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July 2013

© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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DSLAM CE P1 L2 PE S-PE Global IP/MPLS Network Access Network AC AC PW 1. e. The element may be a specialized. DSLAM or Ethernet aggregation switch of some sort.L2 PE. This is typically a router but could be a host.g.  L2/PW feeder switch. Most commonly it will be an aggregation node or an access node. This is where the PW termination onto a virtual interface and then attachment of the virtual interface to a L3 service instance is performed. 2. All rights reserved. 3. © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.  Customer edge (CE) node.  IOS-XR Service PE. low-cost network node designed and optimized around Ethernet and PW functions. Cisco Confidential 2 .

g. DSLAM CPE P1 S-PE Global IP/MPLS Network Access Network AC PW PWs originate on L2/PW feeder nodes and terminated on an L3 service instance (VRF) at the S-PE © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.L2 PE. All rights reserved. e. Cisco Confidential 3 .

  Simplify transport models – Unified MPLS 3. Cisco Confidential 4 .  Multi-technology access/ aggregation 2.  Capex optimizations 4.  Leased transport or Multiple management domains 1.  Sonet/SDH like OAM and resiliency with MPLS-TP/MPLS-TE 4. All rights reserved.  SLA management 3.  Collapse Metro-PE and MSE PW-HE – any service anywhere © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.  Decoupling of service models from transport 2. BNG PWHE* Business Corporate Transport Network STB Mobile 2G/3G / LTE ME3600 ME3800 ASR903 ASR901 VPLS/EVPN IP/ VRF MPLS Core BNG PW-HE Residential ASR9000 PE EMSE ASR9K 1.PW L2/L3 VPN.

100.1   CE PE PE CE      neighbor  100.1.1  l2transport      …   l2vpn   xconnect MPLS  xconnect  group  vpws   xconnect    p2p  pwhe-­‐red   PW      interface  gig  0/0/0/1.1.100  pw-­‐id  1   © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.100.100  pw-­‐id  1   Regular VPWS interface  pw-­‐ether  100  ß  PWHE  virtual  interface    vrf  vpn-­‐red    ipv4  address  10.2/24      service-­‐policy  input  pw_parent_in    service-­‐policy  output  pw_parent_out   xconnect MPLS xconnect  ipv4  access-­‐group  p-­‐in-­‐filter  in    ipv4  access-­‐group  p-­‐out-­‐filter  out   PW l2vpn   CE PE PE PWHE  xconnect  group  pwhe      p2p  pwhe-­‐red        interface  pw-­‐ether  100        neighbor  100.100.interface  gig  0/0/0/1.100. Cisco Confidential 5 . All rights reserved.

interface  pw-­‐ether  100      vrf  vpn-­‐red   xconnect MPLS xconnect    ipv4  address  10.100.1. All rights reserved.2/24     PW CE l2vpn    xconnect  group  pwhe   PE PE    p2p  pwhe-­‐red   PWHE: p2p xconnect      interface  pw-­‐ether  100        neighbor  100.100.100  pw-­‐id  2          routed  interface  bvi  100     © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.100.1.100  pw-­‐id  1   xconnect interface  bvi  100   MPLS PW    vrf  vpn-­‐red   BD CE    ipv4  address  10.100.2/24     l2vpn   PW PE  bridge  group  irb      bridge-­‐domain  irb   IRB: multi-point bridging        neighbor  100.100  pw-­‐id  1          neighbor Cisco Confidential 6 .

Cisco Confidential 7 .CE-PE L3 link over PW L2 PW CE PWHE virtual interface Access PE (A-PE) Internet Peering Service PE (S-PE) L2 (port or vlan) Pseudowire Aggregation LDP domain Pseudo LDP Core / Business L3 Internet Core VPNs L3PE CE wire •  Unified MPLS end-to-end transport architecture •  Flexible service edge placement with virtual PWHE interface o  L3 interface in phase 1 o  L2 interface/sub-interface and L3 sub-interface in future o  Feature parity as regular L3 interface (please refer the later slides for the gaps and roadmaps) •  CE-PE routing is over MPLS transport network. All rights reserved. It doesn’t need direct L3 link any more •  CE-PE virtual link is protected by the MPLS transport network © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.

all traffic Pseudowire-foo Pseudowire-bar PWHE-foo Gig0/2/0/0 Pseudowire-foo hash PWHE-bar Pseudowire-bar to/from a given pwhe interface must be mapped to a certain physical interface. or per-VC load balancing •  Per-VC load balancing is forced on the S-PE by the configuration •  Per-VC load balancing must •  Per-VC load balancing •  Features are applied to physical interfaces © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. So load balancing for pwhe must be perPW basis.•  Features are configured under pwhe virtual interface but they are applied on the physical interfaces •  There is pwhe virtual interface to physical interface mapping S-PE Gig0/1/0/0 •  To assure QoS SLA. also be configured on the A-PE Router for ingress direction as well Cisco Confidential 8 . All rights reserved.

Cisco Confidential 9 . All rights reserved. •  In order to overcome the scaling challenges pin-down interface list configuration has been chosen. statistics. QOS would need to be applied on every LC/ interface.•  PW-HE (sub)interface is a virtual interface that is in theory global in scope and every LC has it replicated. resources like uidb. •  Both Tx and Rx of the PW-HE traffic is expected to be using the interfaces on the pin-down list © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. TCAM. •  When features are applied on PW-HE.

102.0. All rights reserved.0 attach generic-interface-list atom •  L2VPN l2vpn pw-class atom encapsulation mpls xconnect group one p2p vista interface PW-Ether1 neighbor 11.0.255. Cisco Confidential 10 .•  Generic interface list (aka pin down list) generic-interface-list atom interface TenGigE0/3/1/0 •  PWHE interface (VC type 4 and 5) interface PW-Ether1 ipv4 address 102.1 pw-id 1 pw-class atom © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.102.255.1 255.

Gig0/1/0/0 S-PE Pseudowire bar Gig0/1/0/1 If classic IGP pathset and IF-list set are disjoint PW TX traffic will be dropped. to make sure PW RX traffic arrives only over IF-list. as we know today. Pseudowire bar •  RX path steering / Pindown For access to core case. Redistribute these static routes into IGP config on these P/PE router that is directly connected to S-PE Note: PW traffic arriving on Non-hosting LC will be dropped. PW TX traffic will only be sent to one of the paths in interface list (based on VC-label hash) Make sure the paths in the Interface-List are subset of the classic ECMP pathset chosen by IGPs for APE Loopback. Cisco Confidential 11 .•  TX pindown For core to access case. All rights reserved. the routers in Access need to steer traffic towards these interface Gig0/2/0/0 Pseudowire foo Pseudowire bar Gig0/2/0/1 Pseudowire foo To achieve this we need FLEX-LDP configured on S-PE Other MPLS traffic will use existing Loopback that is used as router-ID. Configure Static routes in access router (P/PE) directly connected to S-PE such that these new S-PE loopbacks are only reachable only over links in the IF-list. © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.

All rights reserved.100. No tunnels or sub-interfaces.100  pw-­‐id  2     interface  pw-­‐ether  200   Gig0/2/0/0 Pseudowire foo Gig0/2/0/1  vrf  vpn-­‐green    ipv4  address S-PE Pseudowire bar Gig0/1/0/1 Pseudowire bar Configuration in IOS XR :   generic-­‐interface-­‐list  il1   l2vpn    interface  gig0/1/0/0    xconnect  group  pwhe    interface  gig0/1/0/1      p2p  pwhe-­‐foo    interface  gig0/2/0/0        interface  pw-­‐ether100          neighbor  100.1.2/24     Pseudowire foo  service-­‐policy  input  pw_parent_in    service-­‐policy  output  pw_parent_out   Pseudowire bar  attach  generic-­‐interface-­‐list  il1     interface  pw-­‐ether  100    vrf  vpn-­‐blue    ipv4  address  10.1. © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates.100.2/24    service-­‐policy  input  pw_parent_in    service-­‐policy  output  pw_parent_out    attach  generic-­‐interface-­‐list  il2   Note: Up to 8 interfaces per interface list are supported Only physical links and bundles in interface-list. Cisco Confidential 12 .2.100  pw-­‐id  1   generic-­‐interface-­‐list  il2      p2p  pwhe2-­‐bar    interface  gig0/2/0/0        interface  pw-­‐ether200    interface  gig0/2/0/1        neighbor  100.

VC type. the same conditions apply as for other PWs: attributes (CW. no fault indicated by PW status etc. All rights reserved. otherwise remote (A-PE) could black-hole •  Note that if user mis-configures interface-list. we might black-hole traffic (the PW-HE will be up since we don’t detect mismatch between interface-list and forwarding) © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. by adding only link(s) which don’t provide the reachability to A-PE. MTU) have to match. e.•  For PW-HE to be up the PW has to be up •  For PW to be up. •  PW-HE “forwarding” also has to be up (this means at least one interface which can carry traffic).g. Cisco Confidential 13 .

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