Dig Deep


August 30th 2015 .:. .:. Room 301
Pathways Kids – Weekend Small Groups – 6 - 12 year olds

This Week’s Scope
Bible Story: So You Think You’ve God Wisdom? (The wisdom of Jesus) • Luke 2:52 (Supporting:
Matthew 6:25-34; 18:15-17)
Bottom Line: If you want to be wise, find out what Jesus said.
Memory Verse: “Choose my teaching instead of silver. Choose knowledge rather than fine gold.”
Proverbs 8:10, NIrV
Life App: Wisdom—finding out what you should do and doing it.
Basic Truth: I need to make the wise choice.

Welcome Time
What You Need: An offering container
What You Do:
 Collect kids’ offerings as they arrive.
 Discuss saying something wise with the kids.
 Ask: Has there been a time when you said something that turned out to be true, or that helped
someone, or that someone thought sounded really wise?
 [Make It Personal] (Tell about a time when you said something that was very smart or
gave some wise advice that helped someone.)

Activity #1
1. What’s the Wise Choice?
What You Need: Bibles, “What’s the Wise Choice?” Activity Page
What You Do:
 Begin by reminding the kids of today’s Bottom Line: [Bottom Line] if you want to be wise, find
out what Jesus said. Say the Bottom Line together and then ask kids, “What are some ways
we can find out what Jesus said?” (Answers might include: reading the Bible, going to church,
listening to our Small Group Leaders and teachers, asking our parents or other adults to tell us
about God, etc.)
 Read from the “What’s the Wise Choice?” Activity Page as you lead the kids in the movements
described in bold print.
 Ask the kids what they remember from the Bible verses the Storyteller read about worry.
 Hand out Bibles and help kids look up Matthew 6:25-34. When ready, ask a kid to read verse 25
to the group.
 Explain that you will read the rest of the verses out loud. They can show you that they’re
listening by making up an action that goes along with what you’re reading. Read slowly enough
for the kids to put some simple motions to the verses.
 Read the second scenario from the “What’s the Wise Choice?” card, and lead the motions
again. As with the previous scenario, let the kids tell you what they remember from the Bible
verse that the Storyteller read and then have kids look up Matthew 18:15 Read the verse aloud
(or let a kid read it) and ask them what wise advice Jesus gave us in that verse.
What You Say: “The stories we talked about today are good examples of times when we need wisdom
to know the right thing to do. And where is the best place to go when you need to know what’s wise?
That’s right! The Bible. [Bottom Line] If you want to be wise, find out what Jesus said. The Bible
has all the answers we need when it comes to learning how to make good choices. [Make It Personal]
(Share one of your favorite verses that has helped you become wise. Tell the kids how it has
helped you in certain situations.)
“The Bible might seem like a really big book that’s hard to read. But as you get older, it won’t be hard at
all. Kids your age can still learn to be wise. If you need help learning what Jesus said, ask someone to
help you look up verses and read Bible stories with you. When you’re here, listen well and ask
questions. The more you do, the more you’ll learn from God’s Word. Learning and doing what the Bible
says will make you grow wiser every day.”

Prayer Time
Have the kids gather in a circle and bow their heads.
What You Say:
“Let’s pray now for our requests and also to ask God to help us grow and mature just like Jesus did by
learning about what Jesus said.
“Lord, thank You for these requests and for giving us Your wisdom when we ask for it. Lord, thank You
for giving us the Bible that teaches us about Jesus. Help us to grow and mature in the same ways that
Jesus did. Help us to grow in wisdom like Jesus as we seek to learn more about what He said. Amen.”



Find It What You Need: Bibles
What You Do:
 Read kids the below scenarios:
 Your best friend wants you to come over to his house with some other guys for a sleepover.
He plans to watch a movie that you know your parents would not want you to watch.
However, you REALLY want to watch it, and you don’t want the others to think you’re a baby.
But you know you’ll get in BIG trouble if your parents find out. What should you do? (Help
kids understand that there are more options than not going to the sleepover or going to the
sleepover and refusing to watch the movie. It would honor their parents if they talked to
them about the situation and ask for permission to watch the movie.)
 Your teacher asks you to clean up a mess in the classroom that you did not make. You know
who did, and you want to tell her who it was. You shouldn’t have to clean up someone else’s
messes, right?
 You forgot to have your dad sign your permission slip for the field trip, and if you don’t turn it
in today, you can’t go. You have his signature on another paper in your backpack … so you
think about tracing it onto the field trip form. You know your dad wants you to go on the field
trip. What should you do?
What You Say:
“There are going to be many times when you don’t know what to do, like in the scenarios we just talked
about. Start with Jesus. Look at what He did and what He said, and follow His example. Can you think
of a time in the past week when you or someone you know followed Jesus’ example? (Pause for
responses.) [Bottom Line] If you want to be wise, find out what Jesus said.”