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a) Your Tab. Hyponidd is very expensive compared to Metformin.

The reasons why the standard stereotyped response of defences or justification falls flat on its face
should now be obvious.
There is a good-engineered tactic to merit an effective response. It requires no great skill to apply,
but it does require self-confidence, a little bit of practice and a spoonful of courage. The directions
are as follows,

The skilled representative will pause slightly after offering each of the alternative
reasons, wait for the physician to reply before saying anything else.
These fifty words take all of thirty seconds to say at a natal conversational pace, but for
all that they make a high impact.
For one, the physician receives confirmation that his comment has been heard and taken
seriously. For another, the representatives question demonstrates an intelligent
consideration of possible alternatives and finally, and most importantly, the physicians
reply gives the representative the opportunity to come to grips with the real concern.
Offering the physician three alternatives from which to pick his reply keeps the proceedings in
the comfort zone of both parties, and the chances are also high that one of the three reasons
does indeed apply.
In the event that the physicians real reason for saying the product is priced high is one of the
less palatable ones (5 to 10,above), offering three of the more obvious alternatives is a facesaving advice.
If his reason is one of the unflattering ones, and he therefore does not want to voice it, the
physician can (and usually will) pick at random one of the three offered by you, and keep the
transaction on a socially acceptable level.
Even though the representative has probably heard the objection many times before, and has the
respond instantly would be to devalue the physicians statement, to make it appear that the
objection is so lightweight that it can be easily brushed aside. This is poor psychology. Instead, the
representative should make it appear that he is thinking about the problem before he actually
delivers the answer. This conveys to the physician that his words merited serious consideration.

3) Sales promotion: Objections related to remembering product names, promotional schemes or gifts
For example,
a) You are not regular in your calls, therefore, I cant remember your products when I want to
b) You have not given my gifts as you have earlier committed for my 50 prescriptions
c) You are not giving any scheme, otherwise I would have prescribed your product like anything

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