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Exercise 1.

Xem 2 v d sau:
Ive never eaten pizza before
= Its the first time Ive ever eaten pizza.

Ive never read such a good book.

= Its the best book Ive ever read.
Y/c : T 2 v d trn khi qut li cng thc khi vit li cu vi cu
trc Its the first time. Th no c dng trong cu. Nu c cu Its
was the first time th v sau s s dng th no.
Cu trc:
S + have/has + never + VII + n + before
Its the first time + S + have/has + ever + VII + n
Nu It was the first time + S + had + ever + VII + n
S + have/has + never + VII + such + n
Its + adj + n + S + have/has + ever + VII
Repharse the following sentences to unchanged the meaning.
1. She has never been on TV before.
Its the first time she has ever been on TV
2. She has never heard such a funny story.

Its the best funny story she has ever heard

3. Its the first time she has ever read Tolstoy.
She has never read Tolsoy before
4. Its the worst headache shes ever had.
Shes never had such a headache
5. Hes never played cricket before.
Its the first time hes ever played cricket.
II. Writing essay
Topic: Advertising (discussing both view and giving your opinion)
Advertising has brought substantial changes to our lives in recent
years. However, there remains some disagreement as to whether the
entire impact of advertising has been positive or negative. Although
some peole opine advertising would be detrimental to peoples
cognitive development, I personally believe that no doubt it would
play a vital role in the growth of trade.
First of all, it is an undeniable fact that advertising is a key part
of modern businesses. Companies usually use advertising campaigns
as means of marketing efficiently to raise their customer as well as
their sales. In Vietnam, for instance, companies spend ten percent of
their profit on advertising campaigns. Another convincing reason for
my view is that without advertising we would have less choice. In fact,
we are unable to determind an appearance of goods in this market.
On the other hand, the primary weakness of this suggestion is
that advertising manipulates people. Advertisers often aim their

marketing at children which brings about the influence by

advertisements. For example, many children believe that they will
become supermen when using enery drinks. Another reason for this
opinion is that advertisers focus on selling a brand image, while the
quality production is not as good as advertisement. But then again, I
still believe the economy would be more developed with advertisings
In conclusion, there are good reasons against advertising, but in
my opinion advertising is indispensable.