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CRLUTEC PICCOLO Rock Pico Bab ‘9a GHOSTBUSTERS ue ‘Words and Music by RAY PARKER, JR. ‘Arranged by RICK BARATTA oy thy PERE 6 Coley fiir sere? rare 2. {©1964 El GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORD aed AYDIOLA MUSIC. ‘vines on ttl 8] GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Adsl by ALARED FURLISTING CO, INC “This farngewnt © 007 EM GOLDIN TORCH MUSIC CORD and RAYDIOLA ESS [Al Rigs eave sesng Pi Peserance wm opens bh cg gap kt (C FLUTRIC PICCOLO GHOSTBUSTERS ‘Words sind Music by RAY PARKER, JR. ee ‘irae eka Bee oer fg te eR Pe a t 7S f Mom ree {© 1s01 EAN GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP. snd RAYDIOLA MUSIC Poems atl OLDE TORCH MAI CORE Ate AUD LING CONC Ths Armogeen © 2007 Te purchase An ining Pa EN GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP ara RAYDIOLA fe Recerrd ic Pefomato, cong ef Wi pec pov eed comiuntade GHOSTBUSTERS BICLARINET ‘Words and Music by RAY PARKER, JR. eck & deranged by MICK DARATTA — a a sores erences re é De, TEE PFS Ss ¥ zr aE {© 1994 EM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP, ond RAYDIOLAMUSIC rit Right op teh GF ENT GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Adept by ALERED PUBLISHING CO. INC: *WAimagen'6 267 El GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP an RAYDIOLA MUSE ‘ARs Reve ineding Fle Ferra Topechorapulengh ecoaing of hs pce, go afedon/lovonds GHOSTBUSTERS BSCLARINET Word and Masih RAY PARKER, JR a @ Mirae OR rae = Se este annie errs oy AD Crp effet Fo og $ pre + {© 184 FAM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP. and RAYDIOLA MUSIC ie gg a GOLDEN TORCH MUG CORE Aste ty ALFRED PUBLISHING CO, INC. Aegean O59 Ei QOH TORCH MIE CORP sw RAVES aera Topurchase fulton recording oft pce, gored conddountaads GHOSTBUSTERS Bh ALTO SAXOPHONE Words nd Mosc by RAY PARKER, J. Rock [E]Areset hice nanarea eee wT ea} Ee a B ay z © Serf GornmToRcbRNC cone atRaYOIOLA MARC ia ht Sao ee a a xray co. ‘ahora ben ewe ite Coke ans Moa ‘Miele anise hata ron Teoma ne eed nnd GHOSTBUSTERS ‘SNARE-DRUM Werds and Music by RAY PARKER, JR. 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(Low Brass & Wooing 71 Double) ‘Arranged by RICK BARATTA Rock. ® I yo Sa a aS ee oa (© 161 Eka GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP and RAYPIOLA MUSIC ot Rights on ello EI GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC COR Acntsed 9 ALERED PUBLISHING CO, INC ‘Tis Ansgar! © 207 EMI GOLDIN TORCH MUSIC COMP sa RAYINOLA NSTC I gh Reseed nang Pll Petar, own Ta puchese fuleaph recning of pee got led conleralate ES BARITONE SAXOPHONE Words sed Mase by RAY PARKER, 2R, Rock ‘Arranged by NICK BARATTA 9 194 Et GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP and RAYDLOLA MUSIC ‘int Rights on tela El COLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Aaesniene oy SEABED PUBLISHING CO, INC. ‘This Atseme © 207 Ea GOLDIN TORCH MUSIC COR? ec KAYDIOLA MUSIC [AU Rights Ree nating Phe Pesce nen Topuchar aft denethreconing ef Ms ple fof somone GHOSTBUSTERS sas TRUME od and Mas by RAY PARKER IR Rosi Bete tt 23S nae 2 (© 1961 EM GOLDEN TORCHMUSIC CORP sed RAYDIOLA MUSIC nc igh x bebe En GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC COR Adina by ALARED PUBLISIUNG CO. INC. ‘Tis Atageneat © 2007 EM OLDEN TORCH HUSIC CORP sod RAYDIOLA MUSIC ‘Aibiiskeced ag Re rome 20m Topurclasea length recog of specs, cemidoenoads GHOSTBUSTERS 1st TRUMPET Words and Masi by RAY PARKER, JR, B “Arranged by NICK BARATTA ‘© es EM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP ard BAYDIOLA MUSIC Ri nba OLDE RORCM BUSI GO Sed ALERED RUBLSLING CO, INC This Arenpens© 2007 EMM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC Col erd RAYDIOLA MUSIC ph Reseed al GHOSTBUSTERS dng BSTRUMPET Words and Musi by RAY PARKER, JR ran [E) money ac oanarta {©1984 Ena GOLDE TORCH MUSIC.CORP and RAYDIOLA MUSIC ‘in iho tet En COLDEN ROR MUM COR ta eed ALERED PLING CO, INC 5 Ansyenn' ©2007 EMI GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC COR? sna RAYDIOLA MUSIC. [AU Rigs Reserved cui Pie Pesorance me Topurcace ll dng ecenng of pce go oedconddowneads GHOSTBUSTERS 2nd BE-TRUMPET “Word and Masi by RAY PARKER JR. st [E] Arann hcx nanan 2 — durt SSA ? prtamallipsl tela tea 77 GHOSTBUSTERS 2nd BETRUMPET Words and Music by RAY PARKER, J Rock Geer =] [5], Armed cx nanarea 2 (6 1961 bt GOLDEN TORCIT MUSIC CORP snd RAYDIOL A MUSIC ‘int Rghs on be El GOLSEN TORCH MUSIC OORD ast by ALA EDFUBLISHING CO, INC, “Ts Anrgenet © 2007 EN GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP snd RAYDIOLA MUSIC ‘Al Rigo Rese nce Pte Pefeance wm Drpuelase lh recone of Me pee eed comands GHOSTBUSTERS 2nd RUMPE ord sn My RAY PARKER JR ee “ironed Mek baka ee Se ; — SS {© 1904 EM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORD. snd RAYDIOLA MUSIC ‘Px kp beta OLDEN TORCH MUSICCORP Aéraaiered ty ACENAD PUBLISHING CO, INC Tals Aamapmen9 3007 BE GOLD TORCH MUSIC COR? ra RATDIOLA HUSIC sn. Topuchse a enh rear of p50 10 ed cdots GHOSTBUSTERS Word Mini RAY age "ene ae ar poe > EI 3 a a a 22 Fl 4 ee 7S eae = oF # o © 1804 EM GOLDER TORCHLMSIC COW and RAYDIOLA MUSIC ‘Pin Right on ere EMI GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Adie by ALFRED PUBLISHING CO, INC. 2 HORN a Bb Rock ‘Tas Arangemet!©.267 EMI GOLDEN TORCH IAUSIC CORP and EAYDIGLA MUSIC ‘AU Rlghs Rete inating PsloFertomsnee, To puchase api enyh recone of pec gor le contownlade GHOSTBUSTERS ‘Words and Msc by RAY PARKER, J, ‘Arvanged by NICK BARATTA Prot Rls obi of El GOLDEN TORCH ‘Th Atvanjre 6 207 EM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP nd RAYDIOLA MUSIC a (© 1964 Rat GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP and RAYDIOLA MUSIC IMUSIC CORP, Atel byALFED PUBLISHING CO. INC ‘ALRighs Receding He Peermanee, Topuechaseafuengh cori of Ms Bee 5010 fed conloynleade GHOSTBUSTERS LOW BRASS & WOODWINDS #1 - Bass Clef ‘Words aod Musi by RAY PARKER, JR & ‘Arranged by RICK BARATTA eek ‘© 194 EM GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP. and RAYDIOLAMUSIC a Rig on eh a GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Admired by ALF HED PUBLISHING CO, INC The Anemers© 807 GOLD TRC MUST CORRS RAIOLA MUSIC ts sete ihing Psi Proraree “puede aisngh rer of ce 0 eed comics ; : GHOSTBUSTERS LOW BRASS & WOODWINDS #2. Bass Cet [B)_Wostzny a ae. ra BARA (© 1964 Ba GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORD ad RAYDIOLAMUSIC Pac Right. wat E GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Asninted by ALZWED PUBLISHING CO, INC. ‘This renpen' © 2007 EMI GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP snd FAYDIOUA MUSIC ‘AU Rips served ntaing Puc Perfomance 20m Topurchaeangn cong af Ms pee, go oelrdconow needs GHOSTBUSTERS ELECTRIC BASS/OPTIONAL BARITONE BL. (Tbe Dove) ‘Words and Muse by RAY PARKER, 3. ae a “Avvarged by NICK BARATTA (© 1804 AN GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORE aed RAYDIOLA MUSIC Pie igh on bepalfa El COLDER TORCH MUSIC CORD Adsl by ALT HED FUBLSTING CO, INC “es hrmrgne 007 FM GOLUEN TORCH MUSIC CORP ond HAYDIOLA MUSIC Aki Resrad ile Pus Peromsies 20m ‘Topurchace af eg cong ef Msc 5010 ee condyle GHOSTBUSTERS AUXILIARY PERCUSSION (Deep Snare, Deep Foor Tom, Ti ‘Words and Music by RAY PARKER. IR Rock fs ‘Arronged by MIEN BARATIA. ~ | Bests pas snsss aoe Toh = wr eee eae aoa ey Fl. ee @ St oes cone fae = = Pl ee laa — ec [Aw] : a ---¥-.fa ane) iy Papal 1 196420 GOLDER TORCH MUSIC ConP. and RAYDIOLA MUSIC Pin Rights on bel ef El GOLDEN TORCH BE S16 CORP Aas by &LEMED FUBLASEING CO, INC ‘Tht Arangenent © 2007 EM: GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CONF. 2d RAYDIOLA MST ‘AU Rigs Reseed acting le Pefomance, som Re purcte afl ah coring of he ecg ae conovaonds GHOSTBUSTERS ‘Tuna Words ad Musi by RAY PARKER, JR. ‘Arranged by RICK BARATTA Se & a a ee code HEA GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP. snd RAYDIOLA MUSIC a Righson eat GOLDEN TRC MUSIC COR erly ALD HORLISEING CONC “le imap 207 Ea ph Reseed nlding Pl etarmence Topuchasea ce 2m th corgi pee fo fed GHOSTBUSTERS MALLET PERCUSSION (BelisXylophone) 1}GOLDEN TORCHT MUSIC COR? a RAYDIOLA MUSIC omlownleds Words and Music by RAY PARKER, IR. veo 5] ange MEK aARATTA Pett = mi 7 Sb ett reepei ea t Pay BS : Sid APad BPs Te GO Pi ar tin od ads By cpa tp il 3.04 2 By Pete ie ore A] Te Pe reece =o osm ‘Ta purhar fallen iconing of plac gro ie contends GHOSTBUSTERS ELECTRIC BASS/OPTIONAL BARITONE B.C. (Tuba Doubs) Words ond Music by RAY PARKER. JR, toe fea] ‘Arranged by RICK BARATIA 7 8 e 3 = (© OV EMH GOLDEN TORCIS MUSIC CORE. ond RAYDIOLA MUSIC "it Rights on betel all GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP Aaisaed ty ALFRED PUBLISHING CO. INC. Thi Aragemsa © 2007 Bl GOLDIN TORCH MUSIC CORT a RAYDIOLA MUSIC ‘All fighs Revved sting se Perna roa Topwchare afl ag recog of ple, gt fe cmMowneads GHOSTBUSTERS AUXILIARY PERCUSSION (Deep Snare, Deep Foot Tom, Triangle) ‘Words an Music by RAY PARKER.IR. ain (E} ‘Arranged by HICK BARATTA. Fi eeeeeee ernie enc eaas S {© 1s EN GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORY ad RAYDIOLA MUSIC Prt Rights gn ett El GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC COR® Aarnsured by ALRED PUBLISHING CO, INC. ‘hs Aoneneat © 2007 EAN GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORD cad RAYIOLA MUSIC ‘AU Righs Reserved ang Yui Ptrnance, nor Topcon ielegh ecering of ec good conldunlcnds spony ps 1 8 206 a fo Rape dena a aieyand og wo "Sanasjng und Ble Poa ah HY jtsray vroxa Ay pe 00 IST HOCH ION 1 a wousty ‘Ot"00 animist GRE on itPY ak SISAL DMOLNSET 10D ne =A HA Sina i aL Na ak e i f eerie toate etter eee SESeeS EST terete ener Pare tars << estee Fereeges sgensges yee eps Lis, wt + eccarngel i “nie roe peers ; Seite ii wezvava vony 6a pstionry aU) FEE TT AE EDA AVL AG IN a SPIN, wna avn SYaLSAGLSOHD ermomare ret tou tonya fen se ata vvaayite Sea in ara ne oy 2 Tee ote ota Sale Beda inos Sor NOTTS ate mp SE LAE Aine Teta 4 e [es] z fae SS aS vaya xo & pobi020y AC EDA AVEC A IE Pe SION, INOHAOXVS OLIV 42 SUALSNALSOHD GHOSTBUSTERS QUAD-TOMS ‘Words nd Music by RAY PARKER, JR. ‘Arranged by MCK BARATTA {© 1504 FMI GOLDEN TORCIE MUSIC CORP. nd RAYDIOLAMUSIC "in ik gy ep fl GOLDEN TORCH MUSE CORE Aanittedty ALAREDFUBLISIING CO. INC ‘Tals Amagement6 20073 GOUDEN TORCH MUSIC COR? snd RAYDIOLA MUSIC “Al Rigi Resend nating bts eromance 20m Tapuehasea ang ead of re GHOSTBUSTERS ovnmats Words nd Mono by RAY PARKER JR Rock ‘rranged by MICK BARATIA ol for Soar: & feeding) 3 8 uy (© 1964 xk OLDE TORCH MUSIC CORP ant RAYDIOLA MUSIC Prot ighsgn teat ST EMI GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP A ‘PasAnaeneat © 207 EMI GOLDEN TORCH Mt AN Rips Rese lin al Prlranee 20m Topurcharea funy recente ef ple, goed conownoads GHOSTBUSTERS ‘TONAL BASS DRUMS (4Fches) ‘Words and Music by RAY PARKER, JR ‘Arranged by NICK BARATTA {© 1984 Eh COLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP. wa RAYDIOLA MUSIC ot Right on thal or tl GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC COR Aste oy ALIUD PUBLISHING CO, INC “Rirhrngenet 7 Ln Toc Mike CORT emRAvOIOLA MIC 20m. ‘a purhanea lenin recog of pe gor aed conloundonds GHOSTBUSTERS ‘TONAL BASS DRUMS (4 Pitches) Words and Musi by RAY PARKER, I. ‘Avenged by NICK BARATTA ©9942 GOLDEN TORCH AMUSIC CORP. wed RAYDIOLA MUSIC Prot Rahs gp bell of EMI GOLDEN TORCH MUSIC CORP. iiaed by ALFRED FUBLISIRNG CO, INC Hehregener 7 Bl GOLDEN TORGH HUE cosh ca RAYDIOLA MOS 26m ‘opuedasea eng recording of Me plc gto ocd contd pomp 08204 fo Sypuo yey ye oor ap ss Saga saan parapet PY TOI pr EoD OST NOL Nr 100 WEI LOO @ esustanay mu, ‘nao og agTY SN NOD MUAH) eee oh SISTA ¥IOIGAVa P= U0 OTSA HOMOLNAGIOD IR Pon! © i ad Lo od yp pe : p (caged jeuomppe s a ; Spat see xan anti a aA Ron ano SaaLsndLsSOHoD neon elo tater ngt = ‘oats eo sae EY isn vot po aa rst HOMO Na 109 IN LA cues, ‘ONI"0 ORIASTTAD CET Se Pony Ac) HSIN HOE NT 10D 04 Hs ‘SISAL WIGAVAT Pw aOD IST HOBO NACTIOD Rat jw] se waeuaage vase & t & - oo [5] re wearers 214 4 potvoiey ACARD AV ADH Sp suoxavnd SUaLSAALSOHD