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Juncat Trading and Construction Services is a sole proprietorship owned by Jun Catalan, Mr.
Catalan a Masters of Businerss Administration of Preston Univesity of California, USA is a full
time instructor at Imus Instititute.
Juncat Trading and Construction Services offers variety of services that caters to every
individual. It is
This trading company business plan is being used to explore the cost effectiveness of expanding
by moving the business into a downtown location. This would make the services more accessible
to people who required our services the most convenient way.
In todays technologically competitive world and with the advent of social media. Our services
will helped cater the needs of every individual in terms of financial services.


Highly qualified personnel

Manpower skills are very high
Service to clients/customers
Network of Marketing


Old batching plant

High prices
Lack of Equipment
Lack of Personnel (rank and file employee)

Opening of New Branches from nearby provinces (particularly in Metro Manila)
Towns were becoming more urbanized in the province of Rizal and Laguna
More commercial projects were planned
Employees were being pirated by companies
Prices of competitors
Competitions is very rampant

Juncat Trading and Money Exchange Services continuously expand its base of clientele, thereby
offering greater number of job opportunities not just for us but to all our clients as well.

Juncat Trading and Money Exchange Services finds courage to change that creates synergies to
its clients and dutifully be the dynamic source of good quality after sales service.

Core Values:
Juncat Trading and Construction Services core values are integrity, dedication to
excellence and respect for the individual. These are values worthy for our company and
that we believe we should incorporate them as anchor points in every decision we make.

Business Objectives:
To expand the business aggressively.
To become the leading, reliably Trading and Money Services company within the market
Our service is guaranty.

Market Analysis Summary

The planned move to a more urbanized area will facilitate access by clients requiring
financial services. We have identified this as a lucrative target market because it is to make the
sending and receiving money from one town to another as well as bill payment that needs
immediate attention of every household. Because this group very often needs multiple, short
sessions and time consuming especially for domestic clients, a downtown location would make
us convenient for mid-day appointments.
It is also quite probable that other clients who work nearby during the day would be more
likely to avail the service not to mention the household within the vicinity.
Market Segmentation
Clients who come for our services fall into four basic groups:
1. Clients who pay their household bills, such as MERALCO, MWSS, and other utilitiy

2. Clients who require the telecommunication services (GLOBE, SMART, SUN, etc.)
3. Clients who will send and receive money (domestic and international)
4. Clients that will require other services such as ticketing, cargo and other related services.
Strategic Business Units (SBU):
Marketing Department:
The marketing department has overall responsibility for growing revenue, increasing market
share and contributing to company growth and profitability.

Human Resource Department:

An efficiently run human resources department can provide your organization with structure and
the ability to meet business needs through managing your company's most valuable resources -its employees.
Financial Department:
The goal of any finance function is to achieve three benefits: business support service, lowest
costs and effective control of the environment. Money is the lifeblood of a business and finance
is the nerve center.
Sales Department:

Understanding what responsibilities a sales and marketing division will need to handle until you
more formally separate these areas will help you maximize your resources to boost your sales
and profits. Through the help of accounting staff they are going to determine the loss profit and
Strategy Formulation:
1. Accelerate project launches.
2. Raise additional venture capital.
3. Strengthen human resources function and introduce share options for staff.
4. Appoint advisers for intellectual property and finance.
5. Seek new market segments/applications for different projects.
Program Formulation:
CEO: operation; marketing; mentoring; finance
Marketing research
Helps the company identifies market opportunities and gain a better understanding of
customer needs.
Project Development

Acquiring new projects from different companies.

promote projects and services to different companies

Sales Support
improve sales performance and speed up business growth

Assistant secretary create a activity every Christmas Break that helps the workers to bond
with each other and to hang up with each other.
Human Resource:
play a key role in developing the employer's workforce

employers have an obligation to provide a safe working environment for employees

Employee Relations
concerned with strengthening the employer-employee relationship through measuring job
satisfaction, employee engagement and resolving workplace conflict

Compensation and Benefits

setting compensation structures and evaluating competitive pay practices

Compliance with labor and employment laws is a critical HR function. Noncompliance
can result in workplace complaints based on unfair employment practices, unsafe
working conditions and general dissatisfaction with working conditions that can affect
productivity and ultimately, profitability.
Training and Development
giving new employees extensive orientation training to help them transition into a new
organizational culture
Budget and Forecasting

Driven by earnings and growth estimates, stock prices rely on timely

data forecasting to achieve optimal price and market capitalization


Managing Sales Numbers

help monitor and record sales performance, both for the company and
for individual sales professionals and teams
develop the sales metrics that the sales team must achieve, along with
calculating how much compensation a sales professional receives for
different sales activities

Human Resource Functions

Instead of the human resource department taking charge of finding

new sales talent, the sales operations team may take the lead in filling
vacant or new sales positions

Technology Management

Work on developing, customizing or updating the customer

relationship management, or CRM, software that helps the sales force
access information about different clients or customers

Working with Sales Management

Helping to craft and later update the companys sales mission and
vision as well as the selling model in conjunction with the sales