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For photos, information, ticket booking and much

more, head over to our JCR website. Theres loads to
explore and a whole section dedicated to Freshers
Week 2015 make sure you check it out! Remember
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Week information
Weve also set up a Facebook group exclusively for
new Freshers so you guys can get to know each other
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reps. Get involved here

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Harry Jenkins

Congratulations on your exam results and securing your place at
Durham University!
My name is Megan, Im a 3rd year
Physical Geography student and Im your
Vice President this year. I have been
creating this handbook over the summer
to give you the best insight possible into
what is in store for you when you arrive
at Cuths. Theres a lot to take in so dont
worry about remembering everything,
just hang onto your handbook as a point
of reference for the future.
As Vice President, Im part of the Exec for Cuths JCR and were here
to help you out with anything you need our contact details are all
in here so please feel free to get in touch.
Part of my job is the stash orders (the college branded clothes as
modelled terribly by myself above), and were running an order
especially for you all, so you can be kitted out in Cuths gear as soon
as you arrive. There are all kinds of items available - more details on
the back page or go straight to
The most important thing to remember is make the most of every
opportunity while youre here, it sounds clich but time really does
If you have any questions which arent answered here, please dont
hesitate to ask!

1. Presidents Welcome

2. Whos Who?

3. Freshers Week 2015


4. Facilities


5. Sports, Societies & Committees


6. Events


7. JCR Meetings


8. Looking After Yourself (& Others)


9. The Bigger Picture


10. What? A Glossary


11. The Songs


Chapter 1 Presidents Welcome

Hello and welcome to Cuths!
Im Rich, and Ill be your JCR President for the
coming year. Having spent 4 years studying for
an Engineering degree, Im now staying on an
extra year with the task of running the Junior
Common Room of St Cuthberts Society. This
means youll see me around a lot this year, so
do stop me and say hello, and more
importantly let me know what we can do to
make your college experience even better. Im
not great with names but good with faces, so
Ill apologise now if I grin inanely at you but
cannot recall your name
Lets start with a few questions answered

What is the JCR?

JCR stands for Junior Common Room. Put simply, the JCR organises
the extra-curricular side of your University life: it is the student body
of Cuths which organises social events, sports teams and societies,
the welfare service and a variety of committees to ensure you are
represented in the best possible way. We also own, manage and
financially maintain facilities for students, youll hear more about
these soon. Finally, we feed back to the University and Durham
Students Union regarding any suggestions you have to improve the
student experience in Durham and Cuths.

Everything the JCR does is run by

students, and there are loads of
opportunities to get involved, including
voting in elections, playing in sports
teams and societies and participating in
committees. You could also run in an
election for a JCR position, or volunteer
to work in the Library the choices are
endless! Getting involved really is
incredibly rewarding, plus looks great on
the CV, so Id recommend taking part in
whichever area(s) youre interested in.

Who runs the JCR?

You do! Cuths JCR is a democratic body and all decisions are made
in consultation with students, often with a vote. This means that
your opinion really does matter, so make sure your voice is heard!
The JCR Executive Committee (the
Exec) are students voted in by the JCR
to lead the everyday running of
College - both in their individual roles,
and as a collective body who represent
your views in decision-making. Youll
meet them all in Freshers Week, and
their contact details are later in this
book dont be afraid to get in touch if
theres something they can do to
improve Cuths, or for info on how to
get involved.

What is the difference between the JCR and

The JCR is an independent charity, run
by volunteer students, aiming to
represent every student at all levels
within the University. We also take care
of the social life and sporting
requirements of our students and provide
our own listening and welfare service.
College refers to the staff and management structure of Cuths and
is governed by the University. College provides accommodation,
catering and housekeeping if you live in; offers pastoral support to
all students; and organizes talks, debates and careers events. The
JCR and College work very closely together to provide you with the
best possible experience during your time at University.

Whats the difference between a Society and a

Cuths was originally founded in 1888 by students who did not like
the rigid structure of college life. Cuths performs the same role as
all of the other collegiate bodies you will live, eat and socialise
together, and be looked after on-site by full-time Society staff but
we pride ourselves on having independence of thought and action
and always listening to our members (thats all of you). We also
pride ourselves on catering for everyones tastes and preferences
and welcoming everyone no matter who they are or where theyve
come from. As you can probably tell, we are immensely proud of
our heritage, and hope that you come to be so too!

How much does being part of the JCR cost?

The JCR levy is 50 per year. As an undergraduate, youll be billed
this term for the JCR levy for all 3 or 4 years that youll be in Durham
(depending on the length of your course). This means you can pay it
now and never think about it again, except to appreciate all the
wonderful things it gets you! This levy funds the two gyms, library,
computer rooms, music room and the vast number of social events,
sports teams and societies offered by the JCR - so its a small price
to pay and were always working hard to ensure this is good value
for money.

Can I opt out of the JCR?

Yes, if you want to. Send me an email at and I will ensure youre not
billed for the JCR levy. However, if you choose to opt out, youll miss
out on taking advantage of many of the fantastic opportunity on
offer, including voting in JCR elections, running for JCR positions and
having a say in how the JCR is run.

Chapter 2 Meet the Exec

Jo Gower & Tom Johnson Welfare Officers
Hi, Im Jo and as your female welfare officer its
my job to run campaigns, hand out safe-sex
supplies (including condoms, lube, dental dams,
STI testing kits and pregnancy testing kits), and
provide a confidential listening service if you
ever need a chat. I also am able to signpost you
to the correct people to talk to if you have a
particular issue, so if you dont know where to
go, Im your person.
Likes Dogs, belting out 70s hits in the shower.
Dislikes Prejudice, when your biscuit breaks in your hot chocolate.
Hey everyone, I'm Tom, your male
welfare officer for this year. My job is to
listen to any problems you may have in a
comfortable, confidential setting , as well
as being available to hand out sexual
health supplies. You'll also see me running
various welfare campaigns during the
Likes Cooking, guitar, not being called Thomas.
Dislikes Coffee, Woking, being called Thomas.

Matt Collins Treasurer

Hi! Im Matt Collins, a third year
physicist and your treasurer for this
year! I handle the overall budget,
which includes social events, welfare,
the library, and sports and societies,
etc. Finance Committee assist me in
managing the budget. If youre eyeing up the finance industry, the
JCR, or my job, this committee is a great way to get involved with
the running of the accounts. Let me know if youre interested and I
hope you have a great Freshers Week!
Likes - Guylian chocolate.
Dislikes - Inefficiencies.

Jenny Ferris Social Chair

Hi Im Jenny and the new Social Chair for Cuths.
As Social Chair I will be responsible for the
Social Committee which organises and runs
events, big and small, for the JCR. These events
will include the Michaelmas Ball, the Feast of St
Cuthberts, Cuths Day and variety of smaller
events to take place throughout the year.
Likes Home baking, experimenting with classic Mary Berry recipes.
Dislikes - Finding out my shoe has a hole in it because Ive stood in a
puddle and my sock is soaking wet.

Lauren Brain Outreach Chair

Hi everyone! Lauren here, your Outreach Chair this
year. I build the Outreach Committee; we encourage
a good relationship between Cuth's and the local
community through volunteering and outreach
projects - we'd love to have you involved! I also
represent those that live outside of college, so
contact me if you have any issues and I will be happy
to help. I am also responsible for organising college parents.
Likes- A can-do attitude, positive vibes, puppies.
Dislikes- That feeling after you've showered and
you're not quite dry, calories.

Andy Sheppard Sports & Societies Chair

Hi Im Andy, as your Sports and Societies Chair I make
sure all our college sports and societies run smoothly.
I provide a link between College and University Sport,
and organise the college Freshers Fair. Ill also be inviting you to
join me in trying out every society Cuths has to offer and helping
you create new ones.
Likes Spanish Cooking, Surfing and Cats.
Dislikes - Questions about future careers, and the lack of leg room
on public transport.


Taz Sandhar Librarian

Hello new Cuthspeople! My name is Taz and I will
be your college librarian this year. The library is
located in House 8, providing a comfortable study
space and stocked with books for all subjects. My
role is to keep the library running efficiently
alongside the librarian staff made up of other
students. If you need books, then fill out an order
form and email it across to me and I can
Feeling smug about gambling
with the library budget.
get them up on the shelves for you!
Likes - Sunsets and long walks on the beach.
Dislikes - unimaginative people who use clichs because theyre too
lazy to think of anything original

James Cochran Students Union Rep

Hello, I'm James and I'm your Senior Students Union Rep for next
year, meaning that I'll be representing you at Assembly, the
Students' Union voting body, and making sure
you're updated on the fantastic things going on
there. I'm also going to be supporting and
organising the college university challenge so
keep an eye out for that!
Likes Climbing.
Dislikes Broccoli.


Ollie George JCR Chair

You know what everyone loves? Democracy.
My name is Ollie George and I'm your JCR
Chair this year. It is my job to ensure that
JCR meetings are constitutional, well
attended and enjoyable. If you fancy getting
involved then consider running for JCR Stool
(essentially my Governance wingman).
Likes A cheeky Nandos, sneezing, a good brunch.
Dislikes Feet, Crocs, styrofoam.

Astrid Mazza-Riccardi - International Rep

Hello! Im Astrid and Im your international
rep! My duties are to care for the
representation and welfare of the
international students. Im here to make you
feel welcome, safe and make sure you enjoy
your time at Cuths. Im going to be organising
events throughout the year, and you can get
a say in them too! Just join the International Committee. For any
questions, suggestions for events, or just a chat, please drop me an
Likes Kittens and cooking.
Dislikes Rudeness, spiders.


Rich Root President

Megan Croll Vice President

Likes Dancing, skiing.

Likes Brownie Bombers, pizza and a

good night in Fishtank (ask me).

Dislikes The sound of fingernails

scraping on a blackboard.

Dislikes People who chew loudly.

Other Important JCR Officers

Mike Dennison Senior Intro Week Rep
Mike is in charge of running Freshers
Week and the post application open days.
Likes Matching cutlery and that Minions song
about bananas.
Dislikes Low ceilings and having to reveal
personal information.

Sam Jones Senior Returning Officer

Sam organises and runs all the elections
held within Cuths JCR.
Likes Urban oven and football manager.
Dislikes Wine and responsibility.


College Staff
Prof. Elizabeth Archibald Principal
Elizabeth is the Principal of Cuths, meaning that
she oversees all College staff and activities, as
well as promoting Cuths throughout the
University and beyond, and strategically
developing the College. Her office is upstairs in
House 12 and youll often see her at formals and
other college events. Elizabeth divides her time
between Cuths and the English department, where she specialises
in Medieval literature.

Sharon Richardson Deputy Principal

Sharon also has her office upstairs in House 12
and takes responsibility for alumni relations,
discipline and communications. She also assists
Elizabeth with the strategic development of the
college, and provides a program of careers and
skills development support by organising
regular workshops and talks.

Dr Phil Bolton - Assistant Principal (Student Support)

Phil takes care of student support and wellbeing, providing pastoral care for students.
He is the first point of contact if you are
having any difficulties with life in Durham: in
particular if you are struggling with academic
deadlines, or encountering problems in
College, he can help by liaising with your


department and/or can put you in touch with University specialist

support services.

Chris Finnemore Bursar

The Bursar is responsible for college finances, as well as overseeing
catering, maintenance and the bars. You probably wont have much
contact with Chris, but its definitely worth knowing who he is!

Sue Cole Facilities & Accommodation Manager

Sue is in charge of maintaining college property and your tenancy
agreements, so any accommodation related issues get dealt with by
her. If you have any problems with your accommodation, then let
either your cleaner or one of the porters know and they will either
report it or do their best to sort it out straight away for you.

Harriet Rawet Development Officer

This is a sabbatical position and is currently
held by Harriet, who graduated from Cuths
this summer. She is responsible for developing
alumni relations, and creating opportunities
for current students there will be alumni
who can offer careers advice, perhaps work
experience, or even make a donation to
college to help fund one of your interests!
The college employs a number of staff including catering and
cleaning staff, porters and receptionists who you will quickly realise
are an integral part of life in Cuths. We expect excellent manners
towards all members of both College and University staff, and itll
make your University experience a whole lot better too, good
manners cost nothing!


Durham Students Union

Durham Students Union supports and represents all Durham
University students, whether you are interested in joining a
University wide society, would like to get involved in student
representation or are keen to build up your CV with training and
development experience.
The Union is led by the president, Millie Tanner, who was Cuths JCR
president last year (were very proud). Millie leads a team of
sabbatical officers who cover every aspect of University life, from
academic life, volunteering, welfare and personal development. This
team liaises with the University, colleges, local community and the
National Union of Students, to represent our students.
Every course in the University has an elected course rep who is
responsible for representing you on academic matters, with issues
about your course, academic support, lecturers or study space. This
allows academic staff members to identify what is working well and
what problems might exist, to ensure positive changes are made.
The Cuths Union Rep is James, who is assisted by 3 Junior Union
Reps. If you have any questions about the Union or running as a
Junior Rep, you can email him on
For further information about the Union, visit, or


Chapter 3: Freshers Week

We have been working hard this summer to make sure your
Freshers Week is the best welcome we can give you. Theres a huge
variety of events, so try and get involved with as much as you can fit
in, you only get one Freshers Week so dont miss out! The only
thing well say is, if you want to drink, drink (sensibly). If you dont
want to drink, dont drink. You wont be judged at all and youll
have a fantastic time either way.
Remember to bring: bedding (not provided), computer/laptop,
laundry bag, black tie (more on this later), kitchen stuff (crockery,
cutlery, utensils etc.), ID, sports kit you might need, and fancy dress!

A word from our International Rep to those of you

arriving from abroad:
Moving can be really scary, I know! But youll be fine. Before
arriving you should have your registration, enrolment and general
university stuff done. If you cant manage it, we should be able
sort it out once youre here, but it will be much simpler if you
arrive prepared and have all of this completed. You may also want
to open a bank account; for this, make sure that you have 2 pieces
of photo ID with you, your UCAS acceptance letter and proof of
address. Youll be emailed more details closer to the time but
these documents are the very bare minimum. During your
transition week (before UK students arrive), there will be talks for
you about how things work here, how to register for the doctors
and having lots of fun with events that well organise for you
before the start of Freshers Week.
Cant wait to meet you all!

Your week planned out

Weve tried to pack Freshers Week with as many things as possible,
both in the daytime and later (evening events will start around 8pm).
After these have finished, well take those of you who would like to
go out into Durham. Each college goes to a specific place each night
which means the venues only let in certain colleges each night, so
please stick with us. Theres not much point wandering to another
venue where your wristband wont get you access that night!

Sunday 4th October


If youre an international student hopefully youll be

nice and settled by now. If youre a UK student this is the day you
will move into your home for the next year, exciting stuff! Youll be
greeted by our Freshers Reps (Freps) who will help you move in to
your room either on the Bailey or at Parsons Field.

White t-shirt party:

In the
evening well gather you all in
the bar for a party. The white tshirt party is fab for helping you
get to know your fellow Freshers.
Basically what happens is youll
be given a white t-shirt which
you wear to the bar, where
youll be provided with loads of
felt tips pens. The idea is for
your white t-shirt not to stay
white for long! This is great for
getting to know people as you


meet others who can sign your shirt, draw something related to
your course, whatever you feel like (keep it clean people). Everyone
is in a new place which is both scary and exciting but youll be
surprised how quickly the ice is broken and you start to recognise
lots of faces.

Monday 5th October

College Welcome Talk: As with a typical Monday morning, the
week starts with something slightly less fun that what weve got
planned for the rest of the week but it is still very important. You
have a talk in the Calman Learning Centre (on the Science site)
which starts at 10am. Itll just give you an overview of Durham life,
helpful advice on living in University accommodation and other
useful information. Dont worry about getting lost, the Freps will be
on hand to take you to where you need to be.

Harry Potter night:

Thats right! Monday night is

dedicated to everyones favourite boy wizard. Come

to the bar dressed as your favourite HP character, a
random witch/wizard/hippogriff, whatever you like.
Itll be a magical night. Thats me as Mad Eye Moody
on the right Ive done this before


Well have a Harry Potter film

marathon running in Brooks JCR at the same time so if

youre not feeling like entering the wizarding world
that particular evening, feel free to come watch it
from a muggle perspective.


Tuesday 6th October

Scavenger hunt: Tuesday daytime will play host to Cuths first
ever scavenger hunt. Meet in Cuths Library on the Bailey (just down
from House 12) at 2pm.

Toga night: A staple of

any Cuths Freshers Week,
Tuesday night is Toga night
at Brooks Bar. The usual
approach is to fashion your
toga from a bedsheet (I wore shorts and t-shirt under mine, I didnt
quite trust the safety pins). If you google how to make a toga
there are endless possibilities.

AlternativelyThere will be a pub quiz running in the Bailey Bar

from 7pm. If you dont have anyone to be on a team with that night,
just head down to the bar and well soon find you some other quiz

Wednesday 7th October


On Wednesday youll be having your

photo taken as an entire Cuths
year group. Itll go up in House
12 and youll have the option
to buy your own copy. After the
photo is matriculation, which is
your official entry into the
ceremony held in the cathedral,


you dont have to do anything but listen dont worry! The dress
code is lounge suits, you may wear a gown if you like but this is
completely up to you.

Formal: On Wednesday evening youll experience your first Cuths

formal where youll be served a lovely meal in the dining hall in
House 12. The dress code is black tie and the theme is A Night at
the Movies (think James Bond, Gatsby, that kind of thing). After
that therell be things going on in the bar and casino games in the

Thursday 8th October

Newcastle day trip: Thursday is pretty action packed. There is a
Newcastle day trip running in the afternoon. Meet in either of the
two bars at 2pm and the Freps will take you from there. You can buy
a train ticket to Newcastle in advance if you like but its not really
necessary. From my memory it costs about 7 return without a
railcard on the day and something like 5.40 if you have a railcard.

Superhero night:

Calling all superheroes (or supervillains if you

have an evil alter-ego)! There will be a superhero showdown in

Brooks bar; disguise your secret identity and come down for some
superhero-inspired fun.


For those of you who fancy something more

chilled than wearing you underwear on the outside, there will be a

movie night in the JCR in House 12. There will be popcorn (as long as
the supervillains havent stolen it all).


Friday 9th October

Afternoon BBQ:

Were keeping everything crossed for good

weather to have a BBQ at Brooks. If it rains you can all sit in the JCR
and Ill likely be stood at the barbie in my raincoat.

UV/90s Silent Disco:

The Silent Disco

will be in the dining hall. You get a pair of

headphones on which you can flick
between three channels to find something
to boogie to. As for outfits, were going for
a blast-from-the-past feel with 90s attire. If you have anything
neon-coloured or some UV paint, wear it, the brighter the better.


If you dont fancy the disco therell be pizza and

board games down at Brooks so theres still something fun to get

involved in.

Saturday 10th October

Freshers Fair:

Get down to the dining hall for Cuths Freshers

Fair in the afternoon (time TBC, keep an eye on the website) where
our sports and societies will be looking for new members. No
matter what your experience level, societies will be glad to include
you. College teams/societies are great for trying something new or
doing something you really enjoy (even if you dont think youre
that great at it). Try anything that takes your fancy, if its not what
you expected you dont have to carry on, and if its even better than
you thought it would be youll meet loads of new people and have a
great time.


Zoo night:

Were opening a zoo in Brooks bar on Saturday! How

lovely! The best bit is all our animals will be you guys. Dress up as
whatever animal you like and come add to
the zoos fine collection of species.


If youre not feeling

very wild (animals, the wild, get it?) then

were going to be making a mural in. Dont
worry if youre not an amazing artist, just
come along and paint something onto the board. Therell be a really
chilled vibe and you can just have a good chat and get to know
people while you paint.

Sunday 11th October


Sunday is the last day of Freshers Week (very sad) so

were putting on some chilled activities seeing as youll probably be

pretty tired by now. Youll have a meeting with your mentor who
looks out for you during your first year and just makes sure youre
getting on ok. Please make sure you go to your meeting otherwise
your mentor will get lonely waiting for you. As well as mentor
meetings youll get a taste of what a JCR meeting is like with the
mock meeting (keeps your eyes peeled for details).

Parents evening:

Dont worry, this is more fun than the

parents evenings at school. This is the night you meet your college
parents. The rest is kind of up to them (and you of course). For
example, I had my children and a few college families round at my
house last year for nachos and a chill out to wind down.


Chapter 4: Facilities
When youre a member of the JCR means you can use any of our
facilities, completely free of charge. Youre a member of Cuths for
your entire time at the University so you can still come back and use
everything, even when youre not a fresher anymore!

The Junior Common Room also refers to a physical space. We have
two Common Rooms in Cuths, one on each site. The Common
Room on the Bailey is located in House 12 and is a space to socialise
and chill out in, as well as being having daily newspapers. The
Parsons Field Junior Common Room is in Brooks House next door
to the bar and has a TV and sound system and a pool table (the
best one in the university) from which all the money goes back in
to the JCR.

The Bars
Being part of Cuths means that you have access to two bars, one on
the Bailey and one in Brooks House, Parsons Field. The bars are a
real social centre in Cuths and the prices are very reasonable.


The Bailey Bar and beer garden are at 12 South Bailey. The Bailey
bar is always buzzing and a must for any social. Throughout the year
the bar plays host to regular events; from JCR meetings and acoustic
nights, to Oktoberfest, Eurovision and Cuths Day. Also, you can find
the latest live sport being shown on our huge projector TV.

Katherine Fone
Bar Steward

Nikki Bows
Assistant Bar

Brooks Bar is located down at Parsons Field and is

a lot more chilled out, perfect for a quiet drink or
as an alternative place to get some studying done.
Brooks has TVs, a dart board and a pool table and
is the perfect place for a take away. There are
regular pub quizzes and live sport, as well as
other little events.
All profits from the bar are reinvested into the
college and the JCR so every penny you spend
goes to a good cause you!
The bars are fully staffed by Cuths students and
its a great way to get involved and meet new
people. If you're interested, watch out for an
email in the first few weeks with details on how
to apply.


Cuths Library
As well as the Main Library, all the colleges in Durham have their
own libraries. Cuths Library is in on the ground floor of House 8 and
is the only one run entirely by students.

When you arrive youll receive your campus card which works as
you library card too.
A note on your campus card:
Opening hours

11 am 8 pm

Weekends 12 noon 6 pm

This is your University ID. It allows

you to borrow library books, use
university printers and access
certain facilities. Its best to
always have it with you.

During exam periods the opening hours are extended so keep an

eye out for those details in third term.
Book Requests
As well as a wide range of academic texts, the Library also has
fiction and films and if theres a book you need for your course
that Cuths doesnt have, then you can just ask Taz and she can
order it in. The Library also has several desks which are a great place
to study.
You can request a book by going to the library section of
and using the online request for or by emailing Taz on

Loans and fines

All the loan times in Cuths Library are three weeks but Main Library
books can sometimes have much shorter loan times so make sure
you get them back on time.
Overdue books are charged at 20p per day late, with a maximum
cap of 5 on any book. If you want to take a book out over the
holidays, make sure you remember to renew it online otherwise
youll face some serious fines when you get back!
Working in the Library
The Library is staffed by
students so if youre interested
in a job, get in touch with Taz.

Theres a Laundry room on both sites with washing machines and
dryers. Youll be given a fob with your keys which you can top up
with money using the machines in Brooks Bar or the Bailey JCR.

Kyle-Langley Music Room

We have a music room in Fonteyn Court at Parsons field which is
sound proofed and equipped with drum kit, piano, microphone,
amps, music stands and various percussion instruments. This can be
booked out for practice, just visit the office in Brooks JCR.
John Somerton is our acting music room manager until elections
take place in the first JCR meeting of term so if you have any
questions email


Green Machine
Green Machine is the name we
give to all our tech within Cuths.
We own sound and lighting
equipment, as well as silent disco
equipment. We use this for our
own events and also rent it out
to other colleges to bring in
some cash.
If youre interested in getting involved with this (no experience
necessary!) then please do get in touch, just let me know on

Computer Rooms
Both sites have a computer room
complete with networked PCs
meaning you can access your
University files, as well as
printers and scanners. There are
signs up in both rooms telling
you who to contact if you have any problems.

Conference Suite
We have our very own Conference Suite in House 8, just behind the
library. In there, theres a huge table, fancy chairs and an interactive
whiteboard. You can book this room out for meetings or group
study. Contact Rich to book it out.


Dark Room
We have just invested in updating the photography dark room in
college which is available for anyone to use. If you have any
questions just drop Mariam an email:

All post is sent to either Bailey or Parsons Reception and left in the
pigeon holes in their respective JCRs. Parcels are kept in the
Reception Offices and youll need your campus card to pick them up.

We have a cardio gym in Refounders
House on Parsons Field, which has
treadmills, cross trainers and rowing
machine amongst other things.
The weights gym is on the ground
floor of House 8. In order to use the
gyms youll need an induction which
can be arranged by getting in touch
with Dan, our gym manager, on

Tennis Court
Cuths has its own tennis court that you can use completely free of
charge. Its located just off the riverside path behind House 12. You
can book it out by contacting Reception.

Chapter 5: Sports, Societies & Committees

Sports & Societies
Theres a whole range of different sports and societies both within
Cuths and the wider University. The following is a list of all the
clubs in Cuths, more societies can be found on the Students Union

Just some of our sporting successes 2014/15

Boat Club boasts fastest college VIIIs in Men's Seniors, Women's
Seniors, Men's Novice and Women's Novice competitions.
Badminton - Men's A team went undefeated and Women's A team
were joint champions.
Hockey Women's A team were joint champions.
Tennis A team went undefeated.
Cricket Men's A team reached the season finale undefeated before
finishing runners up.
Football Women's A team were knockout cup finalists.

Alt Soc
Art Society

Dom Robson
Mariam Hayat
Charlotte Stock


Big Band
Boat Club
Body Conditioning
Christian Union
Football (mens)
Mixed Lacrosse
Rubgy (mens)
Rugby (womens)
Table Tennis
Ultimate Frisbee

Hugh Crawshaw
Allie MacFarlane
Rebecca Rowson
Faye Sewell
Louise Goodger
James Cochran
Ralph Wade
James Simpson
Nick Woollhead
Campbell MacLeod
Danielle Hyde
Lizzie Elton
Taz Sandhar
Dan Carter
Eleanor Stephens

Charlie Steele
Amelia Powell
Isla McDougall
Lily Boulter
Amy Stockdale
Steven Ellis
Gus Anthony
Danielle Hyde
TBC, could be you!
Phil Purcell
Tom Hickling
James Heald
Rosanna Walker
Emma Callaghan
James Cochran


New Societies
If theres something youd
like to do that we dont
already have a society for,
you can make a new club!
You just need to get in touch
with Andy Sheppard. All you
need is 15 people who are
Cuths Ultimate Frisbee Team
interested in joining, and
then you can take it to a JCR meeting
and get it made official - you can even be given a budget!
Cuths Freshers Fair
Our Freshers Fair will take
place on Saturday
afternoon in the dining hall
in House 12. All the sports,
societies and committees
will have a stand and you
can ask them anything you
like and sign up to taster sessions and mailing lists. Theres also
always a lot of cake.
Union Freshers Fair
As well as college societies there are also nearly 200 different
University wide societies. Just like in college, if none of the existing
groups interest you, you can set up your own!
The Union Freshers Fair takes place in the Student Union on
Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October. There will be different


stalls on each day so try to make it to both! I would recommend

signing up to as much as you can youll never get an opportunity
to try so many new things, and there are freebies too.
Team Durham
Team Durham is the organisation that runs all University sports
teams and also arranges college sport, including pitch hire and
intercollegiate leagues. Some of you may be doing pre-season
training before term starts but therell be try outs you can sign up
for during the Freshers Fair too, dont be scared of trying out for
the Uni team!
Palatinate this is the official student
newspaper and its always looking for
new writers, editors and online content
managers. Keep an eye out for vacancies
and also the free copies which are handed
out in JCRs and all around Durham.
The Bubble the Bubble is a fully online newspaper with regular
arts and culture features. Theyre always looking for new writers are
editors so keep an eye out for vacancies.
Purple Radio This is the student
radio station and has something for
everyone. Look out for their stand at
the Union Freshers Fair!
DST Durham Student Theatre.
There are loads of different theatre
companies in Durham that you can


get involved in and DST is the big dog, so signing up to them will
mean you are sent information about auditions from all the
University theatre companies.

As has already been hinted at, there are several committees which
help to keep Cuths running smoothly. Youve already heard about
the Executive Committee but theres oh so much more
Finance Committee
Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer (Matt) and 9 other
reps. They approve (or dont) the budgets of sports, societies and
other committees, as well as providing floats for events and
counting up all the cash afterwards. This looks particularly good on
a CV!
Social Committee
This is our largest committee with several specific roles, all led by
the Social Chair (Jenny). There are three General Reps from each
year, as well as a Publicity, Sponsorship and Photography Officers
who are in charge of the more promotional tasks. Each big event
also has its own manager,
elected at the start of that
term (in October well be
looking for our Michaelmas
Ball manager it could be
Roller disco at Cuths Day 2015


Standing Committee
Headed by the Senior Returning Officer (SRO) Sam Standing
Committee also includes the JCR Chair (Ollie), the JCR Stool (the
Chairs second in command), and three Junior Returning Officers
(JROs) who help out with elections - the returning bit in SRO and
JRO means they return election results rather than they are
returning to Durham. The Committee meets before each JCR
meeting (Chapter 7) and has the power to alter or veto any motions
put forward.
Welfare Committee
As well as Tom and Jo,
our Welfare Officers,
there are also an
Assistant Male and
Assistant Female Welfare
Officers. Welfare
Committee is also home
to the LGBTQ Rep and
De-stressing before exams at the Cuths
SWD Rep (Students With
Welfare Puppy Day
Disabilities Service), as
well as several campaign team members. Campaign team members
help to generate campaign ideas and run these campaigns. They are
selected through interviews; keep an eye on your emails to find out
how to apply.
Outreach Committee
Outreach Committee is home to all things community based,
including volunteering, fundraising, local communities and college
parents. Its led by Lauren, our Outreach Officer, and on her

committee sits an SCA Rep (Student Community Action) who is

elected through SCA, as well as three Junior DUCK Reps who are
elected in the first JCR meeting of term. The DUCK Reps are
responsible for staying involved in all things charitable and making
sure Cuths raises as much money as it can.
Environment Committee
The Environment Committee is led by our Environment Rep, Tabitha,
and several reps. They are there to make sure Cuths is operating in
the most environmentally friendly way possible and to raise
awareness of particular issues. If youre interested in getting
involved, contact Tabby:
Board of Trustees
As an independent charity,
we have a Board of
Trustees to ensure
everything we do is helping
to further our charitable
aims. There are 3 Student
Trustees who sit on this
board and together they
have ultimate power over
every decision made within
Cuths JCR.


Chapter 6: Events
What is a formal?
Formals are usually held every two or three weeks in Cuths dining
hall. Tickets are great value and you get a 3 course dinner served at
the table. Its a great excuse to get dressed up and theres often a
theme; this years have included Harry Potter, Burns Night,
Shakespeare and FairTrade.
Dress codes
For formals the dress code will either be Lounge Suits or Black Tie,
and it will specify which one on the email invitation. Cuths isnt a
compulsory gowned* college so you can wear one if you want but I
cant say Ive ever seen anyone wear a gown to a Cuths formal
*Gowns here are referring to the academic black cape-y things
rather than ball gowns. Some colleges require students to wear
gowns at matriculation and formals but we dont.

A good example of Lounge Suits at Matriculation


Lounge suits
This is your bog standard regular suit and tie, and this will be the
dress code for matriculation and the formal on the Wednesday of
Freshers Week. The photo opposite shows a nice lot of standard
lounge suit get up. For the ladies this means dresses or other smart
clothes but nothing too fancy; you probably wouldnt wear a full
length dress for example.
Black Tie
For the gentlemen this means dinner
jackets and bow ties (not necessarily
black ones), and dress shirts - some wear
cummerbunds too (we sell Cuths
branded cummerbunds, bow ties and
cufflinks). Traditional (e.g. kilts) or
military dress can also be worn. For the
ladies, black tie means posh dresses although they dont need to be full length
gowns. Formals are less fancy but for bigger events people tend to
push the boat out more. Most formals and big events need black tie
so buying a cheap suit will be cheaper than hiring in the long run!

Small Events
As well as formals, in Cuths we arrange all sorts of small events,
from fortnightly acoustic nights and JCR meetings in the Bailey bar,
to a Eurovision party and Chinese New Year. We also host regular
talks and lectures from Cuths Postgraduates, SCR members and
guest speakers these evenings are a great way to meet new (and
extremely interesting) people.


Big Events
In the past we have held three large events annually, one in
each of the terms:
Michaelmas Term - Michaelmas Ball
The ball is usually hosted at an external venue somewhere around
Durham and is the perfect excuse for everyone to dress up and have
a lovely night. For example, in 2014 we all headed off to Hallgarth
Manor for a meal and then enjoyed fairground rides and live music
before heading back to Durham in the early hours.
Epiphany Term - The Feast of St Cuthbert
The Feast dates back to 1969 and is best described as the Balls
mischievous little brother. It is held honour of St Cuthbert and is
held within Cuths, which makes it a bit cheaper and more casual
you still get dinner and ents though!
Easter Term - Cuths Day
Every college has a day, but ours is by far the best (were bound to
say that). Cuths Day happens the weekend before the end of final
term in June (after exams); its the day we all look forward to and
every year it draws back alumni from days gone by. Its a day full of
good music, food and drink, and most importantly wonderful
All the events within Cuths are organised by our Social Committee,
so if you fancy getting involved, make sure you come along to the
first JCR meeting of term and run for a position!


Chapter 7: JCR Meetings

What they are?
JCR meetings happen two or three times a term in the bar and are a
great way to get involved in Cuths. As youll know by now, the JCR
is completely student run, and its in these meetings that important
decisions are made. The meeting is loosely split up into two halves:
motions and elections.
Motions can be submitted by any member of the JCR about
something theyd like to change or introduce. Motions from last
year ranged from proposing new sports and societies, to deciding
how the JCR should spend its money. These are all decisions that
affect you as an individual student hugely, so its very important
youre in the bar and ready to vote!
Elections take place in nearly every meeting: positions are
advertised at least week in advance and in the meeting all
candidates hust (a short
speech) for each role. There
are lots of positions in the first
meeting of term that are
aimed at Freshers - youll hear
about these soon! Elections
are either method 1 or
method 2
Method 1 elections: you deliver a short speech in the meeting and
produce a manifesto explaining why youd be good at the job and
what youd do if you got it. The election then goes live online and all


Cuths students have a week to vote for which candidate theyd like
to win, and the results are announced in the bar after that.
Method 2 elections: again you deliver a speech at the meeting, but
the decision about who gets the position(s) is made there and then
with a show of hands, whilst you wait anxiously outside (not as
scary as it sounds).

Things you can run for:

Method 1 Positions
Postgraduate & Mature Students Rep they sit on the Executive
Committee and help to represent the needs of postgraduate and
mature students within Cuths.
Student Trustees (x3) student trustees are responsible for making
sure we stick to our charitable aims they have ultimate power
over any decisions made within Cuths

Method 2 Positions
Welfare Committee:
LGBTQ Rep Represents members of the LGBTQ+
community within Cuths.
SWD Rep Represents the needs students with
Finance Committee:
General rep (x9) Assist the Treasurer, give opinion on
motions related to budgets.
Standing Committee:
JCR Stool Assistant to the Chair.
JRO (x3) Assistant to the SRO.
Outreach Committee:


Junior DUCK Rep (x3) Work with the Senior DUCK Rep, attends
central DUCK meetings, assist with events
and promote fundraising.
Postgrad. Committee:
General Rep (x2) Represent postgrads within Cuths.
Social Rep (x2) Help to organise postgrad events.
International Rep Represent international postgrads in
Social Committee:
First Year General Rep Ensures events cater to First Year
(x3) Students.
Ball Manager Organises the ball alongside the Social
Formals Manager Organises formals throughout the year.
Publicity Officer Publicise events and produce publicity
Sponsorship Officer Seeks out sponsorship for events.
Photography Officer Documents major events and generates
media to publicise future events.
Students Union Roles:
Junior Union Rep Communicate to others what is going on
in the Union and advise James on how to
vote in assembly.
Green Machine
Technician Team:
Green Machine Leads the tech team, some experience
Manager may be useful.
Green Machine Helps out with setting up and possibly
Technician (multiple) operating equipment at events.

If anything above takes your fancy then please do just go for it!
Come along to the first JCR meeting of term (date yet to be
announced) and get involved.


Chapter 8: Looking After Yourself

While at University it is crucial to look after your physical and
mental health, your belongings and the people around you. The
College and University provide a huge amount of support and
services and they are there to be used, all you need to do is ask.
JCR Services
Within college we have the student Welfare Officers and the
Assistant Principal who are your main sources of support, as well as
24/7 porter cover. Phil Bolton, our Assistant Principal, is there for
any problem you may have big or small. He is particularly helpful if
you are struggling with academic commitments, be they deadlines
or exams, so go straight to him if you need support or just advice.
Email Phil on
The JCR Welfare Officers, Jo and Tom, are on call from 8am 8pm
and as well as being a non-judgemental sign posting service. They
also provide the Condom Fairy Service you shouldnt feel
embarrassed about asking for sexual health supplies, but the
Condom Fairy has a supply of condoms, lube, and chlamydia tests
(and much more!) which can be anonymously requested and left in
the welfare pigeon hole for you to collect, free of charge.
Union Advice Service
The Union offers free, confidential and independent guidance and
support on a wide range of issues including finance, accommodation,
colleges, contracts or anything else you may need help with. You
can visit them in the Students Union building or contact them on

Nightline is a confidential, non-advisory anonymous phone service
and can be contacted every night during term time between 9pm
and 7am. They also offer an instant messaging service online, which,
like the phone calls, is completely anonymous. You can also drop in
to their office which is just behind the Dun Cow pub on Old Elvet for
a face to face conversation, or if you would like any condoms or
further information on anything.
Their phone number can be found on the back of your campus card.
Medical Registration
With your welcome pack you will have received information on how
to register with a local medical practice, and its strongly
recommended that you take these steps to register.
If you have any concerns about your health or the health of others,
contact Phil Bolton (in office hours) or the porters (out of hours).
In case of emergencies always phone 999.
When youre out and about
Durham is an incredibly safe city so
theres really nothing to worry about
but the following are just a few tips to
help you stay safe!
- Youll rarely need to get a taxi so
when walking home after a night out,
always walk home with friends. There
arent lights beside the river paths and
it really isnt safe to walk by the river in


the dark; its worth adding an extra 5 minutes to your journey in

order to take a well-lit route!
- Remember to take reasonable care with your belongings when out
for the evening. If you ever have anything stolen, report it to the
police as soon as you can.
- If youre drinking, be responsible, it does no one any good if you
cant remember who and where you are!
- Similarly, always keep an eye on your drink - getting your drink
spiked is extremely rare but it can happen. Let friends and bar staff
know immediately if you think something is wrong.
- On the occasions when you do need to use a taxi, always sit in the
back behind the driver, and never be afraid to demand to be let out
if you want to. When you get in a taxi, remember to check the
driver has his taxi license on display.

Looking after your money

Text books
Its recommended
not to buy all your
books brand new
and straight away.
You might not need
all of them and any
you do need can
often be found in
Cuths Library. Most
college parents will


also be keen to sell their old text books on to you. Forget mates
rates, family rates are where its at.
Transport is exceedingly cheap in Durham as you can walk
absolutely everywhere and if you ever need to go to Stockton, you
can take the X1 bus there free of charge by showing your campus
card. The one thing I would recommend getting is a 16-25 rail card
which is 30 for the year and this gives you 1/3rd off all rail travel, so
if youll be using the train often youll soon make your money back.
Just about all leisure activities can be accessed through college free
of charge, but if you fancy joining a larger gym, Maiden Castle (the
University sports centre)
offers a big
membership discount
for Durham students.
If youre interested in
getting a job while in
Durham there are several ones within the University, including
Cuths bar, YUM cafes and the Alumni relations centre (you phone
up former students and ask them for money). Make sure to bring ID
and your National Insurance number as without these you wont get
paid! The University recommends that students dont work for more
than 12 hours each week.


Finance Trouble - If youre having any problems with money, dont

hesitate to get in touch with Phil Bolton.

Looking after your stuff

No one wants to be burgled or lose valuable property, here are
some guidelines on what you should do
- Always lock your windows and doors, even when youre only going
out for a minute
- Dont leave valuables in direct view of the window.
- Always use a bike lock; solid locks, such as a D-Lock are better than
chains. Bike sheds are available in college and its recommended
you mark your bike with your postcode too
- Mark your property with your house number and postcode, either
by engraving it or using a UV pen. This means that if anything does
get stolen, the police will be able to return it. Once youve done this
put Marked Property stickers on your items in a visible place as
this will also deter burglars. They are an effective deterrent, and are
available free from the Durham Police Station.
- Take out insurance for any valuables you have check with your
parents, their insurance might cover you while at University.
University Security
The University provides a specialist Security Service. As a
student you will have their protection and they can be contacted 24
hours a day on 0191 3342222

If you have a crime committed against you while on University

property, report all details to Security in addition to the Police and
Society staff.
Always carry your campus card. It is not only essential for using
many of the Universitys services; it is also required under the
Universitys regulations. Be ready to produce your card if requested
by the Security staff or other authorised persons.
To get in to any college bar you will need to show a valid campus
card, as well as your ID.

The Addresses
Parsons Field

The Bailey

St Cuthbert's Society
Brooks House
Old Elvet

St Cuthberts Society
12 South Bailey

Useful Contacts
Cuths Reception

0191 33 43400

Porters (24/7)

0191 33 43470

University Security

0191 33 42222

The Police

0345 60 60 365

University Health Centre

0191 386 5081


JCR Welfare Officer (Female)

(/Condom Fairy)

JCR Welfare Officer (Male)

(/Condom Fairy)




0191 334 6444

Disability Support

0191 334 8115

IT Service Desk

Taxi numbers
Mac's Taxis

0191 384 1329

Paddy's Taxis

0191 386 6662

Bill's Taxis

0191 386 7450

Direct Taxis

0191 386 2002

Term Dates
Induction week

5th Oct 2014 11th Oct 2014

Michaelmas Term

12th Oct 2014 18th Dec 2014

Epiphany Term

18th Jan 2015 18th Mar 2015

Easter Term

25th Apr 2015 24th Jun 2015


Chapter 9: The Bigger Picture

As much as Cuths is fantastic, theres more to Durham life that just
your college. Make the most of your time here and be friendly to all
that you meet even if its just so they invite you to one of their
college formals
One of the most important things to remember is that when you
move out of college in second year, you are still a part of it and can
use all the same facilities. It doesnt end there either even when
you leave Cuths you can still come back to visit, its always lovely to
see familiar faces from years gone by at all our big events.
When you arrive youll be assigned college parents; these will be
second years who will mostly be living out of college in Durham city,
and they are just like your regular parents but they wont be waking
you up in the morning to remind you to have breakfast before
lectures. They will usually do the same subject as you and are there
for all your questions whether about your course or just University
life in general. Before long you too can find yourself a college
spouse and continue your college family line by adopting children of
your own.

The Careers, Employability and Enterprise Service is located on the
ground floor of the Palatine Centre and have a range of career
materials and advice. Drop in for more information or contact them
directly on The Careers Service host a range of
networking events and there are also similar opportunities within
Cuths. Keep an eye on your emails for more information.


The Other Colleges

Cuths is one of 16 colleges located across the Durham City and
Stockton campuses. Any rivalry between colleges is in good fun and
you should always be respectful to everyone you meet; whether
theyre from Cuths, the University, or the wider Durham population.
Remember - college bar prices are pretty standard across the
University, great prices wherever you go!
This is one of the hill colleges, and has a fairly sporty reputation. The
bar is huge and friendly. Theyre one of the largest colleges in
Grey is also on the hill, this time right next to the science site. Most
well known for their annual Bonfire night firework display against
the Cathedral back drop.
This is second oldest college, established in the servants quarters of
the Castle. Theyre the college everyone loves to hate but Im yet to
meet a Hatfielder who lives up to their unfortunate stereotype.
Josephine Butler
Affectionately referred to as Jo Bo (although they prefer Butler),
this is the newest college in the University, founded in 2006, and
located at the very top of the hill. Theyve got a huge modern bar
with pool tables and a lovely mound, but are awfully far away


St Aidans
Aidans is up the other side of the hill to Butler and accessed by a
large number of steps. Theyre particularly proud of their badger
mascot. Theyre a great bunch and host an annual Summer Festival.
St Chads
Chads is a very small college, but very friendly and has numerous
libraries. Its located on the Bailey and the whole place is maze, but
they do have a free tea and coffee machine (if you can find it...).
Their bar is one of my personal favourites.
St Hild and St Bede
Hild Bede was originally two colleges (St Hild for women and Bede
for men) but is now blissfully united just off the Gilesgate
roundabout. Its not quite hill college, not quite Bailey and so can
often be forgotten, but is part of the family nonetheless.
St Johns
Our next door neighbours on the Bailey, Johns are the smallest
college. They are stereotyped as being very religious due to their
large intake of trainee priests. Their underground bar is more suited
to hobbits than full sized people but is quite cosy.
Known by all as Castle, this was the first college to be founded and
is (unsurprisingly) located in the castle. They have a lovely bar but
are infamous for Castle Only nights, often scuppering even the
most well planned bar crawls. Well worth a visit though!


St Marys
The last college to become mixed, Marys was women only until
2005. Its situated at the bottom of the Hill and it is traditionally
the final stop before heading to Cuths for last orders!
Trevs are a quirky bunch, living in a strange network of hexagons
just above Marys on the hill. As well as being hexagonal, their bar is
often home to live music, shows and social activities. I ended up at
their acoustic night by accident once, it was great.
Van Mildert
Next door neighbours with Trevs, Mildert is named after the
founder of the University. The bar is friendly and a reasonable size,
but the real star is their toastie bar and tuck shop. They also have a
nice lake to go with their mascot of a duck.
The largest college in Durham, Ustinov is for postgraduate students
only. Its far away up the hill but if its whiskey and intellectual
discussion youre after, Ustinov is the place for you. However, if the
entirety of your society decides to do headstands in their bar during
a social, they will probably (definitely) throw you out
John Snow and Stevenson
These are the two colleges located on the Stockton colleges. Being
so far away, there is often little interaction with the Stockton
colleges more like long lost cousins than bickering siblings but
theyre a good bunch.


Chapter 10: What? A Glossary

Ive used an awful lot of new words and weird looking acronyms
throughout this book, so heres a comprehensive(ish) guide to what
they all mean!
Alumni The name given to all former students of the University
Billy B the affectionate name for the Bill Bryson Library. Youll
spend some long and emotional nights with Billy
Brownie Bomber this is the name of our college drink. Its highly
unnatural in colour (purple) and flavour (delicious in my opinion)
and sports a rather fetching (and surprisingly solid) pink head.
Campus Card - Your University ID. It allows you to borrow library
books, use university printers and access certain facilities and
college bars. Its best to always have it with you.
Cardiac Hill this ones for all you Biologists and Psychologists.
This is the path up the hill/mountain which connects the upper and
lower parts of the science site. I have no words of comfort for you,
just try and go to you happy place and itll all be over soon enough.
CIS & ITS The Computing and Information Services (CIS) are in
charge of all tech-y things across the University, but if you have a
problem its the IT Service Desk (ITS) who youll need to contact.
DUCK Durham University Charities Kommittee (dont even get
me started on the K) are the central charity organisation in the
SWD Short for Students with Disabilities.


Ents Entertainments; often fairground rides or giant inflatables

Hill and Bailey The Durham City Colleges are roughly split in to
two groups, those that are located on the hill (the area beyond the
Science Site), and the Bailey (this ones self-explanatory).
JCR You should know this one by now! The JCR is the Junior
Common Room and refers to both the actual common rooms
themselves and the Student body within Cuths. You are the JCR.
Palatine Centre this is the big weird looking ark building and
houses some weird art, swanky seminar rooms and more
importantly the Careers centre, Finance Office, Student Immigration
Office, International Office, Counselling Service, SWD.
Quorum - the amount of people who need to be present at JCR
meetings and vote in elections in order to make them democratic
it means we dont end up with a small handful of people making
important decisions that would impact everyone.
Matriculation This will be happening on the Wednesday of
Freshers Week and is your official entry to the University. Its held
in the Cathedral and you can wear a gown if you like but most
people in Cuths dont bother. The dress code for this is lounge suits,
which youre all now experts in.
MC This means Maiden Castle, the University sports centre.
MCR Middle Common Room. In some other colleges, postgrad
students are part of the MCR, however in Cuths they are included
in the JCR.
Michaelmas, Epiphany and Easter These are the names for
the three academic terms of the year

Science Site This is where the majority of lectures will be held for
those of you doing a science or social science, its also home to the
Billy B and the Palatine Centre
Summatives and Formatives all the pieces of work you do at
university will be either summative or formative; summatives count
to your overall marks for the year, formatives dont.
SCA Student Community Action. This is about getting involved in
your local Durham community get in touch with Lauren for more
SCR The Senior Common Room. This is made up a whole host of
academics and people of note. We often run joint JCR/SCR events.
Stash This ones my domain and is a lot more above board than it
sounds. Stash is the name for all the college branded clothing you
can buy. Head to the Shop section of for more info.
YUM The name of the catering company that supplies all
University cafes


Chapter 11: The Songs

Cuths, like all the other colleges, have a number of songs that we
like to loudly sing to display our spirit and you will soon get to
know them when you arrive here.
The most historic is named Thank God Van Mildert Didnt Want Me
which is repeated thrice in the songs chorus before triumphantly
singing So I ended up in Cuths on the South Bailey. You can tell
this songs age as it even predates the building of Parsons Field
where the majority of our first year students now reside, however
we all still sing the chorus with much gusto.
Robbie Williams also wrote a song just for the students of Cuths,
although it appears he may have since forgotten the exact lyrics. I
am sure you have heard him sing Im loving Cuthberts instead
however he appears to have replaced our Saint with a band of
Angels. We endeavour to inform him of his mistake by singing the
original version loud enough for him to hear.
There are many more songs you will no doubt encounter here,
including finding out about the exploits of Hatfield College, not
caring for your location or what one might do if they could fly, but
you will have to ask the Freps to find out exactly how these
mysterious tales fit to melodies.
The most important thing to remember about all of the songs we
have is that the focus of your singing is most certainly volume, not
quality. Showing your college spirit through song is all about making
sure everybody hears exactly how great Cuths is, not whether or
not we might form the Universitys largest choir!


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