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Tormada Motor Assembly:

(Dont have Pictures for steps 1-4)

1. Cut two 9 14awg wire leads for motor. (1 Red, 1 Black)

2. Slide a clear rubber bullet clip cover over one end of each the red and
the black wire leads.
3. Use wire stripper to strip appropriate amount of rubber coating off of
the ends of the wire leads that have the clear bullet clip covers closest
to them.
4. Clamp bullet clips on that end of each the red and black wire leads,
and push the clear rubber covers over the base of the bullet clips to
protect the bullet clip connections cover the copper wire.
5. Strip enough of rubber off of each the red and black wire leads so that
there is sufficient bare copper wire to make a solid connection with
each of the motor terminals.
6. MAKE SURE to solder the positive(RED) wire lead to the positive motor
terminal indicated by the RED circle, and the negative(BLACK) wire
lead to the unmarked terminal. See steps (7-9) on next page for how
to solder.

7. Securely fasten the stripped copper end of the wire lead to the correct
terminal. (See step 6 and picture above to determine which lead
attaches to which terminal.) The best way to secure the wire lead to
the motor terminal is by feeding the bare copper end of the wire lead
through the hole in the terminal so that the wire end is facing away
from the motor. Then bend the end of the wire lead around the top of
the motor terminal, and clamp it with a pliers.

8. Once a wire lead has been securely clamped

to the terminal, it is ready to be soldered.
Plug in the soldering iron, and pull the trigger
to begin heating the soldering iron tip. After
a few seconds of letting the soldering tip
heat, melt some solder onto the tip of the
soldering iron.


Now hold the soldering

iron against the copper
wrapped around the
terminal while continuing
to pull the soldering iron
trigger. After about
30seconds of heating the
copper wire and motor
terminal with the
soldering tip, begin touching the solder to the exposed copper wire and motor
terminal. At around 60seconds the wire and terminal should be hot enough
from the soldering iron that as you touch the tip of the solder to them, the
solder will melt and bond to the copper wire and terminal upon cooling.
Apply solder to all exposed copper wire in this fashion, binding it to the motor
terminal as best you can. This is the recommended method of soldering the
motor leads to the motor terminals as simply melting the solder onto the tip
of the soldering iron and then trying to smear it on the wire and terminal
connection produces a much weaker and less uniform connection.
10.Final connections should have no exposed copper and strong soldered
connections. See picture on next page.