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Masthead- The masthead is

the largest text on the

magazine cover. It is a
unique font made only for
the magazine company.
The masthead follows the
same colour scheme e as
the rest of the cover, on
this magazine it is grey,
yellow and black.

Positioning statement- This

is like a slogan that
explains briefly what the
magazine is about.

When the main image is super

imposed it sometimes covers part of
the masthead. This can only be done
when the magazine is well known
and the name of the magazine is

Cover lines- This gives

a taste of the contents.
Usually, one of the lines
is bolder to attract
attention then a brief

On the front cover

there are a small
number of fonts
used to keep the
page structured and
not all over the
Barcode- Barcodes are
nearly always on the
front of a magazine.
Companies pay for the
back page of a
magazine so do not
want a barcode taking
up some of the advert.

Cover line- This is the line

that anchors the meaning of
the main image.
*anchorage- Pinning down
the meaning of an image,
usually the second biggest
Colour bars- These
are used to highlight
words of an article to
get the reader
intrigued to read it.


Main image- This is the biggest picture on a

magazine cover. It is always a brightly lit picture
with the model making eye contact with the
reader. The main image is always taken in a close
up, medium close up or medium long shot.

Price and issue

date- These are
usually the
smallest writing on
a cover page.