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A Debate between the Body and the Heart of Villon

-Whos there? -Me. Who? -Your heart caught in a fragile net. Having no force, no substance, no spirit I watch you retreat: A lone dog squatting in circles. -You. You here, why? -Your pleasure. -What does it matter? -Mine the displeasure. -Leave me in peace. Why? -Ill tell you. -When? -On the day I quit my childhood. -I say no more. -No more will please me. -The time -to be a man of valor. -After thirty years? The age of a mule? Is this then childhood? -No. Am I the fool Who holds you? -By what? By the collar? -You know nothing. I know something: The fly in the milk. One is blank, the other Black. There is a difference, -Nothing else? -You want to argue? -Youre lost. -No end to it. I put up my guard. -I say no more. No more will please me. -Mine the grief, yours the ache, the madness. If youd been born with slaver on your lip Id not condemn the outcome. You take no heed. All is one to you: The gold, the dross. Your head is pebble hard. Finding pleasure In the fall, you cant even face me. -Death beats the game. -God, what comfort. What sage eloquence. I say no more. No more will please me.

-Who bore this evil? -He came in the hour Of my misfortune. When Saturn shoved the burden Down my craw I took them up. Fool, Youre his master; you act the slave. Turn to Solomon. See his words: The wise man controls The planets and their influence. -That I cant believe. What I am, I will be. -Hollow talk. My belief. -I say no more. No more will please me. -You want to continue? -God give me the power. -There is the necessity -Of what? -Of remorse, The bite of remorse. To read without end. -In what? -To read in the books of knowledge, Leaving the fools behind. Im well advised. -Or the capture. I well remember it. -Dont wait on the wheel of pleasure. I say no more. No more will please. -- Franois Villon