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Open Data in Brazil

□ Brazil in OGP.
In 2011 Brazil was one of the OGP´s co-founders

○ The 1st Action Plan
Had 32 commitments in which over 90% of them were fully or
partially implemented. And concluded 11 other Open Government
initiatives that were not originally part of the Action Plan

○ The 2nd Action Plan
With a broader participation process discussing actions with citizens and Civil Society
Organizations (CSOs). There were 52 commitments, in which 19 were proposed by
CSOs and there was the involvement of 17 government bodies.

○ The commitments consist in:
- Citizen Participation
- E-government
- Public Procurement

○ The Current Status: Implementing 1st Action Plan and Developing 2nd Action Plan
□ Open Data Policy
Currently in the Open Data Barometer Brazil is in the 21st position in the rank.
Investment in Open Data in Brazil began in 2011 with the creation of the Access to
Information Act.

○ Access to Information Act – 2011
Art. 8 is the duty of public bodies and agencies to promote, regardless of
requirements, disclosure of easy access, in accordance with their
competencies, information of collective or general interest produced by them.
Considering that the right to information is basic foundation of democracy and for citizens

- To promote planning in generation. 1 – It is established the National Infrastructure of Open Data. - exercise it fully you must be facilitated access to primary information. the thematic areas addressed. sharing and regulate the technical aspects related to dissemination of data for use by government and society. improve and simplify your search. a policy to ensure and facilitate access by citizens. in particular. considering the coverage of priority areas in relation to the strategic policies of government and demands of society. access. society and. authentic and updated. have been set for the Action Plan.Management and Regulatory - GT 2 . - Set the delivery mechanisms and procedures of public data. The intention to facilitate the process of text and data crossing.Disseminated information and good publishing practices - GT 3 – Technology . through comparative analysis. which also considers the principles of public transparency the UK. ○ National Infrastructure of Open Data – INDA According to the Normative Instruction of INDA Art. the responsibility for initiatives will be developed and monitored by the groups that make up the organizational structure of the National Open Data Infrastructure: - GT 1 . undamaged. the following objectives: - Define and structure the policy establishing the open data model. storage. Organizational structure of INDA Considering the above stated factors. by various levels of public sector to data and information produced or held in custody by the Federal Executive Branch. Principles and guidelines The availability of open data by the public administration should be guided by the principles and guidelines.

Modeling. - Serve as a basis for creating publishing open data plans in INDA. - Legal framework of INDA - Strengthening and review of the e-PING .br (Open Data Portal) - 58. strategy and policy of opening up data in federal public administration for the years 2013 and 2014. - Guide the entities part of INDA. Metadata and Standards - INDA's Committee Manager - Executive Committee INDA Action Plan The document serves three main purposes: - Assist member organizations of INDA to comply with the Access to Information Act.- GT 4 . as the vision. Main products: - Brazilian Open Data Portal - INDA Action Plan - Data opening Manuals - Plan for technological capability. with respect to the active transparency by publishing open government data.vocabularies and ontologies of the Electronic Government dados.standards in open formats - Creation of e-VoG . 133% growth between 2013 and 2014.000 visitors in March / 15 (average 2014 = 38mil) - 987 datasets packaged together for easy search (+ 7200 "resources" / data). .gov.