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Product Information


Ohmic Voltage Sensor GSER 16

for use with Power Analyser WT3000 (YOKOGAWA)

medium voltage applications

direct, alternating and mixed voltages
wide frequency range

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Ohmic Voltage Sensor GSER 16

for medium voltage applications with Power Analyser WT3000

Precision high voltage resistor
Frequency compensated
High overload capability
Passive network application, no auxiliary power necessary
High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
low temperature drift

This specially designed ohmic voltage sensor type of GSER 16 is developed to operate as an addon for YOKOGAWA Power Analyser WT3000. It is suitable for monitoring and measuring direct,
alternating and mixed voltages for motor management purposes and power quality analysis. It is
independent from any auxiliary power supply.
Voltage sensors are required instead of VTs if the primary voltage contains dc components and/or
higher frequencies.

schematic circuit diagram GSER16

The GSER 16 ohmic voltage sensor forms a measuring unit consisting of a high voltage resistive
divider (R1,R2) and a preventive electromagnetic shielding (S).
The resistive divider translates the high voltage into a low power voltage signal, which is exactly
aligned to the WT3000 voltage inputs (10M; 5pF). The electromagnetic shielding provides high
EMC and makes the GSER 16 suitable for use in environments with heavy external interferences
and disturbances.
A wide frequency range is achieved by compensating (Cf and cable capacity) unwanted influences
of parasitic capacitances that results from the mechanical design of the sensor.

Ritz Instrument Transformers


Ohmic Voltage Sensor GSER 16

for medium voltage applications with Power Analyser WT3000

Data sheet
General description

Output cable

Functional principle

ohmic divider
frequency compensated

Cable type

Outline Drawing

similar to MB3.5988

Length, L


cast resin insulated

ins. class E (IEC 60085)


measuring, motor management

purposes and power quality
indoor / outdoor


IEC 60044-7 "Electronic Voltage

Transformers" (1999)

There is no galvanic separation available between the

high voltage terminal and secondary tap.


2000 ... 3000mm

Insulation level

18 kV

Voltage Sensor GSER(F) 16

16,8 VA

Rated power-frequency
withstand voltage, 50Hz,
1 min

50 kV

Pcont. max.
Primary rated voltage,

15 kVrms (resp. 15 kV DC)

Rated lightning-impulse
withstand voltage (peak),

150 kV

see note (1)

Sec. rated voltage


150 Vrms (resp. 150V DC),

Frequency, rated, fn

50/60 Hz


The output cable capacitance is part of the

individual sensor adjustment. This results in
deviant lengths of cables at different units. The
cables must not be modified in length,
otherwise the measurement error (see Electrical
data) increases !

Max. continuous voltage

Up, cont. max

Electrical data

RG 58C/U

see note (1)

Service conditions

Indoor, see note (3)

Ambient temperature:

-5 ... +40C

10' max.

Min. flashover

250 mm

Frequency range
(max 5%)

0 Hz ... 20 kHz, typically

Min. creepage

530 mm

Insulator colour

light grey or brown

Input resistance

20 M 5%

Weight approx.

22 kg

Input capacitance

< 10 pF, typically

Height approx.


Rated burden

10M / 5pF, see note (2)

voltage input of WT3000

Diameter approx


Max. output current

short-circuit protected

Error at fn,

Phase displacement
at fn,

0,2% max.

(1) Other values on request
(2) Other burdens on request
(3) Option outdoor on request

Ritz Instrument Transformers


Ohmic Voltage Sensor GSER 16

for medium voltage applications with Power Analyser WT3000

Vertical or horizontal with terminal
box downward
Weight approx.
Flashover distance, min
Creepage distance, min


(small deviations in dimensions and

weight are possible)

Ritz Instrument Transformers


Cast resin
Rating plate
cable gland Pg 9
Electronic box
Bottom plate of galvanized steel
14 grounding point (internal
connected to electronic box)
7. Insert nut of stainless steel
8. Primary screw M10 of stainless steel
9. Output cable