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Inspirational Books to Gift Your Teacher or Friends

The relationship between a student and his or her teacher evolves and grows with age. This
is because from childhood to adolescence we grow up learning from them. They nurture our
minds and shape up our future. They lay the foundation stone of our personalities, the way
we turn out in our lives. Apart from teaching, they put lots of effort in inculcating basic
values and ethics in us.

Therefore, what can be better than showering them with such tokens of love and affection
that totally describes a student-teacher relationship? All of us have heard about teachers
gifting motivational books to all pupils as a prize for doing well. For a change, thinking of
books to gift your teachers would mean appreciating their worth in our life and giving them
an impression about our thoughts and the extent of respect we hold for them. Such gifts are
surely treasured by them as prized possessions.

Offering them books is a reflection of the fact that their contribution in educating and
developing the life of their students cannot be denied. In case, you are not able to find
writings on a student-teacher relationship, go for their favourite authors or genre or the
current bestsellers. Opt for an online bookstore international shipping service if you want

great author works to reach your doorstep while staying in any part of the globe. Below
mentioned are few editions that may interest your mentor or teacher.
Chanakyas Chant Ashwin Sanghi
Chanakyas Chant is a novel released in 2010 that talks about a Brahmin youth who vows on
revenging the murder of his father. The cruel, manipulative and totally unethical, he
becomes a top notch political strategist of Bharat and is successful in uniting a nation
against the invasions of Alaxander the Great. Upon achieving victory, he establishes
Chandragupta as the ruler of the Mauryan Empire only to recede further into shadows. But
history repeats itself in Modern India when the country is divided by corruption and class
hatred. Read on if his magic works again. This is counted amongst the best books India can
offer to the readers as it is a truly a masterpiece.

Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power within India A P J Abdul Kalam

The great scientist and patriot himself penned down this novel published in 2002 that is a
great source of inspiration for everybody. Addressing the youth of our country, he examines
Indian attitudes. He emphasizes upon the culture, great personalities, spiritual heritage,
multiple faiths of India to compel the Indian youth to gear up for pragmatic risks in life.
History of Modern India Bipan Chandra
Historian Bipan Chandra establishes himself with his views on colonialism and nationalism in
the country and examines the works of other historians while he focuses upon an economic,

religious and social India in the British period. It discusses different themes and forces that
laid the foundation of modern India.
India Unbound: From Independence to the Global Information Age Gurcharan Das
Published in 2002, it is a non-fiction attempt to describe the economic journey of our
country since independence till the dawn of millennium. It is about how the country
experienced a transformational phase in politics and economy over a period of time.
To Sir, With Love E. R. Braithwaite
The autobiographical novel of 1959 is based upon the true events from the life of the author
when he had taken up teaching. The story talks of his persistent efforts towards educating a
class of semi-literate pupils who are about to enter adulthood.
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