
instrumentation products including
control valves, regulators and
accessories. Provides engineering and
sales support.

Mr. John Shelley

1300 Plank Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H3
Machining /Welding /Fabricating /Ship
Repairs /CNC Machining

Sandrin Services Inc.

Ms. Deanna Sandrin
150 Exmouth Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 5M3
Machining, manufacturing C.N.C.,
welding, fabricating, electric motor
repairs, dynamic balancing, general
maintenance, gearbox and pump
overhauls, insitu machining, ship
repairs, fleetfusion, retail motor sales,
and valve manufacturing/repairs,

Sarnia Equipment Service

Mr. Tad Head
823 Philip Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 1Z7
Machine shop, engine rebuilding.

Specialty Machine
Mr. Tim Peck
758 Chester Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5N1
Custom fabricator of industrial process
equipment, heat exchangers and
pressure vessels to ASME, API, TEMA.
Complete machine shop facility. C.N.C.
machining. Repair and re-tubing of
heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
Valve repair, welding/overlay.
Manufacture components, machine
and repair valves up to 60". Repairs to
pump housings, wear rings, impellers,
etc. Manufacture pump seal sleeves.
Manufacture punch, forming and
tooling dies. Manufacture and machine
repair of pump and motor shafts. Bore
and keyway of couplings. Machine
bearing housings. Spray welding
bearing diameters and shaft seals.
Custom welding fabrications. 10-ton
overhead crane capacity.

St. Clair Mechanical Inc

Sarnia Wolverine
Manufacturing Limited

Mr. Vince Kennedy


348 Queen Street

SAF Precision Mfg. Ltd.
PO Box 2581
Ms. Kim Shaw
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7V8
1173 Michener Street, Unit 4
Custom fabrication; Miscellaneous iron
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 5G5
(design/fabrication); Skid/modular
packages; Fired heaters
(design/manufacture); Industrial
Manufacturers of the Flangebar, a
pipefitting and boilermaking;
movable portable beam anchorage
Mechanical contracting (shop and onconnector used by trades requiring fall site); Plant and equipment
protection safety equipment. Also-SAF- maintenance; Project management;
T-Anchor roof anchor and tie off straps. Shutdown/turnaround services;
Toll free 1-888-843-3633.
Specialty piping (most materials);
Specialty piping (most materials);
Welding (multiple processes and

Mr. John Dawson

2963 Brigden Road
Brigden ON Canada N0N 1B0
Shop Fabrication, Design, Process
Piping, Power Plant Piping,
compressor station piping,
launchers/receivers, pipe line
construction, plant maintenance, TSSA
certified, ASME B31.1, B31.3, CSAZ662

Structural Tech Corporation


Mr. Charles Cortez



1040 Degurse Drive

Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H5
Manufacture of industrial access
scaffolding, bleachers, park benches,
picnic tables and structural bearings.

Tomlinson Enterprises

Surface To Surface Inc.

Mr. K. Tomlinson
768 Chester Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7S7
Non-destructive testing services. Metal

Toolrite Engineering

Mr. Roger Woods

280 Centre Street, RR #3
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0
Manufacture HDD (Horizontal
Directional Drilling) equipment.

T.R.E.L. of Sarnia Ltd.

Mr. Dominic Dicarlo

1165 Confederation Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7S 3Y5
Custom machine shop, welding and
millwright, C.N.C. machining and

Team Industrial Services

(Queen St.)
Mr. Joe Millar
345 Queen Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2S3
Heat-treating of industrial metals,
refractory curing, on-site electric and
combustion heat-treating and furnace

Thomson Valve & Fitting - Div

of A. R. Thomson Group
Mr. Wayne Wilkins
281 Campbell Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 2H2
Gasket Manufacturing Facility specializing in Gaskets, Seals & Fluid
Containment - Distributor of valves and
sealing products for industrial use.
Cold-form steel framing, trusses, walls,

Warren Fabricating & Welding

Mr. and Mrs. Pat & Nicole Warren
6167 Mandaumin Street
Bright's Grove ON Canada N0N 1C0
Fabrication and installation of structural

Mr. Rick Perdeaux

1283 Plank Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 7H3
ISO 9001-2000 Registered.
Manufacture special purpose
equipment. Manufacture by means of
C.N.C. turning and milling, machining,
welding, mill righting, fabricating and
spray welding. 3D CAD/CAM. CMM.
We also provide Ball and Seat repair,
specialty grinding, and custom tool


Ms. Tammy Ward

855 Ontario Street
Sarnia ON Canada N7T 1N1
Structural and miscellaneous steel
fabrication and erection.

Lambton College Alternative

Energy Engineering


The Bioindustrial Innovation


1086 Modeland Road

Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6L2
The Bioindustrial Innovation Centre is
Canadas leading commercialization
centre, focused on large-scale
industrial biotechnology and hybrid
chemistry. Located within the Bowman

Centre in The Research Park, SarniaVan Boven, G & E, Fabricating Lambton Campus.

Van Gorp Welding and

Fabricating Inc.
Mr. Ed Vangorp
51 Dumphries Street
Thedford ON Canada N0M 2N0
Fabrication, welding and
manufacturing, factory maintenance,
industrial, commercial and agricultural
welding. Call for an estimate.

VanderWal Homes &

Commercial Group

Mr. Jim VanderWal

4427 VanderWal Drive
Petrolia ON Canada N0N 1R0

1457 London Road

Sarnia ON N7S 6K4
Three year program with a co-op
component combines theory and
application in current and emerging
energy technologies.

Sarnia-Lambton Industrial
Education Co-operative
1489 London Road
Sarnia ON Canada N7V 1P6
Co-operative of local industries.
Delivers high quality, cost effective
Safety Training. The broad range of
programs include basic topics like
WHMIS, TDG, Forklift Training, but
also leading edge preventative
initiatives like Behaviour Based Safety.


University of Western
Ontario Research Park Sarnia- Lambton Campus
Managing Director, Industrial

1086 Modeland Road

Sarnia ON Canada N7S 6L2

The Park's mandate is to ally with

business to identify, facilitate and
accelerate innovation so it can
more rapidly be brought to market