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OJT Form 5
October 2012
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This MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT entered into by and between: the CEBU
TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, an educational institution offering courses in_______________________________, duly licensed with principal office at Main Campus, R. Palma St.,
Cebu City, hereinafter referred to as School, represented by its Campus Director/College Dean/College
Director, ________________________________, of legal age, Filipino and a resident of
_______________________________, hereinafter referred to as the FIRST PARTY.
- and ________________________________located at _______________________________,
(Name of Cooperating Agency)
(State Complete Address)
Represented by ____________________________ hereinafter to as the SECOND PARTY.
(Name and Position of the Agencys Representative)
Whereas, there is a need to organize a Practicum Training Program for the FIRST PARTY
students in CEBU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY-_________________, supports the program to
upgrade the quality of formal school training in keeping with the demands of international and local
Whereas, the SECOND PARTY, in assistance to the goals of the FIRST PARTY, agrees to
allow the FIRST PARTY to conduct its practicum training for its students in the SECOND PARTYs
WHEREFORE, both parties hereby voluntarily and freely agree and covenant that:
1.0 The FIRST PARTY shall be allowed to send its students to take their practicum training at
the ____________________________________ establishment of the
(Name of Cooperating Agency)
SECOND PARTY subject however to a screening and acceptance of individual student by
the second party.
2.0 The SECOND PARTY shall determine the programming and scheduling of all training of
the students of the FIRST PARTY.
3.0 The student-trainee concerned shall NOT be employees of the SECOND PARTY, had
nothing herein shall be construed as creating employer-employee relationship between the
latter and any said student whether actual or potential and as such, the students are not
expected to receive any compensation for the service rendered for practicum purposed;
furthermore the SECOND PARTY is not obliged to give employment to the apprenticed
students after the termination of the aforementioned On The Job Training Program.
4.0 The FIRST PARTY shall hold the SECOND PARTY harmless and free from liability for
any and all claims arising from or by any reason of the deliberate act of negligence of the
student. Neither shall liability be attached to the SECOND PARTY, its officers, employees,
agents and representatives for the death or bodily injuries sustained by any practicum
students for the FIRST PARTY in consequence of accidents of the deliberate act of
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negligence of third parties and or strangers.
5.0 The FIRST PARTY and/or the student-trainee concerned shall be liable for any loss or
damage sustained by the equipment or property and injuries or losses by employees and
officers of the SECOND PARTY caused by the deliberate act of negligence of the student.
6.0 The SECOND PARTY may impose disciplinary action and deserves a right to dismiss the
trainee who fails to comply the rules and regulations set by the SECOND PARTY after fact
finding investigation had been conducted and consultation with the FIRST PARTY.
7.0 The SECOND PARTY will evaluate the performance of the trainee and will give a
certificate of completion at the end of the training period.

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8.0 This Memorandum








IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands this ____
_____________ in _________________________, Cebu, Philippines.



OJT Chairman/ Coordinator

Company Representative

Cebu Technological University-_____________

First Party


day of

Second Party

Res. Cert No. _____________

Res. Cert. No _____________

Date Issued ______________

Date Issued: _____________

Placed Issued : ____________

Placed Issued: ____________

Signed in the presence of:

SCHOOL Representative



BEFORE ME, this ___ day of ________________ at ____________________,
Philippines, personally appeared the above-stated persons and they acknowledged to me that the
same is their own free and voluntarily act and deed.
WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the date and in the place first above written.
Doc NO. ________________
Page No. ________________
Book No. _______________

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