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1- Company presentation :

1-1 BG group :
BG Group is one of the leading international gas companies interest in over
40 countries worldwide. Activities range from exploration and production
to gas transmission, domestic utilization and power generation.

Figure 1 :countries of operation

1.2 BG Tunisia
British Gas, a major operator, has worked in Tunisia for more than 15
years, with investments of more than 900 million USD. British Gas TUNISIA
is the leading company on the Tunisian gas market, supplying more than
50% of domestic demand.Miskar the field in the gas processing plant
Hannibal, currently provides about 40% of the Tunisian gas demand
domestic .Hasdrubal recently completed development will take the part of
the local demand for BG Group for more than 50%. Production by British
Gas in Tunisia goes mainly to the national energy supply network.
Gas is the main source of energy for producing electricity in Tunisia. In
2003 natural gas met 44% of the countrys energy needs and consumption
is growing by 5 to 6% a year, representing an opportunity for development
of national production of natural gas. British Gas produces 136 million
barrels of oil equivalent a year throughout the world.

Figure 2: Journey to date in Tunisia

1-3 Amilcar permit:

BG Group is operator and joint permit holder with ETAP, the Tunisian state-owned
company, of the 1 016 Km Amilcar exploration permit, offshore Sfax in the Gulf
of Gabs.
1-4 Miskar permit

Gas form Miskar is at 100% for BG group. Its sold to the Tunisian state
electricity and gas company (STEG) .

1-5 Hasdrubal:

Hasdrubal (BG Group 50%, Entreprise Tunisienne dActivits Ptrolires

(ETAP) 50%) came on stream in 2009.
The Hasdrubal onshore gas processing facility (BG Group 50%, ETAP 50%) and
LPG production facility (100% BG Group) have been built adjacent to the Hannibal
plant. Gas is sold to STEG while liquids and LPG are exported or sold in the local
1-5-1 Process:

The process facilities at the Hasdrubal Onshore plant comprise Gas/Liquid

separation ,Feed gas compression, Mercury Removal, Acid gas removal, Gas
drying using mole sieves, LPG extraction (Ortloff Score TM licensed process),
Export gas compression, LPG fraction, LPG storage and transfer facilities,

Condensate/oil stabilization, Flash gas compression, condensate storage and

export pumping, Remote export gas fiscal metering station at Ben-Sahloun,
Produced Water storage and truck loading facilities.

The Gas/Condensate mixture is conveyed to the plant from offshore pipe line. The
pressure of the mixture decreases and becomes equal to 25 bar.

The first stage treatment is Gas / Condensate separation which takes place
in the slug catcher to minimise on the downstream units. So we have three
phases: Gas condensate and aqueous.
Feed Gas compression where the feed Gas is compressed to 71 ~ 74.7 bar.
After increasing the pressure, we will eliminate the mercury.
For having sweet gas, chemical stripping with an amine solution can
remove acid gases (CO2 & H2S).
After removing CO2 & H2S, we can dehydrate sweet gas from 1250 ppm to
less than 1 ppm by molecular sieve bed.

Now we have the sweet gas, the ethane and methane are sold to STEG
(100000 m3/h) and the propane and butane are transferd to Gabes for
domestic uses.
The condensate will be dehydrated and transferred to Skhira to be stored.
The safety is too important in BG group.