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Follow-Along Worksheet

Lesson 1: What is storytelling?

Leccin 1: Qu es la narrativa?


Q1: Why do you want to tell your stories?

P 1: Por qu quieres documentar/contar tus historias?

Q2. What is holding you back from telling your story?

P2. Qu es lo que te detiene para documentar/contar tus historias?

Q3: Compare/Contrast two different versions of the same

general story. What are your pros/cons for each version?
P3. Compara/Contrasta dos versiones diferentes de una misma historia. Cules son
los pros y contras de cada versin?

Q4. What stories do you read/engage with on a daily basis?

P4. Qu historias te atrapan cuando lees generalmente?

Q5. What kind of stories do you binge on?

P5. Con qu tipo de historias te sientes atraida?


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