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Mishka Chorny

Professor Debra Purdy

Engl 312
Research Proposal Observation
1. There were a few things I didnt know about artificial limbs. The most important thing I
learned was the majority of injuries to non-combatants and combatants was caused by
landmines throughout Asia in a military and old military zones such as Iraq and Vietnam
respectively. This led my research to help me understand that if a limb was missing because
of wartime efforts it was a missing leg or foot. Conversely a majority of Americans lose their
limbs in non-combat situations because of diseases like Diabetes, which is surprising because
of the modernity our healthcare system.
2. The problems I came across in researching my proposal mainly came from finding time to
devote to the research. I feel like I pulled from the obvious sources but if I had more time I
could have found more interesting research regarding 3D printing.
3. I didnt eliminate any content because of how the audience could perceive the evidence. I
feel like all the information pertaining to 3D printing and connectively to artificial limbs
would be greatly helpful as the subject is malleable. I feel like if I was able to research
further I would discover the lack of durability of the materials used and would have found it
important to my proposal. Important because it would be hard to understand feasibility
without knowing the setbacks involved.
4. I feel like the greatest strength of my proposal is it represents the ideas that President Kustra
has illustrated (to the community) is important. In order for Boise State University to be
considered a metropolitan campus it needs to its community members to do research on
subjects other universities rarely touch on. The possibility of 3D printing or any proposal
positively affecting the lives of people from a wide demographic should be a large deciding
factor when considering new initiatives.
The greatest weakness of my proposal is my grasp on the subject. As my background is
based in arts rather than sciences I have very little knowledge of the subject material
compared to a professor or even a student studying engineering or design or material science.
The reason why I chose the subject is because I know very little about 3D printing or
scientific/engineering research but I was interested in it. I was also curious if I could make it
seem like I had a better grasp on the subject than what I actually had. It seems like Technical
Writing requires individuals to take on many roles they are unfamiliar with and make it
communicable to others.
I feel its possible I accomplished my task but not as well as I could have with more time
and effort.