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ECIL-(Electronics Corporation of India limited) Papers(Original)

This paper I have had attempted myself, so i am providing few of questions that i still remember.
About exam pattern :
1)Paper consists of 50 questions
2) Each question of 3 marks and -1 negative mark for each wrong answer.
3) Only technical questions were asked ie ( No aptitude no GS no English was asked)
4) All questions are objective type only
5) Paper is of two hours
Q1- formula of CMRR=?
Q2-Which of these type of transmission line is most suitable for "High frequency power applications" ?
(a) co-axial wire
(b) wave guide
(c) microstrip
(d) stripline
Q3-Radiowave transmission occurs in?
(a) Sky wave
(b) ground wave
(c) LOS
(d) space wave propagation
Q4- Wavelength(Lambda) and Diameter(D) were given.Find the beam width?
Q5- 1 Liter water is boiling in an isolated drum and another isolated drum containing 9 Liter water at 25
degree centigrade.If water from both drums are mixed in an another isolated drum then what will be the
resulting temperature of the mixure ?
Q6-The size of SMPS varies as(a) increases with increase in rated voltage
(b) decreases with increase in rated voltage
(c) depends upon supply frequency
(d) independent of supply frequency
Q7- A transmission line having charecterstic impedence Z= 50 ohms and length L=500 kms if the length is
reduced to 50% then charecteristic impedence
Z will become ?
Q8- Find the laplace transform of 1/(s2 + a2 )
Q9- If the horizontal probe of CRO is given a signal Sin wt, and to vertical probe is given Cos wt. Then
the CRO will
(b) straight line
(c) Parabola
(d) sinusoidal
Q10- In a transmission line if Load impedence ZL and Zo are given in the question then Find the
reflection coefficient T?

Q11 GSM mobile operate at a frequency range of(a)900 MHZ

(b) 100 KHZ
(c) 1200 MHZ
(d) 600 MHZ
Q12 A program was given
Then what will be its output?
(a)1 (b)2 (c) 3 (d) 4
Q 13 L ,C and Quality factor Q was given. Find the bandwidth?
Q 14 The black box is ?
(b) EX-OR
(c) NAND
(d) NOR
Q-15 The Duty cycle of a signal is 0.2 which has average power of 20 W. What will be its peak power ?
(a) 200
(b) 400 W
(c) 100 W
(d) 440 W
Q-16 The PRF of a waveform is given. Find the maximum unambiguous range ?
Q-17 A microprocessor interfaced with 8K memory has last address 2FFFH . Find the first address?
Q-18 0.0111 has decimal equivalent ?
Q-19 11101 corresponds to 1A current then 1111001 has value of current ?
Q-20 CE-configuration has
(a) BE-Forward biased
(b) BE-Reversed biased
(c) CE-Forward biased
(d) BE-Forward biased
Q-21 An Ammeter having 1mA current flowing through it has R=100 ohms. If it has to be converted into
Ammeter of 1A then the value of shunt resistance required will be ?
Q-22 Intermediate frequency =450 KHZ and frequency of signal is given. Find the Image frequency ?
Q-23 The heaviest and slowest particle is ?
(a) Alpha particle
(b) Beta particle
(c) Gamma particle
(d) Pi-mason

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ECIL Exam paper -2010 held on 2010 for ECE
1) total 50 questions were asked
2)duration 3 hours
3)each question of 3 marks and negative marking of -1
1) Isotopes have ?
a) unequal protons b) unequal electrons c) equal electrons and unequal neutrons d) none
2) Which of the following have least ripple factor 'r' ?
a) Half wave rectifier b) Fullwave rectifier c) Bridge rectifier d) Transformer tuned rectifier
3) Which of the following has non-linear output?
a) Differentiator b) Integrator c) mixer d) Class A amplifie
4) What is the gray code for 5 ?
5) Unambigious range when PRF=2KHZ is ?
6) Phase sensitive demodulators is used in instruments ?
a) To measure phase angle between two AC signals b) AM demodulators c) PM demodulators d) None
7) In a transmission line maximum power is delivered to load when standing wave ratio is ?
a) 1:1 b) 2:1 c) 1:2 d) 1:sqrt (2)
8) To design a 16KB memory system using chips having 12 address lines and 4 data lines, the number of
such chips required
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) .
9) A 1mw signal is attenuated at the rate of 5dB/1000ft. What is the power level into receiver that is 6000ft
from signal source ?
a) -10dBm b) -20dBm c) -30dBm d) -6dB
10) Dominant form of distortion in simple Push-Pull Amplifier ?
11) When the transmissionline is lossless relation between R,L,G and C ?
12) v(t)=2sin(2000wt)+0.3cos(4000piet)+0.1 find sampling frequency ?
13) At what condition gain of feedback system =(1/Beta) ?

a) AB<<1 b) AB>>1 c) B>>1 d) A>>1

14) RAID configuration of disks are used to provide ?
15) To store a floating point number, in a computer system, having 16-bit mantissa and 8-bit
in 2's complement) what are the smallest and largest positive values which can be stored ?
16) Semaphores are used for ?
17) For a 13-bit DAC(0-10v) when a binary input increased by 1 output(V0) increases by ?
18) For a coaxial cable Z0(charecteristic impedance)=75ohms, (load impedance)ZL=75ohms and
source is 10V DC then V0(output) ?
19) Rise time =2*10^(-7) find bandwidth ?
20) Rise time for 1st order system when 1v input is 1second and for 2v input is ?
21) X(t) is the input function and h(t) is the impuse response for the system, then output can be found
using ?
22) (Z)^-1 represents?
23) A source 10Sqrt(2) sin(wt) having internal resistance 10+40i is connected with a load 10-40i, find the
optimum power delivered to the load ?
24) Two voltages sources 0f 1.5v having internal resistances each 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm are connected is
parallel. A 0.8ohm is connected accross the combination, find the heat generated ?
25) Four easy questions on OPAMP circuits----!(on schmitt trigger, Integrator )
26) Given UV light frequency and asked frequency ?
27) In a meadium having Er=2 and Ur=2(Relative permitivity and relative permiability) find the velocity of
wave ?
28) A question on Zenor diode (asked max and min load currents) ?
29) For parabolic antenna diameter and operating freq are given then find HPBW ?
30) A sample and hold ckt is given in enhancement mode of mosfet then find hold error ?
31) Find noise margin in terms of Voh(max,min) and V ih(max,min) ?
32)For a LTI system rise time is given at 1v then find it at 2v ?
33) For a LTI system rise time is given for unit impulse input then find corresponding 3db bandwidth ?

34) PC and SP contenting value given. then for a given subroutine what will be the value of SP ?
35) Simple Program me of C is given then find result ?
36 )Given 4096.6750 convert it into binary ?
37) In CRO vertical plate getting ac signal i/p where horizontal remains idle, what will display on screen ?
38)Four T.F is given then check for critically damped ?
39) Signal attenuation rate is given 5db/1000ft then find attenuation after 5000ft distance ?
40)Question given on De morgons law ?
41) In a zener diode knee current and two parameter voltage given then find Max and Min curreni
decicipation ?
42) For a ckt having two cell given its internal resistance and an i/p voltage is given then find power
dicipation across the ckt ?
43) RS485 is which type of connector ?
a) Single end, multipoint b) Diffrential, multipoint c) Multipoint, diffrentiat
44) What is main advantage of I/omapped over memory mapped ?
45)In 8086 for wait state which command is used ?
a) ready b) hold c) intr d) none
46) If a lissajous pattern is observed in a circle and one waveform is horizontal 20 sin 100t and vertical
one is
20 sin(100t+q) than what is value of angle ?
a) 90 b) 60 c)
47) Which gate is used for parity generation and checking ?
a) EXOR b) NOR c) NANY