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“For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ....” (2Corith2:15a)

I love perfumes; it is one of my pastimes. We each have our different

interests and love. For some, they just love to dress and they will go extra
mile to spend more than usual on clothes. For some their pastime is
shoes, others are accessories and for some good food. Even though we all
have different passion, it varies also with our means. You may be reading
this article now and be saying, ‘I don’t have any pastime, it is the worldly
people that have such.’ You may be right to an extent; because you don’t
have the means to satisfy your passion or you wish to do something but
because you don’t want them to see you as carnal you have not so done.
For such a one, Jesus calls you a hypocrite and He said your thought is the
major prove of your action.

As said earlier, as your source of income increases, so does your passion

manifest (if you are not a hypocrite). Let me also say that there is nothing
totally wrong with these passions as long as they don’t dominate and
control your life, as long as they don’t push you to live beyond your
means and as long as they don’t become a god to you. So you may find
people whose passion is cars, for others it is houses, others travelling and
the lists goes on. What’s your passion?

Now let’s go back to the world of perfumes: in case you think it is evil,
wait till you sit around a person with a terrible body odour, or an
environment that the air if fouled. Then you will appreciate the ingenuity
of perfumes and air-fresheners. There are many perfumes with different
prices and quality and with varying names. Perfumes are usually
recognised by their brand name, packaging and especially their fragrance
which of course is what is being sold. They usually reflect their maker;
sometimes a perfume is termed wild because the maker is, it could also
be said to be mild etc.

Remember the story of the woman with a perfumed alabaster box? That’s
a strong perfume and everyone present acknowledges the worth of it
even though some did consider it wasteful yet our Lord Jesus did
appreciate it. Of course you will not be wrong to say the type of perfume
you wear sometimes shows your class (that is if you didn’t buy what will
make you drink garri later oh!)

Back to our base scripture, it says ...we are unto God.... I quite love this
statement because it says to you and I brethren that we are something to
God, so in case you feel like a nobody because of your seeming
inadequacies like your educational background, family background, even
your I.Q., and for some because of the way you look, to God you are
somebody. Aren’t you glad that in spite of man’s opinion God still
recognises with you. Be bold to declare right now! In God I am somebody

“For we are a sweet perfume of Christ to God....” (2Corith2:15 BBE)

whereas the KJV says we are “sweet savour” I like this translation better
for it says before God we are a perfumes not just any perfume but of
Christ. There is perfume in realm of heaven, even earth and hell called
“Christ” and that is what God sees when He sees you even though some
of us can only think of the filth of our life, some of us have not even been
divorced from the filth around us because we still live in the same ram
shackle house, you still see the filth of poverty, the filth of sickness, the
filth of bareness, the filth of struggle, the filth of your ugly past and its
scares but all that God perceive in you is the sweet smelling perfume
called “Christ”. God sees you in the light of the finished work of Christ.
You smell wonderfully good to God. Praise God!

Not only to God are you the perfume of Christ but also to those who are
born again because of the life of Christ which finds its expression through
you. The unsaved also perceives your aroma of Christ because you are
dead to the world. “I have died, but Christ lives in me. And I now live by
faith in the Son of God....” (Gal2:20 CEV.)

As I said earlier, perfumes are recognised by their brand name and they
reflect the maker. In the light of this truth you should realise that if you
are a perfume of Christ, you are reflecting Him: on the hindsight, when
you get used to a perfume it is those around you that perceives it more
than yourself, it will have much effect on them and they tend to
appreciate it more. So because you are not conscious of the fragrance of
God you wear does not mean you are not wearing it, the devil perceives it
wherever you are.

The previous verse of our base scriptures states,”Now thanks be to God,

who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and reveals through us the
sweet aroma of his knowledge in every place.” (“Corith2:14 WEB.) The
truth in this Bible passage is divided into two and if you will grab, imbibe,
believe and walk in its reality, you have received a great deliverance.

Notice we saw earlier that we are aroma of Christ to God, and now it is
stated here that God uses us as the expression, the demonstrator and the
proof of the victory of Christ over the devil. The only prove that Jesus had
conquered the devil on earth is when you (yes you!) child of God gets
victory over him, likewise it is your victory over sicknesses, poverty,
bondages of any kind, generational curse, bareness, stagnancy and
whatever might be the negative workings of the evil one that shows to the
world the finished work of Christ.

Ladies and gentlemen, no matter what state you might be right now, you
are the one to show forth to your immediate environment the victory of
Jesus over the devil. Notwithstanding that no one recognises you and that
you see yourself as a wimp, your salvation experience has marked you as
an instrument in the hand of God to reveal to this dying world that Jesus is
still on the throne and that He still has the victory.

The later part of that verse 14 says ...and reveals through us.... Now, this
is even more interesting! Not only are you instruments in God’s hand but
you are also the revealers of the aroma of Christ. For better understanding
let us go again into the world of perfumes; most makers use different
fragrance and blends to give out potpourri of aroma and then give them
different names, yet the different names still goes back to its maker.

In the same vein, you and I are the different brand name of the perfume
of Christ. For example, if by the reason of your salvation, you became
prosperous and your name is Peter, people will say, ‘Peter is a prosperous
Christian’. As such you are a perfume fragrance named Peter (surname)
that you are a Christian shows you are Christ perfume and through you
the fragrance of prosperity which is part of the victories of Christ has been
demonstrated in your surroundings. People around you will know it is God
working in and through you so you have become a testimony (perfume) to
your fellow brethren and a proof (perfume) to the devil and unbelievers
that Jesus had conquered poverty.

This principles applies to, filthy unholy living, sickness, bareness,

stagnancies, and whatever workings of the devil. I am glad to let you
know brethren that you are already equipped to succeed, so whatever
may be a challenge in your life, God has earmarked it to show forth the
victory of Jesus and He has chosen you as a fragrance to reveal the
knowledge of such victory to your world. If only you could perceive what
God sees in you and if only you would know how uncomfortable the devil
is around you because of aroma of Christ radiating through you which you
are not conscious of, you will walk this earth with your head up high and
you will wake up every morning and throughout the day giving thanks and
glory to God.

As for me I am wearing the aroma of Christ; holy life, health, prosperity,

breakthrough, open door, business success, promotions, protection,
favour, grace, victories. What about you, what are you wearing?

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