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1. Frankfurt Stock Exchange is of which country?

a. Italy

b. France

c. Germany

d. Japan

2. Validity of currency notes printed before 2005 is extended up to : a. June 30, 2015

b. Feb 12, 2016

c. May 12, 2015

d. April 1, 2015

b. Magnetic

c. Memory

d. Metalic

3. In MICR, M stands for :a. Mandatory

4. Which among the following banks has bagged the MSME Banking Excellence Awards-2014?
a. Dena Bank

b. SBI

c. Corporation Bank d. Union Bank

5. Who is the Chairman of PFRDA?

a. R. Avishek

b. R.V. Verma

c. U.K. Sinha

d. T.S. Vijayan

6. What is the minimum capital requirement for new private banks as per RBI guideline?
a. 100 crore

b. 200 crore

c. 500 crore

d. 750 crore

7. Gilt-edged market means :

a. Mutual Funds

b. Buliion Market c. Share Market

d. Market of Govt. Securities

8. Which bank launched a scheme for children AB Little Stars?

a. Andhra Bank

b. Axis Bank

c. Allahabad Bank

d. Bank of America

9. The central co-operative banks are in direct touch with :

a. RBI

b. SCB



10. States earn maximum revenue through :

a. Land Revenue

b. Custom Revenue

c. Commercial Taxes

d. Excise Duties

11. Debenture holders of a company are its :

a. shareholders

b. creditors

c. debtors

d. owners

12. Excise Duty is a tax levied on the :

a. sale of goods

b. import of goods

c. export of goods

d. production of goods

13. Deficit Financing means that the government borrows money from :
a. RBI

b. World Bank

c. Public Sector Banks

d. IMF

14. Which scheme of union government has entered into Guinness book of world record?


c. Swatcha Bharat Aviyan

d. SSA

15. The Tunnel of Time is the autobiography of :a. Natwar Singh

b. D.P.Yadav

c. Deepti Kapoor

d. R K Laxman

16. Who is appointed as the Director General of ITBP ?

a. Prakash Mishra

b. Ravi Thukru

c. Krishna Chudhury

d. Subhas Goswami

17. RBI had announced Clean Note Policy in:a. April 2000

b. January 1999

c. March 2004

d. April 1999

18. Which of the following banks has launched banking service on Twitter?



d. Indus Ind Bank

19. Who coined the term Geography?

a. Galileo

b. Eratosthenes

c. Humboldt

d. Carl Ritter

c. Tomato

d. Cakes

20. Round Revolution is the production of : a. Potato

b. Egg

21. Which disease is also known as Christmas Disease?

a. Rickets

b. Sterility

c. Hemophilia

d. Scurvy

22. What is the Boundary Line between India & Pakistan called?
a. Radcliffe Line

b. Maginot Line

c. Durand Line

d. Mac Mohan Line

23. Mando is a famous classical dance of which state?

a. Mizoram

b. Goa

c. Jammu & Kashmir d. Meghalaya

24. Imposition of Presidents Rule in states is prescribed in which article of Indian Constitution?
a. Article 368

b. Article 51 A

c. Article 343

d. Article 356

25. Which country in the world creates space history to enter Marss Orbit in its debut attempt?
a. China

b. India

c. USA

d. Russia

26. United Nations Day is observed on : a. October 24

b. October 13

c. May 8

d. August 20

27. Who won the Nobel Prize 2014 for Literature?


Eric Betzig

b. Patrick Modiano

c. Jean Tirole

d. Isamu Akasaki

28. Under which Amendment of Indian Constitution substituted Odia for Oriya?
a. 99th

b. 95th

c. 96th

d. 88th

29. Where is the Head Quarter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)?
a. Austria

b. USA

c. Japan

d. South Africa

30. Who is the Cabinet Minister for Science & Technology, Earth Sciences?
a. Ananth Kumar

b. Dr. Harsh Vardhan c. Kalraj Mishra

d. Narendra Singh Tomar

31. What is the FDI Limit in Defence Sector as per Union Budget 2014-15?
a. 26%

b. 100%

c. 49%

d. 50%

32. Which programme proposed by Govt of India to ensure broad band connectivity at village level?
a. Connct India

b. Digital India

c. Vision India

d. Rural Networks

33. What is the number of new trains to be introduced as per railway Budget 2014?
a. 76

b. 58

c. 65

d. 61

c. Ampere

d. Ohm

34. What is the S.I. unit of Electric Current?

a. Joule

b. Watt

35. UN declared 2014 as the International year of : a. Biodiversity

b. Planet Earth

c. Family Farming

d. Microcredit

36. Who is the CMD of Bharat Electronics Limited?

a. Rakesh Maria

b. Sudhir Gupta

c. Udaya Sareen

d. S.K. Sharma

37. What is the minimum period for a Fixed Deposit Account?

a. 15 days

b. 30 days

c. 6 Month

d. 1 Year

38. How many numbers of digits are there in a Bank IFSC Code (Indian Financial System Code)?
a. 9 digit

b. 11 digits

c. 16 digits

d. 5 digits

39. All commercial & regional rural banks functioning in India are insured by : a. LIC




40. Which committee recommended a maximum age of 65 for private bank CEOs?
a. P.J. Nayak Committee

b. Raghuram Rajan Committee

c. Arvind Mayaram Committee

d. Justice Mukul Mudgal Committee

41. Which bank has Tag Line Your Tech-Friendly Bank?

a. Dena Bank

b. UCO Bank

c. Indian Bank

d. Punjab & Sind Bank

42. Where is the Head Quarter of Corporation Bank?

a. Bangalore

b. Mangalore

c. Chennai

d. Mumbai

43. What is Indias ranking in Human Development Index 2014?

a. 114

b. 140

c. 135

d. 143

44. Who is the founder of e-commerce company Amazon?

a. John O Keffe

b. Stefan Well

c. Edvard Moser

d. Jeff Bezos

45. Who won the International Childrens Peace Prize 2014?

a. Malala

b. Neha Gupta

c. Meher Tareem

d. P. Mukherjee

46. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 (50 Overs) to be held in : a. India

b. West Indies

c. England

d. South Africa

47. Who is the new Chief Minister of Goa?

a. Manik Sarkar

b. Monohar Parikar

c. O. Panneerselvam d. Manohar Lal Khattar

48. Sardar Sarovar Dam is situated in which state?

a. Jharkhand

b. Gujrat

c. Uttrakhand

d. Maharastra

49. Who is the director of Bollywood Movie Mardani?

a. Pradeep Sarkar

b. Aditya Chopra

c. Nistha Jain

d. Vikas Bahl

50. What is the accidental cover amount in Pradhan Mantri jan Dhan Yojana ?
a. 50,000 INR

b. 1,00,000 INR

c. 5,00,000 INR

d. 60,000 INR