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560LT Series Torsional Fatigue Test Machine Electrodynamic with computerized control Configurations rated to 285 Nm (2500 in lb) Overview 560LT Series electrodynamic torsion test machines are ideal for static and cyclic fatigue tests with models available up to 2500 in-lb (285 Nm).            No gearhead involved – ensuring long fatigue life. Capable of fatigue testing to 30 hz and beyond. Both high and low torque capacity configurations available. Modular product line of actuators, benches and controllers. Unlimited rotational travel in both directions. Configurable systems matching torque / speed needs. High precision angle and torque measurement. Easy to use control, measurement, analysis software. Closed loop of torque, angle and other feedback sensors. Create customized waveforms including ramp, dwell, cyclic, sinusoidal and repeat mode (block). Test fixtures and frame configurations made to requirements. 560LT Modular Torsional Fatigue Test System LT Series Overview LT Series systems are configured to requirements with our versatile modular product line. Our high resolution 24 bit controller and test software feature high speed PID control integrated with a T type electromagnetic motor selected for torque and speed requirements. The system is capable of static constant angular speed or torsion load rate tests with a cyclic mode for repetitive sinusoidal or triangular waveforms that can cycle between angular positions or torque load limits. Tests last millions of cycles – or until sample failure. The system requires 110V (220V optional) electrical power. Each system includes:      Tabletop or bench style frame with anti-thrust bearings. Electrodynamic motor with position encoder. Controller for angle and torque measurement and control Torque Cell and encoder. Test software to setup, run, save data, analysis and report generation. 560LT custom configured to match application requirements. Options     Linear slide for axial preload applications (free or clamped). Test fixtures include Jacob chucks, collets, and grips. Add Axial actuator (e.g. converts to Axial-Torsion machine) Axial Torsional Biaxial Fatigue Test Systems (830 Series) TestResources Inc – 701 Canterbury Road – Shakopee MN USA 55379 800.430.6536 952.944.6534 Fax 952.233.3682 2370 Controller with Powerful Test Software Our 2370 Controllers match lab testing scenarios where test requirements or operators change day to day and where flexibility and ease of use are important. Test control, data acquisition, data plotting, data analysis, and test reporting tasks are performed automatically. The intuitive software program is easy to set up and run tests, analyze results and share test data. The software is easy to use for both infrequent and experienced users and delivers a fully integrated solution that includes the ability to assemble and save your own test ‘apps’ for different test setups. Create custom test control sequences and generate results from an extensive calculations library. In addition, the enhanced graphs and reports module provides you with a powerful set of tools for creating user-defined reports. You can either produce a comprehensive single test report with plots and custom headers or you can run multiple tests and report their results with statistical summary of data. Controller  Data is acquired at adjustable speeds to 1000 samples per sec.  Three strain bridge signal conditioners for torque cells and strain gages. Includes an auxiliary analog (10V) input channel and angular position encoder. Test Measurement and Control Software  Create standard or customized monotonic, cyclic and segmented control profiles or a block profile to repeat an assembly of ramp, hold, sinewave cyclic, hold, sawtooth cyclic profiles. Execute tests in torque or angular position control.  Live numeric read outs and stress-strain plots with l analyses make it easy to create test reports. Large easyto-read numeric displays show live, peak and rate readings.  Results may be displayed, stored, printed or exported to other PC programs.  Create, save and recall test methods to ensure accurate and repeatable testing when operators switch. Protect different set up modes with a password as desired.  Produce single or multiple test reports. The multiple test report stores a group of tests to the same file and provides a statistical summary for each analysis parameter. An XY plot with multiple XY curves overlaid on the same set of graph axes is optional.  Produce hardcopy single test reports, group test reports and load – deflection or X-Y plots. Store test data and results to hard disk in ASCII delimited format for easy import into popular spreadsheet and database programs. User-definable information and report header fields meet reporting needs.  User selectable English, Metric and SI units. Overview Test Software and Machine Control Operation PC Required Software 2370 with Torsion Test Software Applications Repetitive standard tests (ASTM, ISO, etc). Limited fatigue tests. Dynamic tests. Feedback Channels Torque cell Angular Position Encoder Strain 1 Strain 2 Auxiliary Test Modes Multiple modes including block programming Special Standard Test Reports. Optional reports available matched to your test needs. TestResources Inc – 701 Canterbury Road – Shakopee MN USA 55379 800.430.6536 952.944.6534 Fax 952.233.3682 Specifications Model 560LTE7 560LT14 560LT95 560LTD200 Fatigue Capacity 12 N-m (105 in-lb) 18.8 N-m (165 in-lb) 135 N-m (1190 in-lb) 281 N-m (2500 in-lb) Stall or Static Capacity 7 N-m (62 in-lb) 14 N-m (124 in-lb) 95 N-m (843 in-lb) 200 N-m (1775 in-lb) Speed at full load 1500 RPM 1500 RPM 2000 RPM 250 RPM Angular resolution 1 Arc-min 1 Arc-min 1.3 Arc-min 0.2 Arc-min Anti-thrust bearings Included Included Included Included Linear Slide Optional Optional Optional Optional Note – T Type Actuators produce high torsional loads at high speeds. Control Channels Torque, Angular Position, Strain Gauges Data acquisition Adjustable to 5000 samples per sec (max) Torque Accuracy ±1% of reading to 1/100th of torque cell full scale rating. Readout and Data Units In-lb, N-m, in-oz and degrees Operating Temperature: +10 °C to +38 °C (+50 °F to +100 °F) TestResources Inc – 701 Canterbury Road – Shakopee MN USA 55379 800.430.6536 952.944.6534 Fax 952.233.3682