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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

212 / Friday, November 2, 2007 / Notices 62271

The Draft GMP/EIS was made DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR identified, for each alternative.
available for public review and Beginning with early scoping, through
comment in January 2007. The formal National Park Service the preparation of the Draft and Final
public comment period ended on May EIS, numerous public meetings were
Final Environmental Impact Statement; hosted. Approximately 200 oral and
8, 2007. A public open house was held
Giacomini Wetlands Restoration; Point written comments were received during
in Oyster Bay on February 1, 2007. At
Reyes National Seashore; Marin the scoping phase or in response to the
that time, the park also hosted a meeting
County, CA; Notice of Approval of Draft EIS. Key consultations or other
for park neighbors to solicit their Record of Decision
feedback. During the comment period, contacts which aided in preparing the
27 sets of formal written comments were Summary: Pursuant to § 102(2)(C) of Draft and Final EIS involved (but were
received. The majority of respondents the National Environmental Policy Act not limited to) the California Coastal
supported one or both of the action of 1969 (Pub. L. 91–190, as amended) Commission, Department of Fish and
and the implementing regulations Game, and State Historic Preservation
alternatives with most expressing their
promulgated by the Council on Office, the Marin County Parks and
support for the National Park Service’s
Environmental Quality (40 CFR 1505.2), Open Space, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
preferred alternative. Service and National Marine Fisheries
the Department of the Interior, National
The Final GMP/EIS addresses the Park Service has prepared, in Service. Local communities, county and
following issues—improving the visitor conjunction with the California State city officials, and interested
experience, broadening and diversifying Lands Commission as co-lead agency, organizations were contacted
the park audience, improving the Final Environmental Impact extensively during initial scoping and
operational efficiency, and enhancing Statement (EIS) for restoring the throughout the conservation planning
resource protection. Key park partners Giacomini Wetlands in the Golden Gate and environmental impact analysis
closely involved in the development of National Recreation Area (north process.
planning alternatives include the district), administered by Point Reyes Copies: Interested parties desiring to
Theodore Roosevelt Association, the National Seashore. The Regional review the Record of Decision may
Friends of Sagamore Hill, and the park’s Director, Pacific West Region has obtain a complete copy by contacting
Volunteer Advisory Board. The target approved the Record of Decision and the Superintendent, Pt. Reyes National
date for the Record of Decision is fall supporting Statement of Findings for Seashore, Point Reyes, CA 94956; or via
2007. Wetlands and Floodplains for this telephone request at (415) 464-5100.
The park’s mission is ‘‘to preserve in restoration project. The formal no-action Dated: August 16, 2007.
period was officially initiated June 27, Jonathan B. Jarvis,
public ownership and interpret the
2007, with the U.S. Environmental Regional Director, Pacific West Region.
structures, landscape, collections, and
Protection Agency’s Federal Register [FR Doc. E7–21576 Filed 11–1–07; 8:45 am]
other cultural resources associated with
notification of the filing of the Final EIS. BILLING CODE 4312–FW–P
Theodore Roosevelt’s Home in Oyster Decision: As soon as practicable the
Bay, New York to ensure that future Seashore will begin to implement
generations understand and appreciate restoration efforts of the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
the life and legacy of Theodore ‘‘environmentally preferred’’ Alternative
Roosevelt, his family, and the D as detailed in the Final EIS. The National Park Service
significant events associated with him at selected plan maximizes ecological
Sagamore Hill.’’ Theodore Roosevelt restoration while providing public General Management Plan, Final
bought land in Oyster Bay in 1880, access and overlooks for viewing the Environmental Impact Statement,
where he built his family home and restoration area. Work elements include Walnut Canyon National Monument,
lived until his death in 1919. removal of earthern levees and AZ
Throughout his life, Roosevelt attracted appurtenant infrastructure, and AGENCY: National Park Service,
national and international figures from recreation of tidal channels and Department of the Interior.
every walk of life to this home. freshwater breeding habitat for ACTION: Notice of Availability of a
Sagamore Hill was the summer White California red-legged frogs. Certain Record of Decision on the Final
House between 1902 and 1908. public access features will be Environmental Impact Statement for the
maintained or enhanced, and General Management Plan, Walnut
The Final GMP proposes strategies for
additionally the Seashore will Canyon National Monument.
resource protection and visitor services;
collaborate with the County of Marin
identifies development proposals and (including further conservation SUMMARY: Pursuant to the National
associated costs; addresses carrying planning as appropriate) on additional Environmental Policy Act of 1969, Pub.
capacity and park boundaries; examines public access facilities on the southern L. 91–190, 42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(C), the
changes in visitor use patterns and perimeter of the project area in National Park Service announces the
visitor experience; and considers the furtherance of the Countywide Plan. availability of the Record of Decision for
park’s relationship with other Theodore As documented in the Final EIS, this the General Management Plan, Walnut
Roosevelt-related sites within the course of action was deemed to be Canyon National Monument, Arizona.
general vicinity of the park as well as ‘‘environmentally preferred’’. The On August 21, 2007, the Regional
across the country. preferred plan and four alternatives Director, Intermountain Region
Dated: September 13, 2007. were identified and analyzed in the approved the Record of Decision for the
Final EIS, and previously in the Draft project. As soon as practicable, the
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

John A. Latschar,
EIS (the latter was distributed in National Park Service will begin to
Acting Regional Director, Northeast Region, December, 2006). The full spectrums of implement the Preferred Alternative
National Park Service. foreseeable environmental contained in the FEIS issued on March
[FR Doc. E7–21575 Filed 11–1–07; 8:45 am] consequences were assessed, and 19, 2007. Three alternatives were
BILLING CODE 4310–09–P appropriate mitigation measures analyzed in the Draft and Final

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62272 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 212 / Friday, November 2, 2007 / Notices

Environmental Impact Statements—a Washington, DC 20240; by all other NEW YORK

no-action and two action alternatives, carriers, National Register of Historic New York County
including the National Park Service Places, National Park Service,1201 Eye
Van Tassell and Kearney Horse Auction
preferred alternative. The preferred St., NW., 8th Floor, Washington, DC Mart, 126—128 E 13th St, New York,
alternative would preserve untrailed 20005; or by fax, 202–371–6447. Written 07001233
expanses, unfragmented natural or faxed comments should be submitted
systems, and relatively pristine by November 19, 2007. TEXAS
conditions throughout much of the park. Harris County
It would protect Walnut Canyon as a J. Paul Loether,
Almeda Road Bridge over Brays Bayou,
critical wildlife corridor. Visitation Chief, National Register of Historic Places/
(Historic Bridges of Texas MPS) Almeda
would be managed with the goal of National Historic Landmarks Program.
Rd at Brays Bayou, Houston, 07001234
providing quality learning opportunities CALIFORNIA Telephone Road Bridge over Brays Bayou,
in an intimate atmosphere while (Historic Bridges of Texas MPS) Telephone
maintaining the health of the canyon Santa Cruz County
Rd at Brays Bayou, Houston, 07001235
ecosystem. The natural soundscape and Cowell Lime Works Historic District, 1156
tranquil setting of the canyon would be High St, Santa Cruz, 07001220
enhanced through strategic placement of Albemarle County
facilities. The full range of foreseeable Southern Albermarle Rural Historic District,
environmental consequences was District of Columbia Roughly bounded by Rivanna R, VA 20,
assessed, and appropriate mitigating Foxhall Village Historic District, (Historic Green Mt, James R., Blenheim, Jefferson
measures were identified. Residential Suburbs in the United States, Mill Rolling & Milton Rds & Monroe Pkwy,
The Record of Decision includes a 1830–1960 MPS) Bounded by Reservoir Rd Charlottesville, 07001236
statement of the decision made, NW, Glover-Archibald Park, P St NW & A request for REMOVAL has been made for
synopses of other alternatives Foxhall Rd NW, Washington, 07001221 the following resource:
considered, the basis for the decision, a
description of the environmentally
preferable alternative, a finding of no Chautauqua County Walsh County
impairment of park resources and Bradford Hotel, 103 N Chautauqua, Sedan, Odalen Lutherske Kirke, 6 mi W and 1⁄4 mi
values, a listing of measures to 07001222 N of Jct ND 32 and Cty Rte 9, Edinburg
minimize environmental harm, and an vicinity, 05001517
overview of public involvement in the Cheyenne County
[FR Doc. E7–21620 Filed 11–1–07; 8:45 am]
decision-making process. Hickert, Henry, Building, 104 W 4th, Bird BILLING CODE 4310–70–P
Todd Metzger, Acting Superintendent, Dickinson County
Flagstaff Area Monuments, 6400 N. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
Highway 89, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004, Naroma Court Historic District, 800 N
Buckeye; 801, 803, 805 Spruceway; 106 Bureau of Reclamation
(928) 526–1157.
Naroma Ct, Abilene, 07001224
the Record of Decision may be obtained Jewell County
from the contact listed above. Burr Oak United Methodist Church, NE Colorado River Interim Guidelines for
Dated: August 22, 2007. corner Pennsylvania & Washington Sts, Lower Basin Shortages and
Michael D. Snyder, Burr Oak, 07001225 Coordinated Operations for Lake
Intermountain Regional Director, National Johnson County
Powell and Lake Mead
Park Service. AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation,
Foster, Herman B., House, 204 W Main St,
[FR Doc. E7–21574 Filed 11–1–07; 8:45 am] Gardner, 07001226 Interior.
BILLING CODE 4312–04–P ACTION: Notice of Availability of a Final
Marion County
Environmental Impact Statement for the
Meehan, P.H., House, Address Restricted, Colorado River Interim Guidelines for
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Tampa, 07001227 Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated
National Park Service Sedgwick County Operations for Lake Powell and Lake
Bond—Sullivan House, 936 Back Bay Blvd, Mead.
National Register of Historic Places; Wichita, 07001228 SUMMARY: The Department of the
Notification of Pending Nominations Fresh Air Baby Camp, 1229 W 11th St, Interior (Department), acting through
and Related Actions Wichita, 07001229 the Bureau of Reclamation
Nominations for the following Holyoke Cottage, 1704 N Holyoke, Wichita, (Reclamation), has issued a final
properties being considered for listing 07001230 environmental impact statement (Final
or related actions in the National MISSOURI EIS) on the proposed adoption of
Register were received by the National specific Colorado River Lower Basin
Park Service before October 20, 2007. Jackson County shortage guidelines and coordinated
Pursuant to § 60.13 of 36 CFR part 60 U.S. Courthouse and Post Office—Kansas reservoir management strategies to
written comments concerning the City, MO, 811 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, address operation of Lake Powell and
significance of these properties under 07001231 Lake Mead, particularly under low
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

the National Register criteria for MONTANA reservoir conditions. This action is
evaluation may be forwarded, by United proposed in order to provide a greater
States Postal Service, to the National Rosebud County degree of certainty to U.S. Colorado
Register of Historic Places, National St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, 701 Main St, River water users and managers of the
Park Service, 1849 C St., NW., 2280, Rosebud, 07001232 Colorado River Basin by providing

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