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10 MOTHER KNOWS BEST Music by ALAN MENKEN Lyrics by GLENN SLATER Moderately, with rubato Nc. MOTHER GOTHEL: Spoken: You want 10 go outside? Why, Rapunzel... 2 aA & gy F6/9 Dm7 F/G ar iB & ® Ey Look at you, as fra-gile as a flow-er, sap-pling, just a sprout Gm C6 Chim Dm Gr Bbc BoC Ee] = & & & & & MOTHER GOTHEL: ‘Youknowwhy we stay up inthis tow - er? That's right, to keep you safe. and sound, yes. RAPUNZEL: Spoken: I know, but.. (©2010 Wonderand Music Company, n and Wal ney Mh Company “AitighsReareed Used by Pemiion| Fmaj7 F6/9 Dm7 Go @ a Eg a Guess I al-ways knew this day was com- ing, ‘knew hat soon you'd want to leave the nest. Bom Bbmé F/A De Gmll @ & @ & @ @F & Moth-er knows best, _—lis- ten to. your Moth - er, omyF cr g & El @ #2 4 it's a sca-ry world out . Moth-er knows best, one way or an-oth - er, R Gm7/F CyF EDF FY/A — Bbmaj7 Bbm6 i B & & 8 er some-thing will gowrong, I swear. Ruf-fi-ans, thugs, poi-son i - vy, quick- sand, Amy Dm Gr & @ can -ni-bals and snakes, oh, the plague! Yes! Al- so large bugs, ‘men with point-y teeth and RAPUNZEL: No! But! aa a Bbm cr z F6 Fmaj7 F6 8 = BE B stop, no more, you'll just up - set me. Moth-er’s right here, moth-er will pro - tect you, Gm7 Cc ‘Eb/F FT Bbmaj? — Bbm/Db Am7 = # & @ a 2 = = darling, here's what I sug - gest: Skip the dra - ma, stay with Ma - ma, Gm7 . Cc Fmaj Fo ae a B Moth-er knows best. Go a-head, get tram-pled by a thi- no, Dm Dm? Glsus = «G7 Gm Cosus— C7b9 a & @ & & go a-head, get mugged and left for dead. ‘Me, I'm just your moth-er,what do I know? Dm7 Gis Gmc Gm7bs/c Bhmyc & Ea & and changed @ 6&8 © #8 é Go a-headandleave me, I de-serve it.__. Let me die alone here, be my guest! “ Bbm Bbm6 Am7 D7 Gmit cr & & & & & 2 > SIO A When it's too late, you'll see, just 3 wait, 3 oO poco rit slower, freely oS @ 6 @ & @ &@ es Mother knows best, take it from your Mum - sy, @ @ F & @ @ @ 8 fon your own, youwor't sur- vive. im-ma-tw - re, clum- sy, Gmi/F C7 Eb/F a # & 2 8 = Bbmaj7 Bbm6 please, they'll eat you up a - live. Gul - li- ble, na- ive, pos - i - tively grub - by, 5 Amt Dm7 G7sus ar & & ditzy and a bit, well, hmm, vague. get-ting kind of chub-by. ‘Bbm6 C7 CVE Fmaj7 Fo e F6 cM = & 8 B & Tm just say - ing ‘cause 1 wav you. Moth-er un-der- stands, mother's here to help you, deliberately Gm7 cr m7 EL/E 7 @ s e- 5 8 Much slower Bbmaj7 Bbmn Am 8 8 ie Ne. Spoken: Rapunzel? MOTHER GOTHEL: Don't ever ask 10 leave this tower again. RAPUNZEL: Yes? a a = 6 A Tempo i Rf RB RAPUNZEL: Yes. Mother. MOTHER GOTHEL: / love you very much, dear. a cr m7 FT =z e ® es RAPUNZEL: / love you more. MOTHER GOTHEL: / love you most. Bbmaj7 Bbm(maj7) Am7 be if ge ie”