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7.1 Channel USB Audio Box

User Manual


USB specification 2.0 compliant

USB audio device class spec. 1.0 and USB HID class spec.
1.1 compliant
Full-duplex recording and play-back
7.1 channel connector
S/PDIF optical digital input and output
3.5mm jack connectors
Support 48/44.1 KHz sampling rate for both playback and
Dolby digital audio streaming via S/PDIF out
Dual microphone support

System Requirements

One available USB port

Minimum Intel Pentium II 350 MHz or equivalent PC with

Amplified computer speakers or headphone
Operating Systems:

8 / 7 / XP / 2000 / Server 2003; Windows Vista
DirectX 8.1 or above
CD-ROM drive

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Package Contents


Type A to Type B USB Cable

Software Driver CD

User Manual

Hardware Description
Figure 1. Buttons & Indicators

Volume Mute: Press button to mute, press again to unmute audio


Microphone Mute: Press button to mute, press again to unmute


Volume Down: Decreases volume.

Volume Up: Increases volume.

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Microphone Mute LED: LED is on when microphone is


Power/Activity LED: The light will be on when the

ENMAB-8CM is on. The light will blink when activity is

Figure 2. Connectors (Front View)

Headphones: Connects to the headphones.

Line In: Connects to the TAPE/CD/DVD player or other audio

sources for output mixing and/or recording.

Front Speakers: Connects to the front speakers.

Surround Speakers: Connects to the surround speakers while in

4/6/8 channel modes.
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Center/Bass Speakers: Connects to the Center/Bass speakers

while in 6/8 channel modes.

Back Speakers: Connects to back speakers while in 8 channel


Figure 3. Connectors (Rear View)

S/PDIF IN: Connects to the digital output of an external audio

device using an optical S/PDIF cable.

S/PDIF OUT: Connects to the digital input of an external audio

device using an optical S/PDIF cable.

USB Connector: Connects to the computers USB port.

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Figure 4. Connectors (Side View)

MIC (1) IN: Connects to a microphone (Mono left channel)

MIC (2) IN: Connects to a microphone (Mono right channel)

Driver Installation
1. Insert the installation CD
into the CD-ROM drive.
The setup screen will
automatically appear.
2. Click the Software Driver

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3. Click Next to begin driver


4. Select Yes, I want to restart

my computer now., and
then click Finish to restart
your computer.

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Launch the Application Software

1. Double click the USB

Multi-Channel Audio
Device icon on the
bottom right of the desktop
to open the software.

2. Main Setting tab

Output Device: click the
correct output device for
your set up.
Audio System Status:
display the currently
audio frequency.
DSP Mode:
enable/disable the virtual
speaker function.

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3. Mixer tab
Click button to choose
the playback and
Adjust the volume for a

4. Effect tab
In this table, you can setup
the following sound effect:
Environment Size
Click the button again to
cancel the effect.

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5. Karaoke/Magic Voice table

Click the ON button to
enable the Karaoke
function. And then check
box to setup the
Microphone Playback
Microphone Echo: to get
the effect and adjust the
volume of each sound to
optimize it.
Magic Voice: click button
to choose the voice effect.
Key-Shifting: Make music
suitable for your pitch. The
range is -4b to +4#.
Vocal Cancellation:
Attempts to detect and
cancel vocal as much as

Technical Support
For Technical Support or Installation Hotline contacts please visit our
web site at


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