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From: “Hillsong Young & Free - We Are Young & Free: Live Sinking Deep by JOEL DAVIES and AODHAN KING Published Under License From Capitol CMG © 2012 Flillsceg Music Publishing (APRA. All rigs reserved ntratioal copyright seewed, Used by pemission ‘Te: +61 2 8853 $300 Emu: pubishinghilscng cm CCLI Song No, 6605236 Available at search for: MNO124412, NOTICE; Purchasers of this musical file are enttied to use it for their personal enjoyment and musical fulfillment, However, ‘any duplication, adaptation, arranging and/or transmission of this copyrighted music requires the written consent ofthe copyright owners) and of Capitol CMG. Unauthorized uses are igfngen ts ofthe copyright laws of the United States and other countries and may subject the user o civil and/or eximinal penalties, $ SINKING DEEP Words and Music by JOEL DAVIES & Emotively {= 70 AODHAN KING. A AC A nce Diadd2) ET Verse A Act rN act 1, Standing here in Your _gpres-ense, ina grace sore = lent-less 2, When I'm ost par @ sue “ine, lift myhed to see Your glo - ry Deadd2) E 22012 fscutern Muse Pubistirg (APRA) mustenotes com Al Riots ReschesInlematonel Copan Seeuted Used by pemision Available at