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from "My Favorite Year” LARGER THAN LIFE Words by Music by LYNN AHRENS STEPHEN FLAHERTY Freely Fm7/Bs E}OyBh Benj used to send me to the mov- ies. Here’ a Fm7/Bb EKoyBE AWBE ee 4 nilck-el kid, cheer up and go.” ‘And though Twas on - ly Be Oo: Atempo ERO(9)/BS Domai Pm? dis-cov- ered heav -en ©1089 WEMUSIC CORP, WARNER TAMERL ANEPUBLISHING CORP, HILLSDALE MUSIC. INC. and DORMONTMUSIC ‘Alig onbehal ofl SOALE MUSIC, INC. agrrisered by WBMUSIC COR? ‘Avightson behalf DORMONT MUSIC agmiitofedby WARNER. TANERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. ‘AlRighis Resets Authorized for use by Tom Case F/B Es BBE EWG — EWG Abmaip — Tights, pink lights, stars in the eeil-ing, WG Fmit Fm Av Bb cm? Gm7 BT Bb BEE the Great Wall of a) eto BHOVG EWG Abmaio Eve y por ce- lain an Authorized for use by Tom Case m7 BKUIG. AMO) AWB , Bb SSS ev="ry-thingbig - ger and bet-ter_ and lar-ger than life. cis ANBL AMO) AbIBb AKO) (Shale) At ft Tat wey a. srs man at sa— EXOVB) ——EB6IBE Fm? BING. But then, one Saturday afternoon, I saw “Defender of the Crown.” Warner Hn ot —¥ Ab Em7/B6 Bsus Brothers, 1941 Technicolor. Starring Alan Swann. 3 Authorized for use by Tom Case ¢ B BhEb BOVG BG Asma Benjy: kind but coura - geous, (ung) Dar ams mf cmG Fil Fm? AbiBb Bb cm GmT Bi sword and a mai - dens, ——s3—— EH9YG EWG AW) Authorized for Fm? BKLIYG ‘gee, he was big - ger AK) ANB B bet-ter and lar-ger than life i ‘ ————————— DvEb life wasn't capes and flash - ing swords DHE Life was-n't Alan Swann Bb Fm? Hood, Authorized for use by Tom Case Gm7 cm cmt Life wasyour fa - ther go = ing out for cig a-rettes D¥(9.n03) Db Em7/Bb cid ing he was go-ing out Lb EHOVBS nickel kid, cheer up and go. Fm? Gm Abmal? AWBE Nib play - ing ‘Authorized for use by Tom Case BAG _ Movetaceucare: pote EAL PHAS ict Ach Gict ACH BIG CICH DIG BOS) BEsyc fea i Be Pe Ms ms (Dial: Benjy:) (Spoken:) Swe, it was possible. If he met my mom in "34, maybe had a fling ee pM eal Fm} with her in his cabana at the Chateau Marmont, there was every as Authorized for use by Tom Case EMBb reason 10 believe there could be the remote pe for the Chesterfields wasn? my Fm7 stupid Kid whose father got tired of him and AB BITsus B BHES of Alan Swann, (Sung:) Dar ee real mm 4 F/B possibility that the man who z 2. Dsmaip father all: 1 wasn some walked owt. the bastard son EHOVG EWG Authorized for use by Tom Case Abmayd CmiG Fmt Fm? kind, but cour-a = geous, _ WBS Bb cm Gm7 Pm? Bi the tech - ni - ool B BOE BOVG EWG “is. ¥ AKO) Fm7 EKUIYG pos - si - ble © stood and he fought. and he loco ‘Authorized for use by Tom Case 10 Ab an cm EWBb ta Fm7 KU AW) Gmric s— and better a Jar-ger than Fm? AbiBs N.c/Bb poco rit Atempo = $ Authorized for use by Tom Case