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Course description

Panel Builder 800
Getting Started with Tutorials
Course goal
The goal of the course is to get a first introduction about
Panel Builder 800 which is the engineering tool for any
Operator Panel 800. Panel Builder 800 contains also a new
simulation tool to enhance engineering efficiency and
provide additional programming options.
Students will learn how to create graphics for a simplified
motor and connect the Panel 800 to the controller. The
motor can then be controlled from the Panel 800 with a
start/stop signal.
Learning objectives
Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able
- Connect the Panel 800 hardware to a network
- Download the Panel 800 firmware
- Create a new project
- Show the main steps to configure drivers and add devices
- Define and import access variables
- Describe the principles of creating a display and using the
- Explain how to add dynamic behaviour to objects
- Download the project to the panel hardware
- Configure an alarm in the basic internal alarm system
- Explain how to configure an alarm in the AC 800M
controller with integration to the Human Machine Interface
(HMI) as well as to Panel 800

There are several learning units on this course, followed by a
common course evaluation.
- Connect the Panel 800 hardware and load the firmware
- Create a new project
- Configure drivers and add devices
- Define and import access variables
- Create a display and simulate
- Add dynamic behaviour to objects
- Download project to panel
- Create a basic alarm

- Create a trend display for a motor signal

- Configure an integrated alarm with AC 800M

- Describe how to create a simple recipe with the built-in

recipe builder

- Create a trend display

Participant profile

- Test the project

This training is targeted to project and application

engineers, commissioning and maintenance personnel,
service engineers and technical sales support people.

Course type and methods

This is a web-based training course, accessible through the
ABB Learning Management System (LMS). The course
includes self-study material and recorded live

Students shall have working experience with Control
Systems and have basic knowledge of Windows 7.
An Internet connection is required; the recommended
browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later.

- Configure a simple recipe

Course duration
The duration of the course depends on the participants
personal background knowledge and study pace. The
course content is equivalent to about half a day of
classroom training

ABB University
BU Open Control Systems